Ulcer Remedies

Exercise and Prayer
Posted by Sam (Miami ) on 04/04/2023

An authentic seabuckthorn oil is#1 in treating ulcers. Not from amazon. Must know where it comes from and who makes it. Seabuckthorn oil is a medicine. The one used in skin care is not a medicinal oil. Check small european/polish shops in your area. They sell small varieties of Eastern European medicine manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. It must have an amber color. Check siberiantigernaturals as well.

Exercise and Prayer
Posted by Ryan m (Dallas TX) on 04/03/2023

I just wanted to add that the cayenne pepper I was taking was 40k and its supposed to be over 90k, had a friend that took cayenne pepper it took his away. Though he said that he got this pain that was like he got hit in the gut afterward he felt good and the next day didn't need hearburn meds as quickly and eventually, it healed it to the point where he didn't need to take anything anymore.

Exercise and Prayer
Posted by Ryan m (Dallas TX) on 11/16/2022

Stomach ulcer for 7 years went away in less than a week after I did these 2 things:

I have been waiting a very long time to post about this, I have been dealing with a stomach ulcer for 7 years. yes my diet was bad and isn't really that much better. I dieted for 4 months eating very well healthy meals. this didn't help at all. I also took a ppi for 2 months straight gained like 30lbs from that and got off the ppi and my ulcer still hurt, yes I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. I could stay away from the burn with medicine.

The first 5 years was burning pain in my stomach until I took antiacids or dose daily with nexium. About 4 years ago I dealt with IBS and managed to get that to go away with bismuth supplements and probiotics.

In 2020 I started feeling fatigue associated with the ulcer so bad I could get about half way through the day and tired all the time.

I do not like doctors I lost both my parents to cancer and my mother got taken away early from malpractice, Doctors are not on my list of people I care to listen to and hardly any know anything anymore without checking their online manual that is meant to kill 1 out of 10.

I'm going to get into the supplements I tried and how nothing worked.

I have tried this list, and I won't get into what they did for me because they didn't do much.

  • licorice root - Only time I had relief was after eating a good sourced organic licorice candy, supplement didnt do anything.
  • allicin garlic - Absolutely no effect from 2 months of taking this.
  • zinc carnosine - absolutely no effect from 3 months of taking this.
  • apple cider vinegar - took this when the acid relief gave me headaches, only helped to stabilize the acidity of my stomach, did not help the ulcer
  • Blackstrap molasses - for some reason this took away my fatigue sometimes, did nothing to help the ulcer heal.
  • iodine - did nothing idk why that would even help anyways.
  • turmeric - love this supplement but this didnt help.
  • colloidal silver - nothing.

There are probably 30 more supplements I can't remember, anyways supplements did nothing for my ulcer.

Right around the time I got my ulcer I was dealing with deep emