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Posted by Lynn W (San Antonio, Texas) on 10/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Our dog Coco who had this when we got her home. She was still a pup. She got this from the mother dog. Coco has a very delicate system. We first tried the vet's way with a dip that stunk like rotten eggs. We brought her home and tried that until the dips irritated her skin and she ran a tempature. We put Coco on local antibiotics one for her face and an oral one. The doctor put her on Ivermectin and it worked for a while until she started to throw up the meds. This is what is used in heart worm medication. Also the vet told us not to give her Ivermectin at the same time as we gave her heart worm meds. When we had stopped the Ivermectin within 3 months the buggers came back in full force. So, we did some research holitically that landed us here on this website. We went to a local pet feed store. They have a lot of holistic foods etc. At the store, I found a local over the counter medicine for sarcoptic mange for dogs and horses. It has linseed oil, pine tree oil and sulfur. It has a smell to it but not as bad as the other stuff from the vet. Asked if it worked and one customer tried it and it worked. I cleaned her with a well known flea and tick shampoo which had Pyrethrin in it. This one product had the highest Pyrethrin in it out of all the others. Pyrethrin is a natural insecticide. We wet her down scrubbed & washed her in our tub with warm water with the flea and tick shampoo and left it on her for about 7 minutes. Her scabs came off. We dried her off. I took a face sponge for make-up put the mange medicine on her. Around her face we used vegetable oil. It took a bottle of that mange medicine. After, I put the mange medicine we rubbed her with vegetable oil. I also used the spray vegetable oil which works well for "Hot Spots". We did this for about 3 weeks. Then we changed our regime and first washed her with some of our vet's shampoo for dogs for delicate skin. It is is a Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo. Then we still used the flea and tick shampoo. Then we stopped the mange lotion and put a biological natural flea and dog spray on her. It has avocado and other natural stuff for their skin as well as something for fleas & ticks. This worked well on her. She's an indoor dog. So far so good. Her hair is growing back and she's happy and playing. We also placed her on a dog food that has Salmon in it for her skin. We also put an insecticide for the yard to kill bugs, fleas, ticks. etc. We washed her bedding and cleaned our carpet with a carpet shampoo. I would suggest covering your furniture and pillows because of the mange medicine. This process takes about three weeks to a month. Ths skin will dry and flake off and the new skin comes in. I hope this helps.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Mayonnaise
Posted by Ka (La Mesa, California) on 09/13/2009

Comment on this post from April ...

07/09/2009: April from North Florida, replies: " For mites on the dog -- try covering the dog with mayonnaise!!! Leave it on as long as you can before rinsing it off. After rinsing I like to shampoo the dog and rinse with vinegar and water. The dog may smell like a salad while wearing the mayo, but the mayo suffocates the mites. We run a dog rescue and take in babies with all sorts of skin ailments, and this works like a charm getting rid of mites. Lots of people claim dogs with mange are incurable - well, the mange caused by mites is taken care of with mayo every time."

April thanks for posting tis.. I did this twice in 12 hrs to my little female pooch

it is awesome.. and the mayo also made her coat smooth and the vinegar balanced out the residual redness of her skin .. I can't believe how well it worked and how calm it made her.. like she was getting a spa treatment .. the may gave her instant relief

guess the mites are less active right away?? And she just laid there I was able to leave the mayo on for over an hour each time. I put sterile gauze pads in the apple vinegar and let them stay on her deflated mite sites......again AWESOME.. about 75 to 80 percent better after the first treatment and a small gain after the 2nd on.. I am letting her skin recuperate and w ill do it again in a day or two

my question.. how often to you do this treatment.. how long does it take ( does it vary) to eliminate all the mite sites? and more specific instructions would be appreciated

a big thanks from me.. and great big wet kiss from Roxie...KA from La Mesa California

EC: Thanks! That post came from this thread:

Baby Oil, Pyrethrin
Posted by Michelle (Riverside, California) on 08/02/2011

Pyrethrin is considered natural as it is derved from a flower The poison you can make from tomatoe plants is deadly toxic but is still considered natural.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax, Neem
Posted by Atts (Brooksville, Fl) on 05/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I found an easy solution for mange. A small matted pekingese ran in front of my daughters car. Well thank god she didnt hit it. She brought her home and she was badly matted with black mange from mid torso to back legs. She was so stinky I could smell her from across the room. I work with a local rescue so she knew I wouldnt turn her away. I shaved the matts. She is a small dog so it was easier to do this. I put olive oil on her for two days and covered it with a small very stretchy sock cutting holes in it like underpants. Of course I removed it to take her outside.

