Vaccination Side Effects in Pets

Parvo Vaccine
Posted by Beth (South Lyon, Michigan, United States) on 05/08/2012
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I had a 6th month old Samoyed puppy receive a Parvo Vaccine and came down with the disease. It was a 50/50 chance for about 4 or 5 days that she could have died from it. She did end up ok, but after that I have not been too eager for vaccines with any of my animals. At this time I get only what is required by law for my dog, and do not keep going in every year for a booster rabbies. I also limit the vaccinations with my horse. Lately since Michigan has had a number of West Nile cases, I have vaccinated for that this spring. But I always check into what vets recommend and what I feel is necessary.

Advice for Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Ritata (Price, Ut) on 05/01/2012
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My Chorkie had a horrible reaction to his Rabies/portadello...almost lost him! Living 5 miles from the vet I was just blocks from our home when max started FLIPPING all over the floor of the car. My first reaction was that his harness was pinching him. I pulled over, removed the harness, and at that time he started struggling with his breathing... His tongue was hanging out and he just went limp. I ran into the house (carrying this little 6 lb. Dog who is having a hard time breathing) called the vet and they told me to get him back out there quickly! Now his face is swelling and he is really gasping for air as we get back to the vets. They gave him a pill because they were afraid to give him another shot! I've never gone back for is booster.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Sharon (Prosperity, Pa) on 04/30/2012
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I got my kitten vaccinated yesterday for rabies, leukemia, & feline distemper. She is just laying around today & cries when I touch her. She is 6 months & about 4 pounds. What can I do for her?

Lepto Vaccine
Posted by Kerri (Dracut, Ma, Usa) on 04/25/2012
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I am writing to you after reading an article on The Problem with the Leptospirosis Vaccine.

I am the proud mom of 2 beautiful Pomeranians. Recently, my 3 year old boy had his annual exam and vaccinations including the lepto vaccine. At the time of the visit, the doctor noticed a small lesion on his lip. Within 2 weeks it had gotten much bigger and they decided to do a punch biopsy. The results of the biopsy came back, as quoted by the doctor, "strongly suggests" discoid lupus. They started treatment on him with 2 prednisone pills a day.

About a week after treatment, we noticed another "sore" behind his nose on his muzzle. In addition he wasn't acting like himself. Tucker is a very active, large (20 lb) Pomeranian. His personality would make anyone fall in love with him! Literally! He was/is sleeping under the kitchen table, not sleeping in bed with us, crying/whining when you picked him up. Just not normal behavior for such a vibrant, young dog.

I made yet, another appointment. At that appointment, the doctor took blood work and noticed his white blood cell count and liver counts were through the roof! We were sent to an emergency animal hospital at that moment. Tucker was admitted and an ultra-sound showed an enlarged, bright liver which prompted an overnight stay w/intravenous fluids and drugs and preparation for a liver biopsy (needle). His diagnosis was leptospirosis.

Tucker came home the next day with prescription dog food (bland, mild), 5 prescriptions-Denosyl, reglan, clavomax, pepcid and prednisone. He was on the Clavomax for about 5 days when they switched him to doxycycline. He has been on the doxycycline for about 2 weeks and they lowered his prednisone to once a day and the denosyl once a day. He seemed to have gotten a little better but I am seeing the original symptoms mentioned earlier in this email reappear. He has a follow-up appointment next week to test his blood work next week.

Here are my concerns:

Can the lepto vaccine cause the virus?

Can the lupus be caused by the virus?

Will he test negative because he is on antibiotics for lepto?

Could it be something entirely different and is he being treated incorrectly?

I know you cannot conclusively answer these questions but I am so worried and he is so young. I don't know which way to turn and the money we have spent (don't get me wrong, we love him like our son) is astronomical and the bank has run dry. I am just looking for some information and a direction to go in for a proper diagnosis. Any insight you can give us would be much appreciated.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Alene (Douglasville, Ga) on 04/16/2012
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We have an 80 lb doberman who threw up and was very lethargic after vaccination. She had occasional shivers. I will update if it lessens or worsens.

