Natural Remedies for Varicose Veins

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Varicose Vein Remedies

Varicose veins are visible, enlarged veins with a knotted look to them, often appearing in the legs and feet though any vein can be affected. Standing and walking upright puts greater pressure on the circulatory system of the lower body, and the veins in the leg must work against gravity to return blood to the heart.

As you age, these leg veins can lose their elasticity or become weak, allowing deoxygenated (blue) blood to pool and enlarge the veins to a visible level. Pregnancy is also a potential cause of varicose veins, as there is an increase in the volume of blood but an increased pressure of the uterus on the lower body. Additionally, being overweight and standing or sitting for long periods of time can affect blood flow and increase the chances of developing varicose veins.

Varicose veins and spider veins are normally just a cosmetic issue; they can be unattractive and quite visible, affecting the way you dress and how you see yourself. Varicose veins are usually no more than what they are, unsightly; however, they can sometimes increase the risk of blood clots forming deep in the leg (deep vein thrombosis or DVT).

Natural Remedies for Varicose Veins

Below you can find a number of user-submitted home and folk cures for varicose veins. Our most popular varicose vein treatment is apple cider vinegar; and other Earth Clinic readers have suggested and discussed serrapeptase, dried basil, horse chestnut and butcher's broom herbs, oil pulling, and unflavored gelatin.

Let us know if you try a remedy you found here for varicose veins; and if you know of a remedy not listed here, please don't hesitate to share it with us!

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Air Compression Leg Massager

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Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki - Greece) on 12/08/2022

Firstly I want to write that I haven't tried this machine on my mother (who has the problem) for a long time yet. But I have tried it myself and felt that this special massage is very helpful and many people felt their muscles invigorated afterward. It circulates the blood the way it should circulate if one hadn't the problems with the valves in the veins. Don't buy some very cheap Chinese machines which don't last long.

NormaTec is a very good machine but expensive

There are cheaper brands too

Many people say good things about similar machines,aps,306&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

Since I wrote many of good brands I don't want to make any advertise, just to help people.

Also there are some good videos of exercising for varicose veins:

Dr Axe also mentions prolotherapy or stem cell therapy (prp)

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Tucker (Virginia Beach, Va.) on 07/10/2013

I have suffered for months now with extreme swelling of my legs. After many specialists I took matters in my own hands. Unprocessed Apple Cider Vinegar has not only eased the edema, my varicose veins have almost totally disappeared! If I didn't see with my own eyes I would never have imagined. I drink two teaspoons in water twice a day. The best!

Replied by Riley
(Dallas, Tx)

How severe were your varicose veins? I also drink apple cider vinegar with water everyday, but it doesn't make them disappear.

Replied by Anon
(Anon, Anon USA)

Try inclined bed therapy (ICB) for varicose veins. It is Super easy, you just raise the head of your bed by 6". Google "inclined bed therapy" for more info. Made my veins much improved! Also good for other issues.

(Nova Scotia)

What do you do when the varicose veins are in your hands and arm?

Replied by Sara
(Ludlow Ma)

Hi thanks how long did it take to see results from the apple cider for your varicose veins? I also have spider veins hope those will clear. Did you use anything topical?

Replied by Ladygirl700
(Ashburn, VA)

Which is better for varicose veins? Drinking ACV diluted in water or applying ACV directly to the veins using cotton swab? How long do I have to do this to see the effect?

Replied by Anonymous
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Are you sure this worked? I tried putting this on my varicose veins and it didn't work...

Replied by Kitty
(Toronto, Canada)

Did anyone have success with vitamin E?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Kitty,

I used vitamin E during pregnancy for varicose veins. 800 IU a day, if I recall correctly. It didn't cure them but it certainly reduced the pain from them.

I did quit taking it at 36 weeks though because supposedly too much E in late pregnancy can cause retained placenta. Definitely the pain got worse when I stopped and I surely missed the Vitamin E.

I believe E also thins the blood, another reason to stop in later pregnancy.

(I know you aren't asking about pregnancy, but I make these notes for future readers.)

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Deb (Delaware, Ohio, Usa.) on 07/16/2012

I have had vericose veins for 39 yrs. Had surgery on them once. Last Friday I came home form work and my left leg was throbbing. My veins had bulged out and I spent the weekend with my leg up and nursing it.

Monday, the 16th, I got on the internet and found out about apple cider vinegar for vericose veins. I rubbed it on my leg followed with a skin , moisterizer, did not have coconut oil. Five minutes later I was Pain free. Am going to follow this through with orally taking honey and acv. Will keep noting my results. A true miracle for me.

