Turmeric Cures and Miracle Health Benefits

Bleeding Gums
Posted by Sow_b (Sydney, Nsw) on 11/19/2009
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Firstly, your site is amazing!!! Thanks.

I cured my bleeding gum problem of many years by using turmeric powder as a toothpaste. I would first brush my teeth normally with toothpaste and then wash out and then my next round of brushing I use tumeric powder and apply it to the brush and start brushing away. The turmeric kills of any bacteria that lives in the gums which cause the bleeding and its great for your mouth as a whole. Whenever I used to ask my dentist how to cure my bleeding gums he would just tell me to come into his surgery for a scale and clean for the teeth which costs almost $200 australian dollars. I ignored it and it struck me that turmeric is a great anti-bacterial so that should fix my problem. I now brush this daily and my gums have never bled since, and it costs just a few dollars. Be warned, turmeric stains yellow and although this HARDLY ever affects the color of your teeth but if you want to be super sure then finish the last round of brushing using pure baking soda, this will remove any small turmeric leftover, keep your mouth in an alkeline state and super brighten your teeth!

Best of luck!

Posted by Jeri (Springfield, IL) on 03/12/2009
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Turmeric cured my arthritis pain in my neck and back, and it relieved my chronic puffy eyes too. I started taking 450 mg. capsules of Turmeric 3x a day for the pain from bone spurs in my neck, and it really worked. I was in so much pain, and I was so grateful. But as a bonus, it also seemed to cure my chronic puffy eye problem, which I'd tried to control for the past two years by watching the salt in my diet. Well, there's no mistake about it, the Turmeric has also cured my puffy eyes problem too. I still plan on watching my salt intake, but it is SO nice to look normal, and feel normal again.

Arthritis and Joint Pain
Posted by Sonja (Swanley, UK) on 09/03/2008
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I had knee pain for years. My knees were so swollen I could not even see them. The doctor prescribed NSAIDS, but I am not sure how much difference it made. I bought various things for arthritis, but nothing really helped. It did no harm. Then I started to read up on it, and most things i took contained Ginger, tumeric and others. I started taking Tumeric on its own 3 capsules a day and within 7 days my knees were almost pain free!!! i would recommend tumeric to anyone..

Posted by Tina (Princeton, N J) on 05/08/2015
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I use turmeric powder straight from the pantry to make a tea for my allergy symptoms. I boil a cup of water to which I add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder and a pinkie-size bit of ginger which I crush, skin and all, into a soft, mushy state before putting it in. Once it come to a boil, I take it off the stove, strain it and add one tbs of organic apple cider vinegar and one tsp of locally sourced raw honey. Blend and sip. I just made it this morning and itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose just went away half an hour later. I also use the neti cup morning and night and sleep at night with a humidifier with five drops of 3 per cent hydrogen peroxicide. These do help but I truly feel that it is the turmeric-ginger-vinegar-honey combo that lets me get through the day.

How to Take Turmeric
Posted by Phillip (Kansas City, Kansas) on 01/18/2015

I juice a couple 3 inch tubers in with my carrot, radish, celery, cauliflower juice. Add half a tsp cracked black pepper and a quarter tsp of cayenne. No Vegetable Juice on the market tastes better or is better for you in my opinion.

How to Take Turmeric
Posted by Sarah (Barcelona, Spain) on 08/03/2011
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Tumeric has been used for years and years in India. It is one of the main spicies in cooking. It does, however, have a bitter strange taste when taken on it's own. To treat an inflamation that I have, I am now using tumeric (half teaspoon) in a half a glass of grape juice. So far it's working wonders :) And the taste is disguised completely.

How to Take Turmeric
Posted by Tina (Sylvania, Ohio, Usa) on 03/25/2011
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I have recently been putting powdered turmeric on the front part of my tongue w/ black pepper then washing it down. I couldn't stand it as a drink. Almost no taste doing it this way!

How to Take Turmeric
Posted by Janet (Poynette, Wi, Usa) on 07/21/2010
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I have been suffering with pain in my right hip for a few years. It started out being on and off and gradually got be constant. It hurt to get up from a chair, going up and down stairs and just walking. I was developing a limp. Funny though, it actually bothered me less if I was extremely active. I found that turmeric and ginger work like magic. Every morning I have a hot cup of organic green tea to which I add 1 tsp. Virgin coconut oil, 2 tsp. Honey, 1/2 tsp. Turmeric powder, 1/2 tsp. Powdered ginger, a dash of black pepper and about 1/8 tsp. Of cayenne pepper. I read on EARTH CLINIC that those peppers help the efficacy of the spices. It's amazing, I have no pain in my hip. By the way, my daughter cured herself of classic fibromyalgia symptoms by following advice from EARTH CLINIC. This website is invaluable.

