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Migraine Link to Vertigo
Posted by Cy (Baltimore, Md) on 07/16/2010
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I have suffered from periodic vertigo for 10 years. Nothing has really helped. I have had to wait several days for it to pass while taking meclizine hydrochloride and allergy medicine. Recently a friend told me she had symptoms similar to mine which were correctly diagnosed as vestibular migraines. Once she told me that, it all fit together.

All of the things that trigger migraines triggered my vertigo - artificial sweeteners, caffeine, some fragrances, nuts, florescent lights. I then started treated my vertigo as a migraine. The best treatment has been making sure I get 8 hours of sleep a night. But I am anxious to try Apple Cider Vinegar. And if it helps me to loose some weight too, yippy!