Vaccination Side Effects in Pets

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Caryllanne (Oakham, Rutland, England) on 01/14/2012
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My 2 year old dog which is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a daschund, has experienced a number of side effects since his vaccination last Monday.

He is lethargic, weak, shaky, aggressive and appears to struggle to walk. His appetite isn't effected but he doesn't want to stand to eat and I am having to feed him in his basket.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Michelle (Frederick, Co) on 12/27/2011

Can you please tell me who was the vet???

Posted by Cosmo685 (Bridgewater, Nj ) on 12/14/2011
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Just wanted to let people know Pfizer doesn't stand up and do the right thing when one of their vaccines cause adverse side effects. A multi-million dollar company can't reimburse a few hundered dollars in vet bills due to an adverse effect from thier Bordetella vaccine. They also only look into reactions if they get a substantial number - they don't review the data on a regular basis. I had a perfectly healthy dog prior to the vaccine but after he had a reaction which necessitated more vet visits. To this day, months later, he isn't the same dog.

Side Effects: Tumors
Posted by Rosie (Greer, U.s.a) on 12/13/2011

I have had a total of four dogs in my lifetime, two of them had reactions to vaccinations. My first dog was a male pug and had skin allergies. After vaccines, large tumors came up on his skin and there was a very strong smell that never went away. He always smelled but this was alot stronger. I now know that this permanent smell was the liver being unable to detox the vaccines and not due to the lack of bathing. The dog had to be on pregnisone the entire time, without it he would scratch and scratch until there was blood everywhere. I stayed up many nights putting him in a bath of greenzone which helped but didnt cure. I now know that his liver needed some work. He died at the age of two, from a stroke. I cant say it was directly from the vaccines but I can say that he got alot of help from the vaccines and the pregnisone. My other dog was a German Shephard, I inherited him from the neighbor that severly neglected him, she did tell me that he had heartworms, but she didnt tell me about the seizures. I questioned her about his first seizure and she doged the question, but after having many seizures, she finally admitted that his first seizure took place after he was vaccinated and was given heartworm meds. Imagine that, giving a dog with heartworms vaccines. Well that would explain his second seizure that came after the second heartworm treatment. This was a grand mal seizure and I thought that was it, but the doctor gave him a shot of steriods and it revived him. It lasted maybe a week and a half, then I gave him oral steriods every other day and then He had another seizure, but it wasnt bad. Then he got a severe infestation of round worms. I dreaded getting the meds, because I knew what was coming. I had 3 seizures, one every day. By that time, I knew this dog could no longer take any meds at all, I also knew that he couldnt handle chemicals either. But I wasnt able to put it all together fast enough. He started to decline, took him to holistic vet, she gave him an eye exam and from the look on her face I knew that this was a brain tumor. We were able to stop seizures, but not the brain tumor, I had to put him down yesterday. I now know that holistic doctors can detox these vaccines out of their systems.

As for heartworm, the meds are nasty but so is the disease. They provide heartworm nosodes that works for some animals but not all. I will spray my other two dogs with natural mosquito repellent instead of giving heartworm, which I have never done with my own dogs but after what happened to Obie, I am taking this disease far more serious. So what happened, I now know that obies liver could not detox and that all the toxins were routed to his brain which in his paticular case was the weakest organ. Toxins generally land on the weakest organs, then you have parasites, fungus, yeast, bacteria. Much like you would see with rotting garbage. Of course, I was not giving the whole truth about obies condition from the start. According to New York Times, one rabie shot should last a lifetime. My philosphy is after these experiences is one set of shots and one rabie, if you have an outdoor dog. MY new pug has hever had one, there are no racoons in my living room, at least I hope not. As for a large dog, that is more tricky, if they bite someone, and there not up to date on rabie, owner could be sued. If you want a healthy pet, stay away from the vet unless it is an emergency. Stay away from corn, diary, gluton and soy, no chemicals at all, supplements also have fillers and binders that dont set well. These expensive vet supplements have them too. There are supplements that are O, K. If you decide to vaccinate, call a holistic vet first, be ready in case you have a reaction to the shot. Most of all old dogs should die from old age, not from heartworm, tumors, seizures etc. Those were the excuses from the previous owner. Her excuse was, he was just an old dog, and she couldnt wait to put him down, as she had been trying for the past year. Each time we blocked it. It was just too inconvient and embarrassing for her. This is still too raw.sorry

