Noni Juice for Ganglion Cysts

| Modified on Jan 27, 2024

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Posted by Joyce (Easley, Sc) on 07/21/2014

I had a ganglia cyst all through my highschool years. They called it a 'book bump' and said I could wack it and it might go away. I can not recall how many times I took a book to that thing and it ALWAYS came back.

A good friend gave me a bottle of NONI when it was first coming out and a big 'NEW" deal. It was a top quality brand 100% noni, NO FILLERS.

Anyway, she gave it to me as a gift to see if it would help my hormone imbalance. I drank a couple TBS of it for a month and never saw a difference in my hormones, but my ganglia cyst just disappeared. Never to return. that was over 20 years ago. Weird. I had that ganglia cyst for so many years it blew me away to see what my own body could do, just giving it the 'right tools'.

So... just keep eating healthy people, if it doesn't help one thing, it is probably helping another.

Food- Eat what heals you, not what kills you.