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Dietary Considerations

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Posted by Rose (Goodyear, AZ) on 03/12/2006

Readers are confused about which mange is which. The "Red Mange" is from a mite that lives and breeds in the hair follicle, meaning this mite is below the skin surface. So unless a treatment is actually attacking the hair follicle itself it's not going to do any good. If a surface treatment does work, then it shouldn't be thought of as the Red Mange.

Also, once the dog has been declared mange free, meaning 0 living mites from a skin scraping, there is not a possible re infestation from those mites living in certain places. If a re infestation occurs, the treatment was not successful. Your dog is sick again because not all the mites were killed during treatment, not because you forgot to throw its bedding in the washer. I had to take my Buddy to the vet due to a secondary skin infection that almost took his life. I questioned the need to clean to prevent a reoccurrence and that was what I was told by the vet and it makes sense.

That particular mite is a mite they are born with but due to any number of reasons, poor diet, stress, sickness and so on, their bodies can't fight off that natural occurring mite and the mites go crazy. While the latest treatment is not cheap and trust me, I really can't afford it but I'll make due somehow, it is not a toxic dip or repeated shampoo's. It is a liquid you add to their food and it kills the mites from the inside and that is the best way to attack this particular mite.

Replied by Wendy

I would like to know what the liquid you give the dog for the demodex/red mange i do not feel the dip treatment i am getting at my vet is working

Replied by Billie Jo
(Michigan, US)

I would like to know two things. Is the liquid you're using a natural?And if so where can it be gotten, as I really do not like the idea of my little 3 lb 41/2 month old Chihuahua being dipped!

Replied by Aimee-Louise

Sorry but you are wrong, demodex mange are present in humans and animals as part of our biota! They can be reinfected if the immune system is compromised. They live in the sebum glands and hair follicles

Dietary Considerations
Posted by Jan B (NJ)

topical -red vinegar (acedic acid 5%) & lime juice(citric acid) full strength (lesser w/ open sores) w/ internal supplements garlic,digestive enzimes,caprylic acid(aminos acids from coconut !) cured skin fungus that mimics mange, swollen cracked paws, yellow crusts w/ flaking, that resemble cold sores on face, ears, tail and rabies shot location.. ' It's been 6 wks and went from sulfodine, to vicks, to sulfur w/ turpentine, and it helped a while, but didn't really help, until i started using the garlic supplements internally (about 125 mg. per 4-5 lb. of body wt. 2 X a day., (some dogs are sensitive w/ the runs) along w/ human grade enzymes from mason natural brand, i think i got from pathmark or walmart, hartz brand vitamins,about a 1/4 tab per 4-5 lb body wt. ( i do want to mention that i read niacinamide is lacking when there are skin ailments), which i noticed that none of the dry foods have it ! nor do the vitamins.. i did have some nekton-"s" bird vitamins that had it, so i started that ,just a pinch on the tongue daily, oh, and a 1/8 tsp of kelp in the for iodine allergy though !& crypilic acid called caprylin from synergy plus brand, because it is the yeast overgrowth that can show itself with skin ailments such as these, but until we get rid of the yeast overgrowth, the skin ailments will be sure to reappear.. it is the underlying culprit, that causes such misery for us and our pets !! that can cause all kinds of external ailments & allergies ! its important to know the ph though ,through morning urine & ph paper. it should be around neutral or just below (so i've read) w/ 7 being neutral ..i did start giving chicken w/ skin (roticery cooked not fried, because my snoop dog lost weight (bony) and wasn't absorbing nutrition)..along w/ a little canned food & dry- the wellness brand,& natures variety raw instinct i use, but i hear alot of benefit from raw foods.. natures variety has it.. i haven't tried yet, but it states that it takes 6 hrs for our dogs to digest dry and cooked canned foods, but just about half that w/ raw foods.. but my breeder said purina pro plan( more oils to protect the skin she said) but i think less grain is better..(cause they turn into sugar in the gut ,and that feeds the yeast.. no good ! boy oh boy what a trip its been !! the cracks finally started to heal, i didn't think it would ever get better, i do want to mention i used externally- np.27 for atheletes foot 2X wk.also, no liking, and that did seem to ease the cracks & sore spots between & on his paw pads! also miconozole creme for yeast infects. it keeps skin soft & is very soothing! i'm sure you girls know, for down below..!! i think i would have died w/ out it !!making sure they don't lick it.. sooooo good luck to all of you who are trying your darndest to help your pet get well w/ out alot of expense.i think i've covered it all .. good luck ... !! sincerely , jan b. there is one think i want to mention ( ha ha,) phytoplankton the newest green food, kind of like kelp,but kind of expensive.. i do want to try that myself...tcfn.