Replied by Maria
(Moses Lake, Wa)

I have a question, I mix my Apple Cider Vinegar with honey and water that has been boiled, and has warmed down. Does it make a difference if I drink it warm. Because honestly the drink, cold is disgusting I'm gaging by the time I finish. I think the warm water takes off the edge to how sour/bitter it tastes. P. S. how acidic should the vinger be and what brand is best for varicose veins? I just started I use organic 5% acidity.

Replied by Randee

The Apple cider vinegar best to use is Apple Cider Vinegar with the MOTHER ( it will say that on the front label ).

Replied by Plumhappy
(Somewhere, Usa)

Just questioning why would someone go to the expense of purchasing ACV with mother, obviously organic and raw and then boil it?? Defeats the purpose does it not? Raw and organic needs to be used that way and if any heat at all is used just the barest amount. I have found that adding fresh raw lemon juice to ACV cuts the nastiness of ACV. Add small amount of stevia and you have a tasty drink.

Sandy Smith

Only the water was boiled and cooled a little then added to the ACV. ACV with honey and very warm water is very tasty, especially when it is chilly outside!!

Replied by Kislany

Plumhappy, you do realize that Maria was talking about boiled and cooled down water (poor man's distilled purified water), which is then mixed with ACV and honey. Not boiled ACV, that would, indeed, make no sense.

Replied by Mare
(Clemmons, NC)
10 posts

I am new to this site and was wondering how long it takes for the ACV to work either topically or drinking it with water and honey? I have tried both...though only for a couple of weeks and I see no difference.

Replied by G Vig

Please don't boil honey. Heated honey is toxic for the body. Enjoy it Raw ... :)

Replied by Denise

People, Maria said she boiled the water, NOT the ACV or the honey!

Replied by Gabrielle
(Scotland, Uk)

Try squeeze a bit of lemon into your mixture it softens the acid taste.

Replied by Eduardo
(Cedar Creek Tx)

Are you still experiencing relief with Apple cider vinegar? Thank you. Eduardo

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Roy (Lisbonne) on 05/20/2012

I started using the vinegar 5 days ago for varicose veings. Seems to that veins are only a bit smaller. Not conclusive yet. 30 minutes twice a day, and I ca walk a few more time without the compression socks. Time will tell the difference. what seems to give fast relief is also a gel with horse chestnut and hamamelis.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Amy (Cedar Park, Texas) on 03/21/2007

i use apple cider vinegar topically for many things. so far, it has cured my teenage sons pimple out break(we now use it every night as a toner followed by coconut oil), athletes foot, fever blisters, styes, rashes, cleaned my sinks, windows(pretty much the whole house). i also started drinking it. 3 tblsp of acv in 8 oz. filtered water & 1/4 tsp baking soda everyday, 3 times a day. so far, i have lost weight, i have not been sick, i haven't suffered from allergies, i have more energy, and i noticed last week that a y shaped varicose vein is not even a connected v and it is flat (it was very much protruding before). i was pretty ecstatic about that! i am so excited by all the benefits that i tell everyone! my family jokes that i should put some in a windex bottle (they are referring to the father from the movie 'my big, fat greek wedding'. anyway, i now buy small bottles to put acv and coconut oil in. i have given these to my family, friends,& clients as samples. i write down the brands(and specify why) , & also your web site. they have all called me and asked where they can buy more. yeah! they have used it for there blemishes, those with diabetes have said it lowered their sugar levels. a couple of my clients who have eczema and psoriasis have told me they have been very impressed with the acv and coconut oil on their problem areas and for dry skin. wow!!! truly a miracle!!! i was also wondering if the 'nays' are using raw, unfiltered,organic acv? i have bought some in the past that did not work. after doing more research i had come to understand where i had gone wrong. i then bought acv and 'nutivas' coconut oil. what a difference! oh!!!! i use the coconut oil on my woods! it's awesome!!!

Replied by Wendy
(Plover, WI, U.S.A.)