Lepto Vaccine
Posted by Judy (Concord, Ca) on 04/12/2012
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My 7 year old Rat Terrier had to be rushed to the emergency room a few hours after she got a lepto vaccine. Two days and two thousand dollars later they said they didn't know what caused her to be in so much pain (she has colitis and I believe the shot exacerbated it. ) They also wouldn't admit it could have been the vaccine. She recovered and is fine but I don't take her to get shots anymore.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Connie (Tucson, Arizona) on 03/30/2012
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My 10 year old cockapoo received his parvo/distemper vaccine yesterday. This morning he did not want his breakfast, then started eating grass, then threw up, is running about 1 degree fever and very tired. I told my vet that 3 years ago with this vaccine he felt bad afterwards, but he had to go through this again. This is his last vaccine.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Richard (Beaumont, Ca /usa) on 03/25/2012
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I HAD a 7 year old English bulldog. She WAS very healthy and active. She was very active the day she had her 3 year DHPPC booster. She seemed a little sluggish that night. The vet instructions said she would experience some lethargy and lack of appetite. The following morning she was very sluggish. She ended up dying in my wife's arms before 8am. Beware what is being injected into your loved ones. I will never have a my dogs vaccinated again. Your pets rely on your judgement for their health.

Posted by Janet (Raymond Nh, Nh) on 03/17/2012

Sunshine from Florida, You are so right about not vaccinating. I lost 3 goldens within the last 3 years due to all these horrible vaccinations that vets are pushing. The sad part is that I found out to late and lost them. All developed some form of cancer. I really want justice for all the heart ache I went through. Not to say all my hard earned money spent on there greed.

The sad part is that so many people don't know what going on. You probabley heard of the Rabies Challenge Fund. If not get on any read. Very interesting. Frontline and Advantage is a pesticide which causes cancer. People don't realize that too!

I think we need to do more to make people aware of whats going on. Any ideas?


Raymond NH

Posted by Marianne (Berlin, Germany) on 03/12/2012

Hallo, Sunshine: What a comment! I just want to congratulate you to your intelligence and common sense. You speak right out of my heart. By the way, the same goes for humans, especially babies, too. Keep on spreading the message.

All the best, Marianne

Posted by Sunshine (Coral Springs, Florida) on 03/11/2012

Use your head people, if you put poison in your dogs system, they will undoubtly have horrible adverse reactions, DO NOT VACCINATE, DO NOT SUPPORT THE CONVENTIONAL VETS, FEED YOUR ANIMALS A RAW FOOD DIET, Take them off all medications, find yourself a holistic vet, give your pet natural supplements, and I promise you, you will have nothing but healthy vibrant animals.

Advice for Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by John (South Of Perth, West Australia) on 03/11/2012

Elizabeth of Adelaide. A 2009 post, thanks for the well written information.

My Bonny had to be put down today after a long battle against adverse vaccination reactions.. The vet cost me a fortune and arrogantly denied that the vaccine was at fault.. He never gave us the steroids that should have been tried right at the onset.. Months later they were obtained from a second vet and worked well immediately...

But by then we had spent thousands on tests and operations which achieved nothing and wasted precious time.. The delay in proper diagnosis and treatment meant that damage was done to her organs. She nearly died a number of times.. Gastro problems were the dominant symptom. She suddenly went downhill this week to the point of no return.

Details perhaps not necessary, but at the end of the day, I have been robbed of my bestest friend ever who was a 24/7 asset to me in many ways and the greatest ambassador for dogs and responsible ownership that you could wish for.. So the loss extends well beyond just me.

This vet (Phil. B. ), sends reminders of reminders, for pet owners to promptly get their "annual" vaccination.. Theres a list of complaints I have against him.. From day one I insisted that the sickness began precisely at the time following vaccination, with the first sign a lump at the needle site.

This expensive and gruelling saga which spanned 8 months until eventual death, has to this day not been reported to anyone by the vet.. It will be up to me if I can find the form and where to lodge it..

Obviously this money-hungry vet has made a lot more money from my dog dying than he would have otherwise. Bonny was an amazing dog who was treated as royalty and given as much fun and freedom as possible.

