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Raw Food Diet
Posted by Joseph (Lawrence, Ks) on 09/08/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I decided to try the raw vegan diet after years of nothing else working. Mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, sometimes steamed. Salads, smoothies, nuts, seeds, berries, srpouts... I'm pretty sure we're all talking about the same author, the one that comes up if you search for vegan and ulcerative colitis.

After a few months it was like I never even had UC. It was crazy, I hadn't felt so good in years, if not better. I only ate like that for about four months, then I adopted it into my own diet. It's been a year and a half and I'm still doing great. UC doesn't really affect my life anymore. No more medications, no more pain, no more being confined to an area with a nearby bathroom. If I do get a flare up, it's because I ate something I knew I shouldn't have. There are rare occasions where I will suffer for a food I miss eating (like fried stuff). I still eat a vegan diet, but maybe 60-70% of it being raw. I just love cooking too much. I see the raw vegan diet as a great way to heal your body, but I don't think it's sustainable for most people. You can use it to let your ulcers calm down and then incorporate large amounts of fresh, raw, organic produce into your own diet, which is much more doable for most people.