Natural Remedies for Tumors in Dogs and Cats


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Posted by Carole (Palermo, Me, Usa) on 08/10/2011
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At the end of May, I discovered a small lump on my dogs neck just below the ear. I watched it and in July she was scratching it and it had grown quite a bit. I took her to the Vet and they wanted to remove it and biopsy it to the tune of $600. And they couldn't give me any idea of what it was. I decided to try the turmeric and started giving her 1/4 tsp 2 times a day in her food on July 20th.. She weighs 48 lbs. On Aug 5th it developed a dark hard scab which fell off by itself on Aug 8th. Now the lump is going down and I'm hoping it will be totally gone soon.. I will update on it soon.

Posted by Summatra (Reston, Va) on 06/08/2010
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My 13 y old dog, Jamie has had fatty tumors for several years, now. When he was eleven, the vet removed one at the "elbow" joint of his front leg but it has since grown back. He was dealing with it though, and the vet recommended doing nothing to the re-grown tumor, due to his advanced age and declining health.

Then about 6 weeks ago I noticed a different large, red, golf-ball growth in the same area. This was in addition to the re-grown tumor. The new growth looked like a water balloon.

That's when I started surfing the net looking for options. One night, I spent several hours reading about herbal medicine, and TCM/TCVM vs Western philosophies about cancer and tumors ... interesting stuff, but I just wanted to help my dog.

Also, as an aside, I noticed that Jamie's breath smelled a lot worse than usual ... (sort of sour.) He was in bad shape, and I was in the middle of a move.

There are "vets" out there selling their special blend of herbs and medicines ... but I wanted to "know" what I was giving my dog. So I was looking for something I could get from any herbal supply store.

Affter reading information here and elsewhere, I decided to try curcumin (which is a turmeric extract) It cost about $10/ bottle, over the internet and comes in capsule form. I take 1 capsule apart and sprinkle it over his food (I feed him twice a day).

After 3-4 days the big red tumor burst IT SMELLED AWFUL (sour like his breath) and it continued to leak for about a week. At first, the liquid that came out of the tumor was clear,and greasy. Later there was pus, but there was less and less each day.

By this time, we had moved, and Jamie was still moping around ... and I honestly did not know if he was in pain, or depressed about the move, or what. I decided to keep giving him 2 curcumin capsules a day (since it seemed to make the tumor go away), 1 with each meal, and I also cleaned the wound area with hydrogen peroxide, and kept the wound covered. Jamie did seem to be getting better, but I did not know if it was wishful thinking on my part ... so I took him to the vet a week later.

The vet said that the tumor had ulcerated, which was not good, and he had lots of tumors... but he did not recommend putting him down at this time. He said that this is just what happens to old dogs. He cleaned and shaved the area around the tumor, prescribed an antibiotic, wrapped the wound and sent us home (and charged $250).

It has been a month now, and Jamie has continued to improve. The (red)tumor has "dried up, there is no pus. He still limps a little (but he limped before). Also, the regrown tumor has shrunk ... he still has other tumors, though. I do not know if this is a "cure" ... but I do think that it has bought us some time.

I wanted to share this because I remember how frantic I was 6 weeks, when I was looking for information that could help.


Replied by Merryanne
(Orange City, Florida, Usa)
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Me and my family have had the same 'tumor' problem with pets,,check your dog food for soy protein,,it is poison to our pets and will kill them and you. google search 'toxic soy report' you will be shocked at the news for people and pets.

Replied by Summatra
(Reston, Va)

I wanted to give an update:

Jamie passed away on 9/26 (he was euthanized). During the summer, the tumor on his front leg, and the one between his toes had cleared up so he wasn't limping on the front legs anymore, but then his back legs started to drag more as he walked. Also, he gradually lost his appetite, and everything slowly worsened over the summer. The vet had said (in the spring)that the tumors had spread, and I think that this was the cancer just taking its course. Nevertheless, his last few weeks of life were full. As I said earlier, I thought that the tumeric was not going to be a "cure" but it would buy us time, and I think that is what happened. I honestly believe that the vet had written him off back in May. We got to spend the whole summer together and the past few weeks we got to visit many places "for the last time". I would like to thank the people who created this website and those who posted information to this board.

EC: Our condolences to you. Glad you were able to be with him a bit longer.

