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Posted by Azwifarwi Silima (Thohoyandou, Limpopo South Africa) on 07/02/2011

I heard by someone about the cayenne pepper, so I tried it. I put cayenne pepper in the meat, and in the most things I eat. Really its work. I have strong ulsers. But now ulsers dissappeared. Try it guys is really works. Good luck

Posted by Bee (Somewhere, Mo, Usa) on 11/10/2010

I have been suffering from stomach pain and nausea from a stomach ulcer for years and have seen doctors multiple times. I was told always to take antacids and avoid coffee and alcohol. Avoiding those things helped, but the antacids made the nausea increase and of course it felt like my food just didn't digest. If my stomach was empty I would be in agony, the gnawing pain of an ulcer, and frequently had bouts of nausea that made it hard to be productive.

I tried aloe vera which had some success, digestive enzymes- didn't really help, probiotics- were useful but didn't help the ulcer. I had heard of cayenne for ulcers, but was hesitant to try- the idea of putting hot pepper on a tender stomach seemed crazy! But as the pain has recently been worsening and I don't have much money to see a doctor I was desperate.

I read up a little more and decided to get a bottle of cayenne capsules. I followed the instructions- 1 pill three times a day (455 mg). The first one I took, I took it on an empty stomach before a meal and fairly quickly I felt it take effect- it did burn and I felt increasing pain at first- and I worried I had made a mistake in taking it. However, the pain eased up and as the burn subsided it felt better. I was able to eat and felt for the first time that my food was digesting better. I have continued this for just over a week now- taking it with meals- and the pain lessens every day. I even woke up in the morning PAIN FREE!! After having stomach pain every morning for years, it was an amazing feeling! I will continue taking it for at least another week to ensure that the ulcer is fully healed- also avoiding coffee, tea, alcohol, and other irritants- but I would definitely label this a remedy a success for me! Cayenne has quickly become my favorite home remedy!

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi bee,
Thank you for sharing with us your success with cayenne peper. Did you have H. Pylori before that?

Replied by Bee
(Somewhere, Mo, Usa)

I was never tested for or diagnosed with H. Pylori, but I suspect that was a possible cause.

Replied by Carmel
(Clacton On Sea England)

Not sure if I have an ulcer or not. Bad pain below the belly button - middle and sometimes a sharp stabbing pain to the side of it on the right. Get days where it is fine and days where it is bad, seems to be like a gnawing, twisting as if very very hungry even if eaten. No pain killers help. Taking ZANTAC. Waiting for consultation with "expert"! Some days it is fine other days the pain is almost unbearable. On those days I get diarrhea. Then not able to relax or work, etc. Very low. Tried raw cabbage juice for a while but could not get to shop or afford all of the cabbages. Took glutamine capsules, they seem to make no difference. It started when I had some raw garlic and it upset my tummy for days and went on from there. Was totally fine before that and not heli bacteria, have been checked and eliminated.

Am taking some cayenne but do not have much, just enough for a few days. Right now the stomach cannot feel worse so nothing to lose.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Carmel, I may be way off base, but this sounds very much like pain that our family has had that turns out to be appendicitis. My husband had his out when he was 22. He would get this awful pain in the belly, sometimes in response to what he ate. The pain from appendicitis can by atypical--that is, pain elsewhere than where the appendix is. It can be in the back or on the left, or in the middle.

Appendicitis does NOT mean you have to have it out. It MAY mean you need to have it out. But, appendicitis is "inflammation of the appendix. " If you can get rid of the inflammation, you are fine. But if it is infected or going to rupture, you need it out. (The question is, how to know the difference!)

My teenage son has had pain near the belly button that I was sure was appendicitis. We took him to the Dr. who said it wasn't. (Same thing happened to me - I saw my OB and a regular doctor when I had attacks. They said it wasn't appendicitis. Finally, I just went to the ER and had it out. In hindsight, I would have tried other things first.)

