How to Give Apple Cider Vinegar to Cats Orally

How to Administer ACV in Food or Water
Posted by Kitty (Hengelo) on 06/30/2018
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Hi! My cat can not have fish due to her thyroid disorder ...Medication was a problem at first but I manage to give her drops in catmilk. It's not good for her either because of iodine in milk.....but a tiny bit is the best solution so far....tablets will go in with certain brands catfood, the sticky ones..not the ones I like her to have like gourmet.I prefer to give her healthy food and raw but lately shes been so ill, this has all changed now..Raw food might even be too hard on her kidneys...I'm not sure about the apple cider vinegar..i thought I might add it to the catmilk as well but she threw it up just now...she rejects it in water, so perhaps if I add a pinch of baking soda..someone suggested it..this might take away from the acidity odor?

EC: Hi Kitty, you can squeeze a saturated cotton ball with diluted ACV (1 part water to 1 part ACV) to the scruff of your cat's neck (top, near skull) once or twice a day instead of trying to put it in your pet's water dish or food. It's a gentle and effective way to get ACV in cats and dogs. The transdermal method is just as effective as giving it to them internally.