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Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Sharon (Georgia, US) on 09/07/2014

Let me tell you my story. My daughter got a beautiful little black and white Lab/Australian Shepherd mix male puppy. When he was about 3 or 4 months old he started getting little bumps around his neck and feet. They started getting worse and he started losing the hair in this area. Before we knew it the bumps turned into oozing nasty sores and he started losing his hair. Took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with demodectic mange. We started having the vet dip him once a week at $40 a pop.

I read everything I could find about home treatments as I believe we give our animals too many drugs/medications that cause more internal problems than help. I bathed him at least once sometimes twice a week with a medicated dandruff shampoo followed by a rinse (which I left on) of washing borax, hydrogen peroxide and water. He was in extreme pain from this mange and nothing seemed to be helping (even the vet dips). He got so bad that he lost almost all of his beautiful long coat and was covered from head to toe in oozing ugly sores, scales and a terrible smell.

My husband would say every day that maybe we should put him down. You could tell that he didn't feel well. He no longer wanted to run and play. I read somewhere about diatomaceous earth and what it could do. It being a natural wormer with other health benefits - I thought I would try it as I really think this pup had a major internal problem as his immune system seemed to be highly compromised. I started giving him a tablespoon in his feed every night. I would put it over his dry feed and put warm water or a liquid over it as the earth is very dry. Within a month his sores were getting better. His skin was no longer bright red and nasty looking. It has been about 6 months now of putting this over his food every night and he is now almost back to his beautiful self.

He has so much energy. His skin no longer looks irritated even on his feet and legs. His hair is almost completely grown in and he has lots of it. His coat is shiny - And his teeth - they are the whitest teeth I have ever seen on a dog. No tarter stains - just beautiful. I stopped treating his skin topically and giving him baths every week about the time I started him on the diatomaceous earth. It turned this dog's world around. He is now a happy, playful big pup.

I highly recommend this stuff for everything. His gums are nice and pink and I would bet that he is worm free also. I just started giving it to my horses as a wormer instead of the harsh chemicals we give our animals for parasites, this is a miracle worker. I even started drinking a teaspoon every day in chocolate milk as it also has health benefits for people also. It is a natural cure for a multitude of things as it works from the inside out. You can purchase food grade diatomaceous earth from Tractor Supply. A large bag costs less than $15 and after using it for over 6 months, I still have over half a bag left. We started giving it to my husband's hunting beagles. Their teeth are whiter, their stool is solid, their coats are shiny and they seem to be happier also. I can't wait to see the effects on the horses.

I am one of those people that believe our lives are run by pharmaceutical companies getting rich on the crap they sell us and I always look for a natural alternative. This stuff is the bomb. I will never use dangerous, caustic wormers again on my dogs and hopefully not on my horses either. Good luck!

Dandruff Shampoo
Posted by Tigergirl62 (Alvin, Tx, United States) on 06/14/2012 3 posts

What brand of dandruff shampoo did you use? I am having issues with my dog's skin as well. I suspect that she has an allergy to the wheat in her treats since none of my other 3 dogs have issues. Within days of her beginning to scratch, her skin becomes infected and I have to get antibiotics from the vet. She begins to heal, but within a few weeks of completing the antibiotics, she relapses. Her mange test was negative, but I'm desperate to get her relief.

Diaper Rash Ointment
Posted by Diana (Saint Louis, Missouri) on 07/06/2012

How long do u leave the ointment on and how often do u put it on them?

Dandruff Shampoo
Posted by Tbug53 (Douglas, Ga, Usa) on 06/04/2012

I rescued a mixed-breed dog that was in horrible condition.. Severe hair loss, open bleeding sores all over his body, not to mention the stench... Poor thing I figured that the Vet would recommend we put him down. The Vet diagnosed him with Mange and started treatments of daily shampooing with a very expensive shampoo ($32/16oz) medication twice a day... Needless to say the dog did clear up hair grew back after 6 mos and $633 only to have the Mange come back twice as bad if you stopped the "treatment".. Well after going thru 3(6mos) of treatments and over $1000 invested and the shampoo was discontinued ( no reason ever given) we started checking other ways of "curing" this problem..

