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Garlic Oil
Posted by Ken (ATL, GA) on 12/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic Oil Cures Mange in animals

This remedy has worked for me over the years. I found it in the early nineties because I adopted a stray kitten with the mange. It was more like the little terrorist adopted me actually. I began to notice the rapidly expanding hair loss and his discomfort and listlessness after a few days and since I had grown attached to him, decided to research the cure. I found a recommendation for garlic oil somewhere, I don't remember now where but I tried it. I would saturate him with it every other day and leave it on. It worked. Within one week I could see the difference. In one month the problem was corrected and his fur black and shiny. I used it on a friend's dog with the same result. Amazing. If you can't take the garlic smell use Kyolic. Works just the same.