Coconut Kefir for Ganglion Cysts

| Modified on Nov 13, 2023

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Posted by V (Dayton, Oh) on 02/27/2010

I made my first coconut kefir last week. I took 2 tsp a day and in 1 week my ganglion cyst I had for years is GONE!!!

Replied by Barbara
(Tucson, Az)

Coconut is antifungal, so that remedy probably works when it is due to fungal parasite such as Valley Fever. I took a product called Berberine that is good for fungal Valley fever and diabetes from and it improved dramatically in days! Its fungal that gives us diabetes, RA, COPD and autoimmune. Its very scary for me because that stuff that leads from cyst is within my wrist and at first felt like it was trying to interfere with my blood flow and had my breath taken away once when it first began, but haven't felt that again. It is also still painful and makes my hand feel heavy like it is interfering with my circulation. I have horrible health care, you know like for the last eight years of this administration! I have had to learn how to help myself with these natural products and herbals. It is miraculous! There is another more scientific website that I am looking for on this new internet subscription that I believe reported to use lots of Oregano and Thyme. I have also been heavily pouring those products on my food. There was a lot more than that! The goal of fungus is to take everything back to the earth!

Replied by Tress
(Washington Dc)

What exactly did you do to get rid of your ganglion cyst on your foot?

EC: She ate 2 teaspoons of coconut kefir a day.