Now it has been 3 yrs since the Vet's treatments and we are very happy to say that Puppy is doing great... Beautiful coat, skin healthy and pink.. Our cure!!! A good dandruff shampoo every 2 weeks!! That's right a dandruff shampoo... We stumbled upon this by accident as Puppy needed a bath and I thought why not try the dandruff shampoo... By the Grace of God it worked. The open sores healed, the scaly skin cleared up, the smell was gone and his coat came in thick and shiny.. What more can you ask for??

I don't know how/why it works but it did for Puppy and a couple of more dogs that I have told their owners to at least try it and had the same results..

Well this is my story if it helps someone relieve the suffering of their dog then I will have done my best

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Tom Knight (Tamarindo, Costa Rica) on 01/31/2009

Cheap, 100% Cure for Mange/Fleas

The following is a copy of email recently sent to the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine and the American Veterinary Association.

I filled out the form on your website. I could not copy the below email and paste it into your "comments" here it is if you want to use it. I think it is important as it is a simple cure that I have now found sucessful on another dog other than mine also.

Hello to all my Vet friends,

When all else fails.....!!!

I came upon this purely by accident. This cure will not make you any money, but it sure will make you lots of friends with your clients.

I am no casual pet owner. I have shown, field trialed and hunted champion German Shorthair Pointers for 45 years, plus being owned by an assortment of mixed breeds, cats and an assortment of other exotic critters. In the 1970's I was one of the first to breed large falcons in captivity.

My present dog, a mixed breed, short-haired medium-sized (Tamarindo Purebred...) had severe skin problems since he was around nine months old. His full brother/litter-mate is neighbor and enjoys the same, virtually identical environment, so I know the dog's living situation was not the problem.

He developed a severe rash on his "hot spot." To which he continually chewed, and then started chewing his tail to the point of its having no hair at all, and other parts of his rear anatomy. He had a severe flea problem. End result was a neurotic dog with no hair on his tail and rump, constantly chewing and biting himself there and other parts of his body. He was loosing skin in nasty dried chunks and flakes like a huge case of human dandruff. I tried several local vets who provided a variety of creams, soaps and lotions. None worked. I tried human skin products from the local pharmacies. None worked...after considerable financial expenditure. His neighbor brother remained unaffected. I was seriously considering putting him down.

Then, I remembered that when I applied vegetable oil on my sunburn (I now live in the very hot and dry tropics of NW Costa Rica) it immediately soothed it and no peeling of my skin occurred. I tanned nicely, despite the severe sunburn.

So, I looked around the house and found a 1-inch paint brush I had been using for a "meat baster" in the kitchen. I also found a stiff laundry brush. I then brushed him from back to rump and gently on tail to remove loose skin. Then I put some cheap cooking oil in a small plastic tub. Using the paint brush, I gently massaged the oil onto the affected parts.

He immediately stopped biting himself. Within a day, I could see the redness in the skin start to dissipate. I continued bathing him with a flea/tick soap.

Soon, the redness disappeared altogether. I continued this treatment nightly. Within a week the amount of dead skin started to ease up. New hair started to appear. I also scrubbed oil (with the soft paint brush) into the hair and skin in all areas where I saw fleas...mostly under the tail around the lower rump. Within a couple hours, there is no oily feel to the has been absorbed by then into the skin.

Today, just over a month of daily treatment, all his hair is back. His tail now does not look like a rat's. He is completely flea free. He chews no more and his coat is glossy. He was also very skinny. Now, he has put on many pounds and is in the pink of health.

My Conclusion: I think the veggie oil acted as a systemic. It penetrated the skin and suffocated the mites under it that were eating the hair follicles and roots. It also did the same for his skin as it did for mine. The oil also suffocated the fleas to the point they now no longer exist.

Correct me if I am wrong. I would love any input. I thought this treatment was of significant importance that you folks should know. Maybe you do already. However, try this next time on one of your client's dog.

This experience might make a useful entry for your newsletter.


Tom Knight
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Merry (Ma ) on 09/09/2015

I used apple cider vinegar on my dog who was badly infected cause for a while I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I sprayed and massaged the vinegar to his coat everyday for 3 days and bathed him fourth day, already looking way better, all the skin is turning pink and soft now. Still got come flakes, will continue treatment till 100%. Just want to share and thanks for the advise here I got!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Peaceandlove (Sydney) on 03/02/2013

I've been looking after a 7month old bull terrier pup for 6 days who has mange. The poor girl's skin was bright dark/hot pink and felt very hot to touch. She has lost most of her hair on the underside and it was very bristley to touch.

