Varicose Vein Treatment: Home Cures

Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Hope This Helps (Some, Where) on 03/30/2011
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Mince/smash two or three cloves of garlic and swallow it with water. With it take vitamin C and maybe some potassium. I also add iodine. This seems to reduce the pain and improve circulation. It also lessens the heaviness. Take it on a relatively empty stomach. You should stop drinking coffee, taking aspirin, and eating chocolate. Consider increasing your lysine, reducing arginine, and taking milk thistle, too.

Posted by Anonymous (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa) on 05/06/2010
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I'm not sure exactly what's working but the varicose veins are looking more like spider veins now. I started making wheatgrass/quackgrass juice a few times a week. Also take chlorophyll, MSM-Glucosamine-Chrondroiten combo, fish-flax-borage oil, evening primrose oil, fresh lemon juice, plain oatmeal, raw coconut oil, dandelion root tea, plain yogurt, no gluten, no coffee, no chocolate. I quit taking the horse-chestnut a few days ago, the veins improved since then, took it again today for heavy feeling in the legs. I suspect it's the juice and the oils that are shrinking the veins. Scrambled eggs with cheese, onion, basil and garlic seems good for the legs, too. Maybe there is liver congestion or kidney congestion causing vein problems.

Nattokinase, Bioflavonoids  

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Posted by Robert (Martinez, CA) on 02/11/2009
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An 80 year old healthy male resolved his varicose veins by using nattokinase supplement. Follow directions on the container. I would also recommend citrus bioflavinoids taken as directed on the container. Both are available in capsule form at health stores.

Replied by Lise
Amherst, Massachusetts

Hi, don't know if you're still responding to this thread. I heard about the natto, and I've been taking it for awhile, and I've seen no results. Could you give me a link for this testimonial? Do you know the dosage he used?

Thanks so much,


Nettle Tea  

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Posted by Violet (Cerrillos.nm) on 07/21/2014
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My first pregnancy is when I first noticed visible veins in my legs. During my second pregnancy I drank a combination of nettle and raspberry leaf tea and I actually ended up with better leg veins than I started with. I would definitely recommend nettle leaf tea for anyone who is pregnant or has varicose veins.

Posted by Lyn (Sydney, Australia) on 01/16/2011

Just thought I'd let u know of something I'd heard of to assist varicose and spider veins : stinging nettle tea. I'm pretty sure it's not an overnight cure, like most worthwhile cures. It is full of vitamins (A, C, E, B's and K) with important minerals (magnesium, zinc, many more) and of course, other agents, which a scientist could explain, and even more that, apparently, they can't yet! I have started taking it, just one cup A day. In about a week or so I will increase it to two cups per day. I have some varicose veins, which are sometimes very noticeable, and sometimes not. I also have spider veins. I'm also 15 weeks pregnant. I am taking Ted's lemon juice and baking soda remedy. I love it. Haven't noticed a difference in veins though. Maybe that's because of my pregnancy.

Anyway, I will let you know, in awhile how I am going with the nettle tea. Has anybody else had success with this???

Oil of Cypress  

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Posted by Elin (The Hague, The Netherlands) on 08/02/2011
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Varicose veins unfortunately run through our family. My grandmother suffered from them, as does my mum and when I was in my early 30's, I was diagnosed with it as well. I have had Phlebitis and my right leg has been operated on. My veins aren't visible on the outside; my legs look smooth, but upon touch it feels as if there are cables inside my calves.

Most annoying is the feeling of 'heavy legs'. On warm days, my ankles swell up despite the support hoses I wear every day.

But am seeing great results using essential oil of Cypress with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) as carrier.

I make a small amount of salve which I apply twice a day, or more often when it's warm weather or when I expect to do a lot of standing and walking. The reason I make a small amount is I like it to be fresh.

The recipe is simple, two tablespoons of VCO; 15 drops of Oil of Cypress. Personally, I started with 7 drops to test for allergic reactions, none came, and the dosage of Cypress could be increased. Store in a glass jar, essential oils eat away at plastic. Keep in a cool place.

Apply twice a day on feet and calves, even thighs if you want or need. Massage gently and only stroke upwards. Works great to reduce fluid retention around the ankles, and my legs don't feel as "heavy".

Hope this helps!

