Vertigo Remedies

Put Ear Crystals Back in Place

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Posted by Elaine (Florida) on 04/23/2016
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Vertigo or dizziness is often caused by loose crystals in your inner ear canals. This is more common as you age so Boomers take note. YouTube has videos showing how you lie on your bed or table face up with your head overhanging the edge. Slowly roll to your right and make a complete circle with your head. You may feel dizzy but go slowly. This method puts the crystals back in your cochlea so they no longer float around and cause dizziness.

Replied by John
(Trang Thailand)
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I had vertigo and cured it with Semont Maneuvers.

Semont/Symonds worked for me, it re-positions the crystals in the ear tubes.

No more drugs

Red Onion Juice

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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/23/2019
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Onion juice is the best remedy I have used for my ear problems “Menieres Disease” and I have tried many. Simple grate a red onion into a coffee filter. Squeeze the grated onion into a small bowl. Put 10 or so drops of onion juice into your ear canal and plug with a cottonball. If earache returns, repeat process.

Rule Out Ehs First

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Posted by Rhonda (tallahassee, usa) on 12/12/2007
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I read of a case of a lady developing Meniere's after living next to a cell phone mast. She was amongst alot of other persons who took ill. There is a disease highly recongnized in Sweden, Germany, Canada, and even some cases in the U.S. called electrohypersensitivity (EHS). This condition has some very similar feature's to Menier's for those who are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. This should be ruled out. Get close to a cell phone mast or monitor your reaction near wireless networks, especially those in doctor's offices and other strong EMF fields to rule out this condition. An MRI will make the condition worse if this is the case.

Replied by Laura
(Parish, NY)

Wow.....I can't believe what I'm reading here. I have loose hearing in my right ear and feel a strong sense of fullness after using a cell phone; all the doc's say no relationship here. Rhonda, could you fill me in a bit more on this and treatment please. Thank you!!

Replied by Angela
(Gautier, Mississippi)

I was just wondering if anyone with menieres drinks diet coke or uses artificial sweetener? I believe this to be the cause of menieres.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Angela, Yes it may well be a cause but it is not the only cause. I know one person who has it and he has never had a diet drink or food in his life nor does he drink any sodas or eat junk food. Although one might say that the white bread he has with all 3 meals is junk! Salt makes his menieres worse but they only had table salt and he has never tried natural sea salt. I also know a family who drank diet cola regularly and 1 of them still does (around 3 a day) and this person has very bad menieres.

Replied by Ly
(Northern Delaware)
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This happened to me while waiting in a doctor's office for a friend. The office had a funny smell too. I'd like to say a metal smell. After 15 minutes I had to hold on to anything I could to leave the office. And I had to sit down outside in the fresh air for 30 minutes before I could drive again. It scared the life out of me.

Replied by Donna
(Arkansas (ar))

I have Menier's & don't drink any soda or artificial sweeteners of any kind.

Replied by Md

Hi All,

I have Meniere's D. because I have all 3 of the underlying causes - Tinnitus, vertigo and hearing loss, accdg to one doctor. Do you agree. Lately, I have been having bouts of dizziness for the past 3-4 weeks. It is not vertigo, because an ENT tested me and she said it is not. Most likely Meniere's D.

I have not drank soda or put artifical sweetener in my drinks for the past 3 years. Help anyone......I just want my dizziness to disappear so I can feel normal again. right now, I cannot walk or move properly, there is always that woozy feeling lingering around me.

Help please....

Replied by Janet

Md, my daughter had suffered for years with the same spectrum of problems. The "cure" for her was bulletproof or butter coffee. The recipe is:

collagen protein 2 tbsp in a hot beverage, 1 or 2 tbsp of real butter, 1/2 tsp mct oil or coconut oil in a blender. Blend 15 to 30 seconds and drink.

That was the first thing that really helped because all the hearing and dizziness was from bad digestion. We found out by her drinking it. It was not a plan. At 27 years old and a lifetime of issues I contacted an herbalist to further help her.

Here is what worked: Bulletproof coffee in the morning. She blended and processed every meal into a soupy type meal. She drank lots of water. Digestion digestion. Her problems really got worse and she acquired food allergies to all nightshade vegetables eventually unable to work or go in a restaurant and lunchroom. Due to the coffee and blending her food she now is able to work two jobs and is looking forward to getting a driver's license this spring. Her allergy to nightshade is diminishing enough that I can cut up a tomato in the house and she can go in a restaurant.

Method cutup cooked meats and vegetables in blender or processor add some soup broth and or bone broth some coconut water enough to allow free movement of food. Blend until particles are tiny every meal. Eliminations were no Aspartame nitrates calcium supp. Msg fast food No gluten or grains no corn syrup. She saw results right away just doing this.

Her supplements are inositol choline. b50 with thiamine mononitrate as b1 only the hydrochloride can upset things. Magnesium as citrate or malate 6 to 800mg 2x a day. Bromelain with each meal and 2x a day 1/2 hr after food 1 whole lime squeezed in a glass or 2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar add 1/2 tsp baking soda let fizz add 1/ of water drink. She also takes n acetyl cysteine nac to keep her nose and ears clear. She takes 5000iu of vitamin d every day to help heal digestion. She added supplements after she started changing her food bromelain is essential and was the first supp. As she could not tolerate any for years.


Salt-Free Diet

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Posted by Vduval (Lewisville, Tx) on 09/22/2013
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Salt Free Diets -- to help with Meniere's Disease -- Seasonings and ways to cook that make a world of difference -- I've learned that once you start removing salt from your diet, you don't crave it as much. Charcoal grilling your meats and vegetables make a huge difference in the taste. I make a lot of soups -- and I use orange juice as a base, lemon and lime zest and the juice, vinegar, instant coffee, brown sugar, pepper, and then fresh jalapenos, onions, celery to season my soups. Just pick and choose -- and experiment to see what you like. You can also purchase salt free can vegetables -- and especially tomatoes. And frozen vegetables are salt free.

I've found the less salt I have in my diet, the less I suffere from Meniere's Disease.

Sea Salt

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Posted by Fada (Redding, Ca) on 12/16/2011
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Three years ago, I had vertigo so bad, everytime I moved, I vomited. My doctor had me move my head from one side to the other, quickly. It took the dizziness away for a little while. Every night, the dizziness returns, when my head hits the pillow, requiring the head movement, in order to lay down. I started taking Hydrogen Peroxide for Bronchitis and somehow, found this site.

The post on Vertigo and Sea Salt was really interesting. So I immediately made a glass of water and sea salt. There didn't seem to be any effect. The next morning, I got right up and went to let the dogs out, when it dawned on me that the morning Vertigo was gone. I am faithfully taking the Sea Salt everyday. Guess what? I haven't had the Vertigo, since starting it. Another side effect is, having had a ringing in my left ear for about 50 years, it is far less. Hopefully, it will go away when my sodium level is where it should be.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
2105 posts

Fada, thanks for the testimony. If I may add a suggestion that seems might be an effective adjuct to the sea salt. The amino acid Taurine is a powerful brain antioxidant AND regulator of minerals in the body. Both these feature of T just might put your healing to the next level. Just Sayin'.

Replied by Ckashoka
(Bilaspur, India)

Dear sir, Please let us know how to prepare sea salt.


Posted by Trevor (Cleveland, Ohio) on 06/20/2012

To everyone with Meniere's Disease and hypothyroidism::::. I have both. Selenium can help! ...

I made a visit to a naturopath who provides hair analysis testing along with urine testing to detect mineral deficiencies. Turns out I was defiecient in almost all trace minerals especially selenium. I started taking 200mcg of selenium daily and have gained much of my hearing back. I have also not been dizzy for over two months. I still have much more to look into but I really wanted to share this with you all that mineral deficiencies are real no matter what your primary care might say it is always best to get it checked propperly before taking their word for it. I did and will never look back.

Replied by Irena
(New York, Ny)

I was just wondering if there was a connection between hypothyroidism and meniere's disease. I got both with meniere's showing up recently. I don't just want to treat symptoms, I want to treat the cause. If anyone has any info, please email. I don't think I am deficient in selenium. I eat lots of food with it, so it has to be something else.

Replied by By The Way

Have you read that iodine may help Menierre's disease?

Spinning Yoga Exercise

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Posted by Annie (Durban, South Africa) on 10/18/2009
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Vertigo and Meniere's Disease Exercise

My Mom recently suffered with a chronic bout of severe DIZZINESS which her GP put down to VERTIGO, & prescribed some antihistamines. Unfortunately, these only brought temporarily relief for about 3hrs at a time, and she wasn't prepared to spend the rest of her life taking them.

She then learned of an EASY exercise from a Yoga teacher in her neighbourhood & it worked immediately ~ although she repeats it at least twice daily, just to ensure that the dreadful dizziness doesn't return.

Whilst standing, turn on the spot 10 times (10 rotations) to the LEFT, stop & turn only ONCE (1 rotation) to the RIGHT! VOILA! It's that simple.

Should anyone try this, please offer feedback so that others can both try & share it. :)

With love & LIGHT from Durban ~ SA.

Replied by Janice
(Coloma, Mi)

I just tried the "spinning" exercise. You have to be careful because I got dizzy and lost my balance a few times. I'm going to keep it up and I'll let everyone know if it helps. I have been experiencing dizziness but only when I'm lying down and get up. I'm fine during the day. The Dr. gave me some antihistimines also and said if they didn't work to let her know and she would make an appointment with the eye, ear, nose and throat dr. I was hoping it would just go away but it's been a few months now. I'm really hoping this spinning thing will work. Thanks for telling us about it.

Replied by T.k.
(Standish, Mi)

Sounds like you are suffering from the same afflicition as me, BPV - Benign Positional Vertigo. It is due to crystals in your ear being out of place and the last time I had it I was cured instantly after bumping my head (quite hard) when standing up. This time I am taking a gentler approach and using the Brandt and Daroff exercises which you will have no problem finding on the internet. Hope this information helps.

Replied by Lisa
(Tel Aviv, Israel)

Every so often I have a day or two of mild dizziness. Whenever I've done this exercise, it has put an immediate end to my dizziness. A big thumbs up!

Stop Drinking Caffeine

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Posted by Jay (helensvale GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA) on 07/26/2007
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according to my specialist he told me that caffeine was one of the biggest causes of menieres disease(crystallizing of the ear canal)- I was a major sufferer of vertigo and menieres disease so I stopped drinking coffee straight away after about 1 week I never had another bout of dizziness and that was 6yrs ago to date I still don't drink coffee-- hope this helps rgds

Replied by Roy
(Charlotte, Nc)
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yep, I had it so bad that I could not walk. I was drinking about six to eight cups of coffee a day and so I quit ALL caffeine intake. About a week after I quit my vertigo attacks completely went away. Wish I had known this before I paid big $$$$ for an MRI and other tests.


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Posted by Rebecca (Fullerton, CA) on 08/26/2007
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I have had problems with dizziness every year around the same time. I have it right now in fact. I just wanted to say that a few months ago I bought a natural cures book of some sort and it said that strawberries help vertigo. Yes, eating fresh strawberries. I don't know what truth there is to this but it definitely wouldn't hurt or how much it would take for it to work. Actually, according to, strawberries contain more vitamin C then orange juice. Who wants a strawberry shake? I might do that tomorrow for breakfast. Lots of fresh fruit with a cup of yogurt and some milk plus a little almond extract is YUM!


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Posted by Elizabeth Manuel (England) on 07/05/2016
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In response to:

Replied by Barbara from Mt Laurel, New Jersey 02/17/2015

Help! I have been on most of those vitamins and have had no success. I not only suffer from brain fog but get vertigo spells that are even worse. I do certain head and eye exercises I learned at Physical therapy that help some. I am at this very moment experiencing so much dizzyness and fog and it has been going on for six days now. Saw Doctor and still no relief. I live alone, can not drive and I am running out of food.

Vertigo is often due to lack of magnesium/potassium/Vitamin D and/or excessive calcium. If you are also experiencing chest pains on an evening/morning akin to PRINZMETAL angina, and/or a stiff neck muscles, then it is likely that an imbalance in the calcium/magnesium ratio is behind your vertigo. Often salty foods (like sauerkraut) can trigger an attack as the ratio of sodium and potassium also interplay in this balancing act.

Stop taking any calcium supplements (or any vitamins that uses calcium as a filler) for now and start supplementing with magnesium. Put a chelated form in a water bottle and sip it throughout the day, this spreads it out more evenly and allows potentially more to be absorbed in the small intestine and utilized by the cells, bones, muscles, endocrine system and organs that depend upon it. As calcium can also build up in the body if there is a deficiency of potassium or vitamin D, make sure you're getting enough potassium (bananas are a good source) and up your vitamin D levels by exposing your skin to sun for at least 20 mins a day.

