Sun Gazing for Health: An Ancient Therapy

Sun Gazing Feedback

Posted by K.L. (Dallas, TX) on 12/06/2006
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Sun gazing cured cured caffeine addiction, insomnia, and helped depression! Suffering from insomnia and depression, I had gone to a natural physician who suggested I stopped drinking coffee and replace the coffee drinking with sunshine in the morning by looking almost directly at the sun for a minute or two every morning. He said the effect would be much the same as coffee as far as waking up the body goes.

This physician didn't lie. For the past 2 years I go out every morning upon waking, either on the balcony or if not just through my window and look up for a minute or two towards the direction of the sun. There is an almost immediate energizing of the body. I no longer have any need for caffeine. After 15 years of coffee, I don't crave it at all. I sleep with no sleeping aids (the result of no more caffeine) live a much more peaceful life without all those stimulants, and from my half hearted effort at this "sun gazing" practice, my depression is definitely manageable.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes, a common improvement in sun gazing is the body's circadian rhythm is synchronized with the sun. The body's pineal gland now goes and work in cycle. The reason is that the body needs something to reset its clock. What really messes our body is the use of artificial lighting which can be opened for 24 hours a day and the body's clocks are off. The other issue is the light spectrum of the artificial lighting is incomplete causing very favorable biological effects. People who raises fish aquarium noticed that fishes needs a full spectrum lighting so that fishes don't get cataract, or their scales don't become dull as well as causing them to be more healthy generally. The reality is, you need the sun, but you really shouldn't stare directly into the sun either. This will cause blindness. Just look indirectly is the best approach. The simple fact of just opening your windows in the morning to allow the sun to shine through and enjoying the sunlight is more than enough for the body to re sync itself, but preferably getting the sun exposed without the filtering of glass windows or plastic windows is much more preferred then anything else.

Replied by Fluidfilm
New York, Ny

Very interesting article. I appreciate how you make sungazing/lightgazing accessible and safe for anyone to try. I am just beginning my exploration of sungazing. I produced a short video that explores one person's experience with it, meditating during sunrise in New York City.

Replied by Anne
Tucson, AZ

I have tried this sun gazing seemed worse the next day for a week so I stopped...I recently tried again and the next day I was constantly putting eye drops in to be able to see..couldn't figure out why my eyes were so bad...then I remembered this happened before when I tried this...I have cataracts and eye floaters, is this not good for conditions like this ..does anyone know ?

Sun Gazing Side Effects

Posted by Marg (Brisbane, Australia) on 02/16/2016
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2 years ago I did sungazing for 9 months. I researched it and only did it at sunset; with barefeet, in my yard; followed the precautions; except one. I was standing on grass not the bare earth and didn't realise that the grass would absorb the energy. How would this effect the practice? I have been diagnosed with a macular pucker and wish to clear this naturally.

My question is two fold in that 1. the fact that the grass would have absorbed the energy; would this have left my eyes vulnerable and would I not have received any benefits. 2. I am wondering if I should do a small amount of sun-gazing on sand (hard to find the bare earth here) I have a healthy diet and lifestyle - fresh fruits; veg; fish; no tv - artist, teacher, writer; and follow ancient health practices/meditation/gratitude etc.

I look forward to your answer.

Many thanks,


Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Marg, if sungazing affected your eyes, I wouldn't continue to do it in any form. Not worth it.

Replied by Deb Belcore

I have the macular pucker as well (just diagnosed). Not much info on the site. Have you found anything that helped reverse or prevent it getting worse? Thank you, D

Replied by Bala
Dallas, Tx

hey Deb,

I too screwed up my eyes in haste. is there any improvement since its affected you. Mine is 3 weeks old and I can see only a slight improvement.

Replied by Deborah

To clarify - I'm not saying that sun gazing caused the problem (it didn't) someone had commented about having MP so I was hoping to get more info on what might have helped them. Good luck - DB


Posted by Silvermist (Maine, Usa) on 02/07/2014
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Sun Gazing is the closest "remedy" I could find to post what happened to me. My family all had a 4 day GI virus- constant vomiting. I also got this virus. I had been vomiting for about 6 hours on day 1, and then laid down shirtless in the sun through a window, like a cat. It is winter but the sun was bright and very warm on my back. I fell asleep for 45 minutes. When I awoke I was completely well, and in fact felt like a whole new human being. Mentally I had been slowly spiraling down for months without realizing it, until I woke up feeling so incredibly well. Positive brainwaves, etc. I am so amazed that I am searching everywhere to discover how the sun healed me so completely. Thank you sun!

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
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Vit-D deficiency seems like another likely culprit here. At least 20 min of Sun daily is recommended for Vit-D production and D is a big Immune Booster.