So, we treated my son at home. He had a few attacks and responded well to home treatment. He actually hasn't had an attack in a couple of years.

Rachel Weaver, in her book, Be Your Own Doctor, has some things she does to avoid surgery for appendicitis. She says that it is important to make sure constipation is not the problem. She has an article online about appendicitis:


Anyway, when my son had an attack, I would immediately give him charcoal tablets - maybe 4 or more. I would put a large charcoal poultice over his belly. We would also rub lobelia oil on his belly to relax it. I never did give him an enema, but apparently, in the 50's if you went to the ER with suspected appendicitis, they gave you an enema. If your pain went away, they sent you home.

All this to say, I would try activated charcoal for your pain. It is amazing for gut problems even if they aren't appendicitis. You can take 1 t. - 1 T. in an 8 oz glass of water when you have the pain. Or you can take the tablets 4-6 with plenty of water. Charcoal can be constipating if you don't get enough water. Sounds like constipation is not related to you pain, though.

Also, if you can get some lobelia oil to massage into your belly, or make a charcoal or castor oil poultice (earth clinic talks about how to do these things) you may find relief. I have found great relief with castor oil poultices for gall bladder pain when I have had it.

If you start to run a fever with this pain, or can't get the pain under control in a few hours, personally, I would go to the ER. I am not quick to run to doctors, but a ruptured appendix, can of course, be fatal.

If you have an ulcer, I believe that cayenne can heal it. (Lalitha Thomas has a story in her book, "Ten Essential Herbs" about someone healing an ulcer with cayenne.) Slippery Elm Bark Powder would also be good for gut pain and problems and for an ulcer. So would comfrey tea.

Hope you find relief soon. Let us know how you are doing.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Paul Blake HMD (Lake Elsinore, Ca) on 03/24/2008

I have been reading your readers' emails and I wanted to make some comments about Cayenne Pepper. Cayenne is one of my favorate herbs for myself and my clients. I had prostate cancer 18 years ago and I cured it naturally using herbs, cleansing and diet only. For the cancer I used the John Ray Christopher method of cayenne tea with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in warm water 3 times daily. Today I still use one or more teaspoons daily in my food at every meal. Just recently I received a call from a Doctor of Chinese medicine who was throwing up blood from ulcers. As I alway do I suggested cayenne capsuls using 100,000 heat units plus. He could not believe that this would work but he took my advice and within a few days his problem was over. Of course I also gave him some advice on changing diet and lifestyle. In my 18 years as a naturopahtic healer I have used cayenne many times for bleeding ulcers. Cayenne also works great for emphysema sufferors, I have seen patients get off oxygen bottles and out of wheelchairs. But the person with the disease must go beyond the herb for the disease and look at the way they eat and their lifestyle. If they do not change their life the disease will appear somewhere else in another form.

Replied by Sz
(Toronto, Ontario)

To Paul Blake HMD from Lake Elsinore, Ca writes

Hi, I have h pylori and I'm suffering from it last 3 yrs stomach pain day and night can't eat anything. Could you please suggest me ulcer diet and treatment plus I'm also having fibromyalgia and depression- any naturopahtic treatment? I'll really appreciate your advice in this regards.

Replied by Daniel
(Hyde Park, Utah)

Paul, If you've read these posts on stomach ulcers, then you know they aren't that difficult to heal. You mentioned, however, that you have fibromyalgia which indicates that you have severe gut dysbiosis and a failing immune system. You're stomach is over run by harmful bacteria, and so is your small and large intestines. First, recognize that your Doctor doesn't know what he is talking about. Second, you need to focus on healing your gut through diet change as well as taking powerful probiotics and healing foods. I highly recommend reading "Gut and Psychology Syndrom" by Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride. Go to her website where there are many resources for people in your situation.) Remember "all disease begins in the Gut" - Hippocrates

Replied by Amanda

Hi I was wondering does cayenne have the same effect on an ulcer if you have the bacteria h pylori? I had cayenne pepper on a meal I ate a few days ago, after dinner I was in so much pain I was in bed wanting to cry.