Swedish Bitters

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Posted by Mary (Los Angeles, Ca) on 04/19/2009 50 posts
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For about a month now I have been taking Swedish Bitters. For the last 2 years I have had vertigo and don't know if it had to do with a brain surgery I had 8 years ago. Since taking the Swedish Bitters I have been feeling so much better and the dizzy spells are leaving me. It got to the point where I was afraid to sleep because when I put my head down on the pillow the dizzy spells would hit so hard I couldn't tell if I was up or down it worried me that I could fall out of bed.

Go to your health food store and see if they carry the bitters. It can be a bit pricy 28.00 for a 16 oz bottle but this is already prepared. There are some webites you can go to that sell the herbs a lot cheaper them selves and they give you directions on how to take them. I have the pdf of the OLD MANUSCRIPT BY PARACELSUS THE INVENTOR OF SWEDISH BITTERS IN 1541 and can give it to Earth Clinic and see how they want to send it out or you can email me for it. It doesn't sell anythng it just tells you how to apply the bitters to different illnesses. Love, love, love Earthclinic it has helped me so much!


EC: More about Swedish Bitters:

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Patrice (Nashua, Nh) on 05/19/2010

I am reading in the vertigo section re Ted's recommendations. Then I continue where people ask Ted questions to clarify his regimen but I do not see any responses. Dates are in Jan of this year... I also notice in other sections where people ask questions and very seldom do I see them addressed. Occasionally EC will step in, but that's about it. Is there an offline communication that is private answering? Thank you for clarifying this with me. patrice

EC: Hi Patrice,

Yes, true. We try and send most questions addressed to Ted via Skype, but he only answers a few questions each month. He did just answer a bunch of questions, which will be posted on the site shortly.

If you want an answer from Ted, best to keep bugging us (EC) and we'll bug Ted. We'll send him the questions again from this thread.

Replied by Crabby
(Townsend, Delaware)

there are many different reasons for i had had was a fleck in gryoscope hairs in fluid in the ear.. the fleck keeps the hairs from flowing correctly ,,sending false imputs to the brain..

the cure is/was,, lay on back on bed.. head hanging off but neck supported neutral..then roll head to the right side for 10 seconds.. then back to neutral for 10 sec. .. then roll to left for 10 sec. .. then back to neutral.. it's hard to to do.. brain spinning at warp speed.. probably vomit. but hang in there.. what happens is by doing this clears the fleck .. like magic your good to go..

Replied by Zeninfinity
(Santa Rosa, Ca, Usa)

What Crabby from Townsend is talking about The Epley Maneuver.

It is a great way to deal with a vertigo episode. I had a mild attack last week, did the Epley Maneuver and the room rocking back and forth stopped!

Here's a youtube video of this simple movement. I hope it works for you!

Replied by Mia
((formerly Of Lyons, Ny), Ny)

I did the Epley Maneuver and WOW! Only had to do this once. My ears felt very full and I could not lay down or sit up from laying down without the room spinning and it was worse if I laid down on the right side, violent, nauseating spins. Immediately after doing this maneuver I was so nauseous that I vomited but during the maneuver I could feel a water liquid drain (from my ears presumably) into my sinuses. When I rose, the full feeling in my right ear was gone and I have not had another spell since.

I LOVE THIS SITE! Thank you so much for posting this!


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Posted by Kelly (Ohio) on 12/31/2019
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Thyme also helps with the symptoms of Meniere's Disease and Vertigo. Making a tea out of fresh Thyme twigs or dried thyme. Just boil hot water and add a teaspoon of honey pour over the thyme and drink the tea. You will need 8 oz of water; that is all it takes.

I was diagnosed with Menieres last year. I drink a cup a day; the ringing in my ear has stopped, I am no longer nauseated, I have a few spots; but not as many as before. I even told my ENT about it and he is telling his patients about it.

Tmd Diagnosis

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Posted by Rene (Memphis, TN) on 09/08/2008
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For any of you who have been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, please use a search engine right now to search for TMD and your symptoms (e.g. TMD and dizziness and tinnitus). I have had debilitating dizziness for literally 10 years and have seen many, many doctors and have had UNTOLD numbers of tests and procedures and taken who knows how many herbs, prescription medicines, and supplements and have followed any crazy diet I have heard of that might help. I even had surgery on my sinuses hoping for freedom from this terrible condition, but nothing worked. On this very site, I read about a lady who went to see a chiropractor for Meniere's symptoms and had good luck with it. This was the first time I'd read about that approach, so I immediately set up an appt with a chiropractor. He diagnosed me with TMD (many people call it "TMJ", but it is TMD for TM joint disorder) and has sent me to a TMD specialist for treatment. Not a regular dentist. A TMD specialist. He also told me to go home and search the internet for TMD to read about it, and I have found so many reports of people who had suffered for years, just like me, and saw tons of doctors and specialists, just like me, and finally actually got RESOLUTION and got their lives back when someone diagnosed them with and treated them for TMD. Doctors diagnose you with Meniere's Disease, and you find out it's incurable, and it feels so hopeless. This feels hopeFUL for me for the first time in years! I want all of you to feel hope, too!

