Cayenne Pepper
Health Benefits

Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits: Unlocking Capsaicin's Power

Crohn's Disease

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Posted by Shannon (Kansas City, MO) on 10/05/2006

I have suffered from chronic diarrhea for sixteen years due to having Crohn's disease. I read on your site about using cayenne pepper for this. I went and bought cayenne pepper capsules and it is working great. I am concerned though that this may cause ulcers? Also, I have a colonoscopy scheduled soon and the bottle says to stop taking two weeks before surgery. I am wondering if that would apply to my procedure as well. I also wonder why I should stop taking it before surgery.

Replied by Cat
(San Diego, California)

Yes stop taking it 5 days before surgery, ask your Doctor., also anything that thins the blood, such as aspirin.

Replied by Bane
(Bg, Serbia)

cayenne is used in curing ulcers, so don't worry about that. source: (read testimonials)


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Posted by Matt (Springfield, USA) on 03/27/2007

Hello, I have almost a cure for a Pilonidal cyst. The reason I say almost is it will come back in usually about 10 months to a year, and then you will need to repeat the steps again. I came across it from another person who has suffered from this health problem and has been through many surgeries with no help. I myself have been through one surgery in which the cyst came back a year later. The cure is to put cayenne pepper mixed with water in the sinus opening of the cyst for 3-4 days straight using an eye dropper with a narrow end. The solution should be 1 heaping teaspoon of pepper in a cup of water used over the 3-4 day period. This does sting quite a bit for the first minute or two after the pepper is injected but subsides afterwards. Note: you will probably need someone to do it for you to really get the solution in the sinus. I've read this works because the sting of the pepper brings a rush of white blood cells to the area, not sure if that is true or not, but it worked for me. Of course check with your doctor before doing anything. I'd also be interested if anyone else has found other ways to deal with this issue.

Replied by Deborah
(Atlanta, Ga)

I'm 52 years old and had Pilonidal cyst for years, didn't get the recommended surgery. I began taking the B Vitamin complex vitamins for more energy and vitality, I noticed that my Pilonidal cysts disappeared and stayed gone for 15 years because I love the B vitamins and always take them. Now after not having a cyst for 15 years it came back when I was diagonosed with Diabetes. At the health food store I was told the medicine I was taking for diabetes depletes your body of the B vitamins, so I increased my B vitamins, particulary B 6 and sure enough no more Pilonidal cysts!

EC: For those interested in researching more about pilonidal cysts:

Erectile Dysfunction, Energy, Cuts

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Posted by Frank (Maryland) on 03/02/2019

I have taken cayenne for over 10 years. Great for energy, ED and overall health. Used in my mouth for bleeding after getting a tooth pulled. Put cayenne powder right on the hole and the bleeding stopped. Also used it on cuts many times. Burns for a few minutes but works.

Replied by Rena

Thank you Frank, this helps with my boyfriend's ED. He is on several medications that contribute to Erectile Dysfunction. He has been taking one capsule in the morning, and one capsule at night. Ever since, you would never know he had a problem in that area. Cayenne pepper is the fountain of youth for men.


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Posted by Sharon (Boston, MA) on 11/06/2007

I just discovered that ACV, baking soda, and cayenne produces an almost instantaneous state of euphoria! I have been taking acv for years, more recently acv and baking soda, but never with the cayenne. I always felt very energized from acv, but didn't feel like it was adjusting my brain chemistry. This remedy does. This is going to sound strange, but it makes me feel closer to God. I don't know how else to explain the sensation.

This is what I do:
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar,
1/8th teaspoon of baking soda and
5 shakes of cayenne pepper
in a glass of hot water.

Be careful not to stand too close to the glass after adding the cayenne or you will inhale it, especially once those acv and baking soda bubbles get activated. Sip slowly, stirring the cayenne every so often. When the drink cools down, add more hot water. Drink on an empty stomach, if possible. I usually take it in the late afternoon, when I am feeling sleepy.

