Chanca Piedra Herbal Benefits

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Sheilaann (Long Beach, Ca) on 06/17/2018

Just signed up for the site after reading some great information. My question is what brand name of chanca piedra is best? I have been reading about so many benefits. People are talking about dosage all day long, but no brand names. And when there is anything, the links are so old they are non-existent. The only one I found was Swanson. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! If we can't list brand names, then please state as such😄

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/18/2018 235 posts

Sheilaann, chanca piedra is a herb, search for the organic dried herb, this is best. Mine I bought as a tea but the only ingredient is chanca piedra in loose, dried form. 5 cups a day to break stones. Best to you

Posted by Janie (Magnolia, Texas) on 09/16/2017

Bill, I also have osteoporosis in my right hip and I have been put on Calcium and vitamin D but my blood test show my calcium is normal. My Vitamin D and magnesium were also within normal range. My Dhea, Estradiol, Progesterone and Protein were low. I am taking a supplement which has calcium algae, Boron, Magnesium and Vitamin D along with vitamin k2 and another supplement of 7 Keto DHEA. But I do have calcium deposits noted on my aortic valve which causes a mild stenosis. Would I be able to take the chanca piedra and expect to see this clear up?

Where to Buy: Africa
Posted by Leshan Sakaya (Kenya) on 01/30/2017

How can I access this product in Kenya. chanca Piedra

Where to Buy - Kenya
Posted by Jane (Nairobi) on 11/02/2016

Re: Chanca Piedra - Where can I get this plant in Kenya?

Where to Buy - Kenya
Posted by Rose (Mombasa) on 11/07/2016

Where to buy chanca piedra in mombasa?

Posted by Marcin (Toronto, Canada) on 05/18/2015

I do not know about Chanca piedra, but take Myrrh in powder (make a tea) or in capsules. It scrapes cholesterol out of the body.

Chanca Piedra Side Effects
Posted by Linda (Dallas, Texas) on 05/01/2015
0 out of 5 stars

Chanca Piedra for removing calciums deposits and lowering high blood pressure.

I had ordered some and after taking a dropper full, I became light headed, and had a headache. I also read an article that said after 10 days, blood pressure was not lowered after using chanca Piedra.

Can you give me a location of studies of chanca piedra and testimonies of lowering blood pressure and removing calcium deposits? thanks. Linda

Kidney Stones
Posted by Bernadine (Gloucester, Ma) on 03/31/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Hi, I find chandra piedra works very well for my phosphorus stone problem, but it interferes with my sleep so I have to take a very low dose for short spurts, then after being off try again. It has calmed my renal system totally doing that. Does anyone know if chandra piedra helps get your parathyroids to start producing hormone again?

I have both hyperthyroid and hyperparathyroid issues and then at times I fluctuate to hypo. I also have Hashimotos. With this autoimmunity going on it appears that it and much more get past the brain barrier for me and cause the insonmia. Have tried everything and am working on healing my leaky gut, but I am a thin, fit, woman already with alkaline urine ph, and I don't have the associated gut symptoms. I suspect chemical and or heavy metal toxicity. I take lots of magnesium chloride and don't think it effects my sleep.

Any advice?

Where to Buy - India
Posted by Rintu (Bangalore, India) on 12/17/2014

Please let me know the store location in Bangalore , I am looking for Stone breaker or chanca piedra powder or tablet. Please let me know or suggest to me where can I get this.

Hepatitis B
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/23/2018 235 posts

Josephine, I have not used chanca piedra for hbv but would recommend covering and steeping your tea for minimum 20 minutes before you drink. Steeping longer brings out the bitter properties which can only be beneficial for the liver. Best to you.

Hepatitis B
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 07/19/2022

Hi Lacusman in Ghana,

Chanca Piedra Tea (Sometimes known as "Stone-Breaker" Tea)

Preparation: Add 4 level teaspoons of Chanca Piedra to 5 cups of boiling water. Reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for between 15 to 20 minutes. When cool, you strain the tea and discard the leaves. This will make 4 cups of tea. Serve hot or cold. Store in a refrigerator in a glass container (with a lid on) for up to a week. This may save you some prep. time.

Chanca Piedra Tea is claimed to support the health of the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, bladder and pancreas. It is also said to promote healthy fat digestion.

For Urgent and Immediate use take one cup of tea 3 - 4 times per day for liver-gall bladder support and 6 - 8 times per day for kidney-bladder support on an EMPTY stomach (important) for up to one month or as directed by your health care professional.

For a Maintenance Dosage you take one cup of tea once or twice daily on an empty stomach for 5 or 6 days per week.