Replied by Lisa
(Vancouver, Wa)
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Hi Dogs that are fixed & 6 years old just get fat cysts or tumors, whatever U want to call them. Sometimes they pop up over nite. So Ur NOT necessarily doing anything wrong--Its just part of nature.

My ShihTzu had a fat cyst the size of a pea above his ear... it looked gross.

This sounds mean, but IT DID NOT HURT MY DOG.. OTHERWISE HE WOULD'VE YELPED & MOVED HIS HEAD AWAY FAST... He let's me know immediately if he's ever unhappy... He's Not shy... Anyway, I stuck a sewing pin in the cyst... To see if maybe it was sebacious... I then squeezed it... nothing came out, so I assumed it was a solid fat mass.

I put a Curcumin (Tumeric Root) capsule I got at the health food store in a pill pocket. He ate it & ate the 1 for his sister--she refused to eat it. I smelt the capsule & couldn't smell anything, but U know how sensitive dogs noses are.

Then 2 weeks later I gave him another...

1 week later I noticed a crust on the (cyst) bump, so I scraped it off with my finger nail & smelt it... Really Grose Smelling! I then squeezed the cyst from the base--VERY IMPORTANT.. I KNOW A MAN WHO LET THE BARBER SQUEEZE A ZIT ON HIS FOREHEAD... BUT HE DIDN'T GET ALL THE SEBUM OUT... SOME WENT BACK IN THE BLOOD STREAM & HE DIED OF AN ANURISM... SO HAVE UR VET DO THIS IF U THINK SOMETHING BAD MIGHT HAPPEN..

Anyway, it may have gotten slightly bigger after I started giving him the curcumin, but nothing really noticable & there was no oozing & grose open wound like the others said... When I squeezed it... 4... What looked like flat empty sebacious cysts came out... They stunk... There was about 1/4 of the bump/cyst left & no more would come out & he didn't want me to touch it anymore... He was Not in pain, but he was just getting annoyed with me messing with it, so I left it alone... The stretched skin eventually went back to normal & the cyst was totally gone in 2 weeks. Its been 1 month & I'm sure its not coming back.

This is a way more natural & cheaper solution... Than spending $400 like my friend just did to get a sebacious cyst cut off her cocker spaniel's back. From what I read here... they also come back after an operation, whereas, with the Tumeric/Curcumin they don't.

Thanks U Jesus for the Natural Cure! Thanks EarthClinic 4 Being here--Love this web-site!

Posted by Diane (Jacksonville, FL) on 11/16/2007
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Feeling it was worth a try... i gave 1 capsule every other day with one tablespoon of peanut butter to my Lhasa Apso. She had a lump that the vet wanted $200. to biopsy. Within one week, the lump came to the surface and drained. It was sooo gross and smelly. But it is gone! I will continue to watch her and report any post symptoms. This is pretty incredible!

Turmeric and Castor Oil

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Posted by Kawaihau (Kapaa, Hi) on 04/08/2018
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Need help! Have a 15 year old pit/lab mix that has something on top of his toe that looks exactly like this except his is a dark purplish color and the fir is gone. I talked to my vet and he is to old for surgery. I have been giving him turmeric and apply castor oil, but I haven't seen much changes a little improvement. He does not want to put weight on the foot. Because he is older I am trying to look for natural ways to help him. Advise please!!!! .

Turmeric and Castor Oil
Posted by Maddie H. (Deary, Idaho) on 11/30/2017

Hello, I just read down through the many reviews and comments regarding tumors, castor oil and turmeric. None of the discussions mention whether the tumor is under the skin or on it. Can we shrink a growth that is under the skin, whether it is cancerous or not, using castor oil and/or turmeric? What about tumors that are located elsewhere like in the liver? Would turmeric cure such a tumor by itself or would one need to add other remedies? Thank you.

Turmeric and Castor Oil
Posted by Sunsierrae (Erlanger, Ky) on 05/30/2015
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My dog had a blood red tumor on her torso and I treated it once a day with a teaspoon of tumeric in one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses. Then I rubbed cold pressed castor oil on it and let it soak in for five minutes. The tumor looks like it is drying up but the dried looking part looks black. It is almost gone and I did have it checked to make sure it was cancer free by a vet. Is this discoloration normal?