Hi, My varicose veins are formed when my thyroid is too low and a clotting disorder kicks in making blood clots and thicker blood. When I keep my thryoid medicine high enough (no go by TSH) then I avoid these. I had my spider veins lasered off with an infrared laser at a electrolysis place. I am celiac and the apple cider vinegar used by Amy and her friends mentions eczema, blemishes, psoriasis, atheletese foot etc. which can be caused by celiac. Celiac's can't eat gluten grain and sometimes dairy if they wrecked their intestines too much from the celiac. I use slippery elm, valerian, green tea to heal my gut lining and eating no dairy or gluten grains to help my celiac. Celiac makes the thyroid go down which then may cause varicose veins. I take HCl and enzymes with meals and dairy free acidophlius when stomach acid is low. The acidophilus helps with yeast problems like athletes foot and more. Apple cider vinegar helps neutralize your pH, which helps people lose weight.I also helps block the absorption of carbohydrates. Lemon water also helps this. Neutral pH does not let viruses, bacteria, fungi(yeast), or parasites live too well. They like acidic bodies.

Replied by Sharon
(Milwaukee, Wi)

Under Varicose Vein Remedies [YEA] 03/21/2007: Amy from Cedar Park, Texas writes and refers to ACV and Coconut Oil. I wanted to know the brand she used, and also to quantity of each (mixing instructions). She makes a reference to specific brands, for specific reasons, and where to buy it.

Thank you so very much.

Replied by Rose3000
(Los Angeles, California)

hi I been using apple vinegar cider for 3 months. I apply it twice a day to spider veins on legs and drink with water daily twice a day. so far havent seen any improvement.

Replied by Shivani
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Is this Apple Cider Vinegar really helpful for curing varicose veins? Is it available in India too? if yes then which brand is the best for varicose veins? Pls reply

Replied by Marco
(Kobe, Japan)

I live in Japan and have started using Apple Cider Vinegar. Organic ACV is not locally available, so I found a website that ships cheaply abroad.

Replied by Shilpa
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

I am from India.. Apple cider vinegar is available in chemist shops. I am using the last 10 days and I already see and feel some changes... Some bulging veins have subsided a little and also have lost a kilo. I drink 1 tbsp ACV with 1 glass water twice a day... I think its going to work great!!

Replied by Susan
(Richmond, Texas)

Not sure what kind of Apple Cider Vinegar they are using but I use B----g Organic raw-unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar and N------a Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil-(cold-pressed, unrefined) and I have had great results.

Replied by Fredmactavish

Have you tried cayenne in your diet. It is said that it helps rebuild the innner lining of the stomach as well as help build your stomach acid.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by James (Pemberton, New Jersey) on 11/06/2006

Apple Cider Vinegar has cured: varicose veins, weight gain, tendinitis, wrinkles. In April of 2005, I came across a booklet for ACV, at the time I was 50 years old I played sports in high school, a construction worker for 20 years and a mover for the last 15, so I have done a number on my body over the years. My daughter convinced me to start taking ACV... I have taken it everyday since! The health benefits have been many. The first thing I noticed was my hair and nail growth, doesn't seem like much but my hair was white and had no color, but was growing back in blonde! I thought that was amazing! Over all the years of abuse on my feet and ankles I had purple feet from the varicose veins, it really was a severe case, after two months of use my feet started to look clearer to me, but I wasn't sure so I started taking pictures....I now have NO varicose veins on my feet, legs or anything. In April of 2005 I was a size 38 pants, today I am a 32 pants. I have not done any extra exercise to achieve this, It simply melted the pounds away (I also have a six pack again). The ACV has given me a facelift, I do NOT look like I am 51! My wrinkles around my eyes have literally disappeared. My skin is tighter, firmer every where. I feel like a new man. Over the years while abusing my body in my everyday life (working) I developed new and painful body movements, aches where I never had before and eventually the Doc diagnosed me with tendinitis (really painful) in both of my shoulders, being a mover this isn't good for business, it really started hurting my paycheck (then I started the ACV). I really had not realized I stopped taking the naproxen the Dr. had prescribed until I went to see him for my physical. He asked me if I needed a new script, that's when I realized I used to live on those pills everyday and hadn't needed them once since I started taking the ACV, so I told the Dr. about the ACV he was awed, seeing the results for himself he decided to start taking it, in fact my Barber, Boss, Coworkers, Kids, Brothers and sister all now take it with health benefits of there own. I tell you I LOVE ACV it has changed my life and made me a new healthier man. I actually believe I have a long healthy life ahead. The recipe I use everyday is: 2 table spoons of ACV and 1 Tablespoon of honey. Add water to taste. I do this two times a day, everyday. Good luck to all in your journey to a healthier you!

