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Lyme Disease
Posted by Caleb (SE Tennessee ) on 02/21/2021

In response to Emma's post from 2015:

Posted by Emma (Wa, Usa) on 01/05/2015: "Hello everyone, I'm new to this site (and turpentine) and I decided to join because this looks like a good place for valid information regarding turpentine usage. I know that turpentine is xenobiotic and I am on a couple of Rx meds. Does anyone know what the timing/spacing should be? I have lyme and co-infections and would like to know if anyone is using turpentine for the same reason, and if successes/failures can be shared. I appreciate any input."

I have lyme and confections as well. Ever since I started turpentine a month I've felt better than I have in 10 years. Haven't been retested to know any specifics or test data, but I do know how I feel....and that is night and day better. I am doing a few other things as well like coffee enemas and epsom salt baths, but I really noticed the difference when I started turpentine.