Vaccination Side Effects in Pets

Posted by Barbara (Alabama) on 01/08/2016
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6 months ago at a wellness check my vet said that my 8 year old MaltiTzu needed a Bordetella vaccine - Immediately after he started snorting and started reverse sneezing - Over the next few months he went back to the Vet and relayed the frequent snorting, sneezing and reverse sneezing - the Vet told us to administer Benedryl - the vet said that the Bordatella had nothing to do with the reverse sneezing and coughing -

Yesterday he became lethargic, stopped eating and had labored breathing - it was after hours and we took him to an emergency vet - his temp was 103 - the vet said that he walked fine - tail wagging and that the only thing she saw was that he was gassious - she told us to take him home and give him a gax-x - she said to followup with our vet in the morning - all night his breath was shallow and raspy - he did not sleep and I held him up to enable his breathing - this morning I was at my local vet at 6 am - the vet told us his temp was 106 - very low white count and that the xray showed fluid in his right lung - diagnosed with asperation pneumonia - we took him to a critical care hospital with an oxygen crate - they worked on him all day - they said that it could be bronchial pneumonia - his status deteriorated and he went into total organ failure - he passed this evening - I am convinced that the bordatella was the cause - all of my vets have denied even hearing of bad reactions from bordatella spray vaccine - something needs to be done

EC: We are so very sorry for your loss.

Distemper (Dogs)
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 12/30/2015

Sofia (Chicago Il) ---

In my book on homeopathic medicine for pets, Dr. Don Hamilton DVM, relates that since the high use of rabies shots, aggression is the result and it is also the most injurious injection of all of them. He says that multiple problems arise from vaccinations per se. It is a shame to torture our pets for what is obviously 'business".

So Sorry Namaste, Om

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Terific1 (Nevada) on 12/30/2015

I recently took my 2 dogs, an Austrailian Shepard 2 years old 55 pounds and my Little Terrier Mix 15 years old 10 pounds to the Vet for their annual check-up and vaccinations. The Dr. gave them their vaccinations and a Perfect bill of health, which always makes me happy.

That day I kept my eye on them and they both seemed unbothered by the vaccinations or visit. However, the next day I noticed my Little Terrier was sniffling. I didn't pay much attention because the house was a little cold however, the sniffles have not gone away and that was 2-12 months ago. Other than that she is happy, healthy, eating and drinking fine.

Has anyone else had or know of this reaction or what can be done?

Distemper (Dogs)
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 12/30/2015

Hello Sofia,

Two thoughts come to mind when I read your post: homeopathic [pill form] thuja occidentalis may help with to detox from the vaccinations. You might also consider adding bentonite clay or activated charcoal to your dog's chow for 2-3 weeks for internal cleansing as well.

And about your shepherd's aggression; the distemper vaccine is not known for having that side effect - rabies, yes, but not distemper. It makes me think something else is up, such as hypothyroid. There is a link between low thyroid and aggression/compromised mental state, so my advice to you would be to have a thyroid panel run on your shepherd to see if the thyroid is functioning normally.

Distemper (Dogs)
Posted by Sofia (Chicago, Il) on 12/28/2015
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I'm a Pet Rescuer and over the years I have witnessed my own dog have reaction to rabies shot:developed lump on right side and aggression, called to report it but told me that the days from shot was over the course to report. Next, a lost german shepherd was lost;took her in got her spayed and received the distemper shot;her behavior changed to becoming aggressive and now I'm having problems handling her. Before the distemper shot, she knew basic commands and had no problem handling her at all. I don't know what happened to her and why such aggression.

Posted by Shanna (Winter Park, Florida ) on 12/04/2015
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I will never give my handsome boy/ any pet a shot the rest of my life! My min pin got them today and he almost died. He is a healthy 5 year old! Thank goodness I have a dear friend that is the best vet in the world! She saved his life! This reaction took place 5 minutes after the shot! Never put that posion in your animals! Please take caution!