Replied by Sonia
(San Diego, CA)


Replied by Cindy
(Glendale, Arizona)

hi there.. Did you apply or massage also the apple cider vinegar on your varicose veins?coz' I just started to use this ACV for 2 weeks now, honestly I haven't seen any improvement yet but I will still continue. I know it will take sometime. I'm also taking it taking it 2x a day. But mine is only 2 tsp. of ACV and 1 tsp. of honey. And at night I do rubbed the ACV to my varicose which is all over my legs and once it gets dry, I massaged it also with coconut oil. I only do this in the evening after taking a shower coz' in the morning I need to go to work. Do you have any suugestions? and the brand of ACV does it matter?Im using the vitaminshoppe organic ACV and garden of life for extra virgin coconut oil. hope anybody can suggest me.


Replied by Michelle
(Pasadena, Ca)

Hey I wanted to know what brand of ACV you use. I've heard that organic vinegar doesn't work as well, and I wanted to know what you used to get your results.

Replied by Billy Bee
(Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada)

I have a theory that it wasn't the Apple Cider Vinegar that helped him, it was the 1 tablespoon of honey that he took with the ACV. Maybe varicose veins are caused by some sort of a stomach/digestion issue? Just a thought. I'm currently trying Mastic Gum/Mastica Chios with the ACV to see if I get the same results as James. I'll let you know how it works out!

Replied by Lenka

The Braggs is a very good apple cider vinegar. Raw, with the mother in it. Available from health food stores.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by April (Greenville, SC) on 03/12/2006

I had 2 really dark vericose veins. I took a rag and rubbed the ACV on the skin and i have done this for two weeks now. Once in the morning and once before bed. You can barely see them now and they were really noticeable.

Replied by Natalie
(Wauwatosa, WI)

Hi, I have been using ACV since last November. Since then, I have gone from a size 6 to a size 2/4. Weight loss was not my original intention though...this past winter my family was constantly sick. I was home with my son with a severe sinus infection and was researching natural cures before I went to the Dr. to get antibiotics. That's when I came across this website. I started taking the ACV in large doses, actually slamming "shots" of them, and within 2 days my sinus infection was gone. That was as convincing as it could get for me that ACV really works. However, I'm 29 years old and have begun to get some varicose veins and spider veins, especially on my right leg. Taking ACV orally, has only minimally (if at all) helped this. Am I supposed to be rubbing the ACV on my leg? If so, can you explain why this would be effective in curing varicose veins? Thank you.

Replied by Chantel

It's not a great idea to take neat (undiluted) ACV as it is a strong alkaline liquid and can burn the throat blessings x

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ted (Bangkok,Thailand) 388 posts

And yes, apple cider vinegar really does help varicose veins. Vitamin C taken about 1-1.5 grams per day has also been shown to help. Natural Vitamin E (taken along with the C) seems to help vitamin C be more effective also.

Replied by Lisa
(Dallas, Tx)

Doesn't matter the type of vitamin C you take? There are so many on the market; it can become confusing. Thank you!

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Lisa,

I like the Nutribiotic brand of Ascorbic Acid form of Vitamin C. It is good quality and inexpensive. I mix one part of that with 1/2 part of baking soda to make sodium ascorbate (when I mix it in water.) That is easier on the system.

I can also use the Ascorbic Acid to make Liposomal C.

I used to use the NOW chewables because my children would take them readily, but they had sorbitol in them and some fillers, which I wanted to avoid.

~Mama to Many~

Avoid Aspirin

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Posted by Anon (USA) on 10/23/2017

I started taking aspirin on an empty stomach with only coffee and antacids. After a few weeks I developed swelling in my lower legs and after that varicose veins. My legs also hurt when I layed down at night to sleep. Milk and bananas would take away the pain. I was also on birth control pills around that time. Avoid aspirin. It has been shown to damage blood vessels.

Replied by User B
(Athens - Greece)

Contraceptive pills with hormones might cause thrombosis and thrombosis can cause swelling if it happens in the legs' veins.

Black Peppercorns

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Posted by alleycat (flemington, nj) on 05/06/2021

Since hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the rectum, has anyone tried black peppercorns (the popular hemorrhoid remedy) for bulging varicose veins in the legs?

Replied by John

Black peppercorns could be dangerous if you take a certain amount. Just fyi. Research

Castor Oil

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Posted by Anon (USA) on 09/09/2020

I ate too much chocolate and took iron supplements (perhaps four over five or six days) and developed very painful varicose veins all over my body. Taking castor oil remedied the pain quickly and I could feel increased circulation in my legs. But then I drank a glass of cilantro juice (about four bunches worth). The pain returned with vengence.

