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Baking Soda Health Benefits: Natural Remedies & Cleaning Tips


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Posted by Lorraine (Auckland, New Zealand) on 08/27/2007

After suffering with acute pain in my right big toe for one year i heard about this site and what baking soda can do. I took half teaspoon in a glass of water and the pain disappeared in minutes! Previously i couldnt even stand the weight of the sheet on my toe. I am yet to try acv and b.soda. but will do so and report back. have also been suffering from a lot of joint pain and that is subsiding also. I am very grateful for the info on this site. I received no help from doctors who only prescribe dangerous drugs! L.Wilson NZ.

Gout, Fibromyalgia Pain

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Posted by WindingDown (CA) on 01/16/2022

I had gout in 2005 lasted 6 weeks before I went to the Dr. he said it was gout. Wrote me a script. NOT MUCH was on the internet back then about home remedies. On a DEEP DIVE I saw someone charging for a cure. I kept searching and found it FREE!

Backing soda and water. YES!! FOR ME in 3 days of twice a day, 1 level teaspoon in water morning and late afternoon fixed 6 weeks of horrible pain in 3 days!!

Another time few years ago pre KETO way of life I was suffering from horrible Fibro pain, worse EVER! Finally went to the Dr she said its my new normal. I said NO WAY, I will surely die!! SO going home defeated, I remembered the gout pain years before. I realize after searching you can get gout everywhere. SO I tried my home remedy. THIS TIME it took a little over a week of 2 a day baking soda and water. IT WORKED THANK GOD!!

I then started Keto way of life, I don't care what anyone says, for me gout is from lots of carbs, like starches and sugars and grains. Since being KETO I do fall off the wagon sometimes but over all my body fibro and CFS issues are WAY BETTER FOR ME! GODSPEED everyone.

Gum Disease

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Posted by Iris (London, Canada) on 11/06/2007

I have braces which means food gets trapped really easily but it is difficult to floss. As a result I have inflammed gums, which often bleed, despite brushing after every meal. Now I use a HUGE scoop of baking soda in a sip of water (so its like a runny paste) and swished it around in my mouth for a couple of minutes. My swollen gums went back to normal imediatly after and have stopped bleeding. It leaves a salty taste in my mouth but I avoid rinsing after the baking soda.


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Posted by Kerry (Launceston, Tasmania ....Australia) on 03/03/2008

Baking soda or Bicarb which it is called fantastic to wash hair with I use 1/4 cup of bicarb mixed with a cup of warm water in the shower and just tip onto my hair and rub for just a couple of seconds...then rinse...its amazing when it dries its like ive used shampoo... soft and bouncy if hair is a tad dry at times...iI just add a very small amount of organic conditioner to the ends ..and yes I use organic cold pressed coconut oil for a monthly deep condition...

Replied by Mike
(Sofa, Bulgaria)

You don't need to use so much baking soda. A teaspoon in a quarter cup of water is all you need. Perhaps the reason you are dry is you are using too much baking soda?

Replied by Alib
(Swansea, Wales, Uk)

I use bicarbonate (baking) of soda to wash my hair - just about a level teaspoonful in a little warm water and stirred well. I pour it over and then give it a good rub before rinsing off. I then pour over half a cup of warm water with a dribble of ACV in it, make sure it has covered my hair and been rubbed in and re-rinse to finish. Some people just pour over the ACV but I prefer to give it an extra rinse because I am not that keen on smelling like a chip shop!!! The bicarb cleans my hair and the ACV makes it beautifully soft.


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Posted by Rebecca (Annaheim, VA) on 03/16/2008

Every time I get heartburn I always put a teaspoon of baking soda in about 3 ounces of warm water and chug it down. Gets rid of it every time. My grandmother taught me this.

High Blood Pressure

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Posted by Lori (Dela, Co) on 07/16/2013

I recently stopped taking baking soda (1/4 tsp) daily and a tblsp of black strap molasses and I feel great!! In the last 2 years that I had taken both faithfully my blood pressure rose with each Dr. visit and I hadn't done anything different. I recently had blood work done and my iron level (i'm assuming came from the bsm) was very high. I took every word on the baking soda as being so good for you but I tend to think differently now. Not all bodies are the same and I really think it caused my bp to go up. i'm not a salt eater so it wasn't the sodium I took in other wise. be careful with all natural remedies. every now and then I will drink 1/4 tsp of bs. I do drink a squeezed lemon daily and have not had any problems.

Replied by antoine

Hi all,

It is ok to take sodium bicarbonate when one got high BP?

We know that the root cause of high BP is acidosis (just like all the so called dis-eases are also a symptom of various degrees of acidosis)... so it would be rational to take an alkaline substance like sodium bicarbonate to reduce acidity in order to reduce high BP.

