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Sulphur Powder

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Posted by Scott Stanley (London, United kingdom) on 07/26/2007

Hello, After reading angies story about her rescuing 2 puppies from the hurricane, after reading on to find out they had mange i realised that's what my dog had. i followed her instructions and was expecting a huge bill to have to pay to get rid of the mange but i was surprised to find how little it cost and works. using human shampoo containing sulphur i am so pleased to see my dog happy and playful again, its made me so happy and it only took 1 wash with shampoo, i used head and shoulders and it work. many many thanks to this website and specially to Angie. Thanks.

Sulphur Powder
Posted by Angela (Fort Pierce, Florida) on 06/30/2007

I rescued two puppies after Hurricane Wilma and they had a severe case of mange. I took them to my vet and after a series of shots they did get better, however, my entirer family ended up with scabies. Needless to say my female dog got out and became pregnant during her first heat and she delivered a litter of seven pups, not to long ago. Once again my whole family contracted scabies from the puppies after they were weaned from their mother. We have been back and forth to the vet, tried revelution, boric acide, hydro, everything. The one thing I found that cured my dogs, myself and family, was sulfur. We did not have to wait weeks, this occured in days. They felt a million times better after the first shampoo, their hair started to grow back within a couple of days. Sulfur shampoo, soap, spray, and stright powder sulfur is available at most grocery stores for $3 for shampoo, $2 for a bar of soap, these are in the shampoo section for humans, if you do not see sulfur products, ask you pharmisit and they will lead you right to them. Sulfur is also a great cure for human nail fungus. Blessings,

Replied by Bob
(St, Mo.)

Thanks for the input, I'm going to try it.

Replied by Deb
(Kelowna, Bc)

What did you all do with the sulphur powder? I am going crazy as my two dogs myself and daughter all have it. Did you have to treat the whole house as well? Thanks for your help.

Replied by Teasa51
(Kingsport Tn)

How in the world did u find sulfur in drug store? I finally found some at pharmacy when I told situation and it was behind counter, but I've had dog to vets until the zapped my bank. I got her on revolution and give bath 3 times aweek

Sulphur Powder
Posted by Mark (Jacksonville, TX)

1 part water soluble sulfur, 1 part calamine lotion, 1 part aloe vera liquid:

mix in large pot, add 1 gallon sterile water,and bring to slow boil. reduce heat, and simmer 20-30min. Let cool. Wash dog with solution let air dry on animal, do not towel off. Works in 1-2 treatments shows results in most cases within 1st. week. Complete recovery within 3-4 weeks. Remember not to allow re infection by removing old bedding,and spraying area with good insecticide. Keep animal and family healthy by good hygiene practices.


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Posted by Max (Havana, Ar. ) on 06/13/2017

Finally figured out dog had mange. She is 14-15 yrs old, yorkie about 10 lbs. Teds peroxide, borax remedy, at first made the itching worse but over time it got better, you must persist. After prayer the thought came to me her immune system might be weakened from age and I couldn't afford good food. I remembered using a product to save one of her eyes after vet said it must come out. The product is 4Life Transfer Factor Plus. I had little left over and started giving it to her, within a week the hair began coming back. If I stop giving it she begins scratching again.

Mange is agony for dogs and I will do without something to keep her on transfer factor. I used it at half capsule (human formula) a few times a day until seeing a difference, then once a day. Now I give half a capsule of the human formula every other day. I might add it works great for flu or colds. I don't usually promote things but google it and see the testimonies. It supports the immune system and aids in healing. This is the truth so help me God. God bless you all who are helping the helpless creatures.

Supplements to Build Immunity

Posted by Joe (Nj, Usa) on 11/18/2014

I am currently treating my bulldog mix with ivermectin and started using the hydrogen/borax today. I wanted to add he got this after vaccines and being on a dewormer.

So I am working on his immune system. Colloidal silver daily, olive leaf extract, dmg, probiotics, and colostrum. These are very effective and proven to greatly enhance the immune system in humans or dogs. I can not speak highly enough of these supplements. Colloidal silver alone kills almost any pathogen including ebola.

A strong immune system is key in humans and animals.