Posted by Katrina (Canada ) on 11/06/2015

Pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of people, animals and children. These are billion dollar companies. I dont believe in doctors or vets when it comes to vaccines. I have refused to do this at the vet when they were telling me to vaccinate or dog can't be groomed. I ignored them and went to a groomer in town. Be careful with your pets and not just pets people and kids are being over vaccinated!! Please learn from this!!

Posted by Jody P. (Ct.) on 10/16/2015
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My 10 year old beagle Annie had her bordetella vaccine on 9/6/15. The next day she became gravely ill. She seemed to be in severe pain and would flinch when you tried to touch her, especially around the head. I rushed her to our vet and spent 2 days in the hospital. She was sent home with prednisone and antibiotics. She seemed to slowly be getting better until 3 weeks later when Annie developed a severe eye infection. Our vet referred us to a pet eyecare specialist and he concluded it was caused by nerve damage on the left side of her head. Annie was happy and healthy prior to the vaccine.

(HERE IS THE KICKER) our vet contacted the manufacturer or the vaccine and they replied that they have never heard of any problems with the vaccine. Then our vet said they are going to send us a check for 1,300.00 dollars.and they did. Something is very rotten in Denmark. Something must be done about this.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Victoria (Missouri) on 09/30/2015

When I got my male kitten, Roscoe neutered at about 4 to 5 months of age, the vet suggested we get his vaccinations at the same time as the neutering. We followed his recommendation and the kitten seemed fine the first day... but then he became weak and lethargic. He would not eat or drink. By the 3rd day I started force feeding him baby food (chicken) diluted with water through a syringe several times a day. By the 6th day he was starting to eat on his own. He is now just over 2 years old and quite healthy.

I've since read that vaccinations given along with surgery and anesthesia is too much for a young animal's system. Please have your animal vaccinated first, then wait a month or so and return for the neutering... Don't do it all at once no matter what your veterinarian is recommending.

While on the subject of neutering.. my now 8 year old male cat, Buddy was neutered at about 3 months and he then developed a problem getting crystals or stones (likely because his urethra was not matured) and is now on a more expensive 'urinary tract' cat food. I recommend waiting until the male kitten is about 5 months old, female kittens can be spayed earlier. My cat is fine as long as he gets the special canned and dry foods. Two times he had the blocked urethra problem (which can be deadly within a short time).. the first time I took him to the vet.. very costly. The next time it happened I gave him a Apple Cider Vinegar and water mix with a syringe several times a day until I saw results. You do not need a lot of ACV (maybe 1/3rd of the small syringe full, fill the rest with plain water) Within less than 12 hours he was urinating fully, he was back to normal within 2 days.

I'm not a doctor or a vet, this is just my own personal experience. Please do your research.

Read more about ACV at the "Natural Cystitis Remedies for Cats" page here at Earthclinic.

Distemper (Dogs)
Posted by Ellaina (7441 Granville) on 08/19/2015

I know how you feel. My Maltese recently got his 3rd vaccination and when we got home he started lumping around and just lying on the floor. A few days later the hair around the injection spot to fall of and he started to not eat his food. A few weeks later everything returned to normal and the hair started growing back. Do not worry. Most dogs or puppies may feel this way. If you dog gets any worse make sure to call the vet.:)

Posted by Reyna (Chicago) on 07/24/2015
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Last wed my dog got her annual bordetella vaccine. Vet tried to do it orally up nose, but she refused most of it and then got really aggressive after showing teeth which we have never ever seen her do. He ended up doing it through shot. 2 days later she began coughing up phlem and 3 days later it turned into green stomach bile. and 4 days later she had 105.6 fever and we had to rush her to er vet. She had 3 visits of intravenous fluids to keep her from passing and we luckily switched up enough treats that were easy for her to eat despite the poor thing hacking to keep her food. After much medication and worry , a week later she is finally back to normal , but we are positive it was the bordetella that almost cost us to lose the love of our life!!

Posted by Lindy (Busselton) on 07/09/2015
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So interesting reading the ladies story on the lab x mastiff pup having the kennel cough vaccine and puppy becoming suddently aggressive . My pup is same breed and did exactly the same with my other dog since vaccination , and has continued to . before her vaccination she was lovely, kind.

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 07/01/2015

Hey Dale!

Did your vet check for Immune mediated hemolytic anemia? This is one documented vaccine side effect.

From the web:

"Immune mediated hemolytic anemia is a severe, life-threatening disease whereby theimmune system targets and destroys the red blood cells of the body, resulting in anemia, jaundice (yellow gums), pale gums, weakness and sometimes fever. Animals can be so severely anemic that they need blood transfusions to stay alive and some maydie as a result of anemia and lack of oxygen to tissues or as a result of blood clotsentering the lungs, brain or kidneys (ruptured red blood cell membranes float around causingclots to form). These animals are sometimes very sick and in need of special veterinary care and immune-suppressive medications in order to recover. Some willnot recover despite what we do.

When to worry:

Any dog with pale or yellow gums must be seen by a vet. These signs will often be accompanied by variable signs of lethargy (tiredness), low exercise tolerance, collapse, dark coloured urine (the urine is often deep yellow, red - the colour of port wine - or brown), heavy or rapid breathing and sometimes inappetence and fever."


Posted by Dale (Nj) on 06/30/2015
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Please help me... my perfectly healthy 6 year old Tibetan terrier had his bordetella shot in April and has not been the same. He has seen 2 vets, many tests, xrays, ultra sounds, blood, stool and all have come back negative.

He is anemic, lethargic, lost weight, and appetite. I did some research on this vaccine, and am frightened with what I am reading on the side effects.

Please guide me as to how I should approach this horrible situation.

Thank you in advance,


Combination Vaccines
Posted by Rob (Southern Usa) on 06/27/2015
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Hi Michele, so sorry you had vaccine problems. As an owner of toy dog breeds, I NEVER give them the Lepto vaccine. In many toy breeds such as Shih Tzu it can cause bad problems and even death. I know that many toy puppy health guarantees are void if the lepto vaccine is given.

Another thing concerning is really bad to get a rabies vaccine at the same time as the distemper combo. I wait at least 3 wks. between vaccines. This is not something all vets will tell you and to my knowledge the amount of lepto in a vaccine cannot be reduced. For more info about vaccination you can google Dr. Dodds vaccine recommendations.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Janene (Washington) on 06/17/2015
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Our 14 lb tabby cat got his vaccines yesterday and while he's normally very active, hungry, always purring & loving, today he won't eat, is tender in his hind end, lethargic and distant. They want him back for his booster next month but I'm thinking of skipping it. He let us know he wasn't happy about the shots by peeing in hubby's work bag :(

Posted by Jackie (Fl) on 06/13/2015


Two days ago I had my 10 yr old Pomeranian vaccinated with the bordetella shot. By evening he had swollen up like a tick and had a hard time walking...barely even being able to pick up his head. He was also sore to the touch for when I pet him he shook from pain.

Luckily, I had metacam (an anti inflammatory) as well as Valium (for pain). I consulted the vet for proper dosages and by morning he was back to normal size. He's still taking both medications daily and I'm hoping the swelling will stay clear after the third day of meds.

This was the only shot administered that day which is why I am so certain it was the bordetella. However, my female Pom got the same shot the same day and had no side affects. It's a case by case aware and take immediate precautions.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 06/12/2015

Hey Michele!

Sorry to hear about your boy experiencing side effects from vaccination.

Often the first 'go to' remedy for vaccination side effects is homeopathic Thuja Occidentalis. It is in the form of tiny sugar based pills; dose them directly into your dog's mouth and hold it shut for a few moments for them to dissolve- do NOT touch the pills as this can de-activate them.

If your boy is in good weight and not skin and bones, I would not sweat the lack of appetite too much. Offer him broth or home made doggy pedialyte for electrolytes and salts to keep him hydrated. If he does not want to drink then use a syringe and get **something** down him so he does not get dehydrated; do the fluids about half an hour AFTER the thuja to avoid de-activating the thuja. Dose the thuja every 2-4 hours to start, and monitor results. It it is the right remedy you will see some improvement in the first 6 hours or so. Again, do not push him to eat, but do offer him broth to keep the sugar, salts and electrolytes up.

