Fountain of Youth and Anti-Aging Remedies

B Vitamins, Omega-3s, Water

Posted by Sharon (Sterling, CO) on 02/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

One of the best things to do is not wash your face daily. When I was in Nursing school I was the only one to get this question correct. God placed natural oil in our skin. It takes 24-48 hrs to replace it. Vitamin B, E, aloe vera and molasses are great! I never put soap on my face either. I have 8 grown children (My oldest is 42) No one believes me when I tell them my age. They guess me to be in my 40s or 50s. For gray hair SAGE and the B vitamins are the key. Fruits, veggies, no junk food. Omega 3 oils to keep the skin moist and lots of water drink at least 6 a day. I am not a water drinker but I divide the portions up. I take 2 morning, 2 mid-morning, 2 afternoon or evening .Keep your system ALKALINE with Apple Juice. Orange Juice is too full of Acid. An Alkaline system rids it of Toxins. An Oatmeal pack is great! Use Purified or Distilled water if possible or boil the water for 10 minutes if neither one is available.