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Posted by Max (Havana, Ar. ) on 06/13/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Finally figured out dog had mange. She is 14-15 yrs old, yorkie about 10 lbs. Teds peroxide, borax remedy, at first made the itching worse but over time it got better, you must persist. After prayer the thought came to me her immune system might be weakened from age and I couldn't afford good food. I remembered using a product to save one of her eyes after vet said it must come out. The product is 4Life Transfer Factor Plus. I had little left over and started giving it to her, within a week the hair began coming back. If I stop giving it she begins scratching again.

Mange is agony for dogs and I will do without something to keep her on transfer factor. I used it at half capsule (human formula) a few times a day until seeing a difference, then once a day. Now I give half a capsule of the human formula every other day. I might add it works great for flu or colds. I don't usually promote things but google it and see the testimonies. It supports the immune system and aids in healing. This is the truth so help me God. God bless you all who are helping the helpless creatures.