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Posted by Kelly (The Netherlands) on 02/21/2023
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Baking soda is making my pH go down?? It was at 6,2-6,5 before. After taking baking soda (5-7,5ml 3-5 times per day) it's 5,5-5,9. How is this possible? I've had this experience multiple times. My diet didn't change. I always measure first thing in the morning. I'm taking so much I should easily be reaching pH 7 which is my goal.

Alkalizing pH
Posted by Fet (Hampton, Va, United States) on 11/08/2011

Baking Soda for an acidic ph

How long would I have to drink water w/ baking soda for it to balance out my ph? And would I have to make it a regular part of my water drinking routine? I know in small amounts it's good for you, but I'm hoping a few weeks of doing it daily would be fine.

Replied by Fet
(Hampton, Va, United States)

Would I have to make water w/ baking soda a part of my regular water drinking routine for an acidic ph? Or would I only have to take it a few weeks to make my ph normal?

Replied by Imcinnamon
(Orlando, Fl)

Baking soda is excellent for alkalizing, however, make sure you purchase baking soda without aluminum in it. The well known brand names contain aluminum, which comes with a host of issues in itself.

Replied by Petey
(Random Lake, Wi, Usa)

Be advised that baking soda, no matter what kind, does NOT have aluminum in it. However, baking POWDER does.

(Castaic, Ca)

I make baking powder from baking soda, that takes care of the problem.

Alkalizing pH
Posted by Just Chillin (Vannes, France) on 12/22/2010

Hallo Ted,
I have emailed you direct, and posted on the site too, but no response. Please would you tell me the actual quantities of lemon and bicarb to mix for alkalizing / cancer cell prevention, as have followed your details, and sometimes it just doesn't stop fizzing. Also lemons can be different sizes, as can spoons. So a dosage guidance would be great. Have also heard that once you have been taking it for a while, can drop to just one drink in the am, instead of both amm and last thing at night too.

Also have been reducing my dose of propranolol 40 mg, as was prescribed for anxiety, and blood pressure going up, but am sure it was just when I was in the surgery. I am now down to less than 20 mg a day, and feel much better, and wondered whether the Apple Cider Vinegar would be good to mix too. I was recently told I was magnesium deficient, and the same person said that could have been the problem right from the begininng, as lack of magnesium can cause anxiety, palpitations, amongst hoards of other things. You comments and guidance would be most welcome. Thank you and Merry Christmas

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hello Just chillin, I would suggest 1 tblspn of lemon juice or at least 30ml and 1/4 tspn of bicarb soda. I also am withdrawing from propananol 40mg and am on 3/4 going down to 1/2 tablet on monday. I am also deficient in magnesium, sounds like the low magnesium may have been the cause of the original anxiety for both of us. Good luck with all of this, cheers Lily.

Replied by Michelle
(Griffith, Nsw, Australia)

Hey-"just chillin" I have read many articles that suggest deficiencies in your B vitamins can be linked to anxiety and depression. With also reading above that BS can hinder with your B vitamin absorption I would seek a naturopath's professional opinion.. Hope this info sparks an interest for you.

Replied by Larry
(Fairfax, Va)

Please clarify what "BS" is. Thank you.

EC: BS - Baking Soda

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2072 posts

Jim Humble, founder of MMS and the Genesis II Church Of Health And Healing just released an article debunking the "myth" of alkalizing for health. I have no master degree in biology or pathology, but I do have a bachelor understanding of the acid -alkali balance. I have a pathology textbook with a whole chapter devoted to "disturbances in homeostasis" with PH "imbalance" included. Millions of people don't take acid reducing pharmaceuticals for nothing. I agree w/ Jim that the human body has multiple layers of dealing with PH balance, but he doesn't address the many conditions (diseases) that can disrupt this balance. None-the-less, he simply states that there is nothing you can do (dietary speaking, including antacids) to alter your PH.

From what I can understand, this area of health/disease study is evolving and everyone here on the "PH balanced for life" side needs to read Jim's take, and Jim needs to read the "disturbances in homeostasis" chapter.