Flax Oil, Agnihotra Ash, Neem Oil

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Posted by Patu (Montreal, Qc, Canada) on 03/29/2013

I found a new treatment that cures them all. It might sound strange when you will know the ingredients, but actually work best than anything else, and in between 1-2 weeks, with only one or two applications of the following mix, you will be done.

This is my second post about Dog Mange Remedies. The first presented a different treatment for every type of mange. All work. Because I posted it a while ago and forgot my username, I had to post it separately.

You need to prepare a simple mix, which you will spread all over your dog, where it has any signs of presence of mange (any type). It is sticky, black and greasy.

Mix in one container the following ingredients. You can increase/decrease amounts depending on the size of your dog, or the area to treat. If your dog's hair is too long, trim it, to makes it easier and more effective the application. Important, in the case of scarcophic mange, you need to rub the skin before, to get it better exposed to the mix.

  • Half cup of FLAX OIL
  • 1 cup or 1½ cup of AGNIHOTRA ASH (the mix get thicker with more ash, chose according to the state of your dog's skin).
  • 10-20 ml of NEEM OIL

For this it would be better that (depending of the weather of course) you dress your dog, and envelope/cover his/her legs with socks or other tissue (if the mange was spread there). This is necessary to (1) avoid your pet to lick the mix, (2) that the mix get into your floor/furniture/etc. Once the mix sort of solidifies on your pet, about 2-3 days (sometimes less depending on the climate), it wouldn't matter anymore. It will get stuck on your pet, until the hair grow and gradually gets it out. In the meantime, it will be healed and its skin perfectly healthy.

All three ingredients have a specific role and are all ESSENTIAL. The most difficult to find is Agnihotra ash. You can get it always free from anyone practicing Agnihotra (Mostly known as a Hindu Vedic, practice to purify the atmosphere) that is practiced all over the world. Look online for any Agnihotra farm, or Agnihotra club/group in your area, and just ask. You can produce Agnihotra ash yourself, but the process although simple, requires some special utensils and a particular process. So better try to get it from someone who already has it (look online for those tags, Agnihotra ash, Agnihotra farming, or simply Agnihotra, since I do not think I can post websites URLs here). People who practice Agnihotra, are already happy to share it and always FREE.

You will be amazed by the results. I've seen many times how this changes an awfully infested damaged open red skin (depending on the mange) to beautiful white healthy skin in a week. The most important thing is to keep your dog from licking it, is okay if they lick it except that they will take it off the skin, and you want it ON the skin. If the dog, licks it or takes some off, just re-apply.

You will be amazed by the results.

Garlic Oil

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Posted by Ken (ATL, GA) on 12/02/2008

Garlic Oil Cures Mange in animals

This remedy has worked for me over the years. I found it in the early nineties because I adopted a stray kitten with the mange. It was more like the little terrorist adopted me actually. I began to notice the rapidly expanding hair loss and his discomfort and listlessness after a few days and since I had grown attached to him, decided to research the cure. I found a recommendation for garlic oil somewhere, I don't remember now where but I tried it. I would saturate him with it every other day and leave it on. It worked. Within one week I could see the difference. In one month the problem was corrected and his fur black and shiny. I used it on a friend's dog with the same result. Amazing. If you can't take the garlic smell use Kyolic. Works just the same.