She endured so much duress and sickness following the killed vaccine reaction. I diagnosed it immediately and confirmed it through researching on the internet. The vet blamed "cancer" but the symptoms did not match and no cancer was ever found. In the end he said it was either my fault or my dogs fault!! Prior to the Companion C5 needle Bonny was 100% perfect.

This to me is just not good enough. I only wish I had been forewarned about the dangers of over-vaccinating etc.. I only did what I thought was the best thing to protect my dog. It has now turned out that my good intentions, and trust in vets, . has been severely betrayed in a most damaging way.

Bonny was an amazing and innocent much-loved pet and friend.. For her to suffer such a cruel fate is tragic.. Five and a half years old and now dead.

She was highly trained and of an irreplaceable breed.

Anyway Elizabeth, considering you were making such great efforts in 2009, it is very disappointing that there are still the same problems existing in 2012.. For me its probably the last effort at raising a great dog.. After all the investment of time, love, and money, its a traumatic , expensive end.

I will be spreading the message as far and wide as I can..

Do NOT vaccinate beyond the puppy stage without a seriously good reason.

Do NOT automatically trust any vet as if they love animals, because some of them love the money more, while some of them are also incompetent to the point of malpractice or worse.

Its a pity, since dogs are a valuable thread to the healthy social fabric.. We benefit in immeasurable ways from well kept pets. But we also suffer with their loss. Meanwhile the pharmaceutical companies make their money and then some more when dogs get sick. The dogs can't talk so they make easy targets. 8 months after that dreadful needle my dear Bonny is dead, and buried tomorrow.

Avoiding Vaccines
Posted by Marianne (Berlin, Germany) on 03/09/2012

Hi, Johnny: Globuli is just a form of medicine in which homeopathic remedies are sold. You can get 3 forms: Tablets, globuli (which are very very small little balls) and liquid. I prefer the globuli but you can also just as well take tablets whatever your druggist lady has available. 5 globuli is the equivilant to 1 tablet. Some dogs don't take them, then you can dilute them in water or even put them in a little meatball. Maybe you can get yourself a book on homoeopathy for animals (I only know German ones but I am sure they have them in English). You can really do so much yourself without going to a vet. So just check into this subject on the internet. There is a wealth of information.

Glad that I could help you, good luck and take care.


Posted by Marianne (Berlin, Germany) on 03/08/2012

Here is one advice that I find in many books written by homoeopathic doctors for avoiding damages of vaccinations (better would be to not vaccinate at all): Give your dog 5 globuli of Thuja D30 (or C30 whatever your druggist has) 1 hour before and after vaccination. Maybe you can even find a homoeopathic vet in your area. You should also ask your vet on 3 yearly rabies shots because they are available. Go to Dr. Mercolas website. I remember he had an interview with a Dr. Schulz who is a pretty well-known American vet and says that all mandatory shots will last a lifetime. But the only good shots are the ones not given.

Good luck, Marianne

Coconut Oil
Posted by Johnny (Cole Camp, Missouri, United States) on 03/07/2012

My girl is a 4 & 1/2yr old white german shepherd. She's had one puppy shot before I got her, and 3 rabies vaccinations because of City Ordinence, next one will be forced on us in April. For the last year and a half I've been giving her, 1Tbsp ACV, 1Tbsp Lemon Juice, and 1 Small Clove of Garlic, (cut into small slivers) mixed with 1 Cup of Beef or Chicken Broth, per day, 5 days out of 7. Her dog food is not top of the line, but rates 4 out of 5 stars on several trusted sites. She's a very Healthy Happy Girl, but I am very concerned about over vaccination issues. I've also read that adding a good organic Coconut Oil to her diet would also help pull the toxins of the shot out of her, and I figure it wouldn't hurt to make that a regular part of her diet any way. BTW I take the same mixture, minus the dog food of course. (LOL) Anyway any feedback on how to lessen the effects of the vaccine would be appreciated.