Does anybody with high BP have any experience with sodium bicarbonate?

Thank you


there are many causes of high BP. You need to try and see how BS affects you. It won't increase your BP as far as I know.

(New York)

Greetings Antoine,

It seems that the answer to whether Baking Soda raises Blood Pressure or not depends on if we have fatty deposits built up in our arteries called atherosclerosis. I do now, but I have those numb times I did not have when I was younger.

I remember always having a low blood pressure as a young woman. I loved turning up the saltshaker. And it never raised my blood pressure until life situations got serious: weight gain, stress, menopause and other mess.

As a matter of fact I have done the Baking Soda Molasses remedy for UTIs and Back or Side pains successfully on many occasions, and my blood pressure was not affected. Then one-day things changed along with negative life changes.

So what I do now while I try to clean up my arteries with better cooking choices, just take a pinch of baking soda. It brings up my pressure about 5 or 10 points. But, I at least I am in charge. Make sure you have a blood pressure machine available to keep up with results.

The interesting thing is depending on what I take it with it, it may regulate my blood pressure. Sometimes I take potassium with it.


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Everyone can react differently to the salt added by taking baking soda, so the easiest thing is to try the baking soda at the dose you want to use and frequently monitor your blood pressure during the testing process. If it raises your blood pressure, your question is answered and you may not be able to take baking soda. If it doesn't raise your blood pressure readings, then you should be able to use it.


(New York)

Greetings EC and Antoine,

I need to make a correction in the first paragraph. I typed:

It seems that the answer to whether Baking Soda raises Blood Pressure or not depends on if we have fatty deposits built up in our arteries called atherosclerosis. I do now, but I have those numb times I did not have when I was younger.

I meant to type:

"I do Not know". What I do not know is whether I have atherosclerosis or not; I have never been diagnosed with that.

Now I add:

What I do know is that my leg goes numb sometimes and sometimes I have awakened with my legs and arms numb. I had to do the, "shake it off baby dance,

"(I had to work it on out! I had to shake off the numbness and get the circulation going). Now I know what that song was about.

In conclusion, as the note on medicine instructions and side effects would say, I too would like to say that since the benefits of baking soda out weights the side effects, for now I continue to go low dose it.

High Blood Pressure
Posted by Angie (Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico) on 01/31/2010

Baking soda and high blood pressure

Hi I too am a fan of EC and find everything so very interesting,I would like to ask whether someone who has high blood pressure due to (apparently) Chronic kidney disease should take the baking soda remedy as baking soda has salt in it (Am I right?) I have read much about baking soda being so good for people with kidney problems, but the blood pressure worries me, would appreciate some good and sound advice and dosage.

Thanks very much

Replied by Nevadasmith
(Smithfield, Pa)

Caution is advised. It is recommended to check with your personal physician.

Some [if not most] folks with hypertension are not salt sensitive and may not experience any ill effects. I have also read that even those who are salt sensitive only experience a mild degree of difference in blood pressure readings if they don't restrict salt.

My wife has systolic hypertension and salt seems to make very little difference to her so she does salt her food but we eat no refined or processed foods like chips so get very little salt otherwise in our diets.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

Nevadasmith from PA: That is a great observation. I truly believe that salt is not a culprit with the widespread hypertension there is everywhere. My take on it is it is something else in the salted foods, such as MSG or something else resulting in excessive glutamate. For salt, just be sure you are using "Iodized" salt, so you get the benefit of the iodine when you do use it. If we all insisted on and only bought iodized salt, that is all that would be in stores! Reclaim our iodine (and pineal function) that was taken away when mfr's swapped iodine for bromine in the 70's. Ted/EC has several threads on iodine.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Only recently I had my first case of hypertension crises and "sodium" was definitely a major culprit. Suffering from chronic toxicity of various sources for many yrs and very much disabled I reached a healing crises and required additional buffering w/ sea salt and baking soda (orally) and eventually mineral baths were necessary as my body was depleted in minerals. My BP continued to escalate thru March 2012. I had only slightly reduce dietary sodium to this point and had switched from commercial iodized salt to sea salt as well as Himalayan pink salt autumn 2011. As my crisis worsened I took a DGL/Allantoin dose before rising one day w/ noticeable improvement through the day. The following night I had a batch of air-popped corn w/ the usual butter seasoning and for supper half can of Salmon and WHAM I went down. I suffered thru the weekend and wound up in ER Monday morning w/ reading of 210/135 and feeling very ill. Fortunately 10mg Lisonopril worked wonders (accept for the kidneys of which D-Mannose helped significantly).