After two days of that I soaked her for 15-20 minutes in Dr Scholls foot soak (CVS has a brand of there own foot soak almost same ingredients) which contains borax, iodine and some other very good ingredients. I did not dry her I let her just blot dry and air dry. I saw immediate improvement in her. I have used the olive oil on many mites and lices before and the foot soak on my own kids that had itchies! So I tried in on this small beautiful girl. What a success! The black skin flaked off and low and behold she had short hair under that huge patchy place. Her coat was full thick and shiney. She laid down and off to sleep she went. Cheap and easy fix. Now I will take her to the vet to check microchip and get a checkup. Hope everything else goes just as well!

General Feedback
Posted by Lara (South Carolina) on 02/06/2015

ANY VET should KNOW that you cannot prescribe SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS *any herding dog* IVERMECTIN!!!!!!!! I cannot believe that he did this. They have a genetic hypersensitivity to it. It will kill them. SMH!

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Jacinta (Cowpens, Sc) on 03/19/2012

I have a little hound mix that has started loosing his hair in several places at first it was just a "hot spot" on his back. I thought he might be getting into something in the yard but we have another dog aswelll that is fine>?? so after a little reserch I realized that alot were using veggie oil! As a kid we dipped them in burnt motor oil now there are sites that show the warning an effects frm motor oil so I was worried I wouldnt be able to find a home remady... After reading ur post we applied veggie oil all over him lol he was so cute the way he acted while I was rubbing that oil on him. So today is the first day I hope this will work an his bald spots will grow new hair not sure how long I have to keep oiling him up an do I give him a bath the next day after I applyed it, then repeat for several days??? please give me some feed bk on how to go about treating him plz thx for all the ideas hope this works.... Its great for people who dont have the mny to continue to take there pets to The vet when times are hard.. there monthy an yearly shots are enough as is so if any one cld help me figure out how long an what to do I wld be greatfull thxxx bunches....

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 12/12/2015

Michelle (Beaumont TX) ---

Please use coconut oil or best, neem oil. Vegetable oil is GMO and very unhealthy. All the best.

Namaste, Om

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Charlene (Kingaroy, QLD) on 12/20/2008

Thank you for mange information. I found your site looking for a remedy for mange that my Blue Cattle dog has. I don`t have lots of money for vets and he is so frantic with scratching and chewing. I will try the Apple Cider Vinegar right away and send an email back about the results. see you in a week or so time.

C M Stanton. Australia

Heart Worm Medication Connection
Posted by New Mexico Glo (Roswell, Nm) on 04/11/2016

One note on using Diatomaceous Earth for worms. It will only work on parasites that it contacts, not heart worms, as they are not in the intestinal tract. I used to give DE to my dogs, then discovered 2 of 6 had round worms, and one had tape worms, so quit giving it all together. I changed to using garlic in their home made foods, and since that time, not one of them has had worms that I have discovered since.

If you live in an area where heart worm is prevalent, please use a good natural mosquito repellent liberally and faithfully to keep your best friend from getting it! The treatment for a heart worm positive dog is brutal, and not something I would wish on anyone.

Sulphur Powder
Posted by Lisa (Brownwood, Texas) on 06/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

When I was a small child my puppy got mange from a stray cat, My grandmother used a paste of Sulfer powder and bacon greese applyed daily until all signs were gone on puppy. It was plyable and stuck to skin and fur. I dont know exact ammounts sorry. But it worked and we never had problems again.