I've used ACV 2-3 times a day using 1/3 cup to 2/3 cup water in a spray bottle to soak her all over. Her skin is now normal light pink except a couple of the worst spots, her hair is soft to touch and she has come out of her shell playing with the other dogs. It is obvious she is so much happier now so it must feel much better!

I'll now reduce the ratio down to 1/6 ACV to 5/6 water.

Injections and vet treatments made no improvement to her condition for over 3 months yet this has improved it in a week. Will keep using it for the next few weeks to see how much it improves.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mira (venice, ca) on 01/28/2008

LET ME START BY SAYING I THINK THIS SITE IS THE BEST ONE OUT THERE ON THE INFO HI-WAY.. I had a sinus infection on and off for the last 15 years! I have tried everything and more from the regular md's including pain pills for years to get rid of that horrible head ache around my eyes and cheek bones. A couple of years ago while walking, I Met a man' selling a book about Cancer cures/prevention. he had published the book himself and i was interested in prevention, and what he had to say. He told me that all Humans and animals would benefit greatly by drinking and BATHING in ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WITH THE MOTHERS... I found this to be very interesting and decided to do my own experiments and research, I have a dog who was beginning to get mange on her hind knee it was red and irritaded the vets wanted to give her some horrible medicine and she was clearly not feeling well.I held him over the sink and poured the Vinegar strait from the bottle over her infected knee she squirmed a bit probably from the stinging but a second later that smart pooch put her leg on my chest so i could at it better (as though she knew i was gonna fix her) after the first time it was 80% better and in two days that mange was gone! so I took a bath using the vinegar i probably used a quart as I buy it in gallon jugs ...I could not believe how I felt after one bath..."Reborn" is the word that comes to mind. after that one bath I began to take it orally, in the morning or anytime i had heart burn another ailment of mine...The ACV has worked wonders,also it took My skin tags off and made my skin and hair so much brighter.i also only use coconut oil for moisturizing and a small amount in my hair for dryness...

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tuffy (Erie Pa) on 08/22/2016

I used apple cider vinegar. My dog was miserable for a year, I gave her two baths with apple cider vinegar and she is cured. Thanks. Cost $5 for two gallons.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jing (Bulacan, Philippines) on 11/27/2012

i read some comments here and tried applying Apple Cider Vinegar to my shih tzu last night. He's been suffering from mange for a long time now. His skin is reddish but this morning it turned pale and it's not greasy and smelly anymore. I will try to use it on him and will post developments here next week. This website is a life-saver! Thanks

Diaper Rash Ointment
Posted by Sergio (Ontario, California Usa ) on 10/20/2011

Hello everyone! I've tried some of remedies and suggestions listed above with some modest results but not a complete cure. Then ran into someone who suggested using Desitin (used for baby's diaper rash), it worked!!! My puppy chihuahua that was 80% bald and developed a stench-smell, grew most of her coat in three weeks, by the fifth week she was completely cured-and no smell! TRY IT!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gdsmkg (Las Vegas, Nv, USA) on 12/24/2009

After adopting a very sick cat from SPCA, he had ear mites, mange, ring worm. I first tried the borax mixture that I found on here, saw a little improvement but not much. Tried olive oil in the ears, was very soothing but didn't seem to do much.

Then I tried one capful of natural apple cider vinegar to a cup of water. I took a cotton ball, dipped it in the mixture, rang it out good. Then cleaned his ears with a slightly moist cotton ball. Within a couple of days I saw a big difference in his ear grime.

So then I thought I would try it for the mange and ring worm, I took the mixture, and soaked his ear good. I also wet the areas where there was the most flakiness and crusty flakes. Again within a week, big improvement! I highly recommend anyone to try this, but for him I couldn't use full strength. Just the smell made him puke on the spot.

One capful is all you need to one cup tepid water, it worked so well. I imagine you could also use it in a spray bottle and spray around the house, wherever he hangs out. They also liked me, so I used full strength on myself for ring worm and mange mites.

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Tom Knight (Tamarindo, Costa Rica) on 12/21/2008



After serious sessions and lots of dollars with various vets, I could not cure my shorthaired dog of mange.

Here in Costa Rica, sunburn is usual. I tried using plain old veggie oil from the local grocery store to help my sunburn. Veggie oil is a sestemic..I dicovered...and it cured my sunburn...better than all thoes Aloes and etc. sutff you buy in the store.

My dog was eating himself to death with the itching...etc.

So,I used a 1" paintbrush and put some veggie oil in a plastic tub...painted the oil on my dog's raw and very red spots. It immediately soothed the area and my dog stopped bitting himself.

I then used a stiff brush the next day to brush away all the dead skin. Then "painted" him with the veggie oil (any store variety will do) and "scrubbed it in." As a systempic, it absorbed into the skin and, obviously, smothered the mites to death.

Each day, I noticed a decided improvement...from the "eaten" tail to the hot spot to up the spine.

It works dog now does not eat himself to death...his skin is new and fresh, hair is coming back and he is actually gaining weight.

CURE: Veggie oil from grocery store, a 1" paintbrush, small plastic bowl and a stiff brush.
Each day, brush dog to get rid of dead skin in enfected area.
Then "paint" oil on area, brushing it in well. will relax with the oil penetrating the skin and stop the itching.
Each day you will notice the hair growing back and the dog stopping "eating himself."

It works me if you want.
Tom Knight

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Heather (Ct) on 01/02/2016

My little pug/chiwawa mix had been battling mites which I did not said "allergies" then gave us meds :(. Zoe did not get better and everyone thought we were bad parents for not going back the vet. After like six months of research, I came across Mite Avenge which uses DE (diamotaceous earth). It was expensive, but it worked!!! Zoe has been healthy. No more sticky, smelly, irritated skin..stopped chewing her feet and scratching her eye..ears are now clean and all her fur has grown back. I just purchased more DE because I think my other dog may be showing signs of mites, so without further ado I have sprinkled it on both dogs and I'm now feeding it to them at night with food and warm water added to help prevent internal worms. I have also sprinkled it on their bedding and will vacuum up in 5 days or so. As soon as our GSD stops scratching and licking herself I'll know she is 100%.

Only buy food/human grade, and it should be white, not gray in color. It is super inexpensive and has many many's crazy not to use this stuff. I am now taking it myself every morning with water or in my smoothie.. I will also use it in my chickens food at a feed:DE ratio of 20:1 (5% DE).

So excited that there is an inexpensive cure for our fur and feather babies.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 07/03/2017

DE will work when wet. DE is a mechanicide - it gets into the movable joints of insects and wears away the chitinous exoskeleton creating small holes, allowing the blood and fluids of the insect to drain away which cause it to die. Broken glass will still cut when submerged in water - the same principle applies to DE.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 03/27/2015

Hey there!

This is an old post but may be helpful to you:

Posted by Garry (RI) on 01/08/2007

[YEA] Saw the responses to your treatments and I gave him two dips with the peroxide / borax the first couple of weeks and then switched to a 50 / 50 water / white vinegar / borax dip ever since. I used white instead of ACV because it's cheaper and it seems that it's the acetic acid that is the carrier into the skin. ALL of his hair is back and he hardly scratches anymore. He gets the recommended borax in the the drinking water too. I intend to give him maintenance dips once every month or so and may continue with the Borax in the drinking water as an ongoing thing. Great advice! Thanks again!

Benzoyl Peroxide
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 09/30/2007 391 posts

I agree that commercial products are useless, but I worked for a commercial interest as an industrial chemist once (just moonlighting!), and the point in making certain products is NOT to cure, but to make sure the medicine is weak enough or useless enough so that people can keep coming back again and again for more.

Oh yes, one more interesting tidbit on "company policies" that I worked for. They have this policy that says UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can anyone in the company claim a cure, even if it IS A CURE. The reason why this is so, is it HURTS business interest a WHOLE LOT. And here is the reason why:

A cure they can sell you only once, say make $5 profit, but it becomes a lucrative product, if you HAD to buy them every month for the rest of your miserable life. Instead of a $5 profit, it becomes $60 per annum - annuity! You have a choice of a $60 annuity for the rest of your life, or a one time $5 profit.

Any company would choose the $60 annuity, and so does banks. Hence, the pressure to sell GMO plants that cannot bear seeds, modifying your DNA (by horizontal gene transferring), making you more sick, so you can buy MORE medicine. It makes business sense and it kills us. It is the same with vaccines which as mycoplasma, monosodium glutamate, mercury & aluminum added, not on consent of the parents, but by mandate.