My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a beloved pet to Corporate Greed. My last white GSD died at 1&1/2 yrs from uncontrollable seizures. I believed the lie and thought I was protecting her from all those horrible health problems. Before that my once in a lifetime greatest dog ever, black & tan GSD died at 10yrs of throat cancer. Thank You in advance for any feedback.

Johnny & Hope in Missouri

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Debbie (Tonganoxie, Ks) on 03/06/2012

My healthy 11 year old Yorkie who I have had since he was three months old had his shots on Sep 14, 2011. He had a five-way Distemper, Kennel Cough and a Rabies shot. Heaven knows I wish I had read the new protocols before I allowed that all in one day. Three weeks later he was rolling on the floor, would not stay in one place for more than 5 seconds, seemed to be itching everywhere and was crying he has never cried. It made me cry.

I took him to vet and he asked what "I" had changed. Nothing. He gave him antihisimine and later that day another shot. He also was getting hard crustiness in his ears. And was having some eye troubles and he kept giving him drops which never helped. Two weeks later he gave him Prednisone because itching was still present. We went to vet 5 times in three months and I felt were just treating symptoms that kept coming back so I decided to take him to the Specialty and Emergency Vet. Dog also had a bad cough, like gagging. They found some fluid between his trachea and his lungs which should not be there. It ended up being lympacytes but not cancer. Along with having the crustiness around his eyes and in his ears, I discovered it also on the front and back hocks and between the pads of his feet. They did lung aspirations and found he had lung inflammation and they took samples from his hocks and pads while he was under anesthesia. They said he had immunosuppression and vasculitis.

Now I have read this is consistent with vaccine reactions but can I get a yes from anyone on this NO. Can I get some type of reason why a normal, happy, fun dog who is an indoor dog, has never been in a kennel or around other dogs and has a groomed fenced area to go to the bathroom, would or could get what he as NO. He has had numerous blood tests, ultra sounds, x rays, echocardigram you name it we are up to $3,500 now and there way we will give up on him unless he is in pain. He was on a high dose of Pred and now a lower dose, also on Pepcid (stomach), Tums (low calcium), Pentoxifylline and Doxcycline Hyclate and now has a Holistic vet and using some herbs.

A non medical person has only their common sense to use and ask yourself what is different than when he was well and the only thing we can come up with is vaccinations. Why would anyone give a dog all those shots in one day especially one that weighed 8.5 lbs. (who by the way went down to 6.5 during this).

My dog is my life and now I'm not sure if he will make it I even asked that question directly to the vet and got no response. Why am I and all the other people here and those who don't even know where to go for help have to put up with this. I thought they took an oath- FIRST DO NO HARM. My dog has lethargy, an eye infection, vasculitis on ears, all four pads, all four hocks, does not play, does not look happy, sits and stares, sleeps 23 hours out of 24, doesn't walk much, waits to be picked up sits in my lap a lot. I wonder am I tortuing him? Will he get well, I do not know, will he have lifelong lasting effects if he does live? You do not have to ask me if I will vaccinate any other dog without titer tests and certainly none in the same month as the other ones!!! What happened to being responsible? Are a good percentage of the vets related to the lady who spilled her McDonald's coffee on herself??? I am beside myself and am more frustrated than I have been in my whole life- it seems everyone is against you when you want to find answers and help your dog and others from this horrible situation. Everyone is afraid to say yes it is this and yes it was caused by this. Gee are they the experts- after all the tests and money, no one can really tell me anything helpful. But they will say he is never to have any more vaccinations, including rabies. I just don't wany any other dogs or their families to go through this.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Deborah (Chino Valley, Az) on 02/26/2012

Hi Sherry, So sorry to hear about your pup. Please read this link from the Earthclinic site. You will see you are far from being alone in this.

Thank you Earthclinic for simply gathering this heartbreaking but critical information and feedback, and for helping us see for ourselves the dangers inherent to our beloved pets from vaccines.

May the absolute madness of this 'standard practice' someday be made clear as day and bring it to a providential end. With each heartbreaking story I know we come closer to that day, but always at too high a price.