Turmeric and Castor Oil
Posted by Kathy Thomas (Henderson, Texas) on 11/15/2014

I am reading these posts about caster oil and tumeric for tumors in dogs. I am considering treating my dog, but one of the MANY tumors is quite large on her right shoulder. The size of my hand... Like I am holding a grapefruit. I am concerned about caring for something like that if it ruptures...

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc, Canada)

Kathy, research on ESSIAC four herb with all roots from ESSIAC WEST online. It will remove those tumours and cleanse the system. I am using it for myself for detox. It could be your dog will be like new.

If a tumour does rupture, put loads of turmeric into the opening. Do not add pepper to turmeric - it is nonsense.

Namaste, Om


Dear Om, I normally agree with your advice, but not in this. This is why you SHOULD add black pepper to your turmeric. The piperine in the black pepper is essential for absorption of the curcumin that turmeric contains. If it doesn't allow the link to post, look up "piperine, study, turmeric, NCBI" in Google. Tumeric alone is not nearly as effective! Black pepper increased human bioavailability by 2000 percent. (That is not a typo. Two THOUSAND percent.) I am not saying that turmeric alone will do nothing. I'm saying that obviously adding the black pepper 1.) isn't going to hurt anything, and 2.) allows for far superior absorption.

Sweet Karma

It is important to note that black pepper when used often is not good for cats. I'm not sure about dogs. Great for humans.

Replied by Kelly B
(Raleigh, Nc)

I SO agree; this is one reason why I use fresh ground, high quality pepper on almost everything I serve as food to my family. Pepper/piperine enhances absorption so much and our foods are already so depleted, anything we can do to increase nutrients is a significant benefit.

Turmeric and Castor Oil
Posted by Glsmith14 (Mobile, Al) on 09/24/2013

Turmeric: I have a 13 yr old lab mix that has some fatty tumors as well as something on her right flank and possibly the right one. I took her to a holistic vet for acupuncture as it helped a dog that we had years ago. She said that it could be a tumor but without X-rays she wouldn't know for sure. Maggie has had two bloat surgeries within the last 3 years and I don't wont to take the risk of putting her to sleep again. She is not limping and is still very active and eating well. I have decided to try the turmeric as well as the castor oil. I mixed the turmeric 1/2 tsp, with about a tablespoon of local honey and she licked it right down. I am not sure what to do with the castor oil. Do I make a poultice for her hip or does she ingest it? The vet ran blood work and everything looked pretty good except for her creatinine was a point over normal. The visit was close to 400$ and as with most of the folks here have other pets and limited income. So I am going to give this a try and will keep you posted. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. She eats taste of the wild salmon along with pork meat that I cook, about 2-1/2-3 cups daily. I have her blood test that I can send if it would help with suggestions. Thank you glsmith14

Replied by Rottiemom65
(Ontario, Canada)

The Tumeric you can put right into her food, I wouldn't suggest giving her honey everyday because of the sugar in it. I also used coconut oil in her food as well. The castor oil & tumeric I mixed together to make a paste then I soaked a piece of flannel in it, large enough to cover the tumor, then wrapped over the flannel with some gauze and self adhesive bandage. You have to diligent and do it twice a day. If the tumor is in aspot you can't wrap then apply the paste and leave it, but as soon as you notice the paste has worn off or the dogs has licked it off then apply it again. It doesn't work over night, it took us 2months of applying it and feeding her the tumeric and coconut oil, but now she is tumor free. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

Replied by Rottiemom65
(Ontario, Canada)

I just noticed you said you feed her cooked pork? Please stay away from pork, and RAW meat is best, if you can afford it then try to feed her just raw meat, with cooked veggies, also a bit of oatmeal or rice with it. I have always noticed an extrmeme difference when feeding my dogs RAW

Replied by Sally

How do we keep a ruptured tumour clean after using turmeric and castor oil please? What's the best antibiotics naturally and what will help the open tumour heal up? xx

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Sally (London) ---

Turmeric is a natural antibiotic. On its own it will keep the wound clean and heal it. When the wound is dry, use coconut oil which will naturally remove the scabbing without scar tissue.