I hope others will try it to and let me know if they are experiencing the same results.

Fountain of Youth

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Posted by Virgil (Nashville, Tennessee) on 08/22/2011

I have been taking two capsule of Cayenne pepper which I prepare myself. A day for 6 months, I usally eat a bowl of noodles to keep the stomach from burning, The only side affects I have noticed is a hot sweating feeling, sometimes my lips burn a little, I am 69 years old and work every day, I feel much younger.

Fresh Cayenne Tips

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Posted by Blanche (Iberia Parish, Louisiana, Usa) on 02/16/2011

This pepper is easily grown from seed where the weather is warm. I grow my own.

When it is a bright red color, I pick it from the plant, then, wearing gloves, I cut it open to scrape out the seeds. Then slice the pepper in thin slices and dry on paper towels. In less than a week, they are completely dry and can be stored in a jar. Then whenever I want to add it to whatever hot drink I am making, I just add a half teaspoon or so and let it steep a few minutes. You may like to use more or less. I like this better because I get the essence of the pepper without choking on the dried grounds.


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Posted by Kyle (kyle32085/@/ on 03/26/2007

Hi I just wanted to tell people two great ways to avoid frostbite in such cold conditions. I have found that putting cayenne powder or pepper in your shoes or socks can help prevent frostbite and warm up your feet. Also I have found that aloe heals the burning faster.

General Feedback

Posted by Brendan (Thailand) on 10/17/2014

Would appreciate if someone could clarify if any chili pepper would do as well as cayenne or does it need to be cayenne in particular? Thanks

Replied by Joy

Hi Brendan re. Cayenne pepper.This is available all over Thailand and I buy mine dried in the markets or in Makro Tesco and most stores; hope this helps as chilli is ok but not quite the same as the lovely red large cayenne.

Replied by Raniya
(Ny, US)

No, they are completely 2 different things

Heart Attack Recovery

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Posted by Katie (Bellingham, Wa) on 09/18/2020

I had a heart attack 3 years ago [2 stents inserted]. I had slacked off on the Pauling protocol that I had been using after I stopped meds a few months after the heart attack, and last Christmas day I got the same pain and sweaty feeling as when my heart attack happened.

I put 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper in a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar, drank it, and in 5 minutes was back to normal. I am careful now to maintain the Linus Pauling protocol. No further problems. Saved $100,000 that my first heart attack cost. This remedy was given by Dr. Daniels of turpentine remedy fame.

Replied by Orh
(Ten Mile, Tn)

KATIE, ORH here, and you are giving good advice. I have carried Cayanne Extract in my gun bag for some 20 years and only in the last few years have had to use it when my pulse got over 180 and they wanted to put me in the ER. From your post, your problem is pluggage. EDTA Chelation will take care of your problem. My problem is electrical and my crimped Vagus vein prevents an ablation. So I take supplements and a blood thinner. Stopped the other rot gut Rx that makes you fell so bad. If you are not familiar with EDTA Chleation, then research and make a decision. I have had close to 100 and had no plaque around my heart at age 77. Did not plan on this electrical thing. I have lived a full life and still above ground. The Lord calls the shots. ====ORH====

Heart Attack Recovery
Posted by Paul (Swatara, Minnesota) on 04/25/2011

I had a heart attack on 1/27/2008 in the early hours which is typical as is having a stroke or heart attack in cold climates more often. I woke up soaking wet with pain in my chest and left wrist, it didn't take long to realize what was going on. I got online and checked in here to see what other people did for a heart attack and found cayenne was the key.

So I took a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of room temp. Water (use warm water if you can) and around 5 minutes later I took it again. I then went and took a shower, got dressed and woke my wife up about 3 hours after I woke up. We then drove to the hospital where I got my only helicopter ride, they were acting like it was a big deal and time was of the essence but I felt otherwise. Anyway after a week in the hospital I realized I could of just stayed home. I had no surgery, no stents put in and am on no drugs for proffit. We take vitamins, fish oil, iodine/iodide, use full spectrum salt and eat organic whenever possible. I have never suffered from one episode of angina either. I also had low cholesteral which most heart attack victims have so DO NOT buy into you needing statins, they put me on them for three days till I got home and threw them in the trash. They will damage your body and not help you live one day longer.

