Turmeric Benefits: Health Uses & Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Cold and Flu

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Posted by Shireen (Khartoum, Sudan) on 12/13/2007

I am a true believer that every illness has a cure in nature without being tampered with, but I have never heard of turmeric to cure coughs and sinuses.Since I found your website by sheer coincidence, while searching for a natural remedy for my wheezing cough and river-running nose, I thought I'd give turmeric a try( 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp honey with 1 cup of warm milk)VIOLA! I could breathe again. Thank You So Much EC, you're a life saver.

Replied by Allison
(Los Angeles, California)

actually, I am wondering if i could use this remedy with tumeric for children as well? for allergies and colds, etc? thanks!

EC: Feedback about Turmeric for children here: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/children_and_infants.html

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn.)
495 posts

For Allison from Los Angeles, Ca.

If you cook your foods using turmeric, your children are going to get some of it, therefore giving it to them should not create a problem. Remember to reduce the amount given depending on their weight. The usual dosage on most supplements are figured for a l50 lb. male, so if your child weighs 75 lbs. you would give 1/2 of the adult dose. A 25 lb child would get 1/6th of the adult amount, etc.

Replied by Allison
(Los Angeles, California)

Dear Joyce,

thank you so much. this is the most fabulous website that people are out there helping each other. is there a brand of tumeric capsules that are safe and that you recommend? also, any advice on recipes using tumeric?

thank you so much!

EC: Please read our information on buying turmeric starting at the top of this section: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/boils.html#WARNING

A few turmeric recipes are here: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/boils.html#TURMERICRECIPES

Cold and Flu
Posted by Susan (Yuma, AZ) on 11/15/2007

I started taking turmeric, 1/4 teaspoon once a day in about 1/4 cup of water after my mother told me it quited her cough. I have a cronic cougn especially when my body temperature changes. It is amazing my cough has stopped. However, I have terrible knee pain and sciatic pain but am not sure if I am feeling much relief. I will continue and see what happens.

Cold and Flu
Posted by Dan (Cary, North Carolina) on 10/25/2007

Turmeric is one of the miracle spices in the world. Turmeric also builds your immune system. Since my Childhood I have always had sinus problems - runny nose - stuffed up when weather changes - I would be miserable for months - missing school work when I came to USA.

Since last 4 yrs I have been taking less then teaspoon of turmeric + pinch of black pepper mixed in milk ( 8 oz ) - warm it in microwave for 1 min 30 sec - stir it an drink that before going to bed ( you can take this in morning / afternoon anytime you like )

I am a changed person no runnier nose no sneezing when weather changes (especially during spring/fall) have no problem with pollens. During cold months I have no runny nose. My kids used to get sick during school months now they also daily drink milk with turmeric they are also free from cold and fall less sick during school time. Here are few ways you can take turmeric to help yourself.

1. Take less then teaspoon of powdered turmeric + pinch of black pepper in 8oz of Cup pour milk place it in microwave warm it ? ( Warm enough so that you can drink it ) - I usually warm it 1:30 min remove stir it enjoy your drink an your health.

2. You can also take teaspoon of turmeric in small cup pour honey and warm it in microwave for 5 to 10 seconds mix it well using spoon eat it 1 teaspoon ? 3 times a day if you have cold / cough.

Have faith and continue drinking this it may take 3 6 months before you start seeing results in your health. Need more information mail me your question I will try to answer your question when time permits This site has great information it has helped me with ACV ? Oil Pulling I am looking into H202 now. Good Luck to one and all.

Cold and Flu
Posted by Anna (USA) on 05/11/2006

1 tsp of turmeric cured my cough. 1 tsp of turmeric, 1 tbsp of honey mixed into a glass of warm milk. drink warm or hot. I am reliving all that I learnt as a child in India after reading material on your site.Thanks!

Cystic Acne

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Posted by Stephanie (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) on 04/17/2008

Turmeric for Cystic Acne. I have had cystic acne on my face for years and have spent thousands of dollars on acne medicine that doesn't work. I finally came upon Turmeric and so far, so good. I apply it to my acne as a paste. I mix Turmeric spice and unrefined sesame oil till it makes a paste. I have been leaving it on for an hour or more a day for the last 3 days. I immediately noticed that the acne comes to the surface and begins to drain and has reduced in size considerably. I am only on day three and had about 7-8 fairly large cystic acne on my face. It is clearing nicely and I will update as to the finished results. Turmeric does turn everything yellow, including your skin. The yellowing of the skin will go away with washing. However, traces of turmeric will be left on your face and will stain pillowcases, sheets, clothing, sinks, and countertops.