As for immediate application, a properly balanced body is one with no nutritional deficiencies; and proper PH especially needs the entire 72 minerals that were available in our Paleolithic ancestor's diet.

Alkalizing pH
Posted by Just Chillin (Vannes, France) on 12/08/2010

Just joined this wonderful site, its amazing to read about natural cures. I have been taking bicarb of soda and lemon for quite a while, (for alkalizing) and didn't realize needed to have a break of 2 days or so. I now do that, but am still uncertain of the correct mix of the solution. I have been taking half of a small spoon ( coffee spoon)of bicarb with juice of half a lemon twice a day. I have tried adding the bicarb slowly till it stops fizzing, but it never seems to do that. I have also been trying to get off of beta-blockers Propranolol that my dr prescribed back in March for anxiety, & mild high bloodpressure ( I think it was just white coat syndrome) They made feel worse than I did before, am now down to less than a quarter of a tablet twice a day. I wondered whether I should take Apple Cider Vinegar as well. Any advice would be most welcome,
Thank you in advance

Alkalizing pH
Posted by Bill (Satellite Beach, FL) on 03/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have found that the only thing that alkalizes my body is aluminum free backing soda. I take about a teaspoon a day, usually at night on an empty stomach. It does work, as the ph strips confirm, but I wonder is it healthy to do this everyday? Does someone know the accurate answer to this?

EC: FYI -- Aluminum-free baking soda is a bogus product. Read the feedback here:

Replied by Cindy
(Van Nuys, Ca)

I have found that taking the juice of one lemon or lime daily alkalizes my pH. I usually mix it into a very large glass of water and take it in the evening. I know it sounds odd that an acidic fruit would help, but through research I found that the lemon and lime actually turn alkaline in the body.

I used to suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain, and tension headaches that would often turn into migraines from the Lactic acid buildup in my system. I for the first time in about 8 years have found freedom from these issues with a simple lemon...

Replied by Millie
(Moorpark, California)

I have found that by changing my water I have changed my Life! I drink a special Alkaline water! No more baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar, just water!

Alkalizing pH
Posted by Bill (Milwaukee, WI) on 10/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I find the 1/2 to a full teaspoon of baking soda is the only thing that alkalizes my urine ph the next morning. Does anyone know if this much baking soda is bad for the liver, kidneys, or the body in any way?

Replied by Alain
(Ottawa, Canada)


Hi Bill:

I would consider using exclusively baking soda as a quick fix. I would be concerned if used over an extended period of time. Some people, like myself, may have problems with water retention. This is why baking soda + Apple Cider Vinegar and potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate would probably be better because of a better sodium/potassium ratio (sodium in the extracellular fluid and potassium in intracellular fluid).

Overall Health Part 2: Imbalance Often Leads to Hypertension _to _Sodium_Ratio.html

Yet, the best is to alkalize with good quality foods. Search for pH balance on the web for more information.

Look at the links below that will redirect you to some of my posts in earthcliinic about pH balance.

Good luck

Alkalizing pH
Posted by Anna (East Lansing, US) on 03/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Regarding the recommendation by Ted to consume sodium bicarbonate in order to increase the body's pH...I can't (off the top of my head) quote exact solubility constants, but free carbonate anions are likely to bind with aqueous calcium cations in the blood, forcing the body to "steal" calcium from bone in order to maintain its delicate ion balance. Perhaps this is why consumption of soda pop (which is carbonated) is associated with bone loss. People assume it is the acid in the pop, but the electrochemical potential of a redox reaction in which solid calcium donates electrons to oxygen in the presence of hydronium cations to yield water and aqueous calcium cations will be at MOST on the order of 10^-6 V, and that would be for EXTREMELY acidic blood (pH 6).

Replied by Anna

Dear Anna, Just read your reply. I'm sorry, I didn't understand your reply. Would that be yes good for you or no, not good. Thank you. Kind regards Anna London

Alkalizing pH
Posted by Susan (USA)

EC: Baking Soda is a key ingredient in Ted's Alkalizing Formulas! Click here to read more.