I tried with moderate success: Butcher's broom, red vine leaf extact, grape seed extract, raw eggs, iodine, cabbage and fennel, oxygenated magnesium, cayenne tea.

Castor oil taken internally had the greatest effect on the pain up to complete relief (still waiting to see if the pain returns). Applied topically (in addition to the above herbs) the new blue veins seem unaffected, though smaller much older veins are definitely shrinking. Applied to the abdomen castor oil caused a sort of catharsis that brought additional comfort.

Oil pulling with it brought very quick relief of the pain which had been ongoing for days (i had been avoiding taking it internally because it caused nausea).

This has been ongoing for a week or so. I plan to oil pull with the castor oil daily as needed. I do swallow it, but the pain relief occurs simply by swishing it. Within minutes. Just cheap W-Mart colon cleanse castor oil.

Replied by Sharon

Hi, you mentioned red vine leaf extract. Where do you get it?

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Sums (Mumbai, Maharashtre) on 12/24/2015

I started getting varicose veins after the birth of my 3 rd son and during my periods on day 2 and 3 along with heavy flow. On taking coconut oil 1 Tablespoon in the morning and at night my pain disappears and heavy flow becomes moderate.

Dried Basil

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Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) on 10/20/2009

Basil helps Varicose Veins, leg cramps/circulation

I drink too much coffee and get tight calf muscles. Also I have small varicose veins. One day I stumbled on this, and it works so well I try to use the basil every day. It makes my legs feel warm and relaxed; I can usually tell when it starts to take effect, as I suddenly notice the sensation. Also, the veins are shrinking. This is what I do, not sure what's most important, but the basil seems to be the thing. I tried just making basil tea, and it didn't seem to work.

Scrambled Eggs
3 eggs
1/2 teaspoon basil (dried)
chopped onion
olive oil to grease the pan
pinch sea salt
pinch ground black pepper
cook as usual

green pepper
olive oil
fresh lime juice
1/2 teaspoon basil (dried)
pinch sea salt

Replied by Connie
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA)

That's cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. That's what I use.

Replied by Lita
(Sanford, Fl)

How exactly do you use it?? Do you apply it topically or drink it??? How much??? Thanks

EC: Connie gives a recipe in her first post on the subject.

Replied by Jennifer
(Sydney, Australia)

Thankyou, Connie for your basil posting.

One question: Wouldn't fresh basil be more potent and effective than dried basil??? Obviously this is working for you, but I am a little confused and would've thought the fresh herb would be better. Does anyone know???
thankyou. (I LOVE basil!)


Replied by Connie
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA)

That thought occurred to me, too. So I tried adding fresh store-bought basil to a salad thinking it would work even better. It was as if there was no basil at all. Don't know why. Maybe it was irradiated or something. Don't know. Try it. Maybe your basil is different. Both generic store brand and fancy non-irradiated dried basil worked. Maybe it was the variety rather than the processing?

Replied by Jb
(Central, Maryland)

The basil remedy is very intriguing. The difference between dried basil and fresh may be more about the amount than the processing. In cooking, one must use significantly more fresh herb than dried to get the same flavor level. Perhaps this is a similiar situation. Either way, I'm going to try the dried basil-- I'm glad it's working for you, Connie. Thanks for posting your find!

Replied by Anonymous
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa)

Looking online I saw that 2 teaspoons of dry basil contains 60% of the Daily Value of vitamin K. Curious I went to see what vitamin K is goood for. It is said to regulate the production and flow of calcium, and thereby it helps prevent osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure/stroke, and may help prevent diabetes and Alzheimer's. Supposedly our bodies usually make only a third of what is needed. Liver and gall bladder disease, and diseases of the intestinal tract, as well as some medicines such as long-term antibiotics and cholesterol lowering drugs can deplete vitamin K. The volitile oils in it are destroyed by high heat, so using it at low temperatures or not heating it are recommended. Maybe basil would be helpful where free glutamic acid (think MSG) is causing a calcium imbalance?

