Fountain of Youth and Anti-Aging Remedies

Calorie-Restricted Diet

Posted by Susan (Canberra, Australia) on 12/19/2007
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I have tried sodium bicarbonate and apple cider vinegar, also hydrogen peroxide, infrared light, oil pulling with coconut oil...I have only been doing this for a few months...I am trying to bring down acidity.

I am forty eight years old. I look younger than my age for a number of reasons...I have youthful body...I still have a flat stomach and a small waist...I have very clear smooth skin and no wrinkles..I have good strong bones and good muscle tone...I believe that calorie restriction for long periods throughout my life and regular exercise for most of this time have contributed to this...other things that may have made a difference is that i eat butter, not margarine (transfats) , i use iodized salt or rock salt and I have never habitually used sunblock...I don't eat much..I smoke cigarettes and marijuana..