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Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 12/26/2014
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Hi Jake...Vitamin C is useful and I also use it in my own protocols against candida. Ordinary Vitamin C -- ascorbic acid -- is also useful for detoxing but best used to bowel tolerance strength and that's because vitamin c is so poorly absorbed into the body from the gut. Only about 15% to 20% of oral vitamin c(in either ascorbate or ascorbic acid forms) is absorbed into the blood. So this is quite an inefficient and wasteful way to take vitamin c.

Other more efficient ways of supplementing vitamin are as follows:

* By IV as ascorbate
* Lyphosomal Vitamin C
* Vitamin C(as ascorbate) + DMSO used transdermaly
* Oral or transdermal dehydroascorbic acid(DHA)

Most people already know all about taking the the oral, IV and Lyphosomal forms of vitamin c. But taking it as DHA is interesting. The DHA form, when taken orally, is absorbed from the gut into the blood much more efficiently and quickly than with the ordinary oral form. DHA is also easily absorbed into the cells because it is a glucose mimic. It takes a different pathway from the gut into the blood and this is called the GLUT-1 pathway. The body thinks the DHA is glucose and will therefore absorb much larger amounts of DHA more easily into the blood and cells. And if you starve your body of glucose -- as in IPT therapy -- then this will sensitize the GLUT-1 receptors more which will then absorb even higher amounts of DHA into the cells. Another unique advantage of DHA is that it is easily absorbed across the blood/brain and blood/bone barriers whereas this is not the case for ordinary vitamin c. The only problem with the DHA form is that it seems to be more expensive than the ordinary oral vitamin c form.

If you want a cheap and cheerful way to orally supplement DHA then, as Ted from Bangkok recommends, all you need is lugols iodine, Baking Soda(Arm & Hammer is fine to use), Ascorbic acid and a glass of water. First add 1/4 tspn of ascorbic acid(1 gram) to the water. Then add 6 drops of LI. You will notice that the iodine in the water turns from brown to clear and that's because the ascorbic acid is oxidized and converted to DHA while the molecular iodine is reduced to clear iodide. The last thing you add is the baking soda -- add this until the fizzing stops. Now you have an oral solution of sodium ascorbate + iodide + DHA in ascorbate form. Cheaper, convenient and effective.

Another useful way to take vitamin c(as ascorbate) is transdermally using DMSO and water(70% DMSO + 30% water by volume). To this ascorbate/DMSO mixture just add 6 drops of iodine. This creates some DHA in the mix. Therefore, when you paint your skin with this mixture, the DMSO will efficiently carry about 80% of the Vit C + DHA + iodide directly into the blood. This simple transdermal method also has the other advantage of not causing any problems or ructions in the gut because you're not taking it orally.

Concerning candida and detox I would take something like Vitamin C, Sodium Thiosulfate or EDTA for detoxing the blood and organs but I would also make sure to take chlorella for purely intestinal detox. Dr William Kelly verified in his writings that chlorella contains large molecules called alginates. These large molecules, after they bind to heavy metals in the gut, cannot be absorbed or redistributed into the blood from the colon because alginate is such a huge molecule -- that's why alginates can only remove heavy metals in the gut. With the other forms -- Vitamin C, Sodium Thiosulfate etc that act in the blood -- their will always be some redistribution of heavy metals in the body. So that's one very good reason to use chlorella for gut detox -- especially when you have candida because candida biofilms in the gut contain such high amounts of heavy metals. So when you destroy alot of candida biofilms using turpentine then you must take the chlorella 1/2 hr to 1 hr after the turps to mop up and neutralize all the heavy metals released from biofilm destruction. if you don't mop up these heavy metals in the gut promptly and appropriately then they will just get absorbed into the blood via the colon to cause all manner of physical, mental and other symptoms and problems.