Prayers to your pup, Sherry ~

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Sherry (Calhoun, Ga) on 02/26/2012
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My dog got her vaccines and in just a few hours she was lethargic, not eating or drinking, breathing rapid and labored, the next day she is moving some eating very little, I have to bring it to her, will not drink, walking some but is still laying around just about all the time. Looks like she feels bad.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Marianne (Berlin, Germany) on 02/23/2012

Dear Patricia, I do not know how often I have answered on this blog to people that had bad experiences with animal vaccinations. Many of them weren't even published so I don't know if the addressees even got it. I never got any answer (except once just recently) so I have no idea if this is all to no avail. Still, I keep hoping that people start waking up and research vaccination critique before they have themselves, their children and their animals vaccinated.

This madness will not be stopped by people who are making their living with vaccinating unsuspecting creatures. It has to be you who has to stop believing in their bullshit - before it is too late.



Combination Vaccines
Posted by Patricia (Durham, Nc) on 02/22/2012
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I rescue English Pointers and one of my fosters became incontinent immediately (day after) her spay and vaccinations. I've had 2 vets test her for a UTI and she is fine; I tried PROIN (no effect whatsoever) because I had a female English Springer Spaniel who (unfortunately) took PROIN after being spayed for all of her 12 years. Anyway, Eve the Pointer was absolutely fine before the spay and vaccinations, no accidents at all for the several weeks I had her after I pulled her from the shelter.

After the spay and rabies and distemper-parvo vaccinations, she is very incontinent. This will affect her being adopted, I am quite sure, and I already have 6 permanent dogs. She is a lovely Pointer, young, with a great temperament, and I feel terrible that whatever happened to her happened. This is a vet that has spayed countless rescued dogs and my own and I've never had a complication before now.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Hotbutterflychic (Paw Paw, Mi Usa) on 02/19/2012
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My beloved dog Rocky is a pit bull terrier and just the sweetest most loving guy in the world. I gave him the seven in one shot. Well that night he had effects a fever and some hassled breathing. To a greater extent than I had earlier realized. It's been about three weeks now and he still isn't right. He has his good days and his bad. He gets a fever a couple nights a week, all around the end of his muzzle and around the edge of his mouth gets bright red, and He gets puny doesn't want to eat and sometimews even throws up. He was perfectly healthy and happy before "I" gave hom the shot. I feel terrible and I am now afraid to get the rabies vacine.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Meagan (Camano Island, Wa) on 02/13/2012
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The day after my 4 month old Pitbull received his shots he has just been out of it. Sleeping all day, not eating and off balance and it's going on the third day now...

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Marianne (Berlin, Germany) on 01/27/2012

Dear Renee: First of all let me tell you that, of course, it is a reaction to the vaccine. If you know what is in it you would not even be surprised. So, please, read the following website: This should only be a start but do yourself and especially your pet a favour and research the dark side of vaccinations. By the way, that goes also for humans. Orthodox medicine cannot do a damn thing once the damage is done, but then they don't even recognize and admit that it is a vaccine damage. So you cannot expect any help from this side, as a matter of fact, most of the time they make matters worse. Look for a homoeopathic practitioner in your area who are able to help you and you hardly need a vet anymore. By the way, I am just going through the latest postings and this is already my forth letter to people that have a vaccine damaged pet all in the last 2 weeks. About time people start waking up.

Good luck.

Good luck.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Usa) on 01/16/2012 2073 posts

Renee, I would give Bentonite clay mixed in water. If she won't drink, give by dropper or syringe to help clear any contaminants from the Vaccine. Sometimes the Vaccine can become outdated and could produce an infection, in which case a few drops H2O2 in her water bowl.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Renee G. (Lafayette, Louisiana) on 01/15/2012
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I have a 2 1/2 year old female Bichon Frise. She had her yearly vaccinations yesterday, About 8 hours after the injections she gets a reaction of severe itching & diarrhea. She can't sit still at all. I have told my vet this before and they did not seem concerned at all. But she woke me at 2:00 am this morning and has not been able to sit still and I do not know how to help her. What can we do to calm her?

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