God bless you all.

Heart Issues

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Posted by Tiger Dunn (Jandowae Qld, Australia) on 12/02/2008

Heart attack relief with Cayenne Pepper:

The thirty second cure from the symptoms of a heart attack coming on: One level teaspoon full of cayenne pepper into a glass of hot water and stir well. when cool enough drink down and wait for some relief if symptions persist have another glass of cayenne pepper the gap should be 15 minutes. If you are not near a doctor or help this will help stimulate the system.

Replied by Mark
(Newton Abbot, Devon Uk)


CAYENNE PEPPER WARNING- My 80 year old father in law recently had neck surgery to replace 2 discs that had trapped his nerves, he was becoming paralysed, he lost his bladder control and had to have a bag and catheter fitted, on removal the doc notice that his prostrate was hard and enlarged, We recommended that he start on cayenne pepper slowly and build up over a few weeks, the hope is that pepper should improve his blood circulation which will help his nerves heal quicker as well as de-clog his prostrate that was probably blocked from the catheter and poor flow, well he loves curry and all things hot so took quite a lot from the start, after 10 days or so my wife received a phone call from her mother saying her father had had a stroke! He was ok but it had set his recovery back (from nerve damage) a few weeks, when I quizzed him about the pepper he confessed to liking it and taking a lot more than suggested, (more than ½ tsp. 2 x daily) he just can't taste it like most do! It was a pretty hot one too, not a cheap store bought.

Any how, he has had 2 heart attacks and a quadruple bypass many , many years ago ( even though he is has never smoked and was a keen athlete! ) I suspect he is a little clogged up and the pepper acted to unblock him just a little too quickly removing all sorts of nasty stuff from his arteries and possible causing the stroke? he has resumed the pepper but at a pinch daily with the aim of increasing slowly over the weeks, fingers crossed this time, ironically cayenne is touted to stop strokes!

The lesson here is if you are just starting on cayenne pepper don't take the whole jar in one go! Build up slowly- its powerful stuff!

Replied by Kathy
(Ontario, Nv)

The same thing happened to my mother in law. I gave her tea with 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper and ACV and 15 minutes later she had a stroke! She is OK now but I felt and still do feel very badly.

Replied by Mark
(Newton Abbot, Devon, Uk)

Just a quick update with regards my father in law who had the stroke after starting on cayenne pepper (originally the ambulance staff suggested a stroke)

A week or so after my first warning post my father in law had another stroke/funny turn!, but according to the attending Dr he only fainted (on both occasions) and did not have a stroke, it makes me think the pepper lowered his already normal blood pressure even more or at the very least caused some form of extreme light headedness, this happened upon waking in the morning on both occasions. Anyhow he is recovering pretty well all things considered, he still takes a little pepper daily and he can now walk again, albeit a little wobbly.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippinesla Union)

Hi Mark... Your father fainted probably because of the low blood pressure caused by the cayenne.

Heart Issues
Posted by Doris (Santa Ana, CA USA) on 04/08/2008

Had 2 slight heart attacks age 28 and 32. Scary one at age 34. Always felt so frail, tho ok health but high stress work and poor diet-sooo much coffee. At 38 yrs was electrocuted by faulty computer eqpmt, lost left-side arm use 1 and half to 2 yrs. During that 1 and half, at about 1 yr, strain from the injury caused a 30-second stroke. I watch clock, fully mentally ok, but was physically immobile entire time, couldn't breath, no heartbeat, nothing. Then it just stopped. I was SO weak always from then on. 3 yrs later married, had child, was always terribly tired. Read in heart surgery book about cayenne being able to stop even a heart attack while in progress. I take a pinch (1/4 tsp) cayenne in 4oz water 2 times wkly. Feel better with 5 minutes - energy stamina breathing is easier, circulation feels ramped up to normal. Still tire, not not as without cayenne. Never regained full strength or mobility from electr. injury but dexterity in fingers did return. Strength is still 3lbs., Best, not nearly so drag-out tired. Cayenne is great - in tomato juice or water. Only a pinch is needed. In V8 or regular tomato juice, cayenne goes easy. I put cayenne on hard boiled eggs, hot flavor hides well in grape or orange juice too. Has improved my cholesterol too.

