Ganglion Cyst Natural Remedies and Pain Relief

Vitamin C

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Posted by Joanne (Tulsa, Ok) on 02/23/2012

I had a ganglion cyst years ago, I took large dose daily of crystal "C". The pain stopped first, then the bump disappeared. A few years later, I was pressured to stop my "C" intake by my GYN, because I was pregnant... Mistake. The ganglion cyst returned, but disappeared after I started by crystal "C" again. Crystal "C" is a high dosage vitamin C. My daughter is now 18 years old, and the cyst has not returned.

Replied by Susan

Joanne, how much crystal C did you take daily and where did/do you get it? Thanks, Susan

Vitamin E

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Posted by Crystal (Tracey, CA) on 02/16/2013

In the last two weeks I had a ganglion cyst (also an ailment) once again surface on my hand. I bought vitamin e capsules. Took them within 24 hours hand cyst gone. Bartholin gland 3/4 of size. Vitamin e!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless Laura (Ventnor, NJ) on 08/10/2009. for her posting in the ganglion cyst section!!!!!!!

Replied by Connie
(Elmira, NY)

I know it also works for cysts in the breast.

Replied by Judy

Can you please tell me how much Vit E did you take and how much each time you took it per day?

Weight Training, Nattokinase

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Posted by Susan (Westhampton) on 06/01/2017

I had a small but slowly growing ganglion cyst just on my wrist at the crease mark area. I tried a few remedies over the past two years that I read on the Earth Clinic site like massage, banging it with a book (hilarious) and rubbing frankincense oil on it every night. Nothing made a dent, just like everyone reports.

Tonight I looked at my wrist and realized my ganglion cyst has COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! There are only 2 recent changes I have made, so it's either one of the following OR the combination that dissolved the cyst.

1. I started using light weights at the gym for my arms. I do forearm lifts using a 10 lb weight. I have been doing this for the past 2 months, two or three times a week.

2. I take a nattokinase supplement, half dose, every other day. I don't like to take too much of it because it causes a small cut to bleed more than normal. I have also been taking the past few months.

I am very happy about this! I had been told surgery was my only option.

I will update everyone in case I stop doing one or both of these things and it starts to come back or if I can pinpoint whether it was the nattokinase or the weight lifting that dissolved the cyst. For now I can happily report a 100% cure. Yea, ganglion cyst be gone!

Replied by Don
(Michigan, USA)

Or coincidence.

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