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Posted by Olkeriil (Portland, Maine, U.S.A) on 06/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Allergy, I have a worst allergy problem than most people. But about 3 weeks ago I started to use baking soda to rinse my sinuses. I have no problem now and that is why I share this with your readers. Thanks, Olkeriil

Replied by Jo
(Vancouver, Canada)

please share the exact measurements you used. Thank you. also, did the BS cure your sinus problems, or just allow them to be managed?

Replied by Rhonda
5 out of 5 stars

I started suffering from allergies as an adult.

This season, allergies hit me about six weeks ago. Every year I go to the doctor. Every year she says the same thing: "This year is going to be the worst year when it comes to allergies." I get prescribed the same medicine, which doesn't relieve me of the the symptoms.

This year, I suffered the normal symptoms. Stuffing noise, tearing eyes, excessive coughing and a lot of phlegm.

Last week I started drinking about 4 ounces of luke warm water with a tablespoon of baking soda (sodium bicarb). All of the above systems have stopped. I haven't felt this good in weeks.

Aluminum in Baking Soda

Posted by Ginger (Quebec, CA) on 12/20/2014

I want to use baking soda as a remedy. I would like to know if the regular baking soda available in stores, contains aluminum?

I am hesitant to use this remedy as aluminum is so dangerous. Thank you for your replies. I appreciate your help.

Replied by Dan

Ginger, Baking Soda does not contain anything but sodium bicarbonate. Baking Powder, on the other hand, can include aluminum but not all of them do. Hope this helps.

Replied by Krystall

Aluminum in Baking Soda
Posted by Juhn (Dallas, Tx.) on 05/05/2010

The common baking soda at a grocery store Arm & Hammer has aluminum in it like coffee powders the aliminum helps it blend/mix better but not healthy. Go to a health store get aluminum free.

Baking powder is baking soda(good Ph.) PLUS a acidic compound DO NOT TAKE baking powder

Sodium Laurante is one of a hundred names for ASPIRIN.

EC: Arm & Hammer baking soda does NOT contain aluminum, according to the research from one of our contributors and Dr. Mark Sircus. Please see below posts for more information.

Replied by Grandad
(Exeter, Devon, Uk)

I have a member of my family suffering from Alzheimers, and as part of ongoing reserch, I recently had a Lab conduct analysis for Aluminium in a number of different brands of Bicarb, inc Dr Oetkers Bicarbonate of Soda.

The result was as follows - Aluminium <0.01 mg/kg.

Basically I am told by the Lab, that this is as low an amount of Aluminium as your going to get with Bicarb,this and anouther brand had the lowest Aluminium content out of the Bicarbs tested.

I consider this to be as safe as it gets for Aluminium within Bicarb, and we continue to use Dr Oetkers on a regular basis for things such as Baking, deoderant and teeth hygene etc.

The content of Aluminium within anouther tested brand was 2.8 mg/kg - so you see the Aluminium content between brands can vary....

A word of caution with regards to any brand claiming to be Aluminium free etc, becouse if the Bicarb is sold in a plastic pot etc, then it can leach Aluminium from the plastic into the Bicarb....

Thats right, Aluminium from plastic! - it came as a shock to me too!

As you may be aware, Manufacturers can and do sometimes play with words....Ie in this instance, what they are possibly saying is - our bicarb at source is Aluminium free, and perhaps that is correct? - but in my experience, what they never mention is the fact the fact that the plastic container has the capability to leach Aluminium into the product....

Perhaps the manufacturers are just unaware that plastic has the capability of leaching?

Through my research I have learnt that this leaching may not always happen, but that it can, and in fact, is an excuse used by one brand for Aluminium being confirmed within their Bicarb??

The bottom line to me is it matters not where the Aluminium came from, but the fact that it IS there!

I can also confirm that there is an agreed safety level for food products and leaching from packaging.

When you look into this further I guarantee you will be stunned as to what they deem safe for our consumption...

For further information on this, you may wish to start by refering to the following EU legislation Document,

Council of Europes Policy Statements Concerning Materials and Articals intended to come into contact with food sources - section 23.