Namaste, Om

Turmeric and Cayenne

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Posted by Faithe (Bridgetown) on 11/21/2021
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Our small dog had a golf sized tumor at the back of the neck. Vet said he was too old for surgery….we cut out the dog chow and gave only meat sprinkled with lots of powdered turmeric & some cayenne powder. In 3 days, the tumor was half the size, in 5 days it was flat. It oozed some watery, bloody liquid and there is a slight opening on which I use hydrogen peroxide, then some castor oil & some powdered turmeric.

it is healing beautifully and he is more energetic & friskier than ever.

Natural, non-invasive all the way!

Turmeric, Blackstrap Molasses, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Tclack (Texas) on 06/19/2017

I have a 12yo pitbull with an orange size fatty tumor on his leg. About a month ago I started adding turmeric, blackstrap molasses & coconut oil to his food. About a week ago the growth increased in size to about a grapefruit and is starting to ooze blood from tiny holes to relieve pressure. The skin is very tight and you can see blood pooling. He licks it constantly and his body seems to be running a slight fever. Prior to this vet did not want to remove due to his age.

My question - it seems his body is trying to expel the tumor. Is there anything I can do to help limit his discomfort or to help it expel more quickly to relieve the pressure?

Does anyone else have examples of where it was expelled and what to expect?

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh)

The fact that the tumor is oozing blood means it's starting to get infected, which also explains his fever. I'm not sure what to suggest, but hopefully Mama To Many or others can suggest some things.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Tclack,

Yes, it sounds like what you are doing is working. It seems that often the tumors look worse right before improving.

I would continue with those internal remedies as they will support the body fighting infection. You might also add vitamin C to what you are doing internally. While dogs make their own vitamin C, under times of stress, a supplement is sometimes helpful.

Aloe and castor oil, gently massaged topically on the tumor can support its healing and may help with pain.

If there are actual open wounds, my preference is raw honey, topically. If possible, you could dress the wound and change the dressing a couple of times a day. In other words, honey on the wound, then a couple of layers of gauze, then cohesive tape to hold it on. My large dog is not able to remove cohesive tape, which sticks to itself but not the fur. Honey keeps infection from setting in and also heals.

My biggest concern with this type of tumor is the risk of blood loss if it suddenly drains a lot. While you want whatever is in there to drain, if there seems to be significant blood loss, cayenne pepper can be used to stop bleeding topically. It sounds awful but it stings just briefly then actually can relieve pain and stop bleeding.

Keep us posted on his progress!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jess Burges
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I have an old but happy dog of 14 years who has an apple sized tumour on his front leg. The vet age him 6mths to live and said he was too old for surgery. So a week ago I started applying castor oil and turmeric pack and wrapping it. A week on and the tumour has started to bleed every time I unwrap the bandages from tiny little holes. The blood is oozing out so fast its hard to not get extremely stressed about too much blood loss. I have read on various threads that the tumours do bleed but I am worried about how much is normal. The only way I can stop the bleeding it to pour on cayenne pepper and strap with pressure. Is this just the tumour emptying itself? Our hound seems happy in himself and is eating well twice a day but I keep asking myself if I am doing the right thing by him. Has anyone else in here experienced a lot of blood loss from the tumour and should I just let it drain? Any advise would be very appreciated. Thanks

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Jess,

The oozing from the tumor does seem to be common, but surely distressing. I do think it may be blood and other fluids, in other words, may not be quite as much blood loss as it would appear.

Pale gums would be a sign of having lost too much blood.

Giving your dog blackstrap would help build the blood, as would a chlorophyll supplement.

Personally, even if the draining is normal and expected, (it seems to happen a lot) I would probably want to keep it controlled too like you are doing with cayenne and pressure.

Keep us posted.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jess B.

Do these tumours refill with new blood as soon as they are emptying? Last night when I unwrapped his leg the blood was spurting out. I am not sure what kind of tumour this is but it does seem to be very bright red blood. There isnt any sign of the other substance coming out. And when it is bleeding is it ok for the dog to lick the blood or will this make them ill? Also the tumour skin is looking quite raw because it is covered 24/7. Is this ok or should it be uncovered? (to be honest I think it would bleed all day if it wasn't covered with a pressure bandage). Very concerned and trying to convince myself I am doing etc right thing here!

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Jess,

I don't know if the tumors refill; I would tend to think not, but I don't really know. Bright red blood does sound pretty serious. Do you have a vet that could help you?

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jess B.

