Baking Soda Health Benefits

High Blood Pressure
Posted by Lori (Dela, Co) on 07/16/2013
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I recently stopped taking baking soda (1/4 tsp) daily and a tblsp of black strap molasses and I feel great!! In the last 2 years that I had taken both faithfully my blood pressure rose with each Dr. visit and I hadn't done anything different. I recently had blood work done and my iron level (i'm assuming came from the bsm) was very high. I took every word on the baking soda as being so good for you but I tend to think differently now. Not all bodies are the same and I really think it caused my bp to go up. i'm not a salt eater so it wasn't the sodium I took in other wise. be careful with all natural remedies. every now and then I will drink 1/4 tsp of bs. I do drink a squeezed lemon daily and have not had any problems.