I came across this website by chance, but after reading this topic I joined in order to post this information.

hope it helps?


Replied by Chrissc

you know, I am one who reaches for naturals above all else, however, sometimes when I see the insane ramblings of some of you, it makes me really wonder how we could possibly have anything in common. THERE IS NO ALUMINUM IN BAKING SODA, there IS aluminum in many commercial varieties of BAKING POWDER... They are NOT the same. Comes down to chemical profiles, people!!

Replied by Peace Out
(Great Britian, United Kingdom)

I absolutely love Earth Clinic and the people here but! Nothing personal! Courtney and Carly........... But I feel you guys do sometimes get a little too sarcastic with people here time to time..... And I've noticed you kind of come on together and repeatedly post. I don't know know if your friends or related or if its a coincidence but FWIW....... Sometimes the way people write its true it can be hard to know the exact tone behind the words. Why not give people the benefit of the doubt and only post a comment back if it directly helps someone's suffering?? There's soooooo much good info on Earth Clinic and I pray it stays that way.

EC: Thank you, Peace Out and Thijs, for bringing this to our attention. Sarcastic and attacking posts will be deleted promptly.

Replied by Serendipity
(Amman, Jordan)

I know this thread was from back in 2011, but I just wanted to say I totally agree with Peaceout (Great Britain). I know that feeling sick can sometimes make you less pleasant than you wish you were, but it's important to keep sarcasm and unpleasantness out of forums like these. Sometimes ongoing health issues can make us so delicate that unkind comments might be all it takes to tip us over into despair. I love Earth Clinic too, and come back time and time again to read. I have weaned so many members of my husband's family off those horrible Rennies and Tums and got them all using Red Mill bicarb instead.

Bless you all for all this priceless information.

Aluminum in Baking Soda
Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 03/14/2010

For those wondering about the aluminum content in Arm & Hammers baking soda, here's an excerpt from a recent Mark Sircus newsletter:

..."Though I have been using Bob's Red Mill sodium bicarbonate I have recently received two boxes of Arm and Hammers and I sat for quite a while admiring their boxes and all the information on them. I have been in touch directly with the company and have been reassured of its absolute purity meaning there is no aluminum in it . Arm and Hammers is as aluminum free as Bob's Red Mill, which advertizes itself specifically to be aluminum free, and in the process has convinced most people I know that Arm and Hammers has aluminum when it does not....

Replied by Lilydy
(Alice Springs, Australia)

Question regarding aluminum in baking soda. I don't see the Hammer brand. The popular brand here in Australia seems to be McKenzie Bicarb Soda. I just emailed to inquire about additives or aluminum content. The reply is they don't put in any additives."Our bicarb contains naturally occurring aluminium at a level of 0.2 mg per kg (ppm) max". Any comment on this? Is this alright in terms of aluminum content. I am taking this regularly with apple cider vinegar so hope that the natural aluminum content in this is not significant. Thanks for your comment.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Lilydy ...Regarding your worry on Aluminium content of Mackenzie's Baking Soda(MBS):

0.2 mgs = 0.0002 grams
1 Kg = 1000 grams

0.0002/1000 X 100% = 0.00002% Aluminium per kilogram of MBS

So Mackenzie's BS contains 0.00002% Aluminium

Since 1 teaspoonful of Mackenzie's BS is approx 5 gms in weight:

Therefore, one teaspoon of MBS would contain:

5/1000 X .0002 grams = 0.000001 grams or 1 microgram of Aluminium

So 1 teaspoon of MBS contains a maximum of about 1 microgram or one part per million of Aluminium.

And since we normally only take Baking Soda at less than a teaspoonful at a time, I think that you're pretty safe using Mackenzie's Baking soda. This is not a significant amount of aluminium.

Replied by Lilydy
(Alice Springs, Australia)

Hi Bill,

Thank you for your reply regarding my concern. Put it like that makes a lot of sense. Glad to see fellow Filipino active contributor here...salamat :).Cheers.