Benzoyl Peroxide
Posted by Berenice (Monterrey, Mexico) on 03/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you very much for this recommendation. Clearasil (benzoyl peroxide) worked wonders on my little dachshund! I used 5% benzoyl peroxide clearasil, just one time and almost all mange has gone. The best part is not watching him scratching and suffering for it.

Benzoyl Peroxide
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc. Canada) on 01/31/2015

Please peruse -- health science .com by Walter Last and do research. Borax is not a poison even though governments are trying to spread the lie. It is a cheap and very effective medicine from the earth. Namaste, Om

Benzoyl Peroxide
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/30/2017

Hey Wendy,

Please try Ted's original formula to treat your puppy:

Please follow the instructions to the letter and report back.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jimbo (Bogo, Philippines) on 03/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

i have found giving dog rubdown with 3% peroxide cures skin diseases very quickly, he will scratch and itch for awhile but it will clean up his skin in less then 3 days, i have street puppy in philippines and used peroxide and could not beleive how fast his fur grew back i used small cotton and swabbed the peroxide on the worst spots first then next day put it in my hand and rubbed it all over

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Rosemary Giordano (Montague, New Jersey) on 01/19/2009

Can I use 3 parts of hydrogen peroxid shampoo with 1 part of water for my 6 month old doberman then after 10 minutes rinse it with water?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Keoki (Angeles City, Philippines) on 06/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

hi! just want to say that i tried this apple cider vinegar to my dog(toy poodel) for the last month he suffer from mange...then i found this site and tried this apple cider vinegar...for 5 days now...and guez what?! it works! my dogs hair now is growing back...just want to say thanks you...


Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt, Local Honey
Posted by Mary (London, Canada) on 12/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My lab/mix suffered from mange and candida 1 year ago and thru this website and others, I was able to stop his paw licking/biting, smelly ears, hot spots, rashes and hair loss on his body with 3 simple ingredients - unpasturized apple cider vinegar (1 tbs per meal) 2 tbs. plain yogurt with acidophillus in it and local , not store bought, honey. The honey can be applied to red areas on their body, I've used the yogurt in his ears to help heal and the ACV also works for fleas and digestive problems. After spending thousands of $$ at my Vet's, the cures were at my health food store. One other mention, switch your pets foods to a Candida free formula. You'll save $$ not visiting the Vet's office

Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt, Local Honey
Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Ma. Usa) on 03/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have found some great things in here, I was just considering puting this kitten to sleep because she had so many illnesses, she would eat and throw it up but it was the hair balls she threw up, then to top things off I didn't know what mange was or even seen it to know, this kitty was a stray and it looked as though she had chewed on her skin so much I couldn't tell what she had, then I came into this site and found out exactly what she has, everything I put on her she laps it right off no matter what it is, I just put mayonaise on her and she loves it(chuckles) it's hard to occupy her time & mind while I am trying to treat her, she was eating her cat food while I put the mayo. On her then she came to eat the mayo. But she is a sweet little girl and worth saving her life, all in all she is doing a 100% better since this site & treatments than when I found her. I changed cat food over to Newman's own(Paul Newman/grandaughter) the food is all home grown and organic, my cat was starving, very thin, I have fed her six or more times a day until she has gained quite a bit of weight. And because the food is all natural as well as organic she is doing great thanks to this wonderful god send of a site. Thank you Ted ;o)

Benzoyl Peroxide
Posted by Busymom (Yes, Florida, United States) on 01/17/2012

My dog was infested with sarcoptic mites. At first I had no idea what it was. He must have had it when I purchased him. He is a standard poodle. He started smelling really bad and scratching ALL the time. I found no fleas.. At a loss I thought maybe he had pyoderma since he had all of these sores on his elbows, stomach, abdomen, hind legs etc.... I took 10% benzoyl peroxide and mixed it with hydrocortizone cream and applied twice a day, after I shaved all these areas. Yes he looked funny. Lol. It cured his mange but irritated his skin.