Hence, because I wasn't a genius in formulating this kind of twisted medicine, I was eventually fired since all the formulas I submitted was "just a cure". Also the formula had to be complicated enough to get a patent. Finally, it also had to be formulated in such a way that people keep will buying them for the rest of their lives. Those are the three major policies: no cure, complicated, and addictive!

Benzoyl peroxide 5% gel works quite well on mild cases of mange. It works the same way as hydrogen peroxide and borax, although the benzoyl won't kill the demodectic directly (benzoic acid and oxygen, when broken down is not an insecticidal), it kills them by oxidative properties of the peroxide portion. It works like a hydrogen peroxide, but without the insect killing properties of the borax. So simple cases of mange a benzoyl peroxide would do.

However, I would much prefer to mix borax with the benzoyl peroxide to get some insecticidal properties, at the very least. Still my dog had a bad case of mange, and it didn't work for him, perhaps it was because I didn't add borax at the time, but I decided it was safer for my dog to use a hydrogen peroxide with borax, at the very least borax had a LASTING effect on killing mites and fleas, as the borax powder continues to kill WHEREVER the dog goes.

A benzoyl peroxide used alone couldn't do this, but it becomes a mild preservative (benzoic acid) instead of an insecticidal borax that has essential mineral of boron in nutrition for mammals, such as my dog, if it does so happen on accidental ingestion.

Aloe Vera Gel
Posted by Nick (Wales) on 10/13/2014

Hi there. My elderly Akita (Ted) has been battling with mange a while now; he may also have sebaceous adenitis. While he received treatment for the mange he didn't have anything for the itching and general skin irritation in the form of something that could be applied to sooth the skin.

A neighbour suggested I try aloe vera gel. I'm glad I did. It really seems to help with the itching and stops his ears from being dry. Most of the condition is gone, but he still has some remnants of this horrible stuff on his face. Aloe vera gel is good here too.

I hope this helps dogs and owners. It's a terrible condition for your furry friend to have, but it's also an opportunity to show them how much you love them and how far you'll go to helping them through it.

Good luck!

PS. I'm using Aloe Pura Aloe Vera produced from 99.9% organic Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera Gel
Posted by Robert (Pitcairn, Pa) on 08/05/2016

What amount mixtures do I use? I have 8 year German Shepherd eating his back, inside legs, part of tail.Loosing hair on elbows too. Tried Borax, shampoo regular with oatmeal shampoo spayed rubbed in white vinigar, anti ich sprays & creams. Please help me with my BOY ARAGON

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Brenda (Lincoln, Nebraska) on 04/17/2016

Any natural store carries it or home and garden stores. I use it for my home for bugs, my skin for my pores, and cured my dog who had an extremely bad case of mange that he got from his parents. It is amazing along with apple cider vinegar. Both have many, many uses.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rich (Raleigh, Nc, Usa) on 06/08/2013

Well I want to let you know that I made a concoction of apple cider vinegar plus baby oil plus Listerine. Apparently as everyone knows, baby oil smothers the mites, the Listerine and the antiseptic in the Listerine helps heal and soothe the affected area. As far as the apple cider vinegar I really still don't know what it does but I put it in there I use this simple spray bottle and I used equal parts of apple cider vinegar in the stream and 1/3 cup of baby oil.

I sprayed it on the dogs and in two days their hair is growing back. I have three outside dogs they are fairly large I also gave them each one small Benadryl tablet for anti-itching as I heard this helps him to stop bitching as well. I'll keep everyone updated on the progress but so far this concoction seems to work

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Lisa (Wichita Falls, Texas) on 05/27/2010

Every time that one of my critters ghas gotten the plain regular mange, all I used was cotton balls and plain old cooking oil!! You just soak the cotton ball with the cooking oil and rub it every where that they are loosing hair.You figure if the mange is just mites, then the oil suffocates the mites and no side effects!! If the animal licks the oil it won't hurt them!! I did it for about a week or so or until you notice that the animal stops getting any more bald places. And maybe put it on still for 2 or 3 more days just to be sure. If anyone has qusetions,email me at [email protected]. This worked every time!! Even with a couple of my rescue babies!!