Tea Tree Oil Soap and Lemon Juice

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Posted by Animal Gaurdian (Vt) on 04/11/2014

My Sammy/Chow/Border Collie/Malamute/Wolf mix had a TERRIBLE case of Demodectic mange which I completely healed by frequent bathing with organic tea tree oil soap followed by diluted organic lemon juice rinses.(allow time for the tea tree to sit on the skin for several minutes) I also used BHI Hair & Skin (homeopathy) supplemented with Vitamin C and Vitamin E., and an organic mushroom complex for immune support.

It took about a month but he was completely cleared. His fur started growing back nicely. Hope this helps. AG

Vaccination Connection

Posted by Marianne (Berlin, Germany) on 01/09/2012

Hello, I just found this website and haven't read all the answers yet but I think I have something to contribute. We have a demodectic dog and at first went the "normal" vet way without any success. But knowing what I know now I am not the least bit surprised because if you checked into some other matters you will realize that this desease is caused by the traditional treatment this being vaccinations, dead food, antibiotics, deworming meds etc. So with all those so-called treatments we made matters worse for our dog.

Since some of you are very desperate I want to share the 2 articles which you should read at once. You will find out why nothing will cure this disease if you keep on going to vaccinated your dogs and do all those other things the vets are recommending. I want to mention that since about 20 years I am researching the subject of vaccination very thoroughly (mainly for humans but it goes for animals just as well) and know that a lot of people are just denying all the evidence that speak against vaccs and they are very outspoken and downright hateful and aggressive about it (talk about freedom of choice! ). So you have to make up your mind, whether you want to believe in facts or propaganda.

Anyway, here are the links to those 2 articles to start with:


Of course, there is a wealth of information on the internet. Once you get started you cannot stop. Look into both sides of the coin and then decide.

Good luck,


Replied by Garret

Thank you for sharing these articles. I have been following the vaccination links to a wide variety of diseases including my own (chiari malformation) and you are absolutely right. Vaccines are nothing more than propaganda to steal are hard earned dollars. For anyone treating any animals tis best the all natural way, God's way.

Replied by Katzie
(Cancun, Mexico)

Recently, in Connecticut, a veterinarian was testifying before some committee or panel (state-level) about pet vaccinations. He was highly upset about the number of animals who had died due to them. Did you know that the Rabies vax dosages are the same for a 100lb dog as much as a 3lb one? They are not allowed to change it! He felt bad because some smaller dogs die due to this.

I turned away from veterinary medicine after Vioxx was pulled from human use, BUT was renamed and sold for pet use!

Oh, and he also said Rabies vax only needs to be administered 1x and the titres (protection) lasts a lifetime, but vets are forced to administer yearly! He lost his license in CT and now works somewhere else.

Vapor Rub

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Posted by Julie (McKees Rocks, PA) on 05/26/2009

My neighbor told me to try vapor rub for a Mange treatment; Has anyone ever tried it? Thank You.

Replied by Angelica
(High Point, Nc)


I did try the vapor rub and it only helps with the scratching and licking for about 2 hours then she sleeps so I guess it soothes her at night I apply it and Im looking for something else... because she walks around stinking like medicine....ewww....but shes not scratching for awhile and can sleep because I think it cools her down with the medicine.

Replied by Solarwindspirit
(Spartanburg, Sc)

Don't use petroleum, it's toxic. Tea tree oil in coconut oil would be better than that. I'm looking for a mild sulfur shampoo for the fur myself. Sulfur kills the mites and stays in the hair follicles a little longer. Is also antifungal.

(Houston Tx)

Head and Shoulders. Full of all kind of sulfates.