Wishing you well on your recovery journey

Cheers from Down Under

Calcium Buildup
Posted by Jo (Surrey, England) on 02/14/2013

I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder 3 years ago. X-ray showed a build-up of calcium around my shoulder joint. Cortisone injection did absolutely nothing, same with painkillers. Eventually got rid of the raw, tearing pain with acupuncture.

However, 3 years later I still have a lot of stiffness in that shoulder. I was wondering if Chanca Piedra might be worth trying to dissolve the calcium. Any views or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Calcium Buildup
Posted by Sue (Fairfax, Va Usa) on 02/15/2013

Thank you so much, Bill. While I rarely consume vegetable oil (I use coconut oil) and am already taking many of the supplements you mention (kelp tablets, Iodoral, magnesium, fish oil, vitamin D, K2 and minerals including boron and silica have been part of my regimen for years), obviously it's not working. What you say about calcium/magnesium proportions makes a lot of sense, as well as the chemical forms. I will try the things you suggest, and I really appreciate your time and thoughts! -- Sue

Kidney Stones
Posted by Diane (New Jersey) on 04/30/2016

Hi Bill,

I have just been diagnosed with a 2.5mm kidney stone which was too dense to respond to laser lithotripsy. I believe my doctor wants to go the kidney surgery route next which would be a nightmare for me! I may be able to put it off for a few months, but I am on borrowed time. I read in your previous posts that "tea" is your preferred method - is this just putting a powder in hot water or letting the leaves soak for a few minutes, then straining? I have also bought the "liquid herbal extract" - is this the water extract you referred to? I need something that works quickly and effectively (you should have seen the look on the doctor's face when I referenced CP). I appreciate any tips you can give me - I am new at this thing. Thanks.

Kidney Stones
Posted by Diane (Pompton Lakes, Nj Usa) on 04/27/2017


I just wanted to touch base with you-

I've been on 3 cups/day of chanca piedra tea + magnesium and potassium citrate daily for about a year now. There a no changes in 2.5cm. stone size according to ultrasound, although I don't know if density has changed. I will stick with it if this needs more time, or will increase dosage of tea if necessary. I am not in any pain at all, and don't mind continuing with this regimen, but would like to dissolve this boulder once and for all. I am hesitant to go the gallium nitrate route as I prefer a gentler way of dissolving such a large kidney stone. Can chanca piedra take this long to work? Thanks so much for your input.

How to Prepare
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 09/28/2012

Hi Ed2010... I use one whole chanca piedra plant, with roots included, for the decoction. I chop the plant up, bruise the stem amd roots to open it up, then add it to a large pan. I add 2 litres of water. Then I boil this gently to reduce the liquid in the pan down to about 1 litre.

I let it cool then decant the liquid off, strain it, and put it into a sealed glass container and store it in the fridge. The way that I take my doses is by filling a glass a third full with the CP decoction and then topping up with fresh orange juice. CP tastes quite bitter so fruit juice does help to get it down.

If you are buying the CP powder, then you can take this as a tea with fruit juce or with hot green tea perhaps - say mixed with a 1/4 of a teaspoon CP powder. Drink two or three cups a day.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/27/2016

Hi Lea...Just use Chanca piedra (CP) on its own for gallstones -- that should easily be enough to dissolve and get rid of them. After all, CP's other nick-name is "Stone Breaker" with a long and highly successful history and reputation for dissolving both kidney stones and gallstones.

Take the Chanca piedra as a tea four times a day if you can (CP is not poisonous). If this is not possible then take 500 mgs capsules three times a day.

Avoid buying any herbs that have added chemicals or are denoted as "chemically standardized". Adding chemicals to the herb ruins the synergicity of all the herb's active natural chemical components and so this form does not work so well. Instead, you should always buy herbs that are either organic or wild-crafted in order to preserve the natural synergicity of the chemicals in the herb. This form always works the best.

It's difficult to say how long it will take to dissolve your stone. In fact, it's probably more correct to say that you probably have many gallstones and not just one stone. I estimate that you will see results within the week and you should feel much better after 3 or 4 weeks on this protocol. I would also cut down on dairy foods for a while -- avoid foods like milk, cheese, yoghurt. Calcium is a formative constituent of gallstones, so you should also avoid calcium rich foods.

Also, taking magnesium citrate -- 250 mgs twice a day with meals -- will also help to both alkalize the cells and it will also help to more properly balance the Calcium in the body.

Also be aware that supplementing CP lowers blood presssure, lowers blood sugar and helps to remove excess calcium from the blood. So if you are currently taking any drugs that do the same thing -- then taking CP might be contraindicated.