Once he comes around it might be a good idea to offer him activated charcoal in some canned food, or bentonite clay - these will help draw the toxins from his body as they pass through. Additional support for his organs might be milk thistle.

If this were my dog next time I would consider only doing the legally required rabies vaccine and skip all the rest.

Good luck and please report back!

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Michele (Gutenberg, Iowa) on 06/11/2015
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Please help!! I just took our baby (a shitzu mix) yesterday to get his da2ppv booster, lepto, and rabies booster. I hate the lepto and skipped it last year but asked for a lower dose this year. Now I have a lethargic, unwilling to move on his own, dog. He yelps when you touch his body and can't walk on his back leg. Food is of no interest to him and we have to bring his water to him. I called my vet this am and the nurse said it's just like when a little infant gets shots...they get sore. Wth??? My dog doesn't MOVE, EAT, OR DRINK. And all he does is yawn and sleep! Sorry, but I tear up every time he looks at me :(

Posted by Mae (Nevada) on 05/02/2015
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Our 10 month old mutt had the vaccine nasal spray and he is wheezing and coughing and hacking.

Distemper (Cats)
Posted by Rich (Chapel Hill, Nc) on 04/25/2015
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I am writing this because our beloved one-year old, Reido, just died this morning, a week and a half after getting his distemper shot. We'd notice that he was much more lethargic than usual a couple of days after his shot, and not playing at all. His appetite was off, though he was eating some and drinking.

I called my vet. She said it was unusual for it to last more than a few days, so watch him and call her back.

Reido was simply been like an old man. Very slow to get up, very slow to lie down. He'd walk a few steps and then lie down again. No sounds. Just a sick cat, without any other visible sign other than his obviously low energy, low appetite.

I tried Bach Rescue Remedy, which seemed to work some to get him to look me in the eye. I comforted him, petted him. But otherwise, I hadn't even heard a purr from him in a week.

Last night, I saw him walk (ever so slowly and gingerly) over the toilet downstairs twice, each time to hang his head near the water and eventually lap some. Over the past week, he's vomited, albeit with little volume, twice or three times over the past week. Lethargic, legs under his body much of the time, unresponsive.

I can't really say he was acting at all like that before the vaccinations. And now that I research it just a bit, I find that he was acting like he had distemper.

Reido died this morning, around 7:30a. He crawled to spot close to where our beloved Sebastian died about 2 years ago, very quite, very warm.

It would be wonderful if these sorts of 'exceptions' were publicized -- if this is, indeed, one of those. At least to get the conversation going among vets. But given that there are seldom any official autopsies, they never rise beyond presumption, scientifically speaking. Honestly, there are LOTS of people telling the same kinds of stories, but not much in the official literature. Not surprising, but disheartening for those of us who want to make well informed decisions for ourselves and our animals.

Posted by Joyce (Va) on 04/15/2015


I'm so sorry for your loss!! I too have a Japanese Chin & just had her DHLPP & Bordatella done 4/12 & she's acting lethargic, not eating or drinking and walking like she has stiff joints. This started 3 days after her vaccine. She's 10 years old and I will never have her vaccinated unless its required by law.

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 04/10/2015

Heidi, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing so that others may benefit.

Posted by Heidi (Okc, OK) on 04/08/2015
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My 11 year old Japanese Chin who was perfectly healthy just died suddenly five days after being administered the Bordetella shot orally at the kennel where she was staying while I was out of town. When I picked her up after 4 days of being there, she was lethargic and very thirsty--I thought she was tired from all the barking. She started throwing up and having diareha with fresh blood in it. She died a few hours later, before I could get her to a vet. I will never leave my babies at a kennel again or get shots!

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 03/20/2015

Hi--- re sneezing. See the video on EC about hydrogen peroxide inhalation method. I use it for myself, my cats and dogs too. You can try first a 1% solution and then use 3% if you feel it is ok.

No problem, cheap and it works on animals too.

Namaste, Om

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 03/18/2015

Hey T!