Thanks Mama to Many, we have been to the vet and they have said it will continue to fill with blood and there isn't anything more we can do but make the most of our last weekend with him. Thanks for your help and advise, I really have appreciated it.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Jess,

I am so sorry to hear it. I hope that your last days together will be peaceful and blessed, and that your happy memories with your four legged friend will carry you through sad days ahead.

~Mama to Many~

Turmeric, Manjistha Powder, Moong Dal

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Posted by MokiMom (San Francisco, CA) on 09/24/2021
5 out of 5 stars

This poultice is helping with a large sarcoma on my cat's back. I found it at:

I didn't see a specific recipe or how long or frequently to use it. I am mixing about 1/4 cup of warm soft-cooked moong dal with 1/2 tsp each of turmeric and manjistha. I put a thick coat of paste on the tumor and cover it with a square of unbleached muslin. Then I protect the area with a 'hospital gown' made from paper towels held in place with an elastic bandage. I leave the paste on overnight and clean it off in the morning using kleenex and a spray bottle of tea made with the same two herbs. After three nights the lesions were softened and opened up and I could gently wipe away a quantity of cheesy whitish stuff, bits of cartilage-like tumor, and hunks of dead skin. (Yes, absolute gross-out.) After the initial treatments the cat's appetite and energy were dramatically improved. I have been doing this for eight days. I am not scrubbing or forcing, just wiping away what has come loose. She seems to like the sensation of the warm paste and has been patient with the treatment. I don't know if the entire tumor will eventually fall off or what, but she feels better and the area is cleaned out, so I am calling it a win.

Here is the paragraph from the above source where I learned about this:

"One simple suggested paste is that of turmeric, manjistha, and mung dal. The area is then fomentated and squeezed gently as the tumor ripens. This procedure is repeated over and over. The goal is to draw the tumor out. This treatment is true for tumors of all three doshas, but most especially those of vata nature. Due to the application of heat and paste, the tumor should ripen and allow itself to be squeezed. If this does not occur, the tumor should be removed by surgical means. It was well known that if the entire tumor was not removed, it would surely grow back again. In the case of pitta granthi, it is recommended to apply leeches to the tumor and heat is avoided or minimized. The open wound should be washed with cool infusions of herbs and allowed to heal."

If anyone thoroughly trained in Ayurveda reads this, please comment with any further details I should know about this method.

Replied by MokiMom
(San Francisco. CA)
5 out of 5 stars

Update: The poultice opened up a spread of tumors the size of my palm on the cat's back. I have stopped using the dal poultice because I am focused on keeping the exposed area cleaned out. There are flaps of loosened tumor with large cracks into deeper layers. I'm cleaning with a spray of sterile saline, pressing kleenex into it to remove loose surface gunk. Then I get down in there with MicrosynAH antimicrobial spray, and finally saturate the area with a strong infusion of turmeric and manjishtha and let it soak in. She brightens up and eats well after the treatment. I won't be surprised if she doesn't have long to live but if this comforts her I'm doing it.


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Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 08/01/2021

Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for your always interesting and detailed remedies and amazing stories on Earth Clinic!

I just finished reading your suggestion to a reader about pure gum spirits turpentine for a tumor in a cat's ear. Would you also suggest topical turpentine for a large tumor on a dog too? My 15 1/2 year old golden retriever has a mass pushing into her right shoulder blade that the vet thinks may be going into the bone based on xrays. The biopsy results came back inconclusive. I'm doing a few hydrogen peroxide 12% food grade drops in her food twice a day for the past 3 days and there's a significant increase in her energy, but not sure if it's shrinking this mass.

Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you so much!

Replied by Rob
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, Turpentine is safe for all animals that I know of. It's the liquid blood of the pine tree. I remember hearing a story of a hunter in eastern KY and his dog got bitten by a copperhead or rattlesnake to the face. Poor dog head was swollen to the size of a basketball. Some people told him to put the dog down. But, he decided to rub turpentine with a cottonball all over the dog's head. He repeated this several times during the day. The swelling came down and the dog lived into his old years.

If the dog has a large mass, I would also give them turmeric powder in their food. Adjust dosage to weight.

Turpentine and Kerosene are universal healers.

