How to Use a Needle to Get Rid of Ganglion Cysts

| Modified on Jan 27, 2024
Pierce With a Needle
Posted by Ursa (Philadelphia, Pa, Usa) on 03/29/2012

I had a ganglion cyst that refused to yield to smashing (book method), oil pulling, salt soaks, or grape seed supplements. It was hurting my wrist more and more each day and becoming more grotesque to the point I was dreading having to give up long sleeves.

Finally, I ordered an 18 gauge sterile piercing needle. I had to steel my nerve for this but it was actually not very difficult once I set my mind to it. I pierced it from the side to avoid accidentally puncturing anything important in my wrist in case I overshot the cyst. Well, the needle was only about halfway in and already thick liquid began to come out. I removed the needle and "milked" the cyst gently. I was not uncomfortable at all. A lot of thick, gel-like fluid came out. When it was over, my wrist looked normal again and more importantly, felt so much better!

I soaked it in saltwater for about 25 minutes before bandaging it for safety and I'm typing now in complete comfort. I would try the other methods again first if it came back or I got another one but I'm glad I had this option when all else failed.