Posted by Ong3 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 10/02/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Chanca piedra is a better remedy for gout. I have tried ACV, tart cherry juice and some others but I find chanca piedra most effective. I mixed a teaspoon of chanca piedra powder in a glass of warm water and drink the mixture. You should feel the pain lessen in a few hours. Twice a day if you are already suffering from gout. The mixture is quite bitter or take chanca piedra in capsule form, without the bitterness.

Chanca Piedra Side Effects
Posted by HisJewel (United States) on 04/17/2019

Hi again Jill D. I decided to go ahead and look up sided effects of Chanca Piedra. I found out there are two types of Chanca Piedra: Phyllanthus niruri and Phyllanthus amarus.

The first mention Phyilanthus niruri is said to be safe non toxic with few side effects. The second mentioned Phyilanthus and in High doses could be toxic and may be harmful to kidneys.. I tried it out Chanca Piedra about February 2019, the company I ordered from does not say what type of Chanca Piedra it is, it just says organic and says to take 1000mg once a day. Which proved too strong for me.


Where to Buy
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 08/25/2015

Just wondering - has anybody in Australia been able to get their hands on chanca piedra as I would like to try for gallstones. Thank you.

Where to Buy
Posted by Nana (Accra) on 08/13/2016

Chanca piedra is all over Ghana the local name is Awo ba agu nakyi .

Posted by Lilykam (Qld) on 05/17/2015

Arteriosclerosis: I have blocked Iliac and femoral arteries and refuse to have Angioplasty/Stents etc.

I know Stonebreaker (chanca Piedra) dissolves kidney and gallstones and wanted to know if it will also dissolve calcium in arteries.

Posted by Kathleen (Virginia) on 01/20/2017

I would prefer Myrrh capsules. I see where people take 2-3 caps 3 times per day. That is too many for me to take. Is it possible to take less? Also is it hard on the stomach?

Posted by Pay It Forward (PNW) on 12/11/2021

Thank you - Lots of good info in your post.

If I may add... The large Rotterdamn Study of nearly 5K men/women showed that for Arterial Cardiovascular Calcification, interestingly, MK7 (to MK9) forms of K2 proved most effective, while MK-4 did not impact outcomes.

Chanca Piedra Side Effects
Posted by Bee (New York) on 05/01/2015

Linda.. I am not sure why that happened to you but for me I have been drinking three cups of chanca piedra tea every few days and I am expelling painful gallstones and a bunch of things..I am feeling this is amazing and I am going to keep doing it until my pain is gone.....

The only thing I can think of is maybe you are getting rid of toxins and you had this reaction. I don't know but for me its working well... and I do have high blood pressure but I wasn't using it for that.. maybe an extra bonus..

Where to Buy Seeds: Australia
Posted by Debram (Australia) on 10/12/2014 47 posts

I have searched high and low to find seeds for the Chanca Piedra, otherwise known as Phyllanthus Niruri and the 2 places I did find online, were sold out. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the seeds of this plant. I live in Australia. Thank you.


Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Cathey (Covina, Ca) on 08/26/2016

You can order Chanca Pieda online from

Where to Buy - South Africa
Posted by Tebogo (South Africa) on 07/30/2014

Hi, please advise if you have a store in south arica. please provide the address if you have a store in gauteng.

Where to Buy - South Africa
Posted by Lebohang (Johannesburg ) on 09/02/2016

Hi..where can I buy chanca piedra in South Africa?

Where to Buy - South Africa
Posted by Maureen (Free State) on 10/01/2016

Can someone please let me know where to purchase Chanca Piedra online in South Africa. Thank you.

Where to Buy - South Africa
Posted by Bee (New York) on 10/01/2016

I am not sure if you can get this shipped to where you are? Im in the U.S... I order it from a company called sunfoods online.......... maybe you can check with them..

Where to Buy - Canada
Posted by Anicka (Canada) on 06/04/2014

I need chanca piedra liquid 4oz ASAP. do you sell it . how much? How long for shipping? I live in Nelson British Columbia Canada. I went on and cannot be shipped before June 17-25 more that 15 days.

Waiting in pain


EC: Anicka, we don't sell chanca piedra.  If you google 'chanca piedra canada' you will find sources within Canada who may be able to get it to you quickly.  Good luck!

Where to Buy - Canada
Posted by Shawn (Ottawa) on 07/09/2016

Here in Canada you can get from - they ship very fast. I got mine the next day if you order before 10am EST

Where to Buy
Posted by Wyandotte (Canada) on 05/08/2022 13 posts

No, I wasn't having kidney stone issues - that I know of. But there can be gravel gathering there for some time. I think that was the case with me.