Cystic Acne
Posted by Alexandra (Bay Area, California) on 12/03/2007

I began getting increased trouble with acne rosacea flares (this is quite a different condition from acne vulgaris/teenagers acne). The flares were happening despite my already taking fish oil and an antibiotic ointment from the dermatologist did not help much. Then, I read in the news that acne rosacea is caused by a build up of inflammatory by products in the skin.

At once, I thought of using turmeric. I mixed turmeric spice with water and dabbed it on my flare spots. I had to scrub hard to remove it next day as it stains the skin, but 3 days later, my flare spots were gone. I take 1 teaspoon of turmeric in water each day, internally.

Then, I had to have a dental procedure where they had to do a lot of digging around in the gum to install a temporary crown. I was told my gums would feel sore and to take some ibuprofen. Instead, I swirled turmeric in my mouth after brushing my teeth, letting it reach all my gums, then swallowed it. I did this every night for the next 3 weeks. I had no gum pain at all and when I returned to have the crown installed, the dentist was amazed at how healthy my gums were. I told him I'd used turmeric.

Warning---turmeric stains white cloth and clothing, and it will probably stain artificial dental implants and dentures. But if you have all your teeth and want something extra for healthy gums, turmeric is amazing stuff. Warning..it may constipate in considerable dosages so if you have to use a lot of it, increase both fluid and fiber intake.

Cystic Acne
Posted by Julia (Lac du Flambeau, WI) on 06/21/2007

I have suffered off and on for several years with cystic acne, mostly tried antibiotics, products with salycic acid, my son who now 15 also gets the same type of acne as my sister and even my mother did. she used to get cortisone shots injected in the 70's. I got on internet last night and saw massive responses to turmeric, and ran out to store and drank my first glass, which was disgusting. Hold your nose, chug it down, and chase with juice or pop. I put neosporin on the 3 on my face, and this morning swelling is down by 50%, and pain is gone. the disgusting taste is worth it trust me. I am amazed that something this inexpensive works so well, do doctors know? they must, but don't get money for advising patients to use something that only costs a couple dollars at a grocery store. My son is going to try today.

Replied by Judy
(Colorado Springs, CO)

I have been taking turmeric for cystic acne also, I mix it with warm milk and honey and it doesn't taste so bad.


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Posted by Steve (Pretoria, South Africa) on 02/02/2008

I have been fighting a battle with boils/cysts since February 2007. From Feb to Apr 2007 I have been lanced in the operating theater 3 times, and 5 times in the surgeons consultation rooms.

The cysts would appear on the right loin, lanced, then another would appear on the left loin.

I have seen an urologist, internist, ear, nose and throat specialist, and surgeon whose answer to everything was lance it.

It was a battle which started to effect my work, personal life. Within 48 hours the boil will start, and then grow till ready to burst. I couldn't plan any holidays, trips.

Then after May 2007 it went away, and I was ecstatic about this "remission" as it turned out. Lo and behold October 2007 it can back with a vengeance. Which I had once again lanced. This seems to correspond with Earth Clinic's theory on rain and MRSA because no boil appeared during these winter months.

Then I decided to take my health into my own hands and made an appointment with a natural health practitioner. He did help a lot in reversing free radical damage, etc but he said to cut caffeine and aspartame. Which I did, but the boils re-appeared. My GP said that the medical profession can't help my further.

I then went Cyberhunting and came upon earthclinic.com. I have read the testimonies of almost everybody and decided to give turmeric a run for its money. I also decided not to report back within a couple of days to ensure tried results before any feedback.

2 Boils started to appear on my left loin. In less than a day the boils were red and inflamed. I immediately went to the nearest supermarket to purchase turmeric. Within a couple of hours the pain seemed less. The next morning the pain was CONSIDERABLY less and the boils shrunk to 1/3 of its original size. And on day 3 zip, gone, nothing, nada.

I have been using Turmeric for 1.5 months and it is still gone.

I want to thank earthclinic and Ted for their efforts and I would like to state today that you guys have saved my life, literally. I was on my way to fournier's gangrene and I do not think I would've survived that.

Some comments on the Turmeric journey:

It does give you constipation and dehydrate you. Drink plenty water and buy some extra electrolytes.

For the padded problem try Milk of Magnesium, 2 teaspoons should turn on Niagara falls.

I am currently experiencing with dosage, and I am currently running on 1 half teaspoon morning and night. Remember we are all different so test what works best for you.

I wish you well.