Oil Pulling  

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Posted by Dani (Queens, NY) on 04/29/2007
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I have been oil pulling for about 5 weeks now. First thing I noticed was my sweet tooth completely gone, needless to say with that came weight loss. Also it is true that your ailments first worsen before getting better. My biggest thing was leg pain from my varicose veins. When I first started OP it hurt for about a week since then I haven't had any pain. Thank you for all your great help.

Replied by Jaquelyn
Escondido, CA

I've never heard of "oil pulling." Can you explain this for me?

EC: Read more here:

Posted by Sweet (P.O.S., Trinidad, W.I.) on 04/02/2007
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On 1/3/07 I gave feedback on OP & promised an update: Mom changed her daily routine only by adding OP... varicose veins (legs) are noticeably smaller; Aunty Y. is relieved... the intensifying pain in her heel has lessened (no more limping); Navindra, my friend, has been getting rid of mucus effortlessly and gives credit to OP. Others have no definite result to contribute (not yet). In addition to OP, I've been using other remedies from this site, eg. molasses, ACV, etc. I'm incorporating these methods and generally feel healthier. Blessings to all. Sweet

Replied by Cherry
Chaguanas, Trinidad

What is OP? I am from Trinidad as well. Chaguanas.

Three specialists gave different feedback on why my right foot was swelling. One said nothing is wrong, anothe said is Capillary leak syndrome, the other said is very mild varicose veins. I have been trying all sort of treatment but nothing is working.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Cherry, You might want to see an acupuncturist and inquire about cupping. It's a method that moves and clears blood stagnation which is what you are most likely experiencing. My acupuncturist has performed this on me for varicose veins long ago, which took care of them and also when my knees were bothering me. It's quite an amazing technique. Hope this info helps, Lisa


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Posted by Robin (Belleville, IL) on 05/07/2007
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Ladies, remember: do your research before taking rutin during pregnancy. Definitely not during the first 4 months!

Posted by Amy (Prescott, AZ) on 05/19/2006
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I had given birth 6 years ago and have had a mild case of hemmorrhoids almost all of those 6 years. They recently got painful and severly swollen for the first time and the women at the health food store recommended rutin. Within 3 days all the swelling was gone, even the painless swelling that persisted since childbirth disappeared. I have poor circulation and sometimes in the dry months get itchy swollen varicose veins behind my knees. This has not been a problem since taking the rutin supplement. A good complement to this herb is horse chestnut, especially for those with varicose veins.


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Posted by Sis (California, US) on 02/03/2015
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I have some really great news about getting rid of those Varicose Veins. I found out by accident. I was/am taking Serrapeptase. Dosage: 3 once a day to clean my arteries.

I'm not nit picking about some spider veins. I had some pretty big dark ones and I'm really happy to say that I can barely see them now.

Unflavored Gelatin  

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Posted by Lisa (Austin, Tx, Usa) on 12/28/2011
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I used to have chronic pain from my varicose veins in my left leg but since taking one tablespoon of unflavored gelatin a day, the pain is gone. I dissolve it cold water and then add hot water and apple jelly and drink it. My nails and hair been growing fast also. Be sure to buy the unflavored gelatin as you don't want to be ingesting the ones in the Jello packets that have additives.

Replied by Mardi
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I started taking gelatin for wrinkles and noticed my leg pain when I lie down at night is gone.

Replied by Marnie
Madera, Ca

Hi, I've tried taking gelatin and finds that it gives me awful headaches. How do you take the gelatin? Do you simply dissolve in water? Thanks

Replied by Teena
Melbourne, Australia
43 posts

Dear Marnie,

the reason the gelatin gives you headaches is because it contains free glutamic acid, also known as the neurotoxic excitotoxin MSG. Sorry but this stuff is in everything. Maybe stick to Epsom salts for the leg pain.

Varicose Vein Study  

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Posted by Andrew K Fletcher (Paignton, United Kingdom) on 08/05/2008

Andrew K. Fletcher
Paignton, Devon U.K.
+44 1803524117
Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) Varicose Veins Study.
Inclined To Sleep Inclined Yet?

Dear Reader:
We are seeking more people with varicose veins who are willing to put IBT to the test and feel that this is something that your readers and colleagues will definitely find fascinating and some who have varicose veins and oedema and wish to avoid surgery may want to Help in this important trial and join our Free study which has already produced positive results in only 4 weeks as predicted!