Chanca Piedra Contraindications
Posted by Laurie (Rochester Hills, Mi) on 01/08/2017


This is not a sales pitch! I had high calcium and pth (parathyroid hormone) docs said we'd "keep an eye on it"...for 15 years. I did some research and found a parathyroid clinic. I asked my endocrinologist if the Norman Parathyroid Clinic was legit, and she told me if my insurance covered any portion, that I should go to Tampa to have the surgery to remove the diseased parathyroid gland/tumor...that the docs at the Norman Parathyroid Clinic (it's located in Tampa General Hospital) were the best...that's all they do, all day, every day...that's why the surgery there is 20 minutes. My scar is less than 1 inch long and is almost invisible. It sounds crazy that I flew from MI to FL for a 20 minute outpatient surgery, but I'm so glad I did. I'm also not one to comment online, but saw your comment and had to reach out. Good luck!!

Calcium Buildup
Posted by Sue (Fairfax, Va Usa) on 02/14/2013

Question for Bill: I'm interested in chanca piedra for kidney stones (passed one 2 weeks ago, there are 3 small ones, 1-2mm, in rt. Kidney). But you mention it can remove (excess) calcium from bones, and I have severe osteoporosis... Also, though I am not on blood pressure meds, mine is normally low, about 110/60, with occasional atrial ectopic heartbeats and tachycardia. So I'd be concerned if the herb lowers it further. Do you have any experience with these issues? So very grateful for your thoughts, and all your enormously informative posts!

Calcium Buildup
Posted by Kingq (Chonburi, Thailand) on 01/19/2014

What is the best method and dosage of Chanca Piedra to take for gallstones? Capsule or tea? Capsules are easier for me.

Kidney Stones
Posted by Diane (New Jersey) on 06/09/2016

Hi Bill...It turns out that the kidney stones I have (incl. the 2.5 cm.) are uric acid/calcium. I am continuing on the CP capsules and have added 240 mg/day magnesium (as amino acid chelate) as well as doctor's prescription of potassium citrate (15 meq). The Dr.says I will never dissolve these stones and wants to operate through my back and retrieve them. Will the chanca piedra still work on these types of stones? I will continue the CP regimen for as long as I have to if it means avoiding this surgery. I am also going to start the tea form if it is more potent. Thank you so much.

Kidney Stones
Posted by Diane (New Jersey) on 06/14/2016

Bill, thank you so much for your prompt response -

2 more questions:

Are there any dietary restrictions/limitations during this regimen (dairy, calcium, oxalates, purines)?
Can the tea form of chanca piedra also be taken daily for a longer duration(months)?

Your input is much appreciated - thank you.

Kidney Stones
Posted by Joanne (Victoria, Canada) on 07/03/2017

Yes, it will work. Best to add K2 and D drops to your diet to avoid them in the first place.

How to Prepare
Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 09/28/2012

Hi Bill, Can you explain the recipe to make Chanca Piedra - Phylanthus Niruri decoction. I take it as mixing 1/2 tsp cp with a glass of water, leaving it for 5 mins. And then drink it. I like to test your method to see its effects. thanks

Kidney Stones
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/09/2017

Abigail, I would stop taking it until the pain stops. Then you might start again but in a much lower dose.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/19/2014

Hi Debra...I'm afraid exporting/importing whole live plants/seeds from one country to another is extremely complicated, laden with rules, expensive and just not viable I'm afraid. It's also unlikely that Chanca piedra will ever be sold as a garden plant -- because it is a very plain plant that is essentially a weed with small flowers.

My opinion is that Chanca piedra might also grow in the jungle regions of northern Australia because chanca piedra also definitely grows in the western Pacific Rim islands and countries opposite northern Australia -- all jungle areas. So perhaps you could take a holiday sometime in these hotter Aussie jungle regions and find the plant and pick the seeds and grow them for free.

Chanca piedra grows about a meter in height. It's one single distinguishing and unique feature is that its small seeds can be found directly underneath and along the main stem petiole of the leaves of the plant. Here is an image of it to show you what I mean:

Chanca Piedra

If you use Google images search, then you can find plenty of images of Chanca piedra. And if you can adequately recognize the plant from this one unique feature that I've described, then you may well be able to recognize and find it in the jungle regions of northern Australia.

Posted by Joseph A. (Stockton, California ) on 11/15/2022

The capsules of Chanca piedra are how many MG milligrams? Currently I am taking 500mg daily, I still have pain, I will have to increase. Let me know how many MG and how often. Thank you

Where to Buy: Nigeria
Posted by Austine (Lagos, Nigeria) on 08/13/2021

Chanca Piedra for Hepatitis B+

I have read so much on the testimonies of Chanca Piedra in curing Hepatitis. Please where can I get the plant in Nigeria?

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