Heart Issues
Posted by Jenny (Atlanta) on 01/25/2008

My husband used to take cayenne every morning and never got colds flu or any sicknesses. Cayenne is good for the heart, circulation etc and he got it from the Native Americans who take the extra strength (heat) powder and have a lot less heart problems. We used to make a shake every morning with cayenne, carrot ,celery, garlic and ginger. I can't say it tasted very good but he downed about a pint. Paradoxically he then stopped off at 711 for a flavored coffee -- ugh!

Replied by London
(Sandusky, Ohio)

My Mother was up for a bypass about 20 years ago. She's been taking cayenne pepper for years, and she swears it's kept her alive this whole time. She has hardening of the arteries, aswell. You can use EXTRA hot or african bird pepper too, although it may kill your stomach you need to take milk or cheese with it, to coat your stomach. She eats alot of dairy and butter in her diet, and she doesn't have the healthiest diet in the world but the cayenne pepper has done wonders for her.


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Posted by Karenna (SF, CA) on 06/01/2007

Cayenne is NOT unsafe per one of your feedback customers. I recently found your website in some research I am doing on Cayenne and Lymph but was a little disconcerted to see that you published someone's testimonial warning others not to use cayenne if they do not want their blood thinned.

Posted by Amy (New Haven, CT) on 02/18/2007: Love your site but wanted to let you know that the reason you are supposed to stop taking cayenne pepper before surgery has nothing whatsoever to do with inflammation (which in most cases it doesn't cause anyhow). The reason is that Cayenne Pepper is a very effective blood thinner and so, like aspirin, you don't take it prior to surgery, to ensure minimal blood loss.

Cayenne is used in midwifery and in other instances when needed to stop hemorrhaging, and has the ability to correct and balance both ends of many circulation issues. It will assist in dissolving clots as well as stopping bleeding, and it will -- over time -- correct both high and low blood pressure.

I suggest to all readers that when it comes to benefits and contraindications of herbs and medications, that they exhaustive research, or at least more than they think is necessary, to discover what they need to know for their particular situation or those for whom they are caring.

Replied by Andrew
(Williams Lake, Bc, Canada)

Although Cayenne does thin the blood, I have read in several places that it greatly aids in blood coagulation, so that would indicate that it is a good thing prior to surgery, and it is often used to help people stop bleeding when wounded. So, with a little more reading Amy maybe should retract her misleading statement. Thanks. A.

Replied by Cate
(Sacramento, California)

Deeper research yet would show that Cayenne is a blood thinner UNTIL oxygen comes into the equation. Once that happens coagulation is the opposing result. I could get very scientific in my explanation but for those of you confused as to how it can accomplish both, study harder yet...

Replied by Rob

Old West frontier herbalists doctors would use cayenne pepper to save people from gunshot wounds. Mixed with water in the form of a 'tea', and given orally to the victim. In most cases, by the time the herbalist would count to ten, the bleeding would stop.

Hemorrhaging After Childbirth

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Posted by Schrimsh (Seffner, Florida) on 10/01/2010

I have had personal experience with cayenne for stopping hemorrhaging. Immediately after the birth of my second child, I began hemorrhaging pretty badly. The midwife tried everything she could think of to get it to stop, but it wouldn't. Finally, on the insistence of the birth assistant, they gave me two full droppers (not two drops) of cayenne tincture. The bleeding stopped instantly. My mouth was on fire, but at least I was safe.