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Posted by Sweet (P.O.S., Trinidad, W.I.) on 04/02/2007

On 1/3/07 I gave feedback on OP & promised an update: Mom changed her daily routine only by adding OP... varicose veins (legs) are noticeably smaller; Aunty Y. is relieved... the intensifying pain in her heel has lessened (no more limping); Navindra, my friend, has been getting rid of mucus effortlessly and gives credit to OP. Others have no definite result to contribute (not yet). In addition to OP, I've been using other remedies from this site, eg. molasses, ACV, etc. I'm incorporating these methods and generally feel healthier. Blessings to all. **Sweet**

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Posted by Amber (El Paso, TX) on 03/30/2007

I've been oil pulling for 5 days now. I've noticed increased energy and I'm sleeping better. I have also had a loose tooth ever since my braces were removed a few years ago. The tooth has stabilized within the last 5 days!! Truly amazing! Also, my skin which is prone to acne has cleared up considerably. My junk food cravings have also greatly diminished.

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Posted by Lisa (Lilburn, GA) on 03/26/2007

I've been using this method for almost 3 years with great success. The biggest benefit was an end to sinus headaches and migraines. I only swish about 2-3 times a week now and it keeps my gums very healthy. I have new tissue growing where I had gingivitis before.

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Posted by Dan (Sacramento, CA) on 03/18/2007

About two weeks ago I was taking my inhaler about twice a day (two puffs total since I don't like using the inhaler in the first place). Then I started Oil-Pulling. You can draw your own conclusions. But all I can say is that the very next day I stopped having to use my inhaler. I didn't experience an immediate throwing-up of mucus. But what I did experience is a gradual coughing-up of mucus all throughout the day. Another thing that I've experienced at least twice is what happens if my chest becomes tight. Usually when my chest tightens it'll stay that way and gradually get worse until I take my inhaler.

What I'm seeing is that when my chest tightens , I'll go through maybe a three hour period where I'll slowly begin to cough-up mucus until my chest is clear again. I have NEVER experienced my chest clearing-up all by itself after it has tightened. I've ALWAYS had to take medicine in order to get relief. During that time, my nose was stuffed a lot of the time. Since I've been OP-ing, it hasn't been. I can only conclude that it must due to the Oil-Pulling.

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Posted by Katie (Olympia, WA) on 03/07/2007

I started oil pulling about 4 days ago. It sounded crazy to me, but with such outrageous testimonials, I decided to give it a try. I've always had slight yellow tinted teeth, and so far they are a bit whiter (I've officially pulled 5 times now). But my biggest thing that I am so excited about - on 4 of my bottom teeth, at the base of the gums I had bad decay stains. It looked so ugly to me and I've been really self conscious about it for years. Well, after the first 3 pulls they are 80% gone. My dentist had told me that there was nothing he could do for them. But I guess he didn't know about oil pulling! My hair is also much softer and fuller and my skin is feeling much more supple and moisturized. I'm excited to see what changes in the next month or so!

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Posted by Sameer (New Delhi, India) on 02/23/2007

My wife has a painful shoulder since about 3 months, one of friends told me about OP and then I saw your site and feedbacks. My wife has done OP for lst 2 days and as mentioned on your site an existing problem could be aggravated. Today her pain in the shoulder is really bad and we take it as a positive sign. Let's see and I would like to keep all of you here posted about it. Any comments or guidance is welcome,Thanks.

Replied by Sameer

There is surely a big change!!! Even my hair has become soft , there is a glow on the face skin of my wife, me & my brother who also is now doing OP. Teeth are looking whiter, the plaque stains for which I was thinking of going to the Dentist for a clean up are fading away.But the BEST NEWS for all you here is that my wife is 80% healed from her shoulder and joint pains. I am convinced that this works. Though I have a question,my ceramic tooth filling came out yesterday, could it be because of this? Anyway but I really don't care, even there is newfound craving for food, my wife is so hungry all the time now. Sleep is better, there is a lot of energy in all of us, it works. Thanks to my friend Jai who told me about this wonderful therapy.

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Posted by John (Elgin, OR) on 02/11/2007

Since I have been doing oil pulling, I have developed mouth sores two times now. The first one I developed looked like a boil. It was very painful. I finally brushed it very hard with a tooth brush. It bled profusely when brushing teeth. I quit brushing the area and after a long time it finally healed up. I mentioned it to my dentist and he took a photograph of it. He was puzzled as to what it was. I'm wondering if this couldn't be crud coming out from the oil pulling. The site of this sore was on the roof of my mouth. Now I have developed another sore on the upper left side of my mouth just above a tooth. This also bleeds profusely when brushed. It's not as painful as the first sore. Please advise.

Replied by Carrie
(Palmdale , CA)

Rinse your mouth with baking soda and water after oil pulling, then drink a glass of water.

Replied by Byron
(Boston, Ma, Usa)

Speaking as a traditional healer, these ulcerations are a healthy immune function to remove sick, dying and dead tissue and blood from your head via the oil pulling it out. It is the way the body works, surgically, and is perfectly normal and good. Otherwise these situations could come to a head as cancers or other very serious medical conditions in the future. You are instinctively doing the right thing. If you experience it again. Drink at least one gallon to two gallons of water per day to help flush it out and if you are only pulling once a day with the oil you may want to increase it at these times two or three times per day...