So, for me, dietary sodium was definitely a culprit and the Kidneys seem the most affected organ. As for Iodine, there is now on the shelf's of grocers "Iodized" Sea Salt so we don't neglect our precious thyroid. As for natural Iodine supplemental Kelp is as inexpensive as any herb on the market so it only makes sense to take Kelp. Also for everyone suffering from Hypertension it is also recommended to provide natural support for the Kidneys as they are a major factor in determining blood pressure.

High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure

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Posted by Miles (Canada) on 12/24/2014

All Baking Powder now is aluminum free. Baking soda is also a remedy for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Cholesterol is caused by inflammation which causes all our problems like arthritis, Gout, fibromyalgia, Cancer and on and on. The inflammation gets into the wall of the artery and starts to wear it thin so the Cholesterol does as it is supposed to by rushing in to repair it by building it up again. If the inflammation stays in there, then the cholesterol over compensates and then can become a blockage but it is all about inflammation.

High blood pressure is the same, raised by having too much inflammation in the body. No B.S. will not raise the blood pressure because it says sodium on it. Your body (kidneys) already makes the (sodium bicarbonate) Baking Soda but as we age or some bodies in general quit making enough of it to keep us healthy with a good PH level in our blood. I used to be on all the meds. and after taking this and apple Cider vinegar (organic) I went back to my Doctor and he could not believe I was the same person. He took me off high blood pressue and the Cholesterol pills. I have never felt better. These products are amazing God given. Your body was meant to heal itself if you give it the right things. As you start this check your blood pressure daily and see your Doctor before quiting your medication as I am NOT a Doctor but this has worked wonders for me.

Replied by Carmel

Thank you for your useful email. Can you tell me how much baking soda you used daily and how often to lower high cholesterol?

Replied by Connie

Thank you Miles from (Canada) I have very high Cholesterol, so how much Apple Cider Vineger and how much Baking Soda per day?

This information would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Miggy

For those with hypertension, you must only take potassium chloride, or pot ash, found or ordered in by some pharmacies. That will not give you hypertension, and will be safer to take if you do have HBP.

Replied by Mary

How would one take potash for HBP?

Kidney Disease

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Posted by Luis (Cali, Colombia) on 07/20/2009

Good news for our natural health EC community of practice:

Baking Soda: For Cooking, Cleaning, And Kidney Health?

ScienceDaily (July 17, 2009) "A daily dose of sodium bicarbonate -- baking soda, already used for baking, cleaning, acid indigestion, sunburn, and more-- slows the decline of kidney function in some patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD), reports an upcoming study in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN). "This cheap and simple strategy also improves patients' nutritional status, and has the potential of translating into significant economic, quality of life, and clinical outcome benefits," comments Magdi Yaqoob, MD (Royal London Hospital).

The study included 134 patients with advanced CKD and low bicarbonate levels, also called metabolic acidosis. One group received a small daily dose of sodium bicarbonate in tablet form, in addition to their usual care. For this group, the rate of decline in kidney function was greatly reduced--about two-thirds slower than in patients. "In fact, in patients taking sodium bicarbonate, the rate of decline in kidney function was similar to the normal age-related decline," says Yaqoob.

Rapid progression of kidney disease occurred in just nine percent of patients taking sodium bicarbonate, compared to 45 percent of the other group. Patients taking sodium bicarbonate were also less likely to develop end-stage renal disease (ESRD) requiring dialysis.

Patients taking sodium bicarbonate also had improvement in several measures of nutrition. Although their sodium levels went up, this didn't lead to any problems with increased blood pressure.

Low bicarbonate levels are common in patients with CKD and can lead to a wide range of other problems. "This is the first randomized controlled study of its kind," says Yaqoob. "A simple remedy like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), when used appropriately, can be very effective."

The researchers note some important limitations of their study%uFFFDthere was no placebo group and the researchers were aware of which patients were receiving sodium bicarbonate. "Our results will need validation in a multicenter study," says Yaqoob.

Other authors were Ione de Brito-Ashurst, RD, Mira Varaganum, PhD, and Martin J. Raftery, MD (William Harvey Research Institute and Barts and the London NHS Trust, London). The authors reported no financial disclosures.
Journal reference:
1.Ione de Brito-Ashurst , Mira Varagunam , Martin J. Raftery , and Muhammad M. Yaqoob. Bicarbonate Supplementation Slows Progression of CKD and Improves Nutritional Status. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 2009; DOI: 10.1681/ASN.2008111205

Multiple Ailments

Posted by Laura (North Platte, Nebraska) on 05/28/2014

Baking soda... Need to find a doc who treats candida, fungus, bacteria, parasites. I am 27. no answers. I know baking soda is the answer. Please help

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Laura: There is already much lifesaving info of your conditions in the E.C. "Ailments" page. Here are two links to get you started.

