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Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Rose (Steedman, MO) on 01/21/2009

Lugol's supplier-is the correct kind of Lugol's? It's sold at 3 percent and 7 percent solutions...8 oz. only $7.95/11.95 respectively. I'd appreciate any input, thanks.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Rose (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 01/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Sore Throat Decolorized Iodine: Just wanted everyone who has been searching for Decolorized Iodine (also know as White Iodine) to know that Walgreens Pharmacy can special order it for you. I've searched high and low for it. The internet gets you with the S&H charges! You will need to speak with a pharmacist-its not in the main store part. I am trying it for a severe sore throat my child has with a sinus infection its been four(4) days that she is on antibiotics and her throat is killing her. I've tried everything else-will let you know if it works.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by T (Maryland, USA) on 01/05/2009

Rite Aid has decolorized iodine - a 2 ounce bottle of their own brand for $4.99. It's on an aisle shelf with all the rest of the first aid-type items. But it has ammonia in it; I really have no idea if this is acceptable as I am only just learning about the iodine issues. This is what the label says: "(Decolorized Iodine) Iodides Tincture. U.S.P." - Ingredients: "Alcohol 45%, denatured with ammonia, Ammonium, and Potassium Iodides". Anyone have input on this?

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Renee (Bergen Co., Nj) on 06/28/2010

I, too, have purchased decolorized iodine, as described by T from Maryland. I am hesitant to use this due to the mention of ammonia on the label. Could you please forward T's description to Ted for feedback on safety. We need a biochemist! (I would be using externally, e.g., foot painting) Thanks!

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Isabelle (Garden Grove, Ca, Usa) on 06/29/2010

Hello everyone! To de-color iodine :the amount of iodine to be used in a small glass bowl, add a little pinch of vitamin c (crystal ascorbic acid), swish it around and the color vanishes. Paint away! Peace!

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Nichole (Stanton, CA) on 12/23/2008

I am hoping you will start a new supplements section on iodine. Also another section on maybe causes of ailments, like fluoride and the problems it causes. Here is my story about fluoride, iodine, and thyroid....

I first noticed my husbands goiter close to 6 months ago, at that time it had become quite noticeable and was indeed very large. Obviously concerned for his health he went to see his doctor, who referred him to an endocrinologist, who then referred him to a surgeon. Strangely enough they told him his blood levels were normal and he didn't have a thyroid condition.... interesting since he has this giant goiter on his neck. lol

At the time there was so little that I knew about thyroid disease and I didn't have much interest in it, I was concerned for my husband but thought that surgery was the only option. Then my husband began to have panic attacks after my daughter was born, and at home no less (I now understand it to also cause and fluctuation of the thyroid hormone)! I honestly thought it was a mind over matter and went searching online to prove that he just needed to stop scaring himself. Instead what I found was that his panic attacks were actually caused by the goiter. Because I had my daughter at home without a midwife, just me him and my mother (planned it that way ; ) I had already learned a few natural remedies, while looking up honey and the wonderful benefits of it I also learned of coconut oil, though I only learned about it being good for pimples. I was interested in purchasing some coconut oil online and that's when I found some of the most amazing information. The site selling it said it helped with thyroid conditions, I wasn't going to believe them, after all they were selling it they would say anything to sell their product right? So I looked up thyroid forums and testimonies regarding the use of coconut oil and sure enough I found out that it was indeed beneficial to his thyroid. Well I ran out to the store and bought some the next day, in the car my husband was exhausted and began to have a panic attack and I told him to take some coconut oil, he only had a 1/4 of a teaspoon and ten minutes later his attack had subsided and he felt energized! After this experiment, we continued treatment and slowly worked up to 3tblspns a day where he's at now. After that revelation and since we had his attacks under control (and in fact after taking it for a week he no longer even experienced an attack) I went back online to find out what we needed to do to shrink his goiter. That's when I learned about iodine and how important it is and how many people are deficient and thus many are hypothyroid and even still many are undiagnosed with hypothyroidism. I also learned about what counteracts iodine, like soy which is a big one since it is in just about all prepackaged foods. When I found out how important iodine was for the thyroid and how the thyroid makes hormones for your whole body I became interested in what else iodine deficiency was responsible for, And do you know what I found? Lots! Here is a sight that lists all the symptoms of iodine deficiency...

But first, after realizing that my husbands thyroid was caused by a change in his diet, I began racking my brain thinking of what on earth has changed over the past year. I've been trying to figure it out for the past couple months and today I found it.

During our big change to all, well almost all, things healthy, I remembered reading about people using toothpaste that doesn't have fluoride in it.. I looked online for the reason why and WOW, what I found is shocking! Fluoride also counteracts iodine, it inhibits the uptake of iodine to your thyroid and we both know (at least by now) how important adequate amounts of iodine are to your thyroid. So I told my sister about it and she said that she didn't think we had fluoridated water, so I searched for the cities that had it in OC and that's when I came across this article ( ). I told my sister what I'd found out and how the time they added fluoride pretty much coincided with the onset of my husbands goiter and the worsening of his thyroid (I believe he has been hypothyroid for a long time as have I and my mother based on the symptoms) and my sister said that she has experienced a worsening of her asthma over the past year!