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Posted by Mary (Nevada City, CA) on 02/06/2007

This winter my asthma came back - but not quite as badly as last year. I came back to your site and found oil pulling. What an amazing thig! I was waking up each night needing to cough - but the oil pulling allowed me to cough up mucus in a gentle way - I have been doing the oil for 3-4 weeks and the progress has been steady. Interestingly, I felt the oil pulling clear my sinuses fist - and I didn't think I really had a problem with that. The lungs have been more gradual - but there is definite progress and I don't need the inhaler unless I exercise too hard. The oil pulling was creating such a cleanse in me that in the first week i was feeling very tired and out of sorts. The I decided to do ACV -that was like a miracle - I was no longer tired. My feeling is that the oil pulling pulls toxins out from deeply stored areas of the body - but once the toxins are circulating - the ACV helps to flush them out. The same thing thing happened for my daughter... A side benefit of the ACV is that my blood pressure went down more than 20 points. I do think the ACV is also helpful for the asthma - I also find it very hlpful to take 1 teaspoon of turmeric in a bit of hot water or coffee each morning - with milk and honey to taste - this also helps the asthma very much - and I hope it will help create a longer ter cure...

Replied by Marion
(Riverside, California)

Dairy is not good for Asthma sufferers... instead, try Soy milk.

Replied by Chris
(Austin, TX)

Be careful of soy as many people have soy allergies...plus it's not as healthy as it once was thought to be. Also, it tends to be even more mucos producing than dairy.

I did my very first OP today. I'm hopeful!

Replied by Cassandra
(Byron Center, MI, USA)

Regarding avoiding dairy to help reduce asthma symptoms, I have tried rice milk, almond milk, and hemp milk. My favorite is Blue Diamond almond milk - you can even use it for baking or instant pudding in place of dairy milk.

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Posted by Bob (Northridge, CA) on 02/03/2007

After using it for a month I did feel better and I was spared the flu when all around me were sick, however it didn't cure my psoriasis is there something- I've had it for a few years.

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Posted by Vaidvij (Bangalore, India) on 01/26/2007

Oil Pulling Therapy seems to work well in clearing the toxins of the body. I have my bad tooth problem cured and still continuing the therapy. Overall effects are amusing and very much satisfactory.

Replied by L
(San Antonio, Tx)

This is my 4th day of oil pulling 2x a day. After the 3rd day my bad breath was gone. Ive been suffering with this for 2 years despite flossing, brushing and using mouthwash regularly. I had hemorrhoids and the itch and yellow discharge is almost completely gone. I felt the clearing of sinuses and I've noticed a distinct diminishing of the taste for cigarettes. If this were all there was to gain it would be fine. But I'm looking forward to seeing benefits from oil pulling in my neck and low back spine injury as well... Yea!

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Posted by J. (Charlotte, NC) on 12/04/2006

I have been doing the oil pulling for three days and have seen increasing improvement in teeth whitening as well as gums are no longer bleeding. I also have my husband swishing and a few friends and we are excited and waiting for results to report back. I love your website and find the information most informative and hopeful.

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Posted by Jackie (Sioux Falls, SD) on 11/27/2006

I have been oil pulling for about a month now. I was noticing signs that my gums were receeding. My gums have actually stopped receeding and my dentist told me that my gums have never looked healthier. I no longer have any bleeding of my gums when I brush my teeth. My teeth are noticabley whiter

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Posted by Kendra (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) on 10/13/2006

I have been doing this procedure, oil pulling for two days. So far so good. However, I'm curious about a few things.... Why are we instructed to swish SLOWLY (what if we swished fast)? Why do we have to wait 4hours after eating or 1hours after drinking before we can do an oil pulling (and what if we didn't)?

Replied by Renee
(Bronx, Ny)

Hi Kendra. I think the reason why we need to pull slowly is because there is more pressure when you pull slow. Also you need to do it 20 mins so doing it fast will be strenuous to the mouth muscles and you will tire easier and not perform the pull properly. As for the 4 hours and 1 hour it's because it is better to detox the organs when "empty". Hope this helps.

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Posted by Sue (New Zealand) on 09/25/2006

Wow! Have only done this twice so far. I only did it to help support my husband who has been suffering from recurring boils in his ears. I said I would do this if he would. I didn't actually have a major problem with my nose. An annoying drip at times and as there is a lot of pollen around at present it has been a little clogged but nothing serious or even annoying. This morning I had to spit the oil out & start again as there was so much mucus draining down the back of my throat from my nose I was almost sick from the tickling & not swallowing. After using the salt/soda water up the nostrils, my nose is much clearer. The mucus from one side was quite yellow. I can breathe easily and have no drip. My husband's boil burst of its own accord with less pain than previous boils. The worst experience he had was with one in his finger and one underchis arm at the same time. He had antibiotics. It took a long time to clear and he has had several in his ears since then so we have decided to give this a go & see if it clears the toxins out faster and with less pain. He also took turmeric in warm water and this relieved the pain almost immediately. I'll let you know if the boils disappear completely.

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Posted by Tamara (USA) on 09/19/2006


This follows the last email that I wrote. I use mostly cold pressed olive oil but I have seen people who can't stand the oil in their mouths use pure water and it turns white as well. I don't have scientific reasearch to back it up but any oil I have used works for me. One other caution is that if someone is really toxic, five min can be enough or the toxins will burn the mouth. Once I forgot and swished for about 40 min and ended up with mouth sores for about a week as the toxins burned my mouth. I now set a timer that I carry around with me as to not go over twenty min.