I am sorry to hear about your JRT. The bordetaella [kennel cough] vaccine has been proven to not work AND your dog has been shedding live virus, potentially giving other dogs KC, for weeks now. The shedding of the live virus should end after 6-8 weeks, but since your girl still has symptoms of KC I would be careful about taking him out in public until she is well.

You might consider EC's hydrogen peroxide remedy for KC:

Good luck and thank you for sharing your story!

Posted by T. (Usa) on 03/18/2015

About two months ago I went to get my jack Russell shots and vet said she needed the bordetella. I had no idea that I could refuse. My pup is never around many dogs and we don't do the dog parks. Now she reverse sneezes and at night while trying to sleep she has mucus in her nose and it's hard for her to breathe. This was never an issue before the nasal bordetella. I'm very angry. And I am saddened to hear that she never really needed it to begin with!!!!

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc. Canada) on 06/09/2014

The post made me cry and I have to thank Theresa for her excellent reply. Thank you again, Theresa. It made me feel better even though it will sit with me for a while unfortunately. Namaste, Om

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 06/09/2014


I can't begin to tell you how upsetting your post is. I am sorry for your little JRT.

It is hard to answer your question about the vaccine causing a reaction observed in your dog two weeks after it was injected without knowing what it was that was injected. IMHO from what you posted - dreamy look/loss of bladder control - sounds like your dog may have had idiopathic epilepsy, which can appear at any age - but this is only my guess based on what you shared. And the vet told you true: many animals won't notice a poke in the leg or rump but take exception - terriers in particular - to having their scruff's grasped for any reason, much less a sharp poke.

It is unfortunate that you were not aware of the services being provided in time enough to accept or decline them. When you show up at the vet, you need to know *why* you are there so you can discuss your options. Vet and client should have a two way relationship and I can only urge everyone to not settle for the closest vet to you - but to go the distance for the vet you find you *can* trust.

I can assure you your dog died because you euthanized it. It may or may not have had what your last two may have had; this cannot be ascertained unless you do a necropsy/autopsy- however it sounds as if you really do not know why the last two died as you did not perform diagnostic tests. Since it's three dogs now for you feel that had the same issue, you should strongly consider environmental toxins in your home as a possible common factor in all this. Kudos for making the decision to not obtain another dog.

RIP little JRT

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Jean (Lincoln, England) on 06/09/2014
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I was trying to find an answer to a question when I came across this site and read how dogs don't need to be vaccinated every year after having them done as puppies. We were upset when our usual vet retired and another vet injected our little Jack Russell on his back above his hind leg. All the other vets we've used did it in the scruff, but she crept up behind our dog whilst my son was holding him and did it quick without us being able to stop her. My son asked what she was doing and she said they did it there sometimes when they didn't want to cause stress. Two weeks later, he seemed to act strangely, as if he were dreamy and then he began to lose control of his bladder. He was eight years old, but he was healthy before the vaccination. We took him to be checked out after the bank holiday and he was scanned around his bladder and had blood taken. Then we were given some tablets for infection, even though the vet said there wasn't any sign of infection. We were so afraid he would die suffering as two other dogs we'd had, we believed suffered with cancer, so we took him to be euthanized, which ended up being quite horrific as he cried and was fighting it. Now I'm wondering if it was the vaccination or the way that it was administered that actually caused our last little dog's death. We cannot bear to go through such heartbreak again, so we can't have another. I'm afraid the vets have broken our trust now.

Posted by Debby (Texas) on 04/24/2014

When my dachshund was 1 year old, she had 2 rattlesnake vaccines. She is 3.5 years old now. I never had any problems, side effects etc. she received her vaccine in Montana after 2 near misses with timber rattlers.

