Bloodroot: A Medicinal Plant

Moles, Tumors, Cirrhosis
Posted by Djt10 (Sunnyside, Wa, Usa) on 07/19/2012

My family has used homemade black salve since 1986. Of course there's been research on bloodroot's effectiveness for cancer and abnormal cells. If one wants salve treatment done by a medical doctor, the Philippines medical professionals saw it's efficacy and it's now part of mainstream medicine there. Here--a doctor could lose his license and go to prison for even writing a prescription for pain meds to someone choosing to do this treatment at home behind closed doors, in spite of the fact that early in the 1900's you could buy black salve at the corner drugstore and the head of the FDA tried to purchase the Hoxsey formula, and failing that, waged all-out war to destroy it. Of course because Big Pharma can't profit from it, they want it gone.

The uses for it stagger the mind. My husband, a recovering alcoholic used to to cure cirrhosis of the liver before he even stopped drinking--it triggered a detox with black tarry material exiting through the bowels and he was very sick for a few days, besides developing a normal eschar and going through that process at the same time. I've removed dangerous looking moles on him and soon he'll do a general treatment because after 60 years of smoking he suspects lung cancer. The records for his cirrhosis and it's absence are at the Vet's hospital in Walla, Walla WA. (Two separate alcohol rehab stays.)

I've removed a lump from my thigh --full photo record on my website, a small lump on my chin that apparently drained some bad teeth I thought I was going to need root canals on, I used it to treat bad looking patches on my skin, removed an embedded shard of glass in my foot that came out with the eschar, and I'm about to treat another bad tooth where there's a chronic recurring abcess (the other time was several years ago). I treated my granddaughter who had a massive antibiotic treatment followed by a horrendous fungal infection of the scalp that could have left her bald and the medical treatment including potential side effects of "death". It completely destroyed the fungal infection. The only lasting sign was two small spots where the eschar came out prematurely and left little bald spots. Where it finished it's course naturally, the infection was gone and the hair grew back--there weren't even any scars left.

We first used just bloodroot paste before getting the formula on a dog with a tumor near her anus. It turned grey and was rotting off, but she kept chewing at it so we took her to the vet who removed the remains surgically, but he also followed the root to the end and removed it too. It went clear to the end of her tail. That's the thing--medically they remove tumors and cancer masses, but these things have roots. The salve kills it all. Sometimes you have to treat an area more than once, particularly if any of the roots attached to the eschar break instead of rotting and releasing the eschar naturally (I've got cool photos of the roots attached to the scab), and sometimes just because it needs to dig deeper. If it doesn't heal normally, that's a sign that you need to go back in, but wait until the skin heals over because the last thing you want to do is put the salve on raw tissue, although sometimes it can't be avoided.

We've done it all without pain meds other than aspirin (and alcohol). One thing I like about the formula we have is it is a two-part treatment. The light salve is used in between two black salve treatments a week apart and until the tissue heals. It's a drawing/ healing salve that helps draw out pus and debris as well as making certain that no infection can ever take hold. It came from a book about 150 years old now and was actually printed in our county newspaper. Supposedly it was an expose, but the fact that they printed the simple formula and instructions made our area a pocket of closet black salve users. It's very easy to make, but one ingredient is expensive-- zinc chloride. They hit you with mailing charges because it's a hazardous chemical or something like that. It's much less expensive to buy a small amount ready made of the black salve. Cancema is still available. In fact, Greg Caton, whose life was threatened if he ever made the formula available to others put it on YouTube, and there are other sources where you can buy good stuff. I made mine on the kitchen stove and keep a jar of it in the fridge, although I don't think it even needs to be refrigerated, just kept in a cool, dark place. By the way, all that quackwatch nonsense is a joke. If you apply it to normal skin it just sits there and does nothing. I've tried to remove benign moles on myself and nothing happened. Put it on a friend's belly who had benign tumors and nothing happened. It will react to abnormal cells like fungus and cancer, but this ridiculous claim that it's "caustic" and will burn right though healthy tissue--good lord!! These guys are idiots. Now if there happens to be cancer below that healthy skin, that's a different matter.

There's a lot more but it's nearly 2am and I'm exhausted. If anyone wants to talk, email me from my website which is "information only", I don't allow any advertising and don't sell anything. It's just about natural healing, junk science and bad medicine.