Replied by Kim G.
(Tallassee, Al)

I'm 56 and I remember being 8-10 years old and my dad bring home 5 gallon buckets of used diesel oil to be used to help treat any dog we had that developed mange. He would mix powdered sulfur he got from a feed and seed store (in the 70s) with the diesel oil and coat the dog, neck to tail in it. It never seemed to burn them like mange meds did. the oil helped the sulfur stay on longer thru all the running thru the bushes and rolling in the dirt. about 3-4 days later he would repeat it and that's about all it took. Their hair started looking better and it allowed the new hair to start growing in. The diesel oil, he said, had sulfur already in it so he could of used just that. My dad said the machines used up the parts of the oil that could hurt the skin and left behind the best medicine. He added sulfur just for good measure. If you use the motor oil you keep after you change oil in your car, it is the same thing, but probably needs a little sulfur added. We also add the store bought mange med to the first dipping just to have the extra push

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Kim,

You are not alone in relating this old - and obsolete/dangerous - remedy. Motor oil has changed much since the '70's with many additive and synthetic components, so it is now very dangerous to apply used motor oil to your pet's skin. Please do not do it.

Vegetable Oil

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Posted by Lisa (Wichita Falls, Texas) on 05/27/2010

Every time that one of my critters ghas gotten the plain regular mange, all I used was cotton balls and plain old cooking oil!! You just soak the cotton ball with the cooking oil and rub it every where that they are loosing hair.You figure if the mange is just mites, then the oil suffocates the mites and no side effects!! If the animal licks the oil it won't hurt them!! I did it for about a week or so or until you notice that the animal stops getting any more bald places. And maybe put it on still for 2 or 3 more days just to be sure. If anyone has qusetions,email me at [email protected]. This worked every time!! Even with a couple of my rescue babies!!

Replied by Mathew Laban
(Kerala, India)

All who love their dogs having mange - give slight rock sulphur with its food daily for 15 days and rub any light hair oil, adding menthol in it or rub Vicks Vaporub ( but it is costly). You will find the miracle.

Replied by Cari

Hi my name is Cari and my blue pit has mange. He has bumps on his legs tail ears and snout. He keeps scratching at it and he's starting to loose fur.I'd take him to the vet but I keep reading that you spend hundreds of dollars on medication that really just brings it back up after you've used all of it up. I started the borax method about two days ago but I'm worried because he keeps licking his fur after. I read your post online and was wondering if you can substitute canola oil instead of vegetable oil, or any other home remedies that I could try?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Cari,

Please try Ted's Mange Remedy - it works very well for most skin conditions as well as mange. Please also consider dietary changes - read the ingredients on your bag of kibble and if you see corn or grain it is time to change the diet. Corn has been directly linked to skin problems in dogs. Please also consider alkalizing your dog's drinking water by using baking soda, or also Ted's Borax Protocol for dogs; the baking soda and borax will help address systemic yeast/leaky gut, which is another major contributor to food sensitivities/allergies and skin issues in dogs.

Replied by Katzie
(Cancun, Mexico)

PLEASE don't use Veg or Corn Oil on your pet!! Watch ANY video about how its made and you'll realize its no bueno for you either! They should call it "frankenoil". DNA damage and inflammation are two things it causes, just off the top of my head. For this mange cure, please use Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Neem Oil, Castor Oil (ie anything BUT veg oil) and you'll get the same results, but without any cellular damage! Ted's remedy was not working on my Leo. He became terrified when he saw me making the solution, and after no sign of improvement after 4 baths, I decided to try this. Its only been 2 days so far and I can see improvement! And way less itching. This site is the best. Stay well, everybody!

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Lisa (Wichiat Falls, Texas) on 05/06/2009

I have read alot of remedies for Mange.The old timers used old motor oil, which is bad for the pet. I have several cats and a little dog. Several of them had the mange at one time or another. One little stray that I had taken in had it bad. From her neck up to all of her head was hairless!I had no money for a vet or anything. So, all I did for them all was to take a cotton ball and put regular cooking oil on it and rub it on the places where the hair was coming out. It takes a little longer than with medicine to get rid of it. But, if they lick it, it will not hurt the animal. And it really worked. The regular mange is because of mites under the skin. I guess the oil sufocates the little buggars! But, it really, really did work!!

Replied by Ezz
(Bolton, Uk)

hi i have a 9 year old german shepherd dog he has sufferd with mange n has near 90% hair loss i have tried to cure this but in the last two days i have washed him with human shampoo n conditioner herbal essences then applied plain old veg oil to his skin which is now far less red n sore he is itching less too will keep treating this way every two or three days for two week if i have success i will post to let you now wish me n marshel luck this q n a site is great yours hopefully ezz.

