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Unlocking the Health Secrets of Turpentine: Natural Remedy Powerhouse

Posted by Jessie Williams (Clarksville Tennessee) on 06/17/2016

I remember turpentine from my childhood. My grandparents used it. My grandfather took care of his own garden until he was 90 and he passed on at 93. My grandmother was 86 when she passed on. I remember them using it on a ringworm that I had.

I received my bottle from Diamond G turpentine last Friday. I soaked my feet in a basin of warm water for 20 minutes. I soaked in it for 20 - 30 minutes using 3 capfuls, I felt the tingling burning and got out, I pat myself dry, I don't rub. I soaked in 2-1/2 caps today, way less tingling.

No side effects that can't be controlled!

I noticed that I have not panicked about a pain pill (hydrocodone) since Saturday morning, nor have I taken one. That had been a problem for many years. I was afraid to go anywhere without that hydrocodone because of terrible pain in my low back, both hips, both heels.

I have not taken it orally as of yet, I don't like things that taste bad....lol.

However make sure you increase your water intake

Thank you Dr Jennifer Daniels for reminding me of a TRUTH!