Posted by T (Baltimore, Md, USA) on 08/03/2009
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Wanted to add a YEA to using turmeric for thyroid inflammation. Sometimes I get this when my thyroid is under attack (I have Hashimoto's - autoimmune thyroid disease). When I feel that coming on, I take a capsule or two of turmeric. It has not failed to relieve it yet.

I make my own caps with vegetarian capsules, organic turmeric powder, and some freshly ground black pepper (a substance in pepper called piperine greatly aids the absorption of the turmeric) - no real measurement, I just do a few turns of the pepper mill into a small bowl of the turmeric and mix together. Making my own capsules is cheaper than buying ready-made caps, plus I know exactly what is in them (no fillers!).

Posted by Mindy (San Diego) on 09/14/2015

Woah, I would hesitate to call "anything" a melanoma (which is an intensely quick-spreading and very deadly malignant tumor) which is not biopsied and diagnosed by a lab. If anyone has an irregular, multi-colored, and/or changing mole or dark spot on your skin, please see a doctor asap, as melanoma is one of the deadliest cancers. Take turmeric, if you want, but please do not blow off the doctor for any amount of time--this is a cancer that is extremely deadly and I would hate for someone to die because they followed the lead of someone who self-diagnosed that he had cancer, when, in fact, it was not confirmed. Most likely, what he had was not cancer, but you never know (and because it was not biopsied, we never will know). At the very least, be under a doctor's care and let him/her know that you want to try curcumin. But please do not blow off seeing a doctor if you have these symptoms.

Arthritis and Joint Pain
Posted by Sandy (Cape May, New Jersey) on 08/19/2008
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In January I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, in May with chronic polypoid cystitis of the bladder. I had general discomfort throughout my abdomen, flank and pelvic area- not sure what condition was causing what pain. Also had what I believe was arthritic pain in my hip. Only remedy for polypoid cystitis that doctor recommended was painkillers- I declined- or ibuprofen, which I did not want to take on a regular basis. Did some reserch on natural anti-inflammatories, and found lots of info on turmeric. I just went to my local drug store, and bought turmeric capsules, I think they are 500 mg. I started taking 2 pills 2x a day, for a couple of days, then decreased to 2 pills 1x a day, and after just a week or so I stopped taking them altogether. Amazing, but all of my aches and pains disappearred! No bladder pain- no flank pain- no hip pain! If I feel a twinge of anything, I take 2 turmeric, and that does the trick. I am hooked!

Cold and Flu
Posted by Mary (Sydney, Australia) on 02/21/2008
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Thank you for this fantastic website. I have had the 'common cold' now for over two weeks and taking everything that the Dr ordered, I still couldn't get better. After taking 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1/2 teaspoon ginger powder, 1/2 lemon and 1 tablespoon maple syrup, I'm well on my way to recovery. Slept all night for the first time last night and feel great today. Thank you once again for giving us the information on this wonderful herb.

Homemade Turmeric Extract
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 10/30/2017

Dear Rsw,

So exciting; can't wait to hear about how you use it and what you find it to be useful for.

I usually let the herbs sit in vodka for 2-6 weeks. Sometimes much longer if I forget about them. But 4-6 weeks is plenty. 2 weeks if I am in a hurry.

Some of my tinctures turn out quite clear and others are less clear. It may look more clear once you strain it. (Yes, a final strain through a coffee filter is a good idea.) But even so, yes the vodka should take care of anything that could spoil. I have never had a problem with a tincture going bad. They can last for years, which is handy!

I usually add tincture to a small amount of water, except when I need FAST results.

(Recently my 6 year old had a bad nosebleed and my usual remedies were not working. I gave him a dropperful of nettle tincture, undiluted, under the tongue and had him hold it there several seconds before swallowing and it did stop the bleeding! )

Sometimes I use a tincture straight on the skin as well. (Avoiding its use on broken or delicate skin unless an urgent situation warranted it.)

Yes, I keep them in a dark place and do not refrigerate them. I keep some in a dark brown glass bottle on the counter in the kitchen if they are ones I use often.