I am interested in asking friends of mine who have symptoms of iodine deficiency whether they experienced and increase or decrease in their symptoms over the last year (without divulging anything till they have answered so that my findings are not biased) I will report back later with some of my findings, but I am interested if anyone else has experienced similar problems after their area had been fluoridated.

EC: Thanks, Nicole. We actually have pages for both iodine (remedies section) and fluoride (ailments section) on the site! We'll be posting your feedback on both of those pages, as well as on the thyroid remedies page.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Nichole (Stanton, CA) on 12/23/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Iodine source: I wanted to let you all know I found liqui-dulse by bernard and jensen at Whole Foods and Mothers Market for a little over $3. It works great! I've noticed higher energy levels and weight decrease! A lot of people are deficient, especially if their water is fluoridated so start off with less than the rec. dosage so you dont feel the effects of the "iodine rush" as I call it. With the iodine rush you feel fidgety and have an increased heart rate. I also experienced a sense of fullness in my throat for a few days then it went away when my body regulated itself to the amount of iodine being consumed. This doesnt last long but it may frighten you. Over the course of two weeks slowly increase your dosage.

I'm trying to make sure I get at least 1000mcg a day, Japanese consume between 5000 and 13000 a day! So despite some of the warnings you find on the internet regarding too much iodine I think I'll be just fine and I'll report back and let you know how I feel.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Calaska (Lenoir City, Tn) on 06/26/2016

When I first started taking iodine..nascent iodine is much better than Lugols or painting with some research on this..I started out 2 drops a day in small amount of water in the morning.. I felt little difference, so I bumped my dose up to 6 drops a day and noticed a big energy increase..but also hurt literally everywhere and was exhausted in evening! It finally subsided and I realized after research that I was detoxing and dumping harmful bromine. So don't stop, just cut back dose if this happens, then increase SLOWLY.

I take 5 drops in a.m. on empty stomach and again in early afternoon and feel fantastic and lost 4 pounds so far. You are right about feeling fidgity and increased heartrate and throat fullness at first. It's the thyroid gland displacing bromine and uptaking iodine..all good..just go slow if discomfort is too much. Iodine is something 80% of us are deficient in. It's like waking up and living when you get levels up!

Posted by Shlomo (Los Angeles, California, USA) on 12/12/2008

need brief complementary info re: weal thyroid

I have a question (not a comment): What kind of sea-weed is the one that has the the iodine balanced with bromine and where can I get it? Thanks for providing the answer. Shlomo

Posted by Mona (Minneapolis, Minnesota) on 03/29/2009

Why would you want the bromine?!? Check out the research and findings from the Iodine Project and Dr. David Brownstein's book, "Iodine: Why You Need and Why You Can't Live Without It" Bromine is a goitrogen and toxic. It is a halide that blocks the absorption of iodine and makes iodine deficiency even worse. Check out the information out there on bromine, fluorine, and chlorine as they relate to your body's need for iodine. Iodine is the one you want, the others are toxic!

Food Poisoning
Posted by Pamela (Houston, Texas) on 11/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had a chronic case of salmonella food posioning. I read in Dr. Hulda Clarks book 6 drops of Lugol's iodine 4 times a day would get rid of the salmonella. I forgot how long she said to take it. I usually take the iodine for a couple of days after I feel better. Lugol for me works every time I pick up any salmonella bacteria from eating out.

Bruises, Bumps, Scrapes
Posted by Anne (Lithgow, Australia) on 08/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

We had a product called FORNEX in Australia when I was a kid (now48). Mum used it on bumps and scrapes and we never had a bruise let alone a mark where the bump was. This clear iodine solution was put onto a cotton wool ball and dabbed on bump. I am now trying to find another product of clear iodine solution for my daughter to use on her son who i just starting to walk.

Posted by Fran (Rocky Face, Ga) on 08/03/2008

I am using Iodine to cut off the blood supply to a tumor also, Saw Palmetto, as well as Chickweed, kelp has so much to offer.

EC: Fran, what type of tumor are you trying to treat? Thanks...

Posted by Ashley (Cambridge, MA) on 08/03/2008

Fran, what sort of tumor do you have and where is it located? Has the iodine worked for you? Has it left a scar? What is the purpose of the chickweed? Are you applying it topically or drinking it?

Posted by Ann (Worcester, MA) on 05/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Kelp: It works wonders for thyroid disorders. It can be given to cats dogs and humans. What ever the problem it will get the job done. Can be purchased at local heath food store. Used in cooking or can be added to pets food.

