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Posted by Jandell (California) on 09/12/2016 3 posts
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I was diagnosed with UC 2 weeks ago. I've had this on and off for several years and have done a good deal of reading on this subject and it's causes, treatments, and cures (which so far none is know, but there are lots of things to try). I just started on Lialda a few days ago and have had some really severe cramping with constant "d" which I think is referred to as a flare on most of the internet.

As for the cause of UC, at this point after a good deal of reading on the net and watching a PBS program, I'm inclined to think that UC might just be a case of various severe food allergies as it's basis. I found doing/taking 4 things helped with the cramping, 1)& most important to stop all gluten & dairy & reduces other foods that cause "d" within 30 min of eating them, 2) a(1) hi potency probiotic; 3)30 min later "2" 500 mg of Quercetin & 4) 2 hr later a packet of the Rx Cholestyramine (it's an old Rx for stopping "d", that works for me. So for right now, that regiment stops my cramping and "d"for the rest of the day.

Also today, 2nd day of taking Lialda, my Dr.told me to cut back to 1 Lialda every other day, that they might be too strong for me (Important....I read, do not cut them to take 1/2 half a tablet or half a dosage, that will not work) Also, today, I talked with my health food store, (Sprouts, in east county of San Diego) told me about their client who had used the herbal mushroom Chaga who had very good and dramatic results with this UC. Since I'd researched, read, & taken Chaga in the past I was not worried about taking it and decided it give it a try to see if it would help me with my UC. Today I took 1 Chaga at about 3pm and it had dramatic results within in 30 min, on the physical, energy and cognitive level(fog lifted). I'm not recommending this, I'm just saying that it worked (so far) for me. Hopefully this helps some others.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by St (Florida, US) on 01/25/2015
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I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis via biopsy during colonoscopy. I am allergic to the drug used to treat UC and was advised by regular MD there was nothing they could do. Dr said if I didn't find a way to get it under control on my own I only would last about 5 years. After bleeding internally for 1.5 years going a D.O., ARNP, DC & acupuncturist, helped me get it completely under control.

Here is how: Chiropractor found I was highly intolerant to wheat, that was the first I eliminated. so no wheat, no gluten.

Further food logs revealed no more dairy either. There are other foods that I found as triggers & I avoid them and the regimen I take daily is:

4 probiotics a day they also contain a yeast cleanse this is crucial. I get them from AST enzymes on line. When I tried to take less I found myself catching the colds and flu bugs everyone else was getting. At this dose I seem to never catch what everyone else is getting.

I tried every other brand of probiotics and was super sick due to the dairy. Also tried non-dairy I ordered on line but didn't work.

I drink psyllium husk this is a bulking fiber it helps sweep the intestines and keep bowels regular

I take omega 3 every day to reduce inflammation

I take Quercetin 500 mg a day this is to help with the allergic components.

I eat whole foods only and very little processed foods such as gluten free bread. Very little meat as it causes inflammation. Drs. said no pork although I do cheat and eat a small amount here and there. Eating alkaline foods and no acidic foods is very important

It is highly likely you may have a yeast problem which was confirmed for me in a stool sample. In order to get rid of it you have to eliminate sugar and take the probiotic yeast cleanse I mentioned earlier.

A food log is the best way to start. Aloe Vera juice did not help me nor did a lot of the other over the counter natural things. To a speedy recovery!

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Posted by Maryam (Sydney, Nsw, Australia) on 08/06/2010
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Hi everyone! I've had this uc for almost 7 years with very severe symptoms. I've been hospitalised for several times and had bood transfusion etc. I tried all the remedies on this website and from other websites and book etc. I was on very strong medications... Now I am not taking any medicine. I am not cured though yet but it is under control. I would like to give you some of the informaiton that I used to treat my UC. I just would like you to let me khow if they work for you then I will give you more information and remedies. These are the remedies I used:

1. Fresh lemon juice with a glass of warm water and a table spoon of honey half an hour before any meal, specially on an empty stomach.

2. Boil 2 spoons of dry deel with 2 cups of water until it left only one cup and then drink it when it is warm with a tps of honey every morning and every night ( do this specially when you have white tong)

3. Cut done all the unhealthy foods, junk foods etc

4. Use zinc in your apple juice drink every day

5. If you buy fruit juice from the market, make sure they are not added sugur or preservetive.

6. Take a one month fresh grape juice diet (drink one cup only grape juice every one hour but nothing else)... I did this only for 2 days and it seemed to be working but I was not too determined to continue.

Plz let me know the result if somebody goes for more days. Good luck

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Posted by Allison (Houston, Texas) on 05/12/2009
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I have ulcerative colitis (UC) and have to take mesalamines everyday to keep it under control. I agree with Ted from Bangkok that UC is caused by bacteria related to the acidity or PH in the intestine. Thus, I am trying to increase the PH of my gut by increasing intake of magnesium. Things that I find helpful to minimize loose stools include: 1 tablespoon L-glutamine on an empty stomach first thing in the morning along with a capsule of B-complex vitamin and vitamin C to help increase absorption of the amino acid. 1 tablespoon of sweet dairy whey (this is different from whey protein) that some health food stores may carry. The sweet dairy whey helps me to be able to take magnesium supplements without getting the runs or diarhea everytime. I don't notice any difference when I take prebiotics (i.e.: FOS, Inulin) and probiotics (yogurt, acidophilus), but I take them nontheless as I figure it doesn't hurt to supplement them.