Replied by Cheryl
(Suprise, KY)

Where could I purchase garlic oil. I can't find any that the scent hasn't been removed. I am thinking that it probably needs to smell like garlic.

Replied by Michael
(Los Angeles, California)

will any garlic oil work???

Replied by Amanda M.
(Btown, Ga)

I found instructions for making Garlic Oil through eHow: How to Make Garlic Oil at Home.

General Feedback

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Posted by Keith (NJ, US) on 11/29/2014

Hi, I used the mange concoction today on my dog...he has demodectic mange. His eyes are very irritated. I tried to be careful but I may have gotten too much in his eyes. Do you have any experience with this?

thank you

Replied by Diamond
(Ma., US)

I usually use a face cloth and apply cold water, just keep rinsing the face cloth then rinse his eyes out as often as possible.

Good Luck....

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Keith --- before proceeding with the bath smooth cold pressed castor oil, mixed with coconut oil into the eyes. See my post to Jane. Namaste, Om

Replied by Robert
(Reading, Pa)

Hi! Keith, My Amber had demodex and allergies. I bathed her every other day for two weeks in the tub using a sponge to wet her down for a half hour. After that I repeated three times a week for two weeks , two times a week for two weeks and finally once a week for a month. I never went any where near her eyes. She was a chocolate color and the peroxide turned he into a blond except for her face which is a chocolate mask. BE CAREFUL! I also stopped all shots , switched her to a diversified raw meat diet which I buy from REEL RAW dog food co. No cheap veggie filler, just human grade, USDA approved, diversified raw meat. They ship it directly to my door in prepackaged portioned amounts according to Ambers weight. I never give her topical flea and tick or heart worm pesticides . I have Amber checked for heart worm and lime disease in September and December which are the times the baby heart worms will hatch due to the temperature in our area. If she should ever happen to be positive for either then she will get holistic, non toxic heart worm meds. to kill the baby heart worms. Those meds. only work best on baby worms so it is extremely important to check in Sept. and Dec.. Adult worms are harder to kill but there are non toxic remedies you can get excellent advice about from THERESA . I am happy to say TERESA'S advice on demodex dipping coupled with stopping the unnecessary shots, and most important Ambers change of diet have resulted in no more chewing, scratching and licking. I am waiting for her hair to grow back in chocolate color again. Best of all is the saving in Vet. bills. When I first took Amber to the Vet. the bill was $400.00 dollars for ivermectin neurotoxin poison to kill the mites and maybe Amber too. Glad I took the safe route. You need to do everything I have mentioned to get your guy s immune system strong so he can fight off these diseases. My girl doesn't have allergies any more because her immune system is bouncing back. Every thing the Vet prescribed would have further lowered her immune system and the mites and allergies would have come right back. Good for the Vet. bad for Amber. He even tried to push Hills Prescription [what a joke ] dog food/garbage on me. Commercial dog food is one of the leading causes of allergies etc. I hope I have covered every thing for you, good luck and keep in touch. Robert Lovemyamber

Replied by Janet

Amber is blessed. I love hearing this.

General Feedback
Posted by Dede (Edwards, Co) on 11/25/2014


I believe my year old shepherd may have generalized mange. I was wondering about drying her coat after the bath with a hair dryer. We live in a very cold area and the temps have been in the 20's during the day and lower and I have carpet in most of my house. She does have a crate in the living room however I am concerned about getting her from the bathtub to the crate dripping wet.

Has anyone you know of dried their dog with a hair dryer to take some of the moisture out of the dogs coat?

Thanks, DeDe

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey DeDe!