Skin Ailments
Posted by Bob (Stillwater, mnMN) on 05/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have used Iodine ration to cure common warts and have helped friends to it too. It works I also had a gangliotic cyst on my palm for two years, that a doctor wanted to cut out so I tried Iodine ration for about six months and it went away. Now I can't find the pills yet.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 04/28/2008 510 posts

Congratulations to Jan -4/18/08. When more people stop thinking M.D. stands for medical deity and follow their own judgement as you did & took Lugol's solution to cure your goiter instead of taking the endocrinologist's radioactive pill to kill off your hyperactive thyroid. I have a great niece who now has to take thyroid medication because of that mistake. She was only l6 when they gave her that radioactive pill!

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Mary (Illinois) on 06/05/2013

Hi Jan from Buffalo, what were your other symptoms?? I've been under a great deal of stress and think I may have hyperthyroidism. I hate this nervous feeling and panic/anxiety!! Thank you. Feel free to email me:maryleej3 (at) hotmail [dot] com.

Sore Throat
Posted by Nancy (Austin, TX) on 04/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Swab throat with iodine---never fails to kill a sore throat, so just'the "sniffles" are left.

Sore Throat
Posted by Chris (Battle Creek, MI) on 01/31/2008
5 out of 5 stars

For almost 3 days my daughter was complained of her throat feeling like she was swallowing knives. Nothing would take it away. After having tried the egg whites for her fever and it working I came back to this site and sure enough - a remedy for a sore throat...IODINE! I put some on her wrists and on the sides of her throat. It took a little bit - like hours, but her sore throat went away and has not returned since! It has been almost a week now! Thanks again for the wonderful remedies!!

Iodine Interactions
Posted by Fred (Atlanta, Georgia) on 01/23/2008
1 out of 5 stars


Sinus Infection Remedies - Danger!!! A MSDS sheet for Betadine stated the following: "Reactivity - A mixture of equal parts of a 10% povidone iodine solution (Betadine) and hydrogen peroxide 3% exploded about 100 minutes after mixing." Folks, this is the normal Betadine and hydrogen peroxide that you buy in the store! I was actually considering putting a few drops of these in some salt water and using it in an atomizing spray bottle (these are normally called "non-drip."). Not any more! On the other hand, after all of their warninings, I like the few drops of Betadine in a spray bottle of salt water, it works great! Betadine is one of the few things that kills viruses, it is stable in storage and and has a residual effect. To be on the safe side I will be keeping an eye out for possible iodine toxicity.

Another website states "REMEMBER: Betadine and tincture of iodine are not the same thing. Tincture of iodine is NOT safe to use. Tincture of Iodine is poisonous! Never use tincture of iodine when piercing skin. It dangerously inflames mucus membranes and if put on a wound or piercing it can result in a toxic level of iodine absorption." Therefore, I think I'll stick with the Betadine.

EC: Sinus Infection Remedies

Sore Throat
Posted by John (Panama City, FL) on 01/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: Iodine for Sore Throats/Ear Aches. I'm trying this for the very first time. Let me add this word of caution: KEEP TOWELS HANDY! Wherever you normally sit - say, a couch or favorite easy chair - place towels where your wrists and hands would normally rest. This is especially important if, like me, you sweat profusely even when still. I also suggest wearing clothing that you won't mind possibly getting stained, as the iodine WILL get all over.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Ian H. (Marton, New Zealand) on 01/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Three members of our family have been seriously affected by three different sensitivity disorders. Myself with fibromyalgia for 11 years, my daughter with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) for at least two years and my wife with chronic fatigue syndrome for about two years.

I recently read the articles on iodine use for mammary fibrocystic disease and decided to treat us all with 12.5 mg iodine/iodate (50:50). The results after two weeks have been very promising. All three report increased energy and better sleep.

The MCS patient lowered reaction on exposure to voc, mold and carpet, absence of morning nausea.

The CFS patient: less depression, better hearing and better appetite, no headaches.

The FMS patient: less pain in major sites (cervical, thoracic and lumber spine), arm-wrist, better cognition, better tolerance to aerobic exercise, fewer migraine headaches. I will follow this up for six months and report again.

Re: Iodine for Thyroid
Posted by Carmel (Essex, England) on 12/15/2015

This really interests me. I have a slightly underactive thyroid and tried the usual thyroxide from the doctor - all three brands - all three brands gave me worse problems than the original problem, was not able to work or live a normal life on them as feeling so bad. I tried the natural thyroids too and they made me feel awful in different ways. So I now take iodine/kelp together with brazil nuts - for selenium - and so far although not perfect I feel far better and am able to live a normal life and enjoy life again. Would love to hear from others. Carmel. Thanks.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 12/15/2015

Dear Carmel,

I had a similar experience. I felt terrible all the time and was diagnosed as hypothyroid. The prescription medication made me feel worse, too.

I went off of it and started taking Iodine, selenium, vitamin C etc. I also took Extra Virgin Coconut Oil daily for a long time. All of that made me feel much better. In fact, last time I had bloodwork done, my thyroid numbers were normal. I still take iodine and other supplements. I start feeling badly if I run out.

A blood disorder I had had for decades cleared up as a side benefit of whatever I was taking (I suspect the Coconut Oil)! :)

~Mama to Many~