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Posted by Steveplc (London, UK) on 05/28/2009
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Better But With Side Effects

I have been oil pulling once a day for 4 months now. I feel on the one hand it is doing marvels. I am a smoker and drink a bottle of wine most evenings, but i feel oil pulling is really giving my lungs a clearout. The first thing as i spit out, is a really good loose cough 9sorry disgusting i know). I never used to cough and i had a tight chest (part anxiety), i think the cough is good as better out than in. As with most on here the teeth are whiter, skin etc. but as i've been doing so long now i am noticing it reaches other part. I have felt a sensation where i used to get stomach ulcers when i am pulling, not pain, just a sensation that tells me its kinf of "massaging, curing" that bit.

On the down side, my thyroids (well i think they are thyroids, just below jaw)and other throat glands are swollen and i have a permanent sore throat and almost feel i've had a cold for 3 months. I realise OP is mucous related so its natural all this mucous areas are sore or swollen. And i've noticed my thyroids during and after pulling are rock hard. They soften a bit after but remain swollen. No pain though, the only pain is sore throat which developed 4 weeks ago and comes and goes. Also getting very gunky eyes everytime i wake up. I thought i may have hay fever, the pollen this year is enormous, i've never had problem with hay fever but they say many this year are getting it who didnt before.

I am going to stop for a few days now just to see what happens. In some cases i've read, if you get a problem with OP, pull through it, keep going. But i just feel a few days off for observation will be good.

You are welcome to email me direct re your comments. Thanks

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Posted by Helena (Nashville, TN) on 05/27/2009
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Help! Has anyone had bad tongue reactions to oil pulling or other types of cleansing? I've been using OP for more than a week, and I have these red, raised, sore bumps on the back of my tongue. Is this cleansing?

EC: What type of oil are you using? Possible that it's rancid?

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Posted by Mary (Edgewood, Kentucky) on 05/22/2009
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I tried this today - but could not get past the gag reflex - I did not gargle - but merely put in the mouth and swished around the teeth. I gagged - and threw up - any advise?

Replied by Joy
(Sydney, Australia)

I had the same problem and found just breathing deeply and keeping the oil away from the back of your tongue in the first few minutes is important. Also the oil used - I tried Extra Virgin Olive Oil and couldn't even smell it. I found a good Organic Coconut Oil and since the smell isn't bad or 'oily' it's better. After a couple of minutes it's easier as it's not so thick and is more watery. I think with me anyway the 'thick' oil made me gag.

Replied by KL
(Omaha, NE)

I had the same problem when I first OPed. I found that if I just let the oil rest for a min or two and found something to do and didnt think about it I did much better. I would do dishes, read, watch tv. The time goes by much quicker and you forget about it. It gets easier each time.
Dont give up it is definatly worth the benefits you will get from it.

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Posted by DGF (Sedona, AZ) on 05/20/2009

Can anyone tell me if op is safe for veneers?I have only done it twice and it seems it might be loosing the bond of my teeth.

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Posted by Jim (Atlanta, Georgia) on 05/15/2009

Why is it advised to have an empty stomach prior to oil pulling? What will happen if you do not have an empty stomach before oil pulling?

Replied by Suzi
(Missoula, MT)

I will be waiting for replies on this question also. I oil pull on an empty tummy and almost always become nauseous(sp?) and gag when spitting it out. I just continue enduring it, because I believed that was the proper course for the ultimate benefits.


Replied by luckylouie
(Ocean Grove, VIC Australia)

The reason oil pulling would be more effective done on an empty stomach is because digestion uses a lot of the body's energy. A large proportion of the blood is directed to the centre of the body after eating to help with digestion. Think about how tired you feel after a big meal. The blood is not circulating as freely and therefore oil pulling will not be as effective. However you don't have to do it first thing in the morning. As long as it has been an hour since you drank anything and four hours since you ate anything, you can oil pull anytime of the day. I personally do it before dinner. I normally have lunch around 1pm and don't eat dinner until at least 6.30pm which leaves plenty of time for digesting my food.If you don't have enough time to oil pull in the morning, try this instead.

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Posted by Chelsea (Tulsa, Ok) on 05/13/2009

I have tried oil pulling only 2 times and can't seem to get to place it isn't yellow. Is there any chance it is still helping? I also seem to swallow some...just a little but ick!! Has anyone had this happen and then just seemed to be able to do it right?

EC: Try another type of oil!

Replied by J
(Frederick, Maryland)

Chelsea from Tulsa, Oil Pulling is brand new to me also. I've only been at it for a week now. I started with Sesame Oil and couldn't bear it. Gagged big time. So the next day I found on this thread a suggestion to use the oil that is best for your blood type so I changed to Olive Oil and what a huge difference, still a bit yuck but not as bad. To answer one of your questions, after doing OP for a few day's I found that I did not swallow any if I slowed down the pulling and relaxed and also if I got any air in my mouth I would stop pulling and let the air out of my nose, that helped me a lot. As far as the oil still being yellow when you dospose of it, today I found that since I could tolerate the pulling longer (15 minutes) the oil was not as yellow as days prior when I could only pull for 5 to 10 minutes. So I hope that helps you a little bit. For me so far I've only noticed cleaner teeth, and I am hoping it is helping with my anemia which is why I started.
Good luck!