I took him to the vet and the vet said no, it's not mange and gave him a steroid shot calling it allergies... Well it took away the last of the redness and he was better, but I started him on revolution to be sure. A few weeks later though I broke out... Yep, I caught mange from the dog because I did all his grooming etc... Myself... I am almost completely healed with just a few spots lingering but not very itchy. I am positive he had mange due to me catching it. None of my kids nor my spouse had a single bite. I assume I have no more live mites on me or my hunny would be affected as well. Lol When a vet says allergies... Be suspious and benzoyl peroxide will work!!! I seen it first hand. Oh, so will clove oil. There is even a published study in it.

Brewer's Yeast
Posted by Sherry (Live Oak, Florida) on 07/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

For Mange - Demodectic:

Brewer's Yeast, 10 Grain 650 mg - Vegetarian Tablets. I gave my 9 year old German Shepherd a hand-full of Brewer's Yeast, 10 Grain 650 mg - Vegetarian Tablets two times a day. (a handfull was between 12 to 20 tablets each time). In less than 2 weeks new hair was returning & within 6 weeks her hair was fully returned, and the black hair was no longer dull & grayish, (she was an older dog) it came back very black & shiney & very soft. She never had another skin problem after that.

Most dogs love these tablets & will happily eat them. I now feed them for treats as well. If you have a dog that doesn't like it, you can buy the Brewers Yeast powder & mix it in their food. Brewers Yeast is mostly B vitamins. Very natural & non-toxic. (Be sure to buy a very healthy product with the least artificial ingredients) I bought mine at the health food store, the kind for people. You will go through more than one bottle.

I have used this remedy for Demodectic Mange with great success on more than one dog.

(Side-note: my dog also had problems with her hips, & after a treatment with Brewers Yeast - her hips got better. She quit limping.) I don't mind answering questions about this. Feel free to contact.

Good Luck & God Bless!!!

Sulphur Powder
Posted by Scott Stanley (London, United kingdom) on 07/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, After reading angies story about her rescuing 2 puppies from the hurricane, after reading on to find out they had mange i realised that's what my dog had. i followed her instructions and was expecting a huge bill to have to pay to get rid of the mange but i was surprised to find how little it cost and works. using human shampoo containing sulphur i am so pleased to see my dog happy and playful again, its made me so happy and it only took 1 wash with shampoo, i used head and shoulders and it work. many many thanks to this website and specially to Angie. Thanks.

Sulphur Powder
Posted by Angela (Fort Pierce, Florida) on 06/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I rescued two puppies after Hurricane Wilma and they had a severe case of mange. I took them to my vet and after a series of shots they did get better, however, my entirer family ended up with scabies. Needless to say my female dog got out and became pregnant during her first heat and she delivered a litter of seven pups, not to long ago. Once again my whole family contracted scabies from the puppies after they were weaned from their mother. We have been back and forth to the vet, tried revelution, boric acide, hydro, everything. The one thing I found that cured my dogs, myself and family, was sulfur. We did not have to wait weeks, this occured in days. They felt a million times better after the first shampoo, their hair started to grow back within a couple of days. Sulfur shampoo, soap, spray, and stright powder sulfur is available at most grocery stores for $3 for shampoo, $2 for a bar of soap, these are in the shampoo section for humans, if you do not see sulfur products, ask you pharmisit and they will lead you right to them. Sulfur is also a great cure for human nail fungus. Blessings,

Dietary Considerations
Posted by Frank (Clearfiel, PA) on 02/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I am reading about this concoctions to apply to the animals coat but, what I do not hear is anything about Diet. Diet is key in addition to this concoctions as this Demodex Mange affects the Immune System. Doesn't anyone know this? I have heard no mention of Diet to boost and keep up the immune function.

Dietary Considerations
Posted by Rose (Goodyear, AZ) on 03/12/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Readers are confused about which mange is which. The "Red Mange" is from a mite that lives and breeds in the hair follicle, meaning this mite is below the skin surface. So unless a treatment is actually attacking the hair follicle itself it's not going to do any good. If a surface treatment does work, then it shouldn't be thought of as the Red Mange.

Also, once the dog has been declared mange free, meaning 0 living mites from a skin scraping, there is not a possible re infestation from those mites living in certain places. If a re infestation occurs, the treatment was not successful. Your dog is sick again because not all the mites were killed during treatment, not because you forgot to throw its bedding in the washer. I had to take my Buddy to the vet due to a secondary skin infection that almost took his life. I questioned the need to clean to prevent a reoccurrence and that was what I was told by the vet and it makes sense.