Generalized mange refers to demodex; was your shepherd scraped and diagnosed with demodex prior to be becoming generalized? Or is this hair loss at 1 year a recent event? There is a type of mange your dog could contract from the outside called scabies and this is a highly contagious form that you could catch also. If it is scabies, the mange remedy will do the job, but you will also have to sterilize your house and in particular the dog areas twice daily until you get the mites under control and on the path to extinction.

As for the dipping - the solution only works when it is wet, so blow drying cuts the working time down on the solution, so blow dry only after the solution has had enough time to work.

In your shoes I would bathe my dog and keep pouring the solution over him for at least 15-20 minutes; 30 is ideal. I would then let him sit in the tub - rather than his crate - for another half an hour to let the solution work. Keep the bathroom well heated, and then when the time is up you can go ahead and towel your dog off and then finish with blowing your dog dry.

General Feedback
Posted by Heather (San Diego, Ca) on 07/03/2012

Hello, my dad is using your cure for mange on our four house dogs and one of them is a puppy of three months to four months of age and I think she was careless and sprayed it on their bed or food. The puppy ate some and has been shaking and screaming like nuts and crying. I have been giving her liquids with electrolytes in it for the last day and she seemed better but she is screaming and screaming now and I even tried milk and shes shaking and screaming. We live in a different county and the vets office is closed and so I can only think to pump liquids into her at this point- please, please help!

General Feedback
Posted by Lunasa (Beacon, New York, Usa) on 06/18/2012

Mon. 6/18/12 We have a l year old Bernease Mountain Dog that had mange when we got him. We tried Ted's borax bath and are seeing some nice results - his skin is not as flaky/scabby and he doesn't scratch as much. Until we did some additional searching, we were only bathing him 1/week. We'll increase that to every 3/4 days as recommended. We wanted to know since this kills parasites, would it be a good solution to keep fleas and ticks away as well. Thanks for your help! Lunasa

Replied by Carol
(Ocala, Fla)

Please provide formula you are using. we have two puppies (perfectly healthy) then this showed up in both.. Vet has them on antibiotics (now 10 days) no help with the crusty/red areas and hair is being lost quite quickly.... Please provide formula (easy to understand) I posed this question to Ted on the 6th with NO REPLY.... Thank you from a senior citizen who would love to make these little ones more comfortable.

General Feedback
Posted by Mell (Bangalore, India) on 06/09/2012

My English cocker spaniel has had sarcoptic mange since age 4 weeks but was diagnosed after 2 weeks when intensive treatment with Ivermectin was initiated. She improved but even after 3 weeks of treatment the mange proved stubborn. She's now 11 weeks old and is not being treated for mange as she needs to get her vaccinations and rabies shots. I tried the borax hydrogen peroxide treatment on her 3 days back. The next day I was surprised to see whitish bumps with scaly scabs on various parts of her body and she began to itch all over again. I gave her a second treatment today (3 days later) but am puzzled by what appears to be a recurrence of mange. Or does it get worse before it gets better? She seems to be losing hair all over again but in new places. She's on a vitamin and calcium supplement and also gets salmon oil but her coat is sparse and dull. I would appreciate any feedback.

Replied by Nh Gardener
(Sanbornton, Nh, Usa)

For Mell from Bangalore for spaniel--Please give food grade diatomaceous earth in raw apple cider vinegar-dampened food, starting with 1 tsp. Once a day, increasing gradually to rounded--heaping tsp. 2 X/day. DE absorbs and eliminates toxins from body, and is excellent for healing skin conditions. Check internet for sources. One site in particular, has good pet (and human) testimonials. Add a little gently melted coconut oil in his food, starting with 1 tsp. A day, increasing gradually to 1 or 2 tsps. 2 X/day. Also massage coconut oil onto affected areas 2 or more X/day. It's antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

Replied by Dawn
(Martinez, Ca)

What is the ratio of Apple cider vinegar and diatomaceous earth? Do you have to use the vinegar or can you use the DE on moist dog food?