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Cahira (Mason City, Iowa) on 12/13/2011

I would like to forward some of my education to you about yearly shots for pets. A dog or cat does not even need any shots after a year old. It is all part of the big pharma money game. It is something to think about, that if a pet needs these booster shots every 1 or 3 years either a) the shots are poor quality and aren't up to standards or b) it is for the money they bring every day of the year. Until the rest of the nation gets this education about their pets there are other options for the shots. Isn't it nice to know that big pharma has even pulled our pets into their game. I have been researching this for years. If anyone would like to contact me about what I know please feel free.



Combination Vaccines
Posted by Ddbmom (Des Moines, Iowa ) on 12/12/2011
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My bordeaux received Rabies vaccine along with the 3 in one vaccine in Feb. of 2011. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma in Sept. of 2011 and passed away in Dec. of 2011. I believe that she should not have received these vaccines especially after a surgery that she had the same day as the vaccines were given. She was on a grain free dog food along with fresh meat and veggies and not subjected to any pesticides. I think that her immune system was not able to handle all of the toxins that was given to her that day. She was 4 1/2 years old.

Lepto Vaccine
Posted by Sue (Gales Ferry, Ct, Usa) on 12/11/2011
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My Yorkshire terrier gets very lethargic, stops eating/drinking and cries in pain when picked up after vaccinations. The most recent being the Leptovirus vaccine. I give her water through a syringe and keep her comfortable until it passes, usually up to three days. At first I thought she had injured herself on the edge of the storm door when she went out but soon realized she gets a big lump near injection site after the two or three days (this is a week later) which has scabs or abrasions on the skins surface causing a big mat of fur. She licks it and opens it up. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow as I remember this same thing happening before and as I said, I thought it was an injury. She now acts fine but has this wound.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Cheryl (El Mirage, Az.) on 12/08/2011

My dog last year was due for his 3 year shot and because I was a month and 1/2 late the vet said you will have to come back in a year on time and get it again. So I did like she said to days after the rabies shot he got bloody lumps around his eyes and lumps and discoloration on his nose. It won't go away they gave him steroids but when he goes off of them it returns. They said we think he has isomatic demiphaphy. One doc at petsmart banif White says it probably from the shot the other Elliot is say we dont' know that and wanted me to take a 300 dollar test, and writes on the paper I denied the test. They know darn well it's just what they said. I'm angry. I took in a beautiful healthy, expensive, my baby Italian Greyhound who now will have to see the vet every month and it will be costly for me, and he doesn't feel good. I want to know who's responsible. The rabies shot was a pfizer. I want their phone number to let them know. I want to know if I can file a case against them and make them pay my dogs bills.

Parvo Vaccine
Posted by Debbie (Merced, Ca) on 12/07/2011
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I just recently changed the brand of puppy shots that I used, at the advice of a representative from Revival Animal Health, where I have ordered all my vaccines for the past 11 years. The vaccines were on sale, so she advised they were very good and would save me some money. I vaccinated 8 puppies with the new Solo Jec 5 Plus, manufactured by Boehringer-Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. , all of which developed parvo and died. Then it spread to 7 more puppies that were too young to vaccinate, and I lost them as well. My vet tested with the Idexx Snap Parvo test and it was positive for parvo. I had other puppies that were vaccinated with another vaccine, that are fine and did not develop parvo, so I know it was this particular vaccine. The company that I ordered from (Revival Animal Health) denies having any knowledge of this particular vaccine causing problems for anyone else, and were just plain nasty to me when I called them for a refund after they received the remaining product back. I don't know if we're supposed to use name brands or company names on a site like this, but I certainly don't want anyone else to have to go through the nightmare that I have been through for the last three weeks doctoring sick puppies. I have probably lost over $15,000 in puppies and veterinary care alone. I have kept 4 of the vaccines, so if there is anyone out there that knows where I can get these tested, to prove that they are what caused the parvo, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Peter (Gympie, Australia) on 12/05/2011