That particular mite is a mite they are born with but due to any number of reasons, poor diet, stress, sickness and so on, their bodies can't fight off that natural occurring mite and the mites go crazy. While the latest treatment is not cheap and trust me, I really can't afford it but I'll make due somehow, it is not a toxic dip or repeated shampoo's. It is a liquid you add to their food and it kills the mites from the inside and that is the best way to attack this particular mite.

Dietary Considerations
Posted by Wendy (PCB, FL) on 11/09/2008

I would like to know what the liquid you give the dog for the demodex/red mange i do not feel the dip treatment i am getting at my vet is working

Sulphur Powder
Posted by Mark (Jacksonville, TX)
5 out of 5 stars

1 part water soluble sulfur, 1 part calamine lotion, 1 part aloe vera liquid:

mix in large pot, add 1 gallon sterile water,and bring to slow boil. reduce heat, and simmer 20-30min. Let cool. Wash dog with solution let air dry on animal, do not towel off. Works in 1-2 treatments shows results in most cases within 1st. week. Complete recovery within 3-4 weeks. Remember not to allow re infection by removing old bedding,and spraying area with good insecticide. Keep animal and family healthy by good hygiene practices.

Petroleum Jelly
Posted by Rita (Rolla, MO)
5 out of 5 stars

I've found a cure for the sarcoptic (red) mange in dogs.

First, shave your dog. Then bathe it thoroughly in any good dog shampoo (medicated is best). Then apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly (vaseline) to the entire dog's body paying particular attention to the edges of the ears and the tail. Re-shampoo and re-apply petroleum jelly every other day for 2 weeks. Don't worry about the dog licking off the petroleum jelly, it's non-toxic.

The mites should be gone in the 2 weeks and within a month it's hair should be re-growing. It's absolutely essential to shave the dog completely to the skin, regardless of a short or long-hair dog. I tried many home remedies and vet's prescriptions and this worked the best.

Posted by Max (Havana, Ar. ) on 06/13/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Finally figured out dog had mange. She is 14-15 yrs old, yorkie about 10 lbs. Teds peroxide, borax remedy, at first made the itching worse but over time it got better, you must persist. After prayer the thought came to me her immune system might be weakened from age and I couldn't afford good food. I remembered using a product to save one of her eyes after vet said it must come out. The product is 4Life Transfer Factor Plus. I had little left over and started giving it to her, within a week the hair began coming back. If I stop giving it she begins scratching again.

Mange is agony for dogs and I will do without something to keep her on transfer factor. I used it at half capsule (human formula) a few times a day until seeing a difference, then once a day. Now I give half a capsule of the human formula every other day. I might add it works great for flu or colds. I don't usually promote things but google it and see the testimonies. It supports the immune system and aids in healing. This is the truth so help me God. God bless you all who are helping the helpless creatures.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Garret (Tennessee) on 06/15/2017

I also have tried the same thing with the diatmaceous earth. How did you apply it to your dogs? I mixed a few cups in with warm water, shook it up real good then applied it to their skin after they were brushed. It seems to be effective. However, just started treatment last week on four dogs with sarcoptic mange.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Yolanda (Baltimore) on 07/01/2017

My understanding is that once the DE dries out it will work again, but that it won't work WHILE it is wet...

Coconut Oil
Posted by Juliana (Middle East) on 08/17/2017

I agree with the last post; the shell shards do not melt nor change shape when wet....think of shells in the sea. Otherwise, how could one possibly ingest the Food Grade DE and have it do any good whatsoever inside the body where most everything is wet, especially traveling through the digestive tract? No, DE is mechanical/physical and it also purportedly has a type of electron charge that attracts the bad buggers internally, but leaves the friendly microbiome alone. Do not ingest if it is not known/labeled as Food Grade. And advised not to ingest within 2-4 hours of taking an Rx or supplement, just to be on the safe side.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Jodi P. (Lansing, Michigan) on 08/30/2017

You say put it all over the house. I have all wood floors..when I put it on our dogs. what if they lick it?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Doris (Virginia) on 10/02/2017

If it's dangerous to people, it's definitely more fatal to animals, if they inhale that stuff.... I would try a paste, made with uncooked coconut or almond oil and sulfur powder. It's supposed to cure the problem...