Posted by Lisa (Southeast, USA) on 01/02/2008

12 years ago I finally got healed of an ulcer for which I'd been taking medication for several years. So when I recently began having that telltale burning, gnawing pain in my stomach, I knew exactly what was happening.

I also knew the whole routine...doctor's appointment, upper GI, ultrasound etc etc., just to have them tell me what I already knew. PLUS, they'd prescribe medications which my insurance will no longer cover because there are now non-prescription strengths of them available over-the-counter. Needless to say, I was willing to try an alternative method to save myself the time and expense. If you've ever had an ulcer, you usually don't have to have someone tell you what one feels like.

Anyway, I read somewhere about cayenne's healing effects. A week ago, I was up and down through the night with that burning, and all the antacids I could chew were simply giving me no relief. So Thursday morning I got up, got brave, and mixed a full measuring teaspoon of cayenne pepper into a teacup of very warm water and drank it down on an empty stomach.

It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected! And while I was warm all over and my stomach burned a little more when the fluid first hit that spot, the pain quickly diminished. Within minutes, I felt better than I had the day before, and as the day wore on, I continued to feel even better.

Anyway, I've repeated this every day now for the past week, and by day 3 the burning pain in my stomach was COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY GONE, even first thing in the morning. I'm continuing the regimen for therapeutic and preventive purposes, just to see if it cures my allergies and other problems. I'll probably reduce the daily dosage now that the stomach problem has subsided, but I'm a believer! And I'm a lifelong advocate of that little red pepper...this is news worth sharing!

Thank God for natural remedies.

Replied by Ann
(Deer Park, Wa)

Thank you Lisa, for the information. I was having terrible pain after meals and didn't know the cause. Still don't know the cause, but the cayenne has stopped the pain and my entire system seems to be working much better. This simple treatment saved me a lot of time, money and the need for expensive drugs that seldom work well.

Replied by Pratt
(Manchester, Ct)

Hello Lisa ,
Glad you are feeling well. I have mild irriatation in my stomach and have had some bleeding.. Just wondering apart from taking the cayenne tea what was your diet during the healing period, if you can share that will be great - Pratt

Replied by Dana
(Atlanta, Ga)

I took Lisa's advice and used Cayenne for my ulcer. I had been taking NSAIDS for pain due to a car accident and unfortunately took one too many. Although I wasn't formally diagnosed by a doctor, when I awoke with that burning pain in my stomach at 2am, I knew exactly what it was.

I went straight to EC and found some great suggestions. I took the cayenne in warm water every morning, drank it just like a tea. It worked wonders. I also ate fresh avacado, almost daily. Everyday, the pain subsided less and less and in about than 2 weeks the pain was completely gone. The burning occurs when the Hydrochloric Acid of the stomach touches the ulcerated area. I also made sure I kept some bread or crackers on me, to constantly keep something in my stomach (every two hours or so).

Not being able to sleep at night for a few weeks was not fun. No more NSAIDS for me.... only natural remedies.

Replied by Ben
(Odessa, Missouri)

I have had the most terrible experience the last 6 month, with what I believe is an ulcer. Everytime I ate anything I had terrible pain. I really thought the worst. In desperation I was praying for G-d to heal me and after I read the story about how Hezekiah prayed to be healed and then Isaiah the prophet was told by G-d to put on a fig poultice, I realized that maybe the answer was already here. I looked on the internet and found herballegacy and read about ulcers. I decided to try Cayenne, in minutes I felt better. I think the answers to all diseases are probably right under our noses.

Replied by Dr Love
(Balerno,edinburgh,, Bonnie Scotland.)

