How to Use a Needle to Get Rid of Ganglion Cysts

| Modified on Jan 27, 2024

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Posted by Ursa (Philadelphia, Pa, Usa) on 03/29/2012

I had a ganglion cyst that refused to yield to smashing (book method), oil pulling, salt soaks, or grape seed supplements. It was hurting my wrist more and more each day and becoming more grotesque to the point I was dreading having to give up long sleeves.

Finally, I ordered an 18 gauge sterile piercing needle. I had to steel my nerve for this but it was actually not very difficult once I set my mind to it. I pierced it from the side to avoid accidentally puncturing anything important in my wrist in case I overshot the cyst. Well, the needle was only about halfway in and already thick liquid began to come out. I removed the needle and "milked" the cyst gently. I was not uncomfortable at all. A lot of thick, gel-like fluid came out. When it was over, my wrist looked normal again and more importantly, felt so much better!

I soaked it in saltwater for about 25 minutes before bandaging it for safety and I'm typing now in complete comfort. I would try the other methods again first if it came back or I got another one but I'm glad I had this option when all else failed.

Replied by Bizzyditchaz
(Spokane, Wa)

Holy Cow do you have a calm stomach to do that! I have a cyst right now on the base of my thumb about the size of a quarter and seems to be getting larger, AND I am starting to feel it. Sore. Needle aspirations freak me out because I had one in my breast once and it was unreal painful. So yeah, I am pretty gun shy to have it done again.

Replied by Bruce31s
(New Orleans, La)

Fyi, this is the one of the techniques doctors use to remove/drain the cyst from the affected area. If you don't have the stomach to do it yourself, ask your bdoctor to do it. they have the necessary equpiment to do this.

Replied by Alex

Me too, I pierced the ganglion cyst over my wrist with a syringe needle that cuts a good hole and not just a pin. I pierced it sideways in order not to go deep downwards. Be careful if any vein is nearby. With milking some of the white jell come out even from the hole in the skin. The bump is now 90% down, and only an empty cyst now remains after one day which I bandage it an put some Frankincense Oil in order to clear and not reappear. Be careful to sterilize the skin before. Without the syringe and with only the needle one can do more delicate movements but with the syringe attached one can suck the cyst and not milk it too much.
It doesn't hurt. It is much better than smashing it with a heavy book. Not even a drop of blood came out. I have tried before the frankincence oil and epsom salt for a week with no success.

Replied by Linda
(New Zealand)

I keep piercing mine with an ordinary sewing needle every week or so, but it still builds up regularly.

Initially I thought I had a deep seated splinter, but after about 4 months I went to the doctor and was told it was a ganglion caused by arthritis. She was not happy with me doing the piercing, but I will keep doing it and eventually get it surgically removed if it doesn't disappear.

After piercing and squeezing I cover with a plaster with betadine and so far I haven't got any infection.

Replied by Alex

Hi Linda,

I had the same problem with you. My cyst built up in about 2 months. The second time I milked it out with a syringe needle I put a bondage in my wrist the whole night. Just above the cyst and in the bandage I put some cotton with some drops of Frankincense Oil. I do also some massage in the morning, something like put the empty cyst tissue in place. Bandage is referred in wikipedia as doing good in classic medicine for ganglion cysts.

Then cyst hasn't refilled for months and I even saw the remaining empty cyst tissue shrinking to minimum after about two months of every day treatment.

Replied by Jim

Mine is on my right elbow, and damn awkward to get to seeing as I'm right handed

Replied by Warner

Jim, you might have an olecranon bursitis. See ortho and don't mess with it. Many spontaneously resolve if rested but ortho can aspirate and inject corticosteroid to relieve chronic inflammation.