Dear people,

I understand and share your sadness and grief. I have a lifetime of experience with animals, and in that time I have seen the 'all creatures great and small' mentality generally turn to today's 'greed is good'.

There are good vets , but even they are mainly taught and trained by OLD professors, and OLD textbooks. Current up to date information comes mainly from pharmacuetical/products/feed reps.

And it is all about money these days I'm afraid.

I am not anti-vaccination, but one should be aware of the dangers and facts. They are mainly 2:

1.Transportation and storage. Vaccines should be kept at 2-8 degrees. Are they?Of course not with the human elements involved in transport and inferior storage and emergency capability(power outages-alarms etc. ). BUT no one knows, unless vaccines have a VVM (vaccine vial monitor)which costs a couple of cents. But if these were used, who would then pay for the spoiled vaccines?Vaccines which cost a few dollars?

2.Vaccines contain an adjuvant (preservative). This contains heavy metals-mainly mercury or aluminium. Small wonder then that one of the side effects is epilepsy-amongst other things,

Study this up-don't take my word for it, but why anyone takes their vet's word as gospel, and vaccinates when not necessary as research facts presented by Dr Ronald Schultz many years ago is beyond me.


Combination Vaccines
Posted by Kay (Dudley, West Midlands, Uk) on 12/01/2011
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Please help I feel like crying, my puppy west highland terrier had her first vaccination 2-3 weeks ago. She has been well since my husband took her back to our vets. He gave her a injection and some antibiotics. She seemed to pick up for a few days but went downhill again so my husband took her back to the vets. Again the vet gave her 2 more injections and some more antibots. She's still weak, off her food and water, not moving about much and sleeping a lot. She also keeps getting a temp, I keep giving her water into her mouth and she keeps turning her head away. I'm so worried she is going to die, we are taking her back to vets today. I'm sure it's down to this vaccination. She was fine untill she had it, Can you help please? thank you, Kay

Distemper (Dogs)
Posted by Linda (Medina, Ohio) on 11/19/2011
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My dog died recently. We had to put her to sleep. I know it had to be from the distemper shot. I am going to say something to the vet this week. I would like the name of the company that the vaccine came from. I want to contact them. Dogs and cats are being vaccinated too much. I am going to pursue this so my little dog did not die in vain. I think you should do the same. We have to do something. These companies and the vets are making loads of money and putting our precious pets in jeopardy.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Babs1444 (Spring Hill, Fl, United States) on 11/19/2011
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All 3 of my puppies threw up 5 hours after getting their first shots today. I don't know if it was the shot or the 1 hour car ride each way but it was 5 hours later so I think it was the shot. Is it normal for this to happen? thanks

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Oespo (West Hartford, Ct) on 11/19/2011
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I recently purchased a new purebred standard poodle, at about 4 weeks I reluctantly took him to the vet for his shots, they gave him over a period of 4 weeks 3 different vacinations. My dog soon after experienced a severe rash under his armpits and groin area. I called the vets office and they would not take blame for this being the vacinations they gave him. I will no longer have my dogs vaccinated (only required shots) ever again. My dog is on the BARF diet and will continue on this for the rest of his now healthy life. He is now 6 months old.