By the way I love this site I check it every day since I found it last week and have been telling my friends about it.
Thanks so much EC!!

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Posted by Anna (Philadelphia, PA) on 05/12/2009

After the oil becomes watery as it mixes with saliva (like after 5 min) I get disgusted with it and spit it out taking the fresh oil instead. Do you think twice 5 min. are the same as 10 min. with the same oil? or maybe even better since (I think) fresh oil "pulls" better than the watery mix? What do you think?

Replied by Eveline
(Canadian living in Spain)

Anna from Philly, PA. re: your question about time for oil pulling. According to the author Andreas Moritz who wrote the book "The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse" as well as others and whom I trust, you should only swish the oil in your mouth for 3 to 4 minutes, spit it out and repeat 2 more times. What it does, according to him, is activate enzymes which are what draw out the toxins. Spitting it out after 3 or 4 minutes insures that the released toxins are not REABSORBED. If it's a yellowish colour that doesn't matter. It's full of billions of destructive bacteria and toxins.

I have been oil pulling for a couple of weeks now and my teeth are whiter and my tongue is clear and pink, probably the first time since I was a kid. It's remarkable.

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Posted by Tom (Minneapolis, Minnesota) on 05/09/2009

Oil Pulling and Joint Replacement: I am very interested in oil pulling, but have a quest regarding my artificial hips. Has anyone had any experience with the effects of oil pulling on those of us who have had joints replaced?

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Posted by Kerry (Ibiza, Spain) on 05/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

As I sit reading this information from the Earthclinic I'm oil pulling! I first started it back in February 09 for a 3 months stint, just pulling oil very first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything. Apparently this is because the mouth becomes extremely toxicated during the night and the oil is eradicating those toxins. I must say it sounds a gross thing to do but actually love the clean feeling my mouth has afterwards, my first cup of tea tastes better and my teeth have become whiter. I'm doing it to see if it will help reduce my fibroids but I won't find that out until my next scan. Thank you to my friend for passing on this web link this morning because now I can see other natural therapies that could help - yeeha!

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Posted by Samothrce (Prophetstown, IL, USA) on 05/06/2009

This is a question regarding swallowing oil when pulling oil:

Is it actually possible to pull the oil and not swallow? I just tried oil pulling for the first time, and found myself having to swallow quite a bit. It could be because I have a sinus infection and there is a lot of drainage in the back of my throat. I didn't want to give up just because of that, so when I felt the urge to swallow, I just tipped my head forward, so the oil was at the front of my mouth. Since I am new to this method, I am a little worried-I don't want to inadvertently make myself more sick. I did read that any swallowed oil will eventually be excreted in waste product, so I am hoping that will be the case in the drop or two that have made it down my throat when I swallowed.

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Posted by Tara (Oklahoma City, OK) on 04/28/2009

I am interested in trying oil pulling and other remedies that have a detoxing effect, but I am currently breast feeding my infant. Is it safe to try something like this? Or will toxins get into the breast milk? Of all the interesting things I am learning on this site, I have only begun ACV in water once daily.

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Posted by Lee (Rochester, NY) on 04/21/2009
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Oil Pulling - just be careful if you have fillings (silver) in your mouth, as the oil pulls that as well. I had these in (4), since I was 7 and 30 years later after pulling, I had to replace 3 of the 4. When it says it pulls ALL TOXINS OUT, they are not kidding.

Replied by Catalina
(Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

After reading Lee's feedback about the loss of fillings, I want to say that oil pulling does not remove fillings in good condition. My fillings have been in my mouth 50 years. I have been oil pulling for 3 years, and my fillings are as firm as ever. According to the thought on the Cure Zone Oil Pulling Forum, the fillings are not affected by oil pulling. Rather, if they are already loose or deteorating and there is debris in the cavity, it is this debris that responds to oil pulling, causing already compromised fillings to loosen. Think of this as a blessing, as now you will replace faulty fillings with new, non-amalgam ones.


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Posted by Betsy (NYC, NY) on 04/16/2009
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Oil pulling tooth fell out. Has any one had anyone this happened? Husband is 84 and has been OP for about 2 weeks.

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Posted by Marie (Nevada) on 04/14/2009

Hi. I have 3 questions. 1) I use hormone gum (to regulate my cycles). Does the OP affect the hormones? 2) Does gum count as food when waiting 4 hours after eating and can you eat the gum directly after or before OP? 3) When you do OP morning and night, at night do you need to drink water (cause I don't want to have to get up after going to bed)? Thanks!

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Posted by Veronica (Welsh, Louisiana/USA) on 04/13/2009

Will my old fillings really fall out if I do the OP? Really? Geeze I really wanted to try this. I really need it.

EC: Not something people typically report. The post you are referring to was very suspicious (mentioning a product twice) and therefore deleted. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Replied by Veronica
(Welsh, Louisiana/USA)

I haven't had a question answered, at least I haven't found the answer. I have a hernia it is in the stomach area. Will Oil Pulling affect it? Also, can I do the OP with just a tsp. of oil to start off with just to see if it will affect my fillings?


Replied by Rideronthestorm54
(Grand Junction, Colorado, USA)

Ted mentions in his oral detoxification column that OP will remove metal tooth fillings and not to do it you don't them to come out.

EC: Of the hundreds of testimonials on the OP page, we've had only 1 or 2 reports of dental fillings falling out after oil pulling!