As for above... google - ancient healing secrets or healing secrets of the ancients

olives, extra virgin olive oil, cayenne pepper, manuka honey, bannanas and semi-skin milk, balsamic vinegar, garlic, red onions, fruit.

Replied by Natalia
(Egg Harbor City, Nj)

Ulcers: I am 30 and have suffered for 9+ years I've had an endoscopy test done and they found 4 and the beginnings of some and some healing. The same week my 12 year old son had an endoscopy done too and they found more in him then me. His were bleeding too. I've been on my kids about natural thing and the way we eat and how important it is but they wouldn't listen. Now he's helping me and he found this site. God is good!!!!!!

Cayenne and Honey

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Posted by Pepper33 (Houston, Tx) on 04/21/2017

Stomach Ulcers seal them using Cayenne Pepper and honey. The Cayenne or Red pepper works by expanding on contact with water, it can even be used to seal a radiator in an emergency. It is natural food people have eaten for many years. I took a half teaspoon with food and honey at night for a few months and now there is no need for Nexium. Stress increases stomach acid and small ulcers can form. Cayenne seals open wounds and Honey has natural antibiotic properties. And honey makes anything taste better.

Replied by Jennifer

How do I use Cayenne pepper and honey to cure stomach ulcer?

EC: Sounds like Pepper33 used 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne mixed in honey and taken with food each night.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Josh (Daytona Beach, Florida) on 09/20/2009

I was suffering from ulcers for 2 years and couldnt find relief. I was prescribed carafate which covers the ulcer in an attempt to promote healing. With little success I tried herbal remedies and a healthy diet, eating natural foods, such as fruits, vegtables, and lean meats. I discovered extra virgin coconut oil and began taking 3 Tbls orally, within days I began to feel much better! Though ive read books that claim that coconut oil can cure ulcers alone I think it was a combination of the medication and good diet along with the coconut oil that cured my ulcer. If you are or ever do suffer the pain of an ulcer I strongly recomend the use of coconut oil, its a life saver!

Coconut Oil
Posted by WT (Spartanburg, SC) on 05/29/2008

I've always been a fan of natural remedies since childhood. I discovered coconut oil years ago while looking for a vinegar and oil recipe. We've always used RBD (refined, bleached, deoderized) and now use the Luanna brand found in Wal-Mart. A couple years ago I had increasing stomach pain over a several week period. It started out like hunger pains and got progressively worse. It got to the point that it wouldn't go away even after eating. I figured it must be an ulcer.

I had read that coconut oil killed the ulcer causing bacteria. I got on the internet and researched the dosage and began taking a tablespoon in the morning and another at night.

After three days or so the pain was gone and I stopped taking it. A few weeks later the pain came back. I figured if you take antibiotics for 7-10 days I should probably do the same with the coconut oil. Again the pain left in three days or so but I kept taking it for a week. That's been probably three years or so. I also try and eat fried eggs once every weekend just for good health.

PS: an arterial ultrasound on my carotid arteries, taken last year after about 8 years consuming the stuff, showed no evidence of plaque buildup.
I've smoked up to 2 packs a day until quitting 2 years ago and have never taken cholesterol meds. I'm 45 and my dad was 90% blocked by age 61.nI also take 4+ Grams of cheap ascorbic acid vitamin C almost daily.

Colloidal Silver, Aloe Vera, Dgl

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Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 09/27/2011

I have used a three part formula for years to heal my own "start up" stomach ulcers; always successful and have recommended the same at least twenty times with universal success. The latest success was a friend who happens to be a physician. She often makes fun of my "remedies" and attributes my various concoctions to my distant Cherokee heritage rather than good science. But the theory behind each element is real.

Assume for a moment that the ulcer's generation is often due to irritation caused by a virus or bacteria.

Then if that is so, we must have a virucide and so I use colloidal silver as the first ingredient. Therefore, take on an empty stomach about a quarter of a cup of colloidal silver in the morning and at night. Silver, of course, kills both virus and bacteria as well as fungi.