Posted by Lu (Billericay, England) on 11/14/2011
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Four Chihuahua puppies were taken at age 9 weeks for vaccination no 1 and a large lump developed on their shoulders which soon subsided. Six days after the vaccine one puppy seemed slow and under the weather and the the following morning was found semi conscious in her bed. We could not bring her round, her little body arched in a seizure. We gave honey and kept her hydrated. We rang our homeopath and we tried several remedies and she showed some improvement and then one more remedy and she came round after 4 hours on and off and was walking about. The following day she had another seizure in the morning and we knew which remedy helped and she came round in 30 mins. A week later she had another and the same pill brought her round in minutes. It is now about 10 days since the last episode. We feel the vaccination combined with mum's milk drying up may have been responsible. After the first episode she had lost her appetite and needed lots of care. She is full of life and eating well again. We will not go for the next vaccination in case she is too small and too young.

Distemper (Dogs)
Posted by Linda (Medina, Ohio) on 11/13/2011
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My 11 1/2 year old springer spaniel, Abby, had a distemper shot on Oct. 13, 2011 and we had to put her to sleep on Nov. 1. I think it is from the shot. We took her and my other dog, an irish setter named Butch, to the vet for their shots. Also, my irish setter had enlarged lymph nodes. At the vet he didn't get the shot but had other tests. She had a slight limp from jumping off our deck. But 12 days after the shot her limp go really bad and her face got droopy. We took her back to vet and she said her shoulder showed atrophy and she had bell's palsy. She gave us something for the shoulder and gel for her eye on the bell's palsy side. That was a friday. Over the weekend she got worse. On Monday she couldn't walk. Her back legs gave out. We took her back to vet and they kept her overnight. The next day she couldn't move from the neck down. They had given her steroids. She had to be put to sleep. It was heartbreaking. I love her and miss her so much. She did have some arthritis issues but no like that. The other dog that was diagnosed with lymphoma is still around taking medication. I think this all was from the distemper shot.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Maria (Gyeongju, South Korea) on 11/11/2011

My two cats - boy, 9, and girl, 8 - were vaccinated against rabies, and got the FVRCP vaccination and were Frontlined, all at the same time, to get them ready for a move overseas. Then I used Advocate on them a week later, as per the vet's recommendation. Nine days later, the female cat moves occasionally and is still eating, but is much quieter than she was. The male cat is not eating, has lapped up a small amount of water on two occasions, and been put on a glucose drip. He went from being a very active cat to just sleeping all day. The vet has done blood tests and they show nothing abnormal.

To 05/19/2011: Ellen from Eaton, Ohio/usa - how is your cat doing? Did she recover? Did changing to a different brand of food help? (I got cat treats for my cats - something different - the female ate all hers, I ended up putting one treat in the male's mouth, and he just spat it out. Still refuses to drink water or eat anything.)

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Linda (Toronto , Ontario, Canada) on 11/08/2011

See a homeopathic vet right away!!! Thuja is supposed to help with reactions to vaccines. I'm sure they have more helpful remedies. Also one that knows animal acupuncture. Good luck!!!!

Distemper (Dogs)
Posted by Danni (Ambler, Pa) on 11/07/2011

I took my 2 year old perfectly healthy pomeranian in for a routine vaccination this past saturday. 3 hours after he recieved his distemper vaccine his left leg went lame. I brough him to the ER, they gave him benadryl and steroids and kept him for a few hours, I called to check on him and was told his right leg went lame as well. He now is paralyzed from the waist down and cannot control his legs or bladder. I moved him from one ER to the next to try to get some answers--no one believed me that it was from the vaccine.

They insisted that he must have a disc or spinal cord injury. They did a CT scan and an MRI--no disc problem was present. They found that his spinal cord was dying off rapidly. They are monitoring him now hoping that it will not travel up his spinal cord. They want to do a spinal sugery but I will not let them because I know in my heart my dog was not injured. It has to be a side effect of either the vaccine or the needle. Does anyone have any insight?? I am truly devastated. I have already spent $6k and no results. I will try anything for him. Please pray for my little Carlos and send any helpful information my way!!!