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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Julienne (Rak, United Arab Emirates) on 11/10/2014
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James and Kittie,

I have question for my face: I am using Eden apple cider vinegar organic for my acne on the forehead and after 12-13 days it dried up and left me with many scars. I never had acne in my life like this. It was only when I drank barley juice to cure or remove belly fats and make my body healthy again. But the healing crisis I got was acne.

I stopped drinking barley juice after weeks that my acne did not clear yet. I stopped ACV after my acne dried up and after weeks started it again for pH balance and make my skin glowing even. I do not have pimples. It's been 22 days since I used ACV toner but my cheeks dried up too, wrinkles showed more under my eyes and some rashes. I see that my cheeks are becoming scaly that I see mild peeling all over. My uneven skin tone on my chin is still here and my over all appearance seems like I become ugly. Acne scars are still on my forehead, dry skin is still here. I feel like ACV is not for me. I used 50/50 mixture then removed 1/4 of the mixture and poured more water. I used coconut oil (organic) as soon as the toner dries up. I have combination and my skin is a little sensitive I guess because maybe of age (I am 37 now). I feel terrible with my skin on my face. I read some people that in 1-2 weeks their skin is nice and near to flawless with ACV toner. But I think ACV toner is not for me.

I also started yesterday to drink 2 tbsp ACV in a glass of water and I felt like I am going to be sick after an hour or several hours while I am in the office. I feel mild heat inside. In the evening before I sleep I drank again 2 tbsp with water and after 15-30 minutes or less I went to bathroom. I couldn't sleep after that until 3am. I was wide awake. I drank again the next morning, I went to restroom 3 times with intervals. But I still feel the mild heat inside me. I was again not feeling well in the office but it was gone after some time too. Maybe because of the toxins coming out of my body. I am not sure if it's the ACV working inside. Tonight I will be taking again. Please tell me if anyone of you have the same experience. I want to continue this externally and internally but I am getting bad experiences. Should I continue using the ACV toner even I don't have acne? I just want to use it to prevent zits, to lessen large pores, balance my pH, etc.