Replied by Ezz
(Bolton, Uk)

hi to all just an update i have been showering marshal now for 8 days using the shampoo n conditioner and once he has dried of applying vegatble oil all over him and giving him brewers yeast tablets from health food shop twice a day for the past 4 days it seem this combination of products is working very well indeed his fur is growing back very fast as i explaind in my previous note he is 9 years old and had near 90% fur loss nothing would clear this up for many years till now im quite confidant that this method will work 100% thanks to all who have posted there remedies ezz n marshel

Replied by Jean

My dog has mange for first-time can I use cooking oil - it won't hurt my dog?

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Tom Knight (Tamarindo, Costa Rica) on 01/31/2009

Cheap, 100% Cure for Mange/Fleas

The following is a copy of email recently sent to the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine and the American Veterinary Association.

I filled out the form on your website. I could not copy the below email and paste it into your "comments" here it is if you want to use it. I think it is important as it is a simple cure that I have now found sucessful on another dog other than mine also.

Hello to all my Vet friends,

When all else fails.....!!!

I came upon this purely by accident. This cure will not make you any money, but it sure will make you lots of friends with your clients.

I am no casual pet owner. I have shown, field trialed and hunted champion German Shorthair Pointers for 45 years, plus being owned by an assortment of mixed breeds, cats and an assortment of other exotic critters. In the 1970's I was one of the first to breed large falcons in captivity.

My present dog, a mixed breed, short-haired medium-sized (Tamarindo Purebred...) had severe skin problems since he was around nine months old. His full brother/litter-mate is neighbor and enjoys the same, virtually identical environment, so I know the dog's living situation was not the problem.

He developed a severe rash on his "hot spot." To which he continually chewed, and then started chewing his tail to the point of its having no hair at all, and other parts of his rear anatomy. He had a severe flea problem. End result was a neurotic dog with no hair on his tail and rump, constantly chewing and biting himself there and other parts of his body. He was loosing skin in nasty dried chunks and flakes like a huge case of human dandruff. I tried several local vets who provided a variety of creams, soaps and lotions. None worked. I tried human skin products from the local pharmacies. None worked...after considerable financial expenditure. His neighbor brother remained unaffected. I was seriously considering putting him down.

Then, I remembered that when I applied vegetable oil on my sunburn (I now live in the very hot and dry tropics of NW Costa Rica) it immediately soothed it and no peeling of my skin occurred. I tanned nicely, despite the severe sunburn.

So, I looked around the house and found a 1-inch paint brush I had been using for a "meat baster" in the kitchen. I also found a stiff laundry brush. I then brushed him from back to rump and gently on tail to remove loose skin. Then I put some cheap cooking oil in a small plastic tub. Using the paint brush, I gently massaged the oil onto the affected parts.

He immediately stopped biting himself. Within a day, I could see the redness in the skin start to dissipate. I continued bathing him with a flea/tick soap.

Soon, the redness disappeared altogether. I continued this treatment nightly. Within a week the amount of dead skin started to ease up. New hair started to appear. I also scrubbed oil (with the soft paint brush) into the hair and skin in all areas where I saw fleas...mostly under the tail around the lower rump. Within a couple hours, there is no oily feel to the has been absorbed by then into the skin.

Today, just over a month of daily treatment, all his hair is back. His tail now does not look like a rat's. He is completely flea free. He chews no more and his coat is glossy. He was also very skinny. Now, he has put on many pounds and is in the pink of health.

My Conclusion: I think the veggie oil acted as a systemic. It penetrated the skin and suffocated the mites under it that were eating the hair follicles and roots. It also did the same for his skin as it did for mine. The oil also suffocated the fleas to the point they now no longer exist.

Correct me if I am wrong. I would love any input. I thought this treatment was of significant importance that you folks should know. Maybe you do already. However, try this next time on one of your client's dog.

This experience might make a useful entry for your newsletter.


Tom Knight
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Replied by Dick
(Taipei, Taiwan)

You're right. Oil does suffocate insects and other critters by obstructing their airways.