Replied by Jeillin
(Taguig, Manila, Philippines)

Hi Bill, are u a doctor in the Philippines? Im searching for a doctor here in the Philippines that could help me to cure my breast tumor using baking soda because I dont want to undergo any surgery like masectomy. Im only 25 yrs old, and have a large lump on my left breast. It was 8cm x 2cm.. I've been contacting Dr. Tulio but his phone was unreachable all the time. And while searching the net, I found this site, and found fellow Filipinos that were active here. Hopefully you could help me. Thank you. -anjhelz9(at)

Replied by Jeillin
(Taguig, Manila, Philippines)

--anjhelz(at)yahoo. Ca contact me I need help regarding baking soda as cancer treatment. Thanks

Aluminum in Baking Soda
Posted by Sheena (Glasgow, Scotland) on 01/03/2010

Bicarbonate of Soda / Sodium Bicarbonate & Aluminum

I would like to find out if anyone knows if Dr Oetker (Supercook) Bicarbonate of Soda contains aluminum. This is the stuff commonly on sale in supermarkets in the UK. I have searched online for information on this to no avail.

Ted suspects that aluminium causes skin tags. I've recently developed several skin tags and wonder if this has anything to do with me using bicarb. I'd hate to think that this gem of a remedy is causing problems, but I can't help but link the two. Thanks.

EC: Can't find info on the net about Dr Oetker's Bicarb of Soda, but here is one poster's response:

"In striving for clarity, baking SODA is (by definition) sodium bicarbonate, a chemical that is extracted from the ground. It does not contain aluminum nor is aluminum added to it in processing either by intention or through aluminum equipment.

Baking POWDER is manufactured with baking soda as an ingredient and typically includes a compound containing aluminum. Marketing baking soda as aluminum-free is simply a marketing strategy to play to consumers' confusion while charging more for it. As has been noted, no baking soda has aluminum in it.

Replied by Sheena
(Glasgow, Scotland)

That's really good of you to check - thanks EC. Info is thin on the ground. I found that article too. However, I also found info stating that although it's a pure substance it's the method of processing that determines aluminium content. Either way, I consider Bicarb to be a marvel. My post is really just a question, so is it possible that you could change the tag of "side effect" as I don't want to post anything negative about Bicarb unless I am absolutely certain that this is the cause.

Thanks again.

Replied by Peter
(Chicago, Il)

EC, Is there a way to test whether aluminun is in the baking soda ?

EC: Great question - have forwarded it to Ted!

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
385 posts

Without the use of standard laboratory equipment, I would just call the factory and ask them whether they have Certificate of analysis to check for presence of aluminum or ask them do they add aluminum. There is another way, some products may sell aluminum free baking soda.

Aluminum in Baking Soda
Posted by C (Chicago, IL) on 01/01/2009

never found any comments on the safety of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and if there was any Aluminum in it. I asked them the question and this is the response I got, I thought I'd share:

Thank you for taking the time to contact Church & Dwight Co., Inc. regarding ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda.

Your comments are important to us and provide valuable information that helps us maintain the high level of quality you have come to expect from our products and services.

Our baking soda is 100% sodium bicarbonate and does not contain aluminum.

If you have any questions or concerns in the future, please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Department at 1-800-524-1328 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm ET or visit our corporate web site at:

We value your patronage and trust you will continue to use Church & Dwight Co., Inc. products with confidence.

Thank you for choosing Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

Replied by Marra Bennett
(Midland, TX)

It is Baking Powder that has aluminum, people are getting confused as to which is being talked about. Baking soda is what this thread is about.

EC: There are a few companies that sell "aluminum-free baking soda" as well as "aluminum-free baking powder", ergo this thread.

Aluminum in Baking Soda
Posted by Raphael (Stow, Ohio) on 09/13/2007

everyone who is using a lot of baking soda, should make sure you are getting aluminum FREE baking soda. As we all know aluminum is not something we want in us. Most baking soda you get will have aluminum in it. Google "aluminum free baking soda" to find some.