My grandmother was my babysitter til I was 10 years old. Anytime one of us kids got a cut, sting or scrap, she would put kerosene on a nasty rag and wipe the area. It was the only medicine I knew of til I got older. lol

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much for your reply, Rob! I got the Diamond G turp today and started applying it to the mass where the vet had shaved the area to do a biopsy. Would applying the turpentine with DMSO be better?

I can tell you that the turpentine is causing the muscles around her shoulder blades to twitch A LOT starting about 10 minutes after each application, so something is going on. Will keep you updated. Thanks again!

Vaccinations and Tumor Link

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Posted by Pete (Ontario, Canada ) on 02/24/2016
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I spent a few hours reading all these posts on the Pet Tumor page and no one mentioned the cause of these tumours, growths lumps. I hope people read all the way to my post. STOP GETTING YOUR PETS VACCINATED! These "shots" are what is causing the ailments in your pets. I have researched this for over a year. Research what is in these vaccines, toxic poisons like phenol, anti freeze, mercury, polysorbate 80, live and dead tissues from aborted babies as well as dogs & monkeys etc...

Many of you out there don't even realize that these lumps develop right in the same spot or close to where your animals received their shots! Look up Dr Andrew Molden MD on YouTube. He tried to warn everyone about ALL vaccines causing harm, in people and in PETS. A few years ago this brave man was killed by the powers that be to "silence" him. It is up to us to spread the word. We have the right to say NO to any vaccines given to us or our pets. Dr's and vets were trained by these pharmaceutical companies. Also the government's pass laws so we the people can NOT sue, so what incentive is there for these pharmaceutical companies to spend millions if not billions on research to see if they are actually safe? None!

Also look up testimonials on vaccine damage to people and hear their stories on how they or their children were perfectly healthy until they received a shot. It almost makes one physically ill to be honest. So next time you are coerced by your vet to get your pet vaccinated say No thank you. Our two dogs will never get injured by a needle ever again.

You see I am the owner of a vaccine damaged dog. She is 12 and had shots years ago but now she is covered in lumps and bumps one of them even popped on her neck. I came here for knowledge on how to try and heal my dog. I'm hoping my post here will open some eyes and save many people the heart ache of having to deal with a vaccine damaged loved one. YHWH (God) bless, Peace & good health to all. Amein.

Replied by Miriana


I agree with you about vaccinations but Rabies shots are required to go fly overseas, which I am going to do. I won't give any shots but can not get around the Rabies one?

Replied by Bernie
4 out of 5 stars

Humm taking another path. April 2016 Basically 13 yr old ShihTzu (14#) had 5 small growths on skin and one large goozing one side above left leg. Vet wanted $600 for removal and no guarantees for regrowth.

Now my ShihTzu is acting like a puppy. Lots of energy.

Path I went to onlynaturepet Q10 capsule daily

and Pycnogenol1 tablet for approx 2 weeks and then 1/2 tablet daily The Original Maritime Prime with Pycnogenol French maritime pine bark extract.


Skin treatment Daily for 5 small growths on skin I came up with Black walnut oil, tea tree oil and a salve herbal savy by country comfort ( golden seal and myrrh). The growths have decreased in size by 60%. Apply w Qtip.

Now is the time for small black walnuts falling from trees. Thought if you get the small walnuts before they turned into a nut you can slice open and apply the oil to growth. Short window open. Been told squirrels never get cancer - they eat black walnuts.

Four (4) months later - all is good until today the groomer discovered a mass - not hard and no pain) (about 2") above rear right area - stomach area. Well researching this site I am going continue on what I have been doing but add capsule RED CLOVER to his daily diet. Read up on the benefits for dogs internet. Thinking I will give it to him for 2 weeks and see where it stands.

Replied by Memaryellen
(Ohio Usa)
4 posts

Give the dog the rabies homeopathic remedy before and after the rabies Vaccine. The remedy will neutralize negative effects of the shot.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hello Memaryellen,

Can you please share the specific name of the homeopathic remedy for the rabies vaccine to which you refer? Thank you!

Replied by Angela

Hi there. I understand what your saying concerning regular injections, yet my staff I homed due to mistreated as a puppy has had no injections at all. He is 10 and has a lump on his back leg the size of a large orange. Vets wanted to remove his leg not just the lump, I am now trying my hardest to treat him five times a day with castor oil and turmeric to reduce this and prove them wrong.

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