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Posted by Hi Sea (United States) on 08/22/2017

Turpentine effects on me--it's doing so Something!

I am doing the castor oil, with 1 tsp turpentine now. This is will be my first FULL 4 day cleanse. I tried previously, and just got to 2 days.

During round 1, terminated at around two, days, I had various effects:

*heart pain, as if something was moving through my arteries

* many small red hives appeared on my inner lower leg, and ankle

* on my chin and face a small blister opened up, just one

In each area.

I did did not feel I was successful I completing the cleanse, so, I wanted to continue..

During round 2, start four days in a row, and then twice a week, I had various effects:

*for 1 day, I had mouth blisters and sores

*i could feel it moving things in my heart though not as sharp

*early rising now, I could not get out of bed early all year until two weeks ago-- when I started the cleanse

*i have been sleepy on this drive that I do, once per week-- was so tired I had to pull over... and today, I got sleepy again

*renewed focus, my ability to learn, read and study had increase (could have been the eclipse energy too?)

* I am able to think what I want to do and easily do it, whereas in past 9 or so years, I reluctantly am doing responsible things and am cluttered -- now I am in goal setting, cleaning, and no more feet dragging mode

*renewed enthusiasm, I found myself expressive and just elated that I could hug someone, was I getting back to my old self like when I was in college?

* I could feel it in my brain, chest, and uterus? It was definitely there doing something

*i feel lighter

* I have a pain in my left ovary, but I am not sure what that is about

also, I have infertility now, so am wondering how this can help?

Thanks for for this wonderful forum-- so happy to learn more from you!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Jason (Iowa, US) on 12/15/2014

I recently used Dr Daniel's Turpentine protocol to remove Candida. She lists that people who have had Candida for more than two years might take Turpentine daily for 4 days. I only went 2 days, on that day it ran for the exit, literally, it was disgusting and creepy. My arthritis has improved though not yet gone.

I think I used to much turpentine this time as I did a week ago as both times, on the day that I had multiple bowel movements, afterward, I felt drunk, probably from turpentine reaching the brain. Though never have I taken more than one teaspoon with three sugar cubes. Also, on those days that I had multiple bowel movements, I drank a huge amount of water after taking the turpentine. I really wanted to give it an easy exit opportunity and I have to wonder if this is why on those days I had so many bowel movements versus the first day's dose, though it could just be a matter of cumulative days/doses. Also, I wonder if all the water helped the turpentine travel through my bloodstream to my brain to produce the drunk feeling.

Anyway, I'll be waiting again to let it get out of my system, and then I'll use a smaller 1/2 teaspoon dose with a lot of water after.

I plan to do it again exactly in one week except now I will do her normal 2 doses a week plan. My leaky gut symptoms are nearly gone and my MSG sensitivity is drastically improved. You MUST purchase 100% pure gum spirits of Turpentine otherwise some other deadly chemicals could be in there and Turpentine is dangerous enough on it's own. I bought mine from Home Depot, though a gal told me someplace in Georgia has the best stuff you can buy, maybe from the place already mentioned.

My symptoms overall were Anxiety, Brain fog, facial cramping, restless leg, low energy, trouble urinating, slouching, intestinal ache/burn, massive carb cravings, etc.