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Vinegar and Water Solution
Posted by Dianec (Los Angeles, Ca, United States) on 03/06/2010
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Dear Earth Clinic,

I have a pet male dog that is 10 years old, he is a half-breed pit bull. Pongo began biting his back area just above his tail one day and I would wash and treat the area with over-the- counter medication for dogs. But commercial products would not work. Eventually the area became so troublesome that I would find the hair on his backside wet and with some blood on it where Pongo bit the area with his teeth as the itching was so unbearable. It hurt me to see my dog suffering so much.

This is what worked for Pongo:

1. I would wash the itchy area with soap and water (Pongo felt happy with the soap wash) I washed the area with ordinary bath soap (Dove), then I would rinse the infected area with a solution of water and vinegar (half water and half vinegar! BE SURE TO RINSE OFF ALL THE SOAP!

I did this routine daily (once a day) and eventually the mange completely healed. It has never returned!