EC: Actually, one of our readers already spent a good deal of time researching this topic a year ago (Read his entire email on the Where to Buy page):

Replied by Methuselah
(Los Angeles)

For sodium bicarbonate, I use the regular Arm & Hammer baking soda that you can find in any grocery store. I contacted them also, and they told me that they do not add anything to their baking soda although they do not have any chemical analysis of the soda ash (a mined mineral deposit) from which they make their baking soda by adding carbon dioxide in a solution--i.e., no additives or stabilizers. I hope that this information answers your question. Please let me know if you need more information. Have a great week and keep up the good work. Also thanks for all the help.

Replied by Laraine
(Rotorua, New Zealand)

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, which has a specific chemical compound. If you add aluminium to it it won't BE sodium bicarbonate. So anyone selling baking soda as either bicarbonate of soda or sodium bicarbonate when they have put aluminium in it is misleading consumers. In my country that is against the law. You certainly shouldn't have to pay an arm, a leg and your head as well (as you do in New Zealand health shops) for a product that has no business having aluminium in it anyway.

Replied by Missy
(Berrien Springs, Michigan)

Dear Friends, I am 50 and my husband is 58. We do not take any medications and plan to stay that way as long as possible. Going to the doctor is a waste of your precious time and money when you can prevent it... So read carefully...

To be healthy you need to make sure you have the right diet. It boils down to that. You are what you eat. If you want to get rid of health problems you must have an alkaline diet which is not so hard to get. Lots of vegetables, fruits , legumes( lentils, beans, dry peas, garbanzos) Have a simple diet, in other words. Stay away from the fatty stuff. Yes, I know, the fatty is good, but control it and have mostly of the healthy stuff. Save the unhealthy for special occasions. I would suggest to do a cleansing with the foods mentioned above and with lots of juicing. Our body was made in an amazing way so it heals very quickly when the right fuel is put in it. I have a very sweet tooth and when there is chocolate, cookies or anything of that kind at home, I will devour it! Therefore, I have decided not to have it at home. If I want it, I'll have to buy it and eat it on the spot. My cravings will go away. Or, I can buy something sweet and healthy if I prefer. Now, there are so many products out there that are alkaline to help yourself. Example, lemon is acid but when digested is alkaline. So add lemon juice to your drinking water. Another thing that is very acid but alkaline when digested is the grapefruit seed extract. It does wonders for colds. Search it in the web. A few drops in your water or juice will do the trick. Baking soda I am not sure I would try. IT seems that you have to be too careful with it.

Anyways, Change in diet is the key to all your ailments. You dont have to suffer if you start cleansing your body now and also you will benefit from weight loss. I have 3 grown children and I am as agile as they are. When you are 50 or 58 you do not have to look or feel like an old person... Is too young of an age to be suffering from such aillnents that most people post. Remember, change your diet and you will see a greaat difference. Help yourself with natural things and your blood pressure will go to normal and a better sleep at night, etc. Etc. Also, start walking and build up to 2 or more miles per day. It is great!

Have a healthy life, God loves you and wants you to be happy. You will be happier when you are healthy, but we have to do our part.

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Zug, Switzerland)

Missy, I agree with most of what you said. I am 54 and my husband 57 and we are also in quite good health, very active and young looking. Sometimes people think that I am some 20 years younger than my real age. Still, I can't agree when you say that one has to stay away from fats. If you read books like Fat and Cholesterol are good for you and Trick and Treat you will understand why. Good fats like saturated fats, olive oil and so are very good for you, even essential for good health! As far as legumes go, the opinions are very divided so I don't know what to think. That said I hope you and your husband stay in great health for many years to come!

Replied by Cris
(Brantford, Ontario)

This was an amazing help for me. I also felt like many people posting the same symptoms. I had a feeling of pain in my stomach that was caused buy an onion dip in which caused major pain in my chest. I really thought I was gonna have a heart attack. I do have anxiety and thought it was caused by this but the baking soda was all that I needed to take the pain away. I'm a 32 year old female and thought I was way too young to be going through a heart attack. I really thank you for this information it really helped me!

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