News Release:
An Important Scientific Study into the cause of Varicose Veins and Oedema and Inclined Bed Therapy (I.B.T.) is now underway, which makes use of the way the body uses gravity to move solutes through the vessels to improve circulation and alter the pressure inside the veins to significantly reduce swelling and oedema. Our study is free for anyone to participate in. There are no products to be sold or marketed.

What is Inclined Bed Therapy?
Gravity was identified as the driving force behind circulation in trees in 1994 and was applied immediately to how circulation in the body benefits from the same interaction with salts and sugars in the circulation. A video showing the use of IBT with spinal cord injury can be viewed here.

IBT is simply tilting the bed so that the head end is 15 cm's or 6 inches higher than the foot end providing a level but tilted bed, hence the name Inclined Bed Therapy.0 People with varicose veins, oedema (fluid retention) are needed to participate in an online Diary Study, in order to prove that simply altering our sleeping position can have a positive affect on these problems.

If you or someone you know has Varicose Veins, the standard advise is to raise your legs and tilt your bed the other way to IBT, Or to undergo risky and expensive surgery that is prone to fail because it does not address why the pressure inside the vein causes it to bulge.
Which according to current physiology books makes sense. But what if that logic is incorrect? All the evidence from our study is showing that gravity is not a force we are struggling to overcome but a force that drives the fluids within the body.

Are you prepared to take the 4 week challenge and provide us with your observations? Or do you know someone who has varicose veins and would like to watch them slowly but surely shrink and improve every night they go to bed instead of becoming more unsightly and uncomfortable?

Our study is located on the Naked Scientists forum, who have a regular slot on BBC Radio.

My wife's calf showing clearly her varicose vein shadow, which went flat after 4 weeks of Inclined Bed Therapy back in 1994 and has not returned to its former state since.

Alun has already confirmed my statement on the study thread that Varicose veins will shrink after 4 weeks of IBT and has supplied us with photographic before and after 4 weeks of IBT along with a diary account of his observations. And he is not alone.

We are hoping to find at least 50 more pioneering volunteers who wish to avoid surgery and it's inherent risks and failures, who are willing to provide us with photographic and a written account of their own experiences sleeping inclined.

So far our study is running towards a predicted outcome that flies in the face of current physiology literature.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, Andrew K Fletcher

Replied by Bokka
Austin, Texas, Usa

I have noticed about two months back that I have varicose veins.

I happened to see around the same time, the Varicose Vein Study presented by Andrew K. Fletcher Paignton, Devon U.K

I arranged, and have been using my bed in inclined position head end 5 inches higher than feet end. This resulted in benefit on total absance of snoring for my wife.

On a critical reading of this study, it occurred to me that I need to change the inclination of feet end 5 inches higher than head end to address my problem of varicose veins.

I am hesitating if I do this, again my wife's snoring may reappear.

I wish to know what are all the benefits/ disadvantages that can be expeted with IBT - with feet end higher to head end.

I request Andrew K. Fletcher Paignton to comment/ advise on this.

Replied by Linda
Eugene, Oregon

I visit Earth Clinic all the time and recommend it to anyone who is struggling with illness issues. However, I have neglected to take the time to post a "yea" on the inclined bed idea. I have been plagued with vericose veins for years and then read here about raising the head of the bed 6 inches. That seemed crazy, but like most natural remedies, "simple" is usually the way to go. I have seen a great improvement in the veins on the back of both legs and have only been at this for a week. Another interesting thing happened.... My husband who has Normal Hydrocephalus plus some loss of strength in his right side as a result of a stroke, is improving!! This after 2 years of therapy and several operations with not much success........ just say'n.

Big hugs to all the contributors and posts. You rock!