General Feedback
Posted by Carol (Dunnellon, Fla... Usa) on 06/06/2012

Mange on two baby boy's age 4 months.. 1st three check ups and puppy shots VETS said PERFECT coats, skin etc... Today got slammed with his response to what we thought was aggressive puppy play and an allergy to St Augustine Grass here in Fla.... HE SAID MANGE... I am 70 and I do not exactly understand your recipe (I DO WANT TO USE IT.. Based on all the positive feedback here I've read from so many... I WILL FIND THE INGREDIENTS you suggest, just please please please make the recipe easy for an old lady to understand... I know I took on a great responsability of 2 (not 1) puppy..... Could not help myself and I am not SORRY... Just need to know how to stop this diagnosis I got slammed with today out of the blue by the Doctor that charged me $111.00 and said this will BE A LONG TIME BEFORE THEY ARE BETTER and COSTLY unfortunately.... I wanted to die! Please respond.... They were fine until 3 weeks ago but, I can see this is moving rather quickly on their precious little bodies!!

PLEASE TED, , , RESPOND QUICKLY WITH THE MEASUREMENTS OF THE PEROXIDE-BORIC and or PEROXIDE and VINEGAR... OR BOTH that I can clearly understand.... Thank you, Carol or (itbegrandmaG(at)

Replied by Nh Gardener
(Sanbornton, Nh, Usa)

For Carol from Dunnellon, FL for mange on puppies--Please give them food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) in their raw apple cider vinegar (ACV)-dampened food, starting with 1 tsp. DE once a day, increasing gradually to 1 tsp. Twice a day. DE absorbs and eliminates toxins from the body, and is excellent for skin conditions. I 'd also add a little gently melted coconut oil into their food, beginning with 1 tsp. Once a day to 1 rounded tsp. 2 X/day. I'd also massage coconut oil and/or DE (dampened) onto their affected skin. DE is inexpensive and effective; check local health food stores or the internet for sources. All good wishes.

General Feedback
Posted by Bam Bam's Mom (Millsboro, De, USA) on 05/27/2012

Our Bam Bam passed away yesterday with a long bout of Demodectic Mange. He was only 6 months old. We tried everything and at one time we thought we had it cured. He actually got hair back and played and was back to living but only a few weeks ago it came back with such a vengence that nothing was working. He passed away with us holding him. I will never forget this experience. NEVER. we tried everything. I hope anyone who has a puppy who has this to be prepared. WE MISS YOU OUR FRIEND OUR LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR SHORT LIFE. LAUGHTER HAS BEEN SILENCED FOR NOW. LOVE MOM AND DAD.

General Feedback
Posted by Deanna (Millsboro, De Usa) on 03/29/2012

I have been treating bam bam for about a month now with the peroxide and borax treatment. He is doing great. I have cut back to only doing the treatments once a week now but he still gets flair ups (red bumps) when I do the treatments. It was great to finally see hair growing back. My question is how long do you do these treatments? How do you know the mites are gone. Thanks

Replied by Diana
(Belleville, Il)

Have you tried rubbing oil on the skin, any vegetable oil. I had heard the oil coats the insect's skin & since they breathe through their skin, it suffocates them. I would also try things they can eat to build up the immune system. Garlic was mentioned, also sulfur, eggs contain sulfur, also MSM from the vitamin section, which is a sulfur compound. And the brewer's yeast helps for some B vites.

General Feedback
Posted by Marie (Luton, England) on 12/29/2011

My girl irish staffordshire bull terrier dog gave birth to 7 puppy's in june this year. We have sold 2 of the puppies- one red girl and one dark brindle girl, 4 of the puppies have demodex manage diagnosed by my vet. They have had 2 lots of bathing in the liquide prescribed by my vet, one of 2 of the puppies are clear now but one of the puppies that was badly infected has become ill and he was vomiting anything that he did eat. My vet has seen him and we thought as he was not eating that he may have eaten something that he shouldn't have he has had an x-ray but the vet couldn't find anything. He gave him a course of antibiotics just in case. The puppy has picked up but he is still not eating much, he is drinking a bit now so he's not dehydrated. He is still very active and looking interested in everything that is going on but still not eating much. I have tried offing rise and plain paster but he refuses it, I have tried the vet tin food but he has refused that too, and now we're trying wag dry food with chicken and veg. He is eating a bit of it and now his poo has gone runny so I've been giving him some cooked chicken and he has eaten this but it has still not put his poo back to normal.

