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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 07/02/2015
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Hi Guy...If you want to follow a cure protocol for ASD disorders then Keri Rivera's Protocol is quite successful and has the right approach. To get a better idea about her protocol, you can download her book -- Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism -- for free from her website. Her protocol involves a parasite cleanse, candida cleanse and heavy metals cleanse. These comprise daily oral therapies, enemas and a special diet for the child. So far, according to her website, 181 ASD kids have been completely cured according to their ATEC scores.

Keri's protocol fully accepts that candida and parasites as well as heavy metals(from vaccines) are the main cause of autism -- it is the waste toxins or poisons from these particular pathogens that acts on the delicate developing brain of a child that causes these serious ASD symptoms and strange behaviours. I believe this to be true because I've been working with a parents autism group for the last 2 years and I've seen all the images they post showing their kid's poop. Every single one of the kids in this large group has both candida and parasites(worms). Alot of the parents also have candida too.

I was asked to help this ASD parent's group with the protocol and that's when I introduced turpentine, iodine, alkalizing, borax etc into their protocols. This seems to have also helped to accelerate recovery. My own full protocol for getting rid of candida and parasites is shown here. Adult and kids dosages are shown in my protocols. If you want more information and the truth about systemic candida problems then I've also written a book called Candida: Killing So Sweetly which might help your own understanding about this fungus.

You would do well to steer clear and not take the allopathic approach to autism. Doctors will only ever recommend managing the symptoms of ASD with never any actual cure in sight. Very few doctors appreciate or understand ASD disorders -- but Dr William Shaw's Research seems to have a particularly good handle on it.

Posted by Kristen (Florida, US) on 09/03/2014
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I just wanted to say Bill does such a wonderful job helping people. What a thorough answer you gave this woman, and everyone else. God bless you for taking the time to help these total strangers.

Posted by Abdi (Toronto Canada) on 03/22/2014
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Hi Bill, thanks for your good work for humanity. I have come to know turpentine recently after I bought and read your book Candida killing so sweetly. I have an autistic kid who is 17 years old. can you please let me know the turpentine protocol for autism. Thanks

Posted by Bill (San Fenando, Philippines) on 03/22/2014
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Hi Abdi...Since your son is 17 y o then he should take adult dosages. The Turpentine protocol is quite simple and involves combining the following:

Castor Oil -- Dose range 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon.

Turpentine -- 1 teaspoon of pure gum spirit turpentine.

Add for taste -- one teaspoon of Molasses or Honey.

Start with small dosages of turpentine -- best to start with drop dosages of your choice or start him with 1/4 tspn and slowly work up to the full 1 tspn dose. Take turpentine just before meals. Start you son taking turps just twice a week then work towards giving him turps on a one day on, one day off protocol. Take plenty of breaks from this protocol because this regimen kills a large range of pathogens including parasites, candida, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma etc. So he will probably get significant die-off(Herx) and detox reactions. Adjust the dosage accordingly to reduce the stress.

You can buy pure gum spirit turpentine at Walmart or Home Depot and other sellers. Brands of turpentine that you can buy and use in the protocol:

Diamond G Forest Products -- Organic Turpentine

Klean Strip Turpentine 1 -- Walmart or Home Depot

KleanStrip 1-K Kerosene -- Walmart or Home Depot

Other nutrients that your son should take are Lugols Iodine, Borax Water and Alkalizing -- You can find all descriptions and dosages for these protocols on EC or in my book on candida. Other necessary and essential protocols are described in this document and, in greater detail, in my book:

Adjunct Nutrients to Help Minimize Detox and Herx Reactions and to Help Proper Brain Development and Healing (wrt Learning, Social and Behavioural Problems)

You can also add the Hulda Clark Parasite Protocol(Google it) to this regimen which would also benefit your son.

Lastly, it would also greatly help your son if he took enemas regularly at least two or three times a week. Parasites and pathogens can hide safely in the lower intestines because most nutrients that you take by mouth will be completely absorbed or expended by the time they reach the lower intestines(the intestines is 28 ft long). This is why you should incorporate enemas into his regimen.