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Unlocking the Health Secrets of Turpentine: Natural Remedy Powerhouse

Posted by Mary (Usa) on 01/02/2015


Like Softa, I too tried the turpentine for extreme arthritis but have seen results I was not expecting. I tried Dr Daniels protocol using the sugar cubes and 1 tsp. of turp. and have had 2 doses. The first on a Fri. and then the following up with the second dose on Tues. My back feels better (but wondering if that isn't due to the enemas). The unexpected result I experienced is that my left knee and right hip are in terrible pain, hurting more than ever. My knee seems to hurt the worst and oddly I didn't have pain in it before I started the protocol. I have also found that by drinking so much water my feet and legs swell up something awful so I did cut back on how much I drink. I keep a quart jar of distilled water with me at all times and drink from it throughout the day (refilling as I go) and my guess is that I am drinking about 3/4 of a gal., which I seem to be able to handle.I am also drinking juices that I make at home with my juicer. I will continue to try for a few more weeks to see if there are any improvements.

I first heard of turpentine being used as med. when I was very young from my grandparents and then again about 8-10 yrs ago from a gentleman in his mid 70's. My children had gotten head lice while in primary school and he told me I should give them a dose because it would get rid of anything. Of course I didn't because I thought it was poisonous. Seems his family used it as he was growing up.

If anyone knows why the pain in my knee and hip have gotten worse I would love to hear or any suggestions regarding the arthritis. I also have considered the oxygen therapy as well. The thought of drinking water that tastes like bleach doesn't appeal to me but if it helps the arthritis that would be worth it.