Replied by Carole
Takoma Park, Maryland

I have had tremendous results with varicose vein surgical procedure. Hospitalization covered it, I'd worry about the expense for someone who didn't have hospitalization. There are a couple of types of procedures to be used. Mine consisted of the surgeon using a probe to enter the vein and zapping it with the heat device. What happens is, the vein collapses with the intense heat of the probe, and the body takes the vein away. I felt better as I was leaving the office---that being because I had had so much trouble before I walked in!! With the test results for my legs, the doctor explained the need for the procedure in this way---hold a rolled up towel in your hand..... Now submerge the towel in a bucket of water--now, try to hold the towel in your hand. That's a description of how veins are that have been hard at work all day while you are standing on your feet. There are no pumps in your legs, your veins are doing all the work. You may have reflux, the veins can't circulate under the load. My big concern after my consultation was--what happens to the veins---research on the web confirmed---ummm, you don't have those veins now.... Think of it, they don't work, you're better off without them, the working veins will pull the load. I had no down time, could have gone back to work the same day, but there were compression bandages. I drove myself to and from the office. When you see the wall posters in the doc's office, when you do the research on the web, you see how bad things can get with these bulging veins. It will convince you to be done with them, the legs feel lighter, you'll have much less pain and fatigue. In the consultation the doc looked at my test results and said, with your other concerns (I have bone damage from an auto accident with accompanying osteoarthritis), I can't get total improvement, but this will give you some. I said, with as much trouble as I was having, if it lessened by ten percent I would consider it successful. I got much more than that. They don't say it at all, but I can't believe that the constant "pull" caused by non-functioning veins is not a pull on the heart. This will rid you of the faulty veins will be of benefit---it is not cosmetic, it is a health issue. I am two years post-surgurical procedure, and it has been a tip-top result. You have a pain for a reason, take care of the source of the pain, get evaluated for the vein procedure, they can tell you if it will work for you. Thank you for this page, Earth Clinic.... It's wonderful, it is pricelessly wonderful to have a source on the web. We have become partners with the medical community in our own health.

Replied by Nurit
Aberdeen, Sd

Someone recommended Cypress essential oil. I got a free sample. Have seen results on spider veins within a week. Just use a few drop and massage it in twice a day. I also heard it works for varicose veins. It's not that expensive on Ebay, and it really works.

Replied by Gokhals
36 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Andrew Fletcher. Inclined my bed three days ago. I am addicted to it. Sleep is way better. There were unsightly lumps of what I thought was fat on my thighs that just disappeared. I have had them for years. I thought they were fat, but obviously, if they disappeared in three days, they are likely related to sluggish lymph. I had silent GERD and would have coughing fits during the night. Gone. My heart does not feel heavy and whooshy. I do not snore any more. A restorative night's sleep has transformed me. You are my hero.

Varicose Vein Theories  

Posted by Anonymous (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa) on 04/05/2010

Is it possible that stones in the liver could cause hemmorhoids or varicose veins in the legs by restricting blood flow?

Replied by Denise
South Brunswick, Nj

I'm 40 with 3 kids, I got my variose veins when I was pregnant with my first child and ever since my right leg has gotten worse with each pregnancies. I finally went for sugery cause I was tired of not wearing shorts or skirts and even bathing suits due to how embarrassing I feel about my leg. Well it helped a little not a lot some days it looks really bad like I never had surgery and some days its ok just not enough for me to be comfortable wearing shorts, skirts or bathing suits. I'm gonna try the IBT and see what happens maybe for the first time since I'm 22 I can have nice legs without the scarring that I have now from the surgery... I'll keep you posted.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Denise, I had a lot of problems with varicose veins when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. That was a long time ago now though! Anyway, my best friend at the time could see how much pain I was in. She was also studying to be an acupuncturist at the top school here in L.A. Anyway, she said she would go to the top Chinese medicine teachers and ask them what they do for varicose veins. Without hesitation, they said they would do cupping. She was scared about the idea because it went against her first training which was in Western medicine. I said I wanted to do it because that was my instinct- to massage them. She gave me the treatment and the next day they were gone! It was absolutely amazing. All that was there were stretch marks where the veins had been distended. She continued to give me cupping treatments throughout the pregnancy and I never had varicose veins again. I also went on to have 2 more children.

I hope this information helps. Take care, Lisa

Replied by G.a
Vancuver, Bc

Hi Lisa, did your friend do the cupping right on the varicose veins? I have varicose veins and had some treatments but result is not satisfactory. Thank you for your time. Regards.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi G.a, Yes, my friend was the one who did the cupping for me and it was directly over the varicose veins. I have had cupping done by other acupuncturists as well, quite successfully. Did you have a good acupuncturist? How many treatments? As I said, my friend continued to cup me throughout the rest of my pregnancy so as to keep the blood moving since varicose veins are from blood stagnation. I have fortunately, had very amazing TCM doctors! Hope this helps in your quest, Lisa

Replied by Cindy

I know this is a very old posting but was hoping you will see it, Lisa, and consider sharing any local TCM doctors you recommend?

White Vinegar  

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Posted by Janet (Geraldton, Ontario, Canada) on 08/29/2006
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