Hope that helps!

~Mama to Many~

Swollen, Infected Gums
Posted by Kate (England) on 01/24/2017
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In the last four days, I've had an absolutely enormous swelling on my gum - until finally it was about the size of a golf ball, and very painful because stretching the skin. Among the zillion things I tried was some turmeric and water over the gum, which didn't do much, probably because I left it there only half an hour, and the gum was so distorted by that point that it wouldn't really stay on. I also tried lancing it, to no effect, and assumed most of the swelling was inflammation.

Finally, earlier this evening and very miserable, I jumped in a bath with 5 or so heaped tablespoons of turmeric, more to warm myself up than anything. It felt great, and shortly afterwards, the whole thing burst - absurd amounts of pus came out and my face is now back to normal.

I'm not assuming the infection is necessarily completely gone, and I'll be doing a few other things to make sure all is well. But the relief is incredible - pain has stopped completely - and I thought it was interesting that a load of turmeric applied to just about everywhere except my gum seemed to be the thing needed to help my body eject the worst of the infection. A turmeric bath is where I'll start if I get something like this again.

Posted by Tlcarteffects (Cleveland, Oh) on 03/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter started developing painful boils and I started giving her turmeric capsules and it worked like a charm. When she would stop taking them the boils came back. Daily she had to take the turmeric and I know she had hidradenitis suppurativa, an incurable skin disease that hits around puberty characterized by painful boils in areas your body can sweat. This involves the hair follicle and sweat glands. I would highly recommend turmeric to anyone, as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and really cures boils as well as prevents future boils if taken regularly. These boils are antibiotic resistant also unless they become infected if course. if a boil appears you can also make a poultice with turmeric powder and coconut oil and rub on the area. This forces the boil to heal 3x quicker than it would if left alone. But the trick to avoiding new ones is to take the turmeric on daily basis.

Gangrene, Gout, MRSA
Posted by Steve (Cleveland, Ohio, United States) on 05/13/2013
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I understand that everyone is unique and someone may be adversely affected by anything. I can't recall ever hearing of turmeric causing any harm. My daughter, who is in poor health, diabetic, blind etc. Never took care of herself and took the toxic poisons her doctor prescribed, developed gout in her foot, which turned into osteomyelitis, and MRSA, and gangrene which became life threatening. A doctor who I can't name insisted that part of her foot must be removed or she would die of the infection. I had reached a point of frustraion with the so called medical field that I cannot begin to describe. I literally researched 24-7 for natural remedies and for my daughters specific case, came up with the following. "SOUP"! Any vegetable soup, 1 heaping teaspoon of Turmeric, 1 heaping teaspoon of crushed oregano leaves, 1 medium to large "HEAD" of garlic sliced by hand no more than 1 hour prior to consumption (the allicin loses it's potency rather quickly), 1/8 cup of freshly ground golden flax seed (all organic). This was eaten every day! Along with the soup, she used oil of oregano 4 drops in a little water 3 times a day, (70% carvacrol content). Be careful not to slosh the water around so the oil stays pooled in one place. Drink it down quickly without disturbing the oil, it is very spicy.

We also soaked her foot in hot water with lots of betadine for an hour a day. We fortunately found a doctor who was willing to work with us. A pic line was put in for antibiotic administration. The antibiotics that could be used were limited because my daughter had terrible reactions to many of them. We were told the antibiotic therapy, (if it worked at all), would take six months or longer. Within a month an MRI showed it wasn't gangrene any more but osteomyelitis. A couple of weeks later, it was gout, and MRSA. A month later her white blood cell count had gone down and the pic line was removed. She was on oral antibiotics for another month and then a topical ointment to heal the skin on her foot. As an aside, DON'T SMOKE! Smoking drastically reduces the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream and hampers healing. Most bad bugs are anaerobic and do not survive in the presence of adequate oxygen. No more MRSA, her primary doc stopped lisinopril ( it causes gout). Hope this helps someone. The BIBLE tells us, all plants are for food and for medicine, and it DOESN'T say, no salt.

Posted by Naja (Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe) on 02/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I have been using few of Earth Clinic remedies for quite a long time now.

I would just like to add the following - brush your teeth with turmeric paste that you make/use as your face mask. Your teeth will be brighter/whiter as it gets rid of coffee/tee stains and your gums will benefit as well. Just leave it as long as you leave your face mask on.