Second, we need a burn healer, because the ulcer is effectively an unhealed burn, and so use liquid aloe vera. Use a strong form. Take a quarter of a cup on an empty stomach ten minutes after you have taken the silver.

This formula worked for many years but one of my gurus told me to add DGL which is a derivative of licorice. It often comes in chewable form which I recommend. The DGL apparently also acts to heal the wound. This comes last. Take two morning and evening before bed after the silver and aloe.

This three part formula should be used for a month. When you feel that the ulcer is no longer hurting you, you can cut the formula in half for an additional month. This is to just make sure the ulcer is completely healed.

As far as diet goes, you must get completely off of all coffee (even de-caff because it too is acidic), elimination of acidic foods, like peppers and tomatos... for at least a month.

Your ulcer may not have originated from a virus or bacteria, but since you do not know, we must assume that at the heart of the irritation is a "bug."

You could also add natural vitamin E as a wound healer... Not synthetic E. Natural E will say on the labeling, "d-alpha tocopherol" while synthetic will say, "dl-alpha tocopherol"... the extra "l" after the "d" is all the difference! Almost every health food store will only sell the natural.

Cranberry Juice and Goat's Milk

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Posted by S (Summerton, Sc, United States) on 01/04/2012

Simple Cure Below:

Ulcers are caused by a bacteria and usually doctors will give you medications that will only lower the acid level in your stomach for a little while causing you temporary relief, but it's not going to get rid of the bacteria itself which is why most people have recurring flare ups.

My ulcer came from the fact that I got a sty on my eye, then took an antibiotic to clear it up. After taking the antibiotic I started getting horrible stomach cramps that were so bad the only relief I got after eating was taking a Lortab (substitute for Vicodin; I had a couple of pills left over after a previous surgery). When those pills were down to just one, I went back to the doctor and was perscribed Dicyclomine for the pain and Ranitidine (Zantac) was supposed to rid me of the "upset" in about 2 weeks. Not even a week later I detected blood in my stool, but decided not to go back to the doctor to waste anymore of my money. Between the visits and the medicines, I was getting nowhere. Plus, I knew that if I went back I would more than likely receive another perscription for more antibiotics that would probably cause more problems (yeast infection, etc. ), but I knew I had to do something.

A few years ago I heard about a man who accidentally drank acid when he was a boy and in order to repair the lining in his stomach he was made to drink goat's milk for a year. He's in his 70s or 80s now, so I figured if it worked for him it should work for me as well; after all, if there's an ulcer there's a hole in your stomach. I'd heard of it working for other people as well so I decided to try it. As far as getting rid of the bacteria I decided to use cranberry juice. Studies showed that drinking cranberry juice flushes the bacteria from your digestive system.

There you have it: Cranberry juice and goat's milk. And after just 2 days no pain at all. Don't get me wrong, the goat's milk doesn't taste good at all, but I've heard of people adding a little sugar and vanilla (get the non alcoholic one since you are treating an ulcer) to help with the taste. I can't vouch for these other home remedies on here, but I know this one that I'm doing doesn't have a list of ingredients and it's a tried and true method that I'll take over a doctor's visit any day.

Replied by Whisperingsage
(Northeastern California)
45 posts

I have goats and they have to be getting all their vitamins and minerals for their milk to be sweet and tasty. Why would we think they are any different from us?
Anyway, their milk hasn't cured me. I always test negative for H pylori. Another Dr I read today insisted it was campylobacter pylori. Anyway I take oregano oil for anti parasite and I think that is what scares off the pylori bacterias. It's pretty potent stuff.

Cranberry Juice, Unsweetened

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Posted by Liz (Seattle, Wa.) on 11/05/2009

Am 70 and have acid reflux for years. Got herbs from the Chinese doc and things are better. If you think that you might have ulcers, cranberry juice is great. I drink it with soda water to make it more palatable - no sugar. Find that sugar really starts the acid reflux. As long as I avoid it, I'm good. Also Health food stores have some good digestion teas that help.