Advice for Vaccination Side Effects
Posted by Carolyn Guzzi (Tampa, Florida) on 04/19/2014
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My cat has a death sentence today because of a cancer caused by vaccinations called fibroscarcoma...i have had this cat when he was a kitten 1 month and had him for 9 years this month...he was limping and had a lump on his went a way but then it came back with a force. It was small and not it is as big as the palm of my hand...he cant walk he eats very little...and I am devastated by this mess...and somebody needs to be responsible for doing this to this cat...getting all these shots for nothing rabies/FIV/FLiv/ and kitten shots fine but not every single month even my new vet doctor said u dont need every year shots especially if he is a indooor cat...every 3 years most if any does he need any shots especially if he is an indoor cat...! The pet food is crap with all the dead animals in the food when these shelters kill animals...with all the additives that will kill these pets and addition heartworm medicine such as revelution medication for fleas/ticks/heartworm med...hum if you get heartworm they are done. There is no cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As well having the shots for your cat and heartworm medication revelutions together is a deadly for any animals dog/puppy or cat/ your homework, it is vital DO NOT GIVE SHOTS ALL AT ONCE TO YOUR PET DOG OR CAT...ONE AT A TIME IF THEY NEED IT...DOG & CATS ARE VERY DIFFERENT! Do your not rely on what they tell you; they are all in it for the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Distemper (Cats)
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/14/2013

Hey Therese!

I'm sorry to hear about your ill kitty; I'm even more sorry to hear about the reaction by your vet! This is a person who is supposed to be your team mate in your pet's health, and they are failing to take into consideration the first hand feedback from the team member who spends 100% of their time caring for and observing the pet! [Head:Desk]

It makes perfects sense to me that if one sibling had a bad reaction, that the second sibling might react the same way; its familial.

You might consider dosing both cats with homeopathic Thuja Occidentalis; also dosing some activated charcoal - mixed in with wet food am and pm for a week.

If these were my cats I would NOT vaccinate again, ever. Particularly since they are both indoor kitties.

I would also consider changing vets; the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association lists several holistic practitioners in your area. I find the website hard to use, so a few options if you are interested:

These vets may be able to help heal via nutrition some of the damage done. Please keep us posted on your cat's recovery!

Distemper (Cats)
Posted by Therese (Wadsworth, Ohio ) on 11/14/2013
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I took two of my cats (siblings) for their distemper shots about two weeks ago. One of them is currently at the vet for what I beleive is a reaction to the shot (high fever, no appetite, lethargy, nausea). Prior to this shot he was perfectly healthy. Just got off the phone with the vet and shes testing for kidney infection/failure because of his labwork. This is now my second cat that had the EXACT SAME THING happen. Three years ago I took my cat Buddy for his distemper shot and exactly two weeks later he was rushed to the vet with high fever, lethargy, no appetite. After a couple days on fluids he was fine and has been 100% healthy to this day. My vet is in Medina also. After Buddy's incident I spoke with the vet several times explaining that I beleived it to be a reaction the the distemper shot. She refused to believe it!! She finally said that if I felt so strongly we would not vaccinate Buddy again. Now I just called back and left a message for her that this appears to be another shot reaction just like Buddy's. We shall see what she says THIS time!! I'm wondering if these shots are worth the risk at this point since my cats are indoors.

Distemper (Cats)
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 10/16/2013

Hey Oleander!

I am sorry for your experience. Was this experience with a vet with whom you were familiar, or a newer partner? I certainly would have a frank talk with the owner if a partner treated you in this manner, or seek a new vet if this was the owner. Veterinarians are *generalists* and wise vets understand that breeders and rescuers are *specialists*, often with far more experience in a particular niche than their own. Of course they poked the lil' kiki in the leg and NOT the upper back - you are not mis-remembering this; that is the new protocol as a leg is easier to amputate should cancer develop at the site of vaccination [sad but true].

It may help to give this baby some homeopathic Thuja, along with probiotics and additional cleaners such as activated charcoal or milkthistle. Poor lil baby ki. Kudos for rescuing and fostering!

Distemper (Cats)
Posted by Oleander (South Carolina) on 10/15/2013
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We are fostering a mother cat and her 2 kittens. We have had this little family since they were less than a week old. The 2 kittens; one girl and one boy, have been totally healthy and fine. They are now 8 weeks old. We were told to get them their first "Distemper" vaccine at 4 weeks old, but since they had a mother and were not orphans, they could wait til 6 weeks. We had their shots done at 6.5 weeks, 11 days ago. Well. Within 3-4 days the little girl started limping on her front leg. I thought this was weird so I planned to call the vet in the morning. The next morning she was limping on her BACK leg. So I talk to the vet and they said this was a vaccine reaction and should clear up pretty fast, and that I could give her a few drops of baby benydryl. So I did that, and continued to watch her. She was eating fine, drinking normally, peeing and pooping normal with no signs of any other issues except her back, left leg.