My question is could the demodex mange be causing some other illness? Also he is very thin and this upsets me to see this as he was the biggest puppy, now he looks so thin and you can see his rib cage. Is there anything I can give him to get him to put some weight on and put his poo back to normal? Please help me I can't afford the vet bill at this time as I don't work and I have ill health. thank you

Replied by Diana
(Belleville, Il/usa)

To help the immune system, give some probiotics, like acidophilus. Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria with the bad ones. Antibiotics can cause diarrhea & constipation because the good bacteria aren't there to help the food digest. Probiotics help replace the good bacteria. Also oils in with food, vegetable oil, a little cod liver oil, extra vitamins. I hope your dog got better. Rub oil on skin to kill mites & relieve itching. Possibly make a paste of ground oatmeal for itching.

General Feedback
Posted by Middlebunny (Jersey City, New Jersey, Usa) on 09/30/2011

I posted this under side effects earlier this month. Unfortunately, I received no replies so I'm reposting it here. I hope Ted or some other knowledgable Earthclinic visitor will read and offer some advice. Here's my situation:

My black cocker spaniel periodically breaks out in a rash. We thought it was an allergic reaction to the dog park but after reading these posts it seems like it might be mange or mites. His latest bout appears to be his worst so far. His vet previously rx'd a topical cleanser as well as Gentamicin Sulfacte Topical Spray. This seems to work; however, I decided that it might be more efficient to try Ted's mange cure to see if that helped.

I didn't bathe the dog in Ted's solution as he'd just gotten his hair done at the salon (who called and notified us of the rashes on his stomach which they thought were indicative of an allergy or staph infection). Instead, I mixed 150ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution with 300ml of distilled water then I mixed in 1 tablespoon of the borax (laundry cleaner). I put this all in a 500ml bottle and shook it until the borax had either mixed in or formed a solid mass that settled at the bottom of the bottle (I assumed the settlement was the portion that couldn't be dissolved). I then put the liquid in a spray bottle and sprayed the areas of his tummy which had the rash. I also sprayed some on his back and tried to push it through his hair without messing up his cute cocker spaniel hair cut. While the instructions recommend bathing in the solution once a week, I've sprayed the tummy area several times since the initial application as I thought that would be close to simulating a full body bath for the effected body parts. I've now begun to notice that my dog's black hair has been lightened as though the 1% hydrogen peroxide is having a bleaching effect. Is this typical? Is it because I've sprayed the solution on my dog more than once?

Although the rashes appear to be drying out, I don't want to keep spraying my dog with the solution because of the hair lightening effect. Despite this, I do still want to continue to promote the healing process. In between weekly applications of the borax/h2o2 solution, can I resume using the Gentamicin Sulfate spray or will this decrease the effectiveness of the borax/h2o/h2o2 solution? Please advise.

Question: I read in the post above something that makes me suspect that I might be able to substitute the H2O2 with ACV. If that is true, would I use the same proportions. Please let me know.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

Have you tried Mayonnaise? I read on here that mayo works. Just rub it into the dog's coat.

General Feedback
Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Usa) on 06/24/2011

Ana-Australia;It sounds like you have mange(?), my cats and myself had the same thing. Go to Ted's site on mange treatments for pets, they are natural and they do work, it does how-ever take time. I love this site, I have been sick for many years and now just getting better by using Ted's remedie's. Good luck, Please let us know how you are doing. God bless

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