Diatomaceous Earth, Clay, Wheatgrass

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Posted by Christine (Bronx, New York) on 01/20/2010

stomache ulcer

I am so amazed by the fact that , for years i have gone to the doctor for a terrible stmache ulcer that i had. I was diagnosed at the age of 25. I was told that my ulcer was caused by a bacteria, H. pylori. Anyway, i was prescribe on numerous occasions, prevacid and prevpac.The prev pac cause me to get a yeast infection and bacteria vaginoisis that would not go away no matter what. finally, after years of suffering and research, i decided i was going to treat myself. I bought Diatomaceous earth, Clay (Terramin), and powdered wheatgrass. I mixed the diatomaceous earth together, half and half. The wheat grass did not taste so hot so i bought empty capsules and stuffed the wheatgrass in. Every morning before i eat i would drink a tablespoon full of my DE and clay mixture in an 8 ounce glass of water. I also at the same time take 4 of the wheatgrass capsules. I do this every morning and everynight before bed. within 2 week the pain in my stomache was gone. my yeast infection disappeared. the horrible smell caused by the bacteral vaginoisis disaapeared with only a small amount of discharge remaining. Also i suffer from fibroids and i no longer feel them nor the pain that they cause.

Replied by Aussiegirl
(Newark, Ohio)

Hi, I was just wondering if you were on medication while you took these 3 things. Thanks.

Pam E.
(South Western California)
139 posts

The way I read her post, she substituted the natural treatments of Diatomaceous earth, clay, & wheat grass for her stomach ulcer ... for the medications that had previously set her up for the added problems of : yeast infection & bacterial vaginosis; and also she had suffered from fibroids ... The problems from all four of those ailments then close -to-disappeared after using the natural treatments for only 2 weeks!

Exercise and Prayer

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Posted by Ryan m (Dallas TX) on 11/16/2022

Stomach ulcer for 7 years went away in less than a week after I did these 2 things:

I have been waiting a very long time to post about this, I have been dealing with a stomach ulcer for 7 years. yes my diet was bad and isn't really that much better. I dieted for 4 months eating very well healthy meals. this didn't help at all. I also took a ppi for 2 months straight gained like 30lbs from that and got off the ppi and my ulcer still hurt, yes I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. I could stay away from the burn with medicine.

The first 5 years was burning pain in my stomach until I took antiacids or dose daily with nexium. About 4 years ago I dealt with IBS and managed to get that to go away with bismuth supplements and probiotics.

In 2020 I started feeling fatigue associated with the ulcer so bad I could get about half way through the day and tired all the time.

I do not like doctors I lost both my parents to cancer and my mother got taken away early from malpractice, Doctors are not on my list of people I care to listen to and hardly any know anything anymore without checking their online manual that is meant to kill 1 out of 10.

I'm going to get into the supplements I tried and how nothing worked.

I have tried this list, and I won't get into what they did for me because they didn't do much.

  • licorice root - Only time I had relief was after eating a good sourced organic licorice candy, supplement didnt do anything.
  • allicin garlic - Absolutely no effect from 2 months of taking this.
  • zinc carnosine - absolutely no effect from 3 months of taking this.
  • apple cider vinegar - took this when the acid relief gave me headaches, only helped to stabilize the acidity of my stomach, did not help the ulcer
  • Blackstrap molasses - for some reason this took away my fatigue sometimes, did nothing to help the ulcer heal.
  • iodine - did nothing idk why that would even help anyways.
  • turmeric - love this supplement but this didnt help.
  • colloidal silver - nothing.

There are probably 30 more supplements I can't remember, anyways supplements did nothing for my ulcer.