Coconut Oil
Posted by Jay (Western Us) on 10/25/2017

If the DE will be ingested, it needs to be 'food grade' DE, which is harder to find and more expensive. If the DE isn't food grade, yes, ingestion or inhalation can be an issue for both dogs and humans because of silica.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Bebops40 (Gaffney, Sc) on 10/25/2017

If it's food grade they can eat it n lick it just not breath it

Coconut Oil
Posted by Desiree (Sterlington La) on 12/27/2017
5 out of 5 stars

This works great, just make sure it is food grade. We bought it at home depo and did not get food grade and it caused more hair loss but did kill the mites. I'm now treating my pups skin with desitin to heal her skin and it also helps with growing hair back in.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Desiree (La) on 12/27/2017

You need to put it on as a powder and it will work. When it gets wet, it becomes ineffective but once it dries it will work again.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Troy (Thunder Bay) on 03/21/2018

Re: using wet vs dry.... when consuming human-grade DE yes it will of course get wet but that does not matter as you are consuming it to absorb the minerals it provides. On the other hand, when you are using it to kill insects and parasites it must be dry as it is the surface texture that works to penetrate the insects exoskeleton. If it is wet it will clump together much like a snowball, being much less effective.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Diamond (Ma., Essex) on 01/11/2016

I had a very hard time & a sad one at that, I found a cat where later on I was not aware of what she had, I checked with our Vet. he was very vague as to what it was but he stated that what is out side also is inside. So I continued doing many web searches as well as EarthClinic this cat was tiny where I thought she was a kitten the Vet.said she was an old lady, I used the information from EarthClinic I treated her as often as possible, what I found was very strange, she had these very sharp prong like things sticking out around the tail/lower back only in the winter then summer time I could no longer feel them.

Needless to say she slept close to my small older dog, when summer came I checked my dog & saw what I thought were either fleas or ants she was infested with them, I took her to the groomers & had her shaved completely, whatever they were was gone but in the mean-time these fleas(?) Mange had laid eggs in-side of my dogs skin, she was digging her fur right off & deep into her skin was raw & bleeding. I did the mange treatments every three to four days, I also found that these mites attach themselves to animals with very weak immunity, I say this because I have a younger dog that he only needed to be bathed with Teds solution once then I applied ACV & he was good to go, how-ever I give my pets probiotics every day, my Cock-A-Poo is hanging in there but still itches but not quite as bad.

I also learned of another product called diatomaceous earth food grade product, I applied this after all of her treatments had helped the most but to secure the issue.It's a very messy powder the dogs shake it off every where, so I spend most of my time cleaning, but I love my pets, how-ever my poor little kitty was serving life with this mange I could not see any results with any healing what-so-ever, she kept tapping my leg & I looked into her eyes I knew she was in much pain, her eye was constantly draining tears where it looked like blood stains.I had to have her put to sleep. My other two dogs are doing a little better, I have high hopes of my Cock-A-Poo getting better or at least more comfortable she is eighty years old in peoples age, she is totally blind but does very well other wise. Thank You for allowing me to share.

Neem Oil
Posted by Leeniemud (Jessieville, Ar) on 05/04/2015

I've seen neem oil mentioned in posts for mange but what is neem oil used for? I'm a bit confused. Is it for dry skin treatment?

Neem Oil
Posted by Leenie (Jessieville, Ar) on 05/08/2015

I found the answer on Ted's website.

Neem Oil
Posted by Bea (Us) on 08/28/2016

Neem oil is applied topically to kill or repel bugs; google, maybe it is antibacterial, as well. I have found that only a few drops of it mixed into dog conditioner and applied all over totally eradicated a terrible flea infestation (can't use advantage as one dog is allergic).

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