Posted by Ned (Austin, Texas) on 12/30/2007

re: Turmeric. Works like a charm. The only downside is trying to drink it in warm milk. THe taste is too strong!!! Thinking of buying capsules and just eating them 2x! My bones feel fluid and oiled :) MRSA boils gone (couldn't believe I've been on Septra DS twice in a span of short periods of time). My immune seems to be up. Next step is to do a liver and gall bladder cleanse; then oil pulling and stick to some form of a modified vegan diet (with fish)! Happy 2008 to all coz i have a good feeling :)

Posted by Diane (Jacksonville, FL) on 11/16/2007

Feeling it was worth a try... i gave 1 capsule every other day with one tablespoon of peanut butter to my Lhasa Apso. She had a lump that the vet wanted $200. to biopsy. Within one week, the lump came to the surface and drained. It was sooo gross and smelly. But it is gone! I will continue to watch her and report any post symptoms. This is pretty incredible!

Posted by Chris (Atlanta, GA) on 02/18/2007

After a long history of cysts infections around dead teeth in my upper jaw and several surgeries I have finally found my cure THANKS to your great site. Thursday morning my cyst got infected awfully, read about turmeric here on friday and started taking two caps right away. next morning the pain was gone except for pain when i would pressure the area. Today, Sunday, even that pain is almost completely gone and i feel like a new person! still taking 2 turmerics a day, will go down to one for the next 4 days or so and see. special thanks to FRAN


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Posted by Reid (Herrin, IL) on 08/06/2008


I was diagnosed about a year ago. I was put on metformin. I found that taking 2 caps of turmeric with each meal dropped my sugar levels to normal after 2 hours of eating. I found that taking 4 cap. of turmeric with metforman once a day dropped my sugar levels too low around 60.

I now am off all prescription diabetes medicine. The way I did it was I took chromium normal dose for 30 days. Tumeric with food for 30 days. Ginger and cinnamon with meals for 30 days. After that I stopped the metformin.

I watch my diet and don't over eat and stopped ALL sodas. My levels I check once a week now in the morning (fasting) and they are allways under 100. Before over 130.


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Posted by Aldo (Seoul, South Korea ) on 04/22/2010

Last week my wife's sister was visiting us from New Jersey. Somehow she must have eaten something that didn't agree with her and she got Diarrhea. She suffered with it for a couple of hours. Then, finally told us (my wife and I) about it.

I simply said to her, let's try some tumeric. I have seen that work before for diarrhea, maybe it will work for you too.

We mixed half a tsp of tumeric into about a 5 ounce glass of water. I told her to mix it well with the teaspoon and then drink fast as it tends to quickly settle on the bottom.

"It tastes like dirt!" she said. "It isn't that bad!" I retorted with a chuckle. Then she drank about another 3-4 ounces of water as a chaser.

About 2 hours later we heard some good news from my sister-in-law. No more diarrhea! She was most impressed (and not to mention relieved!) that a simple herb could help - and fast!

Ok, that's it, just 1/2 a tsp of tumeric and 2 hours later - relief! Hope this info. helps someone else.


P.S. We used organic tumeric in powdered form.

Posted by James (Summit, NJ) on 09/23/2008

Recently I went to India. When I returned I started to have diarrhea. I thought it would go away in a day or two but it did not. After five days of misery I went to the CVS and bought keopectate. Didn't work. I tried a vegetable diet, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, nothing worked. Now it's ten days and I'm fifteen pounds lighter, weak, and finding it hard to keep hydrated not to mention that going to the bathroom was now agony. I was ready to go to my doctor/hospital.

My wife who was still in India told me to take Tumeric. There was a big container of it so I mixed a heaping teaspoon in a glass of water and drank it down. Slightly bitter but I liked the taste. The next morning I took another dose and that was it. My stomach settled right down and a day later it was gone. Really amazing.

Posted by Matt (Omaha, NE) on 08/29/2008

I had the worst Diarrhea of my life for two days. Pepto Bismol and Kaeopectate were completely ineffective against the problem. Having used Apple Cider Vineagar prior for various cures based off reccomendations on this site with great success I turned to that. I took 2 Tbls for 2x's a day for a day and a half and while it cured my rumbling stomach instantly it did little if anything to cure the Diarrhea.

So I turned to the Turmeric remedy listed here. Went to the store and paid a whole .99 for a little bottle of the spice. Filled up a small glass of water with 1 teaspoon of the spice, stirred it in and took it down. Insta-cured. It stopped the problem from the moment I took it. Keep stirring or sloshing the spice around in the glass when you drink it so it doesn't build up and get really hard to take down during the bottom of the glass.

As a sidenote, my mom got sick with the same symptoms a day later, and again nothing was working. She took the same stuff as I did and again, she was cured instantly.

I'm amazed!

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