Copy and paste relevant info on a notepad and make yourself a product list for purchasing the supplies you need for the fight.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Laura...There are only one or two American doctors like Dr William Shaw that treat Candida as well as other related problems. You can buy kits for testing yourself from him or you can get your doctor to give permission for him to test or treat you. He knows candida well, but the problem is that he charges rather alot for both testing and for treatment. This will depend on your med insurance(which is accepted by Dr Shaw) and you will also have to convince your doctor for permission for him to treat you. See this link:

Dr Shaw Test Pricing

The only other option for you would be to educate yourself quickly on candida problems and just treat yourself, which would be far cheaper. And a good place to start is here on EC. Just type Candida in the upper right hand search box on the EarthClinic page and start there. You can successfully treat and cure serious candida issues yourself, I'm living proof of that.

Another piece of advice: If you have had serious candida issues over the last few years or decades then you will probably not be able to cure it using the single protocol approach -- using just simple remedies like only baking soda or by just using diet or probiotics on its own. These approaches might work for simple localized yeast infections but will not work for serious systemic candida fungal issues. Systemic means that the candida has spread into your blood organs and tissues. This form is much more difficult to treat which is why you should always use a multi-protocol strategy against serious systemic candida issues that incorporates the following or similar strategy:

Anti-Candida and Anti-Pathogen Protocols

Anti-Biofilm Protocols

Alkalizing Protocols

Essential Detox Protocol

The Anti-Candida Diet


Replied by Mary

Laura: have you considered turpentine to kill yeast? Check out Dr. Daniels on Turpentine she calls it the yeast cleaner.

Replied by Dina

hi, maybe there is no instant gratification, and I don't think that she has to study for ten years, that sounds kind of mean and harsh and a little arrogant.

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Alakhi (Livingston, Montana) on 08/08/2013

Baking soda for pcos and acne: I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the baking soda remedy!! It has helped me better than anything with my skin issues, and there is no comparison in how I feel. It seems to help me with all of my food allregies too! I drink the baking soda and use it to wash my face. When I stop using this my issues come back.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Paula J. Schutte, Ccht (Denver, Colorado) on 08/12/2011

Thank you for your information. I am a Colon Hydro Therapist who sees many clients with acid reflux, gout and rheumotoid arthritis. I have used your tip on baking soda, lime and lemon juice with a splash of water for a few years now and it has helped in 100% of the cases where folks stuck with it a bit. Thank you, thank you!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Kristinad (West Valley City, Utah) on 07/10/2009

I got a case of ring worm that seemed to appear out of no where. The area felt itchy for several days and then a patch a bit smaller than a dime appeared. It was a very classic circle with little mounded dots around the edge and red in the whole circle and it itched like crazy. I looked on your sight for a cure and tried several including the penny-in-vinegar etc. Some helped a little others made it worse.

When it first appeared I had tried plain Baking Soda which definitely calmed it down but it did not disappear. I decided to try it again with a little vaper rub like Vicks from the dollar store, to hold it in place. It worked immediately and in two days was totally gone. I was very happy!

Baking soda has worked miracles for me in many ways, including getting rid of mouth infections and a patch of eczema on my elbow that had been there for years.

It is the first thing I turn to for a sugar reaction. Just a tiny amount on the tip of my finger clears up all kinds of problems. For skin surface problems, mostly I have just made a paste of BS and water and allowed it to dry but now I have tried it with the Vicks like product and with Triple Antibiotic that works better as it holds it at the sight. I do not know what would work in the mouth, not that of course!

I believe we are all different and the differences in our natural body chemistry makes things react differently for all of us so we have to find what is right for us. I love this sight as it has so many wonderful ideas and I've had a lot of success with different cures. Thanks so much!

One more thought I have, is I feel it is important to not over do on natural remedies. When I see people saying they take something everyday after it first worked it makes me wonder. If you do it too often and too much when you do not really need it, then where are you going to get the lift you need when you have another problem. Moderation, I believe, is a wise course, but everyone is different and has to find what works for them.

Multiple Cures
Posted by LorenP (Henderson, Nevada USA) on 06/14/2009

For constipation and relief of muscle and knee pain, I take half a teaspoon of baking soda when I get up in the night to void. It produces results soon after getting up for the day, muscle pains are much less and after doing this for several days my knee pain is gone. There is no happiness like an empty rectum. I'm 82.

Replied by Andoy
(Boise, Id)

Thanks for the tip. It worked for my constipation too.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Robin (Walhalla, SC) on 07/11/2008

I recently had a bad burn from a lawn mower. I put burn medicine on it, but it didn't put out the fire at all. I read a post on here about baking soda, and decided to try it. I made a thick paste out of baking soda and water and put it all over the burn. It was amazing! The fire went out of the burn IMMEDIATELY. I few days later, my son was stung by a wasp. I made the same paste and put it on his sting and it took the pain away for him. It worked on a four year old who was screaming in pain.

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