Replied by JME
(East Aurora, NY)

Wow... thank you Rene, thank you for your alert and comments that TMD may be the reason for 'Meniere's' Diagnosis. That may very well be what has happened with me, as I underwent a mandibular osteotomy in 1990. Thank you for giving me hope that I may find the 'cure' to this unsettling condition. I so hope this is it and I can fix it.

Replied by Cristina
(Marion, Illinois)

Dear Rene from Memphis,

how have you responded so far to the "meniere's" symptoms from chiropractic adjustments ? I too, was diagnosed with Meniere's, but refuse to accept this, and am trying, chiropractic along with neuromuscular dentistry, I do have TMD.

I hope you are well and symptom free.

Thank you, cristina(at)

Replied by L J
(Los Angeles)

Dear Renee or anyone,

I had recently gotten a root canal then I got this Menierre's or vertigo.

the dr gave me ear drops and antihistamines??

what do you think?


Valium or Atarax

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Posted by John (Sydney, Australia) on 12/26/2007
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I suffer from vertigo almost permanently. When I put my back out a month ago, I was prescribed Valium as treatment. I noticed the next day that the vertigo was virtually entirely gone. The Valium dose was 10mg and I have tried 5mg (before bedtime!) but it just doesnt have the same impact. Another medication discovered by accident that really helped is the anti-histamine Atarax which I was given by a Thai chemist to help sleep on the flight home. I took it the following night also and noticed the vertigo vanished but I put this down to the 'holiday' effect. lack of stress etc., other than the Atarax. A few weeks later I took Atarax to help sleep for 2 nights and again, the Vertigo was greatly diminished. Then I realised the connection and typed 'Atarax Vertigo' into Google and found it listed as helping in treating this annoying condition. The Ear,Nose Throat specialiast diagnosed me with Benign Prox. Vertigo on the left side and all he could suggest was the head movement exercises, which, quite frankly, make me feel a lot worse. Happy to answer questions.

Replied by Latifah
(Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia)

I suffered a very bad vertigo, every time I had an attack I could not even move my eyes. My husband tell me to close my eyes to avoid the spinning, but it did not work and made it even worst. I could not go to the salon to have my hair wash as the lying down make my head spin. Each attack could last as short as one day and as long as one month.I had lost 10 kilos of weight during an attack just over a period of one week, this is due to me wormitting every time my head get spinning. I realize the the sinus or just a little bit of liquid in the nose will trigger my vertigo. Blow my nose every now and then, it really makes my vertigo lesser. Still trying to find a better remedy

Replied by T
(Brooklyn, NY)

Latifah - vertigo is just a symptom of whatever underlying cause you're dealing with. Vertigo can be related to spinal injuries/trauma, inner ear infection/disorder, cranial issues, etc. One great way to treat vertigo is by making a ginger root tea. Ginger helps with both nausea and dizziness. I currently am dealing w/ an inner ear disorder and experience the type of vertigo/dizziness that makes me feel like I'm moving and not the room around me. To make the tea:

- Cut about an 1 inch of raw ginger root
- Slightly smash the root w/ a hard container (like a glass bottle), this helps to leech out the active ingredients
- Place 1 cup of water into a small pot (add ginger root to water)
- Bring to boil - after water boils, let simmer on low heat for about 5-8 mins.
- After the 5-8 mins, let it sit for 2-5 mins and then strain and drink.
- Add honey or agave for taste.

Hope this helps....and be strong becuz I know exactly how the vertigo can make u feel.

Replied by Deborah
(Riverview, Fl)

You may have BPPV. Google BPPV home exercises. You move your head around and it helps.

EC: BPPV = Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

More info here:

Replied by Tinks
(Christchurch, New Zdealand)
1 out of 5 stars


Valium is a very addictive and dangerous medicine, please do not try this.