Baking Soda Health Benefits

High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure
Posted by Miles (Canada) on 12/24/2014
5 out of 5 stars

All Baking Powder now is aluminum free. Baking soda is also a remedy for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Cholesterol is caused by inflammation which causes all our problems like arthritis, Gout, fibromyalgia, Cancer and on and on. The inflammation gets into the wall of the artery and starts to wear it thin so the Cholesterol does as it is supposed to by rushing in to repair it by building it up again. If the inflammation stays in there, then the cholesterol over compensates and then can become a blockage but it is all about inflammation.

High blood pressure is the same, raised by having too much inflammation in the body. No B.S. will not raise the blood pressure because it says sodium on it. Your body (kidneys) already makes the (sodium bicarbonate) Baking Soda but as we age or some bodies in general quit making enough of it to keep us healthy with a good PH level in our blood. I used to be on all the meds. and after taking this and apple Cider vinegar (organic) I went back to my Doctor and he could not believe I was the same person. He took me off high blood pressue and the Cholesterol pills. I have never felt better. These products are amazing God given. Your body was meant to heal itself if you give it the right things. As you start this check your blood pressure daily and see your Doctor before quiting your medication as I am NOT a Doctor but this has worked wonders for me.