Turmeric Benefits: Health Uses & Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Turmeric Side Effects

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Posted by Kcya (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/01/2011

I must say.... I have been taking tumeric during my period and I have never had so much thick clotting and blood. I would not suggest it. The only reason I was taking it was to reduce inflammation from the adjustment. It happened to be the same time as my period.... Stay clear during your period. You don't need any extra detoxification during your period anyway. Our bodies natural cleansing process will be all we need during the menstral cycle.

Turmeric Side Effects
Posted by Deepthi S Kumar (Kannur, Kerala, India) on 07/26/2011

I am using Turmeric powder with honey for my cough and astama for last two months. My cough as well as my astama has very much subsided. However, I have developed mouth ulcers and stomach feels always bloated. Now I am taking B complex for mouth ulcers. I strongly believe the mouth ulcers are formed due to consumption of turmeric powder as my husband aslo has doveloped the same after using turmeric powder. This is for the information of all readers of earth clinic. Deepti.

Replied by Anndee
(Mumbai, India)

I too have been facing the same problem. Today is my second day of having turmeric in warm water and I find the side of my tongue is hurting due to an ulcer. I am having turmeric to cure the recurring boil problem that I have been having since last two years.. I have one painful boil each month and it takes 10-12 days to go away completely, just to come up again, in and around the same area, the next month.. Please help!!!

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Anndee, put your turmeric in an empty capsule and swallow it that way with water. I add a drop of black pepper to the capsules as they say it absorbs better with the pepper, but just a few grains.

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
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Hi Deepthi and Anndee, what I find is that you are taking Turmeric in the raw form, so surely it will give you the reaction what you are having. Please try taking it with the food, for example you can have even one table spoon of it in your Oats breakfast. While cooking your oats you can put a banana, turmeric and after it is cooked you can put some honey. It will not give you any reaction. Baldev

Turmeric Side Effects
Posted by Whitters (Yorkhire, UK) on 08/27/2008


I was trying natural Hymalain Turmeric for my folliculitis and general inflammation due to my CFS/FM. When I got 2/3 down the bottle and after about 4 weeks of soreness the entire length of my GI tract, bloating and stomach pains, I realised that it may be the cause. I gave it the benefit of the doubt before stopping because I am on lots of supplements and also get wierd symptoms as I am on new thyroid supplements.

However after about a week stopping the Turmeric and introducing honey to try and heal myself I feel a little better now. So watch out for intestinal upsets with this herb. Even though the science looks great and some people may tolerate it better.

Replied by Jane
(Durham, Oregon, Usa)

In answer to Whitters fror Yorkshire, I was wondering if you took your Turmeric with either EV Coconut oil or olive oil, an avacado and ant other fat. It is 100% soluble and I started the use of Turmeric for stomach issues while titrating from the Benzodiazapine Klonopine and now to Valium. I would want to throw up and was sweating from the nausea. The Turmeric with a spoon of Coconut oil took the pain away and then I found it is marvelous for the brain and a miriad of ailments. Arabic Turmeric is too spicy for me and I think East Indian is much more mild. I cap my own. Try with oil and see if there is a positive change.

Turmeric Side Effects
Posted by Sam (Atlantic City, NJ) on 07/09/2008

I drank turmeric powder 1 tsp in warm water 3xday & applying turmeric paste made with the powder & water at nite for 2 days then broke out with petechiae which is red spots caused by bleeding of superficial blood vessels!!! as a nurse i did more researach & found out turmeric can thin blood & therefore cause bleeding. you should alert people of this dangerous side effect...some people are on blood thinners & they can be harmed.


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Posted by Ric (California) on 07/30/2016

Today, I had an old injury come back to revisit me and finally say goodbye. Four days ago I started taking Turmeric, I had read under cures for gray hair one of the readers reporting her hair color coming back after treating herself for MRSA with turmeric. So I had some turmeric and decided to use it all up. Twice a day, morning and evening, I started taking 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric mixed with black pepper, flax milk and also 1 tablespoon Black Strap Molasses, also a gray hair cure, followed by a spoonfull of some kind of fat like coconut oil or peanut butter.

Something unexpected happened on the 4th day, 23 years ago I had a small firearms accident, where a .22 bullet blew up as I was trying to chamber it. A small piece of metal shrapnel embedded in my skin on my belly and the injury healed over with the metal inside. Today, the small piece of metal worked its way out to the surface. Turmeric or coincidence? 23 years and no improvement, I start one of my alternative treatments and I started noticing my old injury after the 2nd day. On the fourth day I noticed like a big pimple over the old injury. I squeezed it and it opened up. I cleaned out the area and the tiny fragment of metal came out with it. I have no answer for this but Turmeric does have anti-inflammatory properties. Maybe the Turmeric aided in the shrapnel in finally working its way out of my skin? Or was it just a coincidence?

Posted by Sleighb7 (Ontario, Canada) on 11/18/2013

I scraped my foot very badly, kind of a road rash burn, a week and a half later it was infected and not healing, applied tumeric powder on the open wound, plastic wrap over tumeric and a bandage, applied new poultice twice a day, is healing very quickly now, no infection. Can't recommend enough. It has been two days so far will continue to apply till wound is healed.

Posted by Indianchief (Fremont, Ca; Usa) on 03/21/2012

. I remember, my childhood in India, if I get hurt, mom used to put turmeric paste on wound. Also now if I have, bad cold/infection, I put turmeric in milk and in meal as well.

Posted by Honora (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand) on 05/18/2011

I read a reference to a problem with a wound that wouldn't heal. The woman used grated turmeric applied as a poultice and the wound finally healed.

Posted by Steph Williams (Danville, VA) on 11/08/2007

I've had great success with turmeric to stop wounds from bleeding. If you catch a slice by the kitchen knife quick enough, the blood will coagulate behind a layer of turmeric. I also add turmeric to a warm water soak with sea salt or epsom salt to draw out infection/inflammation from wounds for my family. I treated our dog's copper head bite with a turmeric poultice. Her leg was swollen and the skin around the 2 puncture wounds was necrotic and oozing and after many soaks and poultices, it healed leaving no scar.