Replied by Anonymous
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa)

Chamomile: This at Wikipedia

German chamomile is used medicinally against sore stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, and as a gentle sleep aid. It is also used as a mild laxative and is anti-inflammatory and bactericidal. It can be taken as a herbal tea, two teaspoons of dried flower per cup of tea, which should be steeped for ten to fifteen minutes while covered to avoid evaporation of the volatile oils. The marc should be pressed because of the formation of a new active principle inside the cells, which can then be released by rupturing the cell walls, though this substance only forms very close to boiling point. For a sore stomach, some recommend taking a cup every morning without food for two to three months. [4] It is also used as a mouthwash against oral mucositis. It has acaricidal properties against certain mites, such as Psoroptes cuniculi. One of the active ingredients of the essential oil from German chamomile is the terpene bisabolol. [5][6] Other active ingredients include farnesene, chamazulene, flavonoids (including apigenin, quercetin, patuletin and luteolin) and coumarin.[7]

A 2006 review of the medical literature reported a number of beneficial effects for chamomile in in vitro and animal tests, but added that more human clinical trials are needed before firm conclusions can be drawn. Research with animals suggests antispasmodic, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory and some antimutagenic and cholesterol-lowering effects for chamomile. [8] Chamomile has sped healing time of wounds in animals.[9] [10] It also showed some benefit in an animal model of diabetes.[11] In vitro chamomile has demonstrated moderate antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and significant antiplatelet activity, as well as preliminary results against cancer.[12] [13] Essential oil of chamomile was shown to be a promising antiviral agent against herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) in vitro. [14] Potential risks include interference with warfarin and infant botulism in very young children.[15] [16]

(end quote)

Coumarin is said to be a blood thinner.

Replied by Danni
(Miami, Florida)

I would really like to hear more about how your varicose veins are after using dried basil for a while. I saw an article about using basil in a magazine and know there was a study done on it overseas. I'm curious to see what amount of improvement you've seen in your varicose veins. How long did it take? I'd also like to hear from anyone else who is using it to help varicose and/or spider veins. Thanks!

Replied by Gina
(Waxahachie, Texas, Usa)

FYI- dried basil isn't just leaves, it's the flower heads also. They are much more pungent. if you use fresh basil medicinally be sure to include some flower heads.

Replied by Man From Modesto
(Kiev, Ukraine)

Connie, Regarding your tight calf muscles. I also had this problem. Like you, I have a coffee history. I owned 3 coffee shops in Philly... and continued to drink coffee after losing them (to a corrupt Phila. attorney, not to poor management).

I studied and read and read. This is what I learned:

1. Coffee causes the kidneys to flush the body system. This flushes out a lot of water. With the water, minerals and nutrients flush out.

2. Evidence will begin to appear in the finger nails. Ridges first, then little pock marks appear.

3. Because coffee is often consumed with milk, you also will have more Calcium.

4. Muscles contract with Calcium and relax with Magnesium.

5. Deficient Magnesium and tight calf muscles go together. Night cramps is a further development.

6. Other drinks that create this effect: Tea, carbonated water, sports drinks... and things that make you urinate.

7. Most foods high in Mg are also high (often higher) in Ca. I found one food that is extremely high in Mg, with much less Ca. This is raw pumpkin seeds.

I started eating the pumpkin seeds. In a few weeks, the pits were gone from my finger nails. The night cramps went away. (A later cappuccino binge brought one last one.)

More recently, I started taking Magnesium Citrate pills. This is really helping, even better than pumpkin seeds.

Replied by Catjya
(Stl Mo)

Any time you remove h2o (water) the herb/fruit will be more potent, that's why it works faster.

Grape Seed Extract, Pine Bark Extract

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Posted by Patrick O'Flaherty (St. George, UT) on 07/11/2021

Not sure if this would help but....if memory serves me correct, back in the late 90's / early 2000's, my aunt was suffering from a severe case of varicose veins in both lower legs and her skin was discolored with swelling and much pain. This confined her to a wheelchair most of the time. So I got her a combination of grape seed extract and pine bark extract (Pycnogenol) and all her issues started getting better immediately, steadily but not completely. I don't recall how long she took it for. If you try this, please share your results good or bad.

Hormone Balance

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Posted by Anon (USA) on 06/12/2020

Hormone Balance for Varicose and Spider Veins:

Elevated estrogen levels are believed to contribute to varicose veins. Detoxing estrogen and balancing hormones may help.

This long article discusses the role of zinc in hormone balance:

Vitex is also believed to balance hormones. The following is from

To help detox estrogen: Sesame seeds, fenugreek seeds, flax seeds, omega 3s, high fiber fruits and vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits, protien - especially lysine and threonine, magnesium sulfate

Aromatase blockers prevent testosterone from being converted to estrogen: melatonin, cherries, green tea

Weight loss and probiotics are also suggested.

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