Baby Oil, Pyrethrin
Posted by Joe (Ilkley, Queensland) on 07/25/2009

home cure for mange, fleas, ticks, and beautiful coat 200ml baby oil add 10ml pyrethrin which is a natural insecticide mix together. I have dobermans I use 30ml in a syringe and squirt it down their spine {back] and then massage in .the dogs go swimming and it still stays on it last about 3 to 4 weeks .been doing this for 2 years it works as good or better then vet bought products.

Benzoyl Peroxide
Posted by Heidi (Australia ) on 02/19/2017

This has been a life saver. Demodex around the eyes. Now gone thanks to putting clearasil : Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Bentonite on once a day for 2 -3 weeks and once a day of coconut oil both at opposite times of the day . Also giving the highest probiotic I could find daily. We had tried ivomectin and Bravecto and next gauard reactions occurred from the poisons and the vet couldn't help us anymore. Then I found this site. Thank you to the people who recommended benzoyl peroxide for Demodex in dogs.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Mayonnaise
Posted by Susan (Texas) on 08/30/2016

I have a 6 year old Chihuahua who came down with the mange. I was trying everything, I was desperate. After doing research and reading on the web I found the mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar works best. I added a twist to it that makes it even better.

First put mayonnaise all over the dog - it has to be real mayo. Leave on for 30 minutes then rinse very well with warm water.

Then, instead of using shampoo, I took a bar of Caress Beauty soap. Lather up and scrub her all over down to her feet and in between the pads left on for 10 minutes. Then rinse through very well to remove all soap. Then I mixed up apple cider vinegar and water (50/50) and poured over her and allowed her to dry as much as possible without towel drying.

Then I took betadine applied on cotton balls, and apply to affected areas and let dry.

What an amazing difference. In 5 days I have done this twice. Hair is growing back, bumps are gone scabs are gone. I would recommend this to anyone.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Christy (Michigan) on 01/05/2022

So do you pour the vinegar or spray it? My dogs are battling this now and making me sad seeing them like this.

EC: If it's mange, please see our borax and peroxide cure for mange. It is the most effective, without any side effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lynn (San Diego, Ca) on 10/08/2015

So is the ACV or Vingar better than the Hydrogen Peroxide for getting to the root? My dog has just past 3 weeks. I do it every other day. The part on the neck and shoulders back is almost healed. But the chin and around eye is not and looks like red elephant skin. Like to make it go faster! Homeopathic Sulfur and Psorium has helped. Giving Psorium 30 once a week and Sulfur 30 now 200 as least 2 times a week or more. It has help the itch and gets things moving. But the face/chin is a long is this going to take????

I just started Fresh Aloe for itch.

But do you think the Vingar will get to the bad part with the Borax better???? Thanks so so much!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tammy (Tucson, Az) on 01/02/2016

I have a Pitbull I rescued she was about 6 or 7 weeks old at the time. She always had very pink skin, I thought because of her coat being so sparse and getting sunburn. That was until her left side of her face became like Elephant skin, hair loss and her eye swollen shut. The Vet wanted me to use some very nasty toxic mixed spray that has horrific side effects I am not willing to potentially put my Beloved through them when I came along this website.

Did you use straight apple cider vinegar? Or is it best to dilute it and make a spray with it. If spray is recommended, she does not like being messed with so a spray would work better for us, how should this be mixed with water. I have boiled water to disinfect it, just in case, even though I have filtered water.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Also, my Beloved's eye was brown and since this happened to her her eye is now a baby blue. Has this happened to anyone? My Vet has me putting ointment in her eye for bacteria. I have like 9 different things I do for her mange he recommended. Including Bravecto and I read it does indeed kill the mites.

She is getting better.

EC: Apple Cider Vinegar should be diluted with water when used on pet's skin.  You might start with 1 cup vinegar plus 1 cup water.  If it irritates her, use less vinegar.

Aloe Vera Gel
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/05/2016

Hey Robert,

I am not able to advise on aloe vera dose, but I do want to add that a diet change can work wonders for some dogs. Read the label on the dog food and if you see grains try switching to a grain free diet - it can significantly reduce itching. Also if you feed grain free already, switching to a different protien can also help. Lastly, you might consider alkalizing your dog's drinking water or try Ted's Borax protocol for dogs to address systemic yeast in the GI tract which is usually a factor in skin sensitivities.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 04/25/2014

Hey Kavegirl!

If your dog was skin scraped confirmed to have localized demodicosis, you might consider Ted's Mange remedy; I have first hand experience using the remedy for my pup that had demodex and it did the trick!

