Impressive Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

Multiple Oils Tried
Posted by Heather (Medford, Oregon)
5 out of 5 stars

I was wondering if it was common for others to swish with oil for 20 min or more and not have the oil turn white. I have tried both 1tbl sesame ond 1tbl olive and they still come back out close to their origional color. I have tried twice with each oil and always get the same result. Any suggestions would help! Thanks! Heather

General Feedback
Posted by LJ (Three Oaks, Michigan) on 04/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I am interested in the oil pulling treatment, but have a question and a comment. First, I wanted to try to do it a few times a day, but I rarely go more than 3 hours without eating/snaking on something. Changing that isn't a good option. What is the minimum amount of time I can wait after eating, if 4 hours isn't possible, and how soon after doing this can I eat? Second, I wanted to clear up something I read in the comments. Combining an oil and a liquid such as saliva makes an emulsion just like mayonnaise. This combo will turn white with enough mixture, regardless of any toxins or bacteria. As a cook, and a chemist, I know this for a fact. That isn't to say that toxins or bacteria aren't involved! They just aren't the cause. I'm looking forward to starting this treatment.