The Egg White Remedy for Burns

Egg Whites
Posted by Lena (Spain) on 05/14/2016

Worked Temporarily

Egg whites for burns -.similar to another poster from 2008, the initial burn and the unbearable pain in my burned fingers and wrist by hot splattered oil, the hours with just minimal icing.... The eggw hite from 1 egg did soothe, but did start to burn again a little as the liquid warmed up from my burning hot fingers, so yes, depending on the amount of burn, do add more eggwhites or chill them if you can. I tried to resist adding more eggs and just kept on reading the comments to motivate myself that it´ll go away while I kept on soaking my hand in the mixture for an hour. THEN, I wrapped it in ALUMINUM foil as so many have suggested (each finger individually so that they don´t transfer heat to each other in a mitten manner) and while it burned a bit for the first minute, then, miraculously the pain almost totally subsided (if I don´t poke at it and just keep it still, which an hour ago was unthinkable, as it burned like hell! ) :) YAY