Borax laundry booster - the plain stuff with NO scent.
1 -16 oz bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide

I get both of these from the grocery store.

Empty hydrogen peroxide into larger bottle - I use an empty 1 gallon vinegar jug. Add to this 32 oz filtered or distilled water - I just refill the hydrogen peroxide bottle twice - and dump into the jug. What this does is change your 3% hydrogen peroxide into 1% hydrogen peroxide.

Next add 1 cup of the borax crystals and shake. There should be some undissolved crystals in the mixed solution - this is just right. I try to use hot water from the kettle on the stove, that or sit the jug of mixture in the sink full of hot water while I bathe the dog.

Bathe the dog - use whatever shampoo and rinse well. Squeeze out excess water and make sure the tub is drained. I then plug up the tub. Now pour the mixed up solution over the dog. I use a small sponge to soak up the solution from the bottom of the tub and squeeze it out onto the dog again and again, making sure I get the head and underneath. Keep squeezing solution over and over onto the dog for about 15 minutes - 30 minutes is better. Then pull the stopper from the tub and let the excess drain. DO NOT DRY THE DOG OR RINSE THE DOG. The solution has to remain wet as it is still working. Allow the dog to air dry. I just pop mine into their crates and I remove any absorbent bedding.

If you are worried about poisoning your dog keep in mind that borax has the same toxicity as table salt. The solution doesn't seem to hurt the eyes or sting any sores on the skin. Some dogs feel instant relief!

Dip the dog once per week for 1 month and up to 2; 8 dips should resolve the demodex and if it does not, then you likely are not dealing with demodex.

Demodectic Mange Remedies
Posted by Om (Hope BC, Canada) on 07/11/2013

Hi Carrie, I am using MMS with success on my dog. We have a few more days to go but it looks good. On Jim Humble's website look for Skin ailments. I am using nothing else least of all vet. meds.

You may need a cone for your dog so it will dry on the body. Very easy regimen. If the skin gets a bit dry in between I use aloe vera and he likes it. All the best. Om

Diaper Rash Ointment
Posted by Jessica (Morrisonville, Il) on 01/03/2016

So it's completely safe to put all over the dogs body where it's bald at?

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Mathew Laban (Kerala, India) on 10/07/2015

All who love their dogs having mange - give slight rock sulphur with its food daily for 15 days and rub any light hair oil, adding menthol in it or rub Vicks Vaporub ( but it is costly). You will find the miracle.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Lesley (Neenah, Wi) on 03/13/2010

Ted, or anyone else, have any of you tried food grade diatomacious earth (DE)? It sure SEEMS to dry everything up fast, including MY white heads, dogs white heads, dogs' black heads (which came pooping out themselves, to be combed out easily with a flea comb) much else. It seems to be so effective at drying out shells/bodies of insects (fleas etc) and so safe, it made me try to use it as a dusting powder on the dog at the site of demodex infection. It certainly SEEMED to work.

I was so pleased (this before Dx with demodex). The vet thought TOO drying and told me to stop as antibiotics were started. My little old shih tzu girl became worse and worse.

When I restarted, (after visiting dog dermatologist who also said not to use, and AFTER things were looking really bad again) once again it all seemed to calm right down.

I also contacted a holistic vet who endorsed it on the site that I purchased the product from and she said it could be used as a cure for generalized demodex, but that I had to purchase her "package" ($125) for her further help.

Somehow, that seemed funny to me--my experience is vets who have answers try to give out that info as much as possible. Am I overly suspicious?


Diaper Rash Ointment
Posted by Dogmom (Fremont, Ca) on 12/30/2009

We have a 12 year old chow/mix, 70 lbs. She was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent chemo treatment for 7 weeks at an vet oncologist. Her cancer is in remission; however, chemo treatment not only kills the cancer cells, her white blood cells were also destroyed. What this means is her immune system is not working. As a result, she developed Demodecosis (Demodex, Mite) and she has an ulcerated wound on her small claws. She looked like a victim of the black plague. The area around her eyes, muzzle, and all four paws turned hairless and black in color. Her mange is almost gone because of antibiotics and Ivermectin. There are only a few spots left and I read about using Desitin, the diaper rash ointment. It works wonders and kills the mites. In a couple of days, those spots have her fur growing back. Just another over the counter remedy. She is back to normal and no more Ivermectin.