Right around the time I got my ulcer I was dealing with deep emotional pain, as a man you sort of shake it off but that knot is still in your stomach. I feel this caused the ulcer. Let me tell you what healed it, and I'm saying this from my experience of this for 7 years. so take into account that I didn't just come up with this conclusion in a couple of minutes.

Healing emotional pain - The first time in my life I talked to a therapist, although disappointing and useless it did help me understand a bit more about my feelings and how the human brain/body works with dealing with this. This created a plan in my head to heal it.

Exercise - Though in 2017 I lifted weights like crazy and felt the ulcer burn the entire time, I walk 1-2 miles per day now and have for the last few months. it has DRASTICALLY changed my life things I had issues with were healing on me. I think this may of been part of how the ulcer healed but honestly deep inside I dont think this was the reason.

God healed me..... Let me explain before you allow the programming deep inside you to dismiss this.

About 2 days ago I feel a tickling feeling in my stomach right on the ulcer, like a itching that you get when something is healing. I couldnt believe it. there was no way this actually happened. I did nothing to improve my body except walk and get closer with god.... I now have went days without any sort of antiacid. I feel my stomach acidity and no burn.....

Believe it or not, The main focus here is to fix locked up emotional pain which you feel like is already healed. exercise. though I dealt with this everyday of my life for 7 years I feel deeply god healed me... because I asked for it and gave reason.... If you are skeptical on how this is possible just ask for him to reveal himself to you... My girlfriend and friends are baffled at this and I hope this at least gets you to just ask him to reveal himself.

If you have questions, please feel free to comment I visit this site a lot and have for a long time.

Replied by Josefina
22 posts

I agree with you about God healing you. I'm so happy for you. People need to put God first and it is okay to do research because God give us the wisdom and the medicine to help us. the pharmaceutical don't care. It is all about money. I'm praying for my miracle to.

Replied by Ryan m
(Dallas TX)

I just wanted to add that the cayenne pepper I was taking was 40k and its supposed to be over 90k, had a friend that took cayenne pepper it took his away. Though he said that he got this pain that was like he got hit in the gut afterward he felt good and the next day didn't need hearburn meds as quickly and eventually, it healed it to the point where he didn't need to take anything anymore.


An authentic seabuckthorn oil is#1 in treating ulcers. Not from amazon. Must know where it comes from and who makes it. Seabuckthorn oil is a medicine. The one used in skin care is not a medicinal oil. Check small european/polish shops in your area. They sell small varieties of Eastern European medicine manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. It must have an amber color. Check siberiantigernaturals as well.

Flax Seeds

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Posted by Maja (Port Murray, New Jersey) on 06/27/2008

Ground Flax seeds cured my ulcers. When blood appears in my stool, I take 1 - 2 TBSP freshly ground flax seeds with hot water. I always take it in the morning and before dinner. The best if you take in on empty stomach.

Fresh Baker's Yeast

Posted by David Starr (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 08/31/2016

I seem to remember reading in Henry Bieler's book, "Food is Your Best Medicine" (1965?) that fresh raw moist baker's yeast on an EMPTY stomach (maybe mixed with tomato juice?) heals stomach ulcers. Please get the book to confirm if this is correct before trying this. I just wanted to put out another option in case it might help someone.


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Posted by Carmel (Clacton On Sea, England) on 07/16/2013

I was feeling quite well until I had two cloves of raw garlic crushed up. It made my stomach feel awful and it never felt right since. I have been taking a lot of ibuprofen, steroids and antibiotics for a different problem for years so presume that has damaged my stomach and caused ulcer. I am now drinking cabbage juice and taking glutamine and have done for just over a week but so far still the same and today felt worse pain there.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, USA)
2063 posts

Carmel: DGL and the herb Comfrey are very good for healing the gut. Some digestive enzymes and probiotics would also help. Kefir, Kraut, and Yogurt are beneficial. Acid reducing medications can help but I wouldn't advise anything over 1 or maybe 2 months.

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