So, last night, on day 10, I was doing the daily check of her leg to make sure it wasn't getting worse, and I notice it was really swollen at the upper joint, nearly the size of a golf ball!! So today I called the vet and they said to bring her in. I did, and when the vet saw her they said it looked like her back leg and front leg were broken! I said NO WAY and they did X-rays and of course, NOTHING was broken or fractured or injured at all. They said there was a lot of swelling in her back leg joint and a little in her front leg (right) lower joint. They said she had a slight temp. They first said maybe it was DISTEMPER?? I said NO, she has been only with her mother and brother, no where NEAR any other cats and none of them are sick. Plus she has been vaccinated. They do not believe me that it is a vaccination reaction. I said, but don't you give the vaccine in the rear left leg?? and they said No, it's given in the upper back. Which is NOT true. So now my little baby girl is being hospitalized at the vet on multiple antibiotics when I believe all she needs is something to counteract the reaction to the vaccine. What a mess. I have had many foster kittens, have done tons and tons of kitten vaccines and have never seen this happen. I also am pretty positive the shot was given in the left rear leg, not the upper back as they now are stating.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 10/06/2013

Erika, I am so very sorry for your loss of Peanut.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Erika (Plano, Tx) on 10/06/2013
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I took my healthy vibrant loving five-year-old Chihuahua named peanut in for his vaccinations yesterday morning and nine hours later he was dead I am devastated and I never want anyone else to go through the pain that I'm going through right now.

I am so angry that he was healthy and fine and after he got his shots he died all I was doing was trying to care for my animal.

Posted by Goldencat (Akron, Oh) on 10/02/2013

One correction/clarification: nosodes are homeopathic remedies. Like all such remedies, there is no pathogen present, the principle being used is "energetic medicine", not chemical pharmacy medicine. The energy signature of the item/substance is used as the therapeutic agent. The dilution of the source substance is infinitesimal, beyond pharmacologically active levels. The titration, or shaking of the dilution activated the energetic principle. This is why there is no possibility of drug interaction. If you take a pellet of Lachesis 100x, for example, you did not put Bushmaster venom in your mouth - you took the energy into your own energy field. The body says "hey! I'm already cranky and lethargic, with bad circulation! " (effects of said venom) And the body sort of cancels out those symptoms.

Hope that helps understand homeopathy.

There simply are no germs in the nosodes. Oscillococcinum is a duck virus based flu remedy sold OTC. Nobody gets flu from it. Ok?

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Julie (Asheville Nc) on 09/06/2013

The "good stuff" is unpasturized apple cider vinegar. You can find it at organic grocery stores or a health food stores. Or search in the internet to have some shipped to you!

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/05/2013

Hey Lisa!

The symptoms you describe do NOT sound like a vaccine reaction to the DA2PP or Lepto.

Acute immediate vaccine reactions include shock and skin reactions - you would have seen these reactions within the hour and they would have warranted an immediate return to the vet, while reactions such as lethargy are seen later, within 24 hours. *Some* of what you describe [lethargy] sounds like a reaction to the vaccine, and dosing with homeopathic thuja occidentalis may help to negate the adverse vaccine reactions along with probiotic therapy to combat any tendency towards yeast overgrowth in the GI tract as a secondary reaction to the vaccine - BUT the limping and the obvious back pain appear to be the main issue and they sound like something else.

What you describe sounds like an injury; is it possible your puppy jumped off the couch and landed hard or twisted and pinched his spine? Cavalier King Charles spaniels are reportedly prone to a form of IVDD known as Hansen Type I intervertebral disk disease. Its important to see your vet to rule this condition out - or to begin supportive therapy immediately if in the clinical findings.

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