Replied by Jacinta
(Cowpens, Sc)

I have a little hound mix that has started loosing his hair in several places at first it was just a "hot spot" on his back. I thought he might be getting into something in the yard but we have another dog aswelll that is fine>?? so after a little reserch I realized that alot were using veggie oil! As a kid we dipped them in burnt motor oil now there are sites that show the warning an effects frm motor oil so I was worried I wouldnt be able to find a home remady... After reading ur post we applied veggie oil all over him lol he was so cute the way he acted while I was rubbing that oil on him. So today is the first day I hope this will work an his bald spots will grow new hair not sure how long I have to keep oiling him up an do I give him a bath the next day after I applyed it, then repeat for several days??? please give me some feed bk on how to go about treating him plz thx for all the ideas hope this works.... Its great for people who dont have the mny to continue to take there pets to The vet when times are hard.. there monthy an yearly shots are enough as is so if any one cld help me figure out how long an what to do I wld be greatfull thxxx bunches....

Replied by Russell
(St Cloud, Mn)

How long can I leave the vegetable oil on my dog before washing it off?

Replied by Michelle
(Beaumont, Tx)

What exactly are the steps to doing the oil trick. And when u put it on him do u wash it off or leave it on. Because I have an inside dog and I dont want oil every where. If u could please post back asap. Hes so bad he has blisters on his ( thingy). Thanks.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Michelle (Beaumont TX) ---

Please use coconut oil or best, neem oil. Vegetable oil is GMO and very unhealthy. All the best.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Mike
(California (ca))

Thanks for the insight. My 1 week old puppies are experiencing harden hair spots. It might be mange, but I'm not sure. We are going to apply this home remedy and see how it works for them. Thank you very much.

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Tom Knight (Tamarindo, Costa Rica) on 12/21/2008



After serious sessions and lots of dollars with various vets, I could not cure my shorthaired dog of mange.

Here in Costa Rica, sunburn is usual. I tried using plain old veggie oil from the local grocery store to help my sunburn. Veggie oil is a sestemic..I dicovered...and it cured my sunburn...better than all thoes Aloes and etc. sutff you buy in the store.

My dog was eating himself to death with the itching...etc.

So,I used a 1" paintbrush and put some veggie oil in a plastic tub...painted the oil on my dog's raw and very red spots. It immediately soothed the area and my dog stopped bitting himself.

I then used a stiff brush the next day to brush away all the dead skin. Then "painted" him with the veggie oil (any store variety will do) and "scrubbed it in." As a systempic, it absorbed into the skin and, obviously, smothered the mites to death.

Each day, I noticed a decided improvement...from the "eaten" tail to the hot spot to up the spine.

It works dog now does not eat himself to death...his skin is new and fresh, hair is coming back and he is actually gaining weight.

CURE: Veggie oil from grocery store, a 1" paintbrush, small plastic bowl and a stiff brush.
Each day, brush dog to get rid of dead skin in enfected area.
Then "paint" oil on area, brushing it in well. will relax with the oil penetrating the skin and stop the itching.
Each day you will notice the hair growing back and the dog stopping "eating himself."

It works me if you want.
Tom Knight

Replied by Shirleyann
(Winona, Ms)

Have you thought about using mineral oil? Also a very good laxative.


I have read that mineral oil should not be ingested. Castor oil may be safer.

Vinegar and Water Solution

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Posted by Dianec (Los Angeles, Ca, United States) on 03/06/2010

Dear Earth Clinic,

I have a pet male dog that is 10 years old, he is a half-breed pit bull. Pongo began biting his back area just above his tail one day and I would wash and treat the area with over-the- counter medication for dogs. But commercial products would not work. Eventually the area became so troublesome that I would find the hair on his backside wet and with some blood on it where Pongo bit the area with his teeth as the itching was so unbearable. It hurt me to see my dog suffering so much.

This is what worked for Pongo:

1. I would wash the itchy area with soap and water (Pongo felt happy with the soap wash) I washed the area with ordinary bath soap (Dove), then I would rinse the infected area with a solution of water and vinegar (half water and half vinegar! BE SURE TO RINSE OFF ALL THE SOAP!

I did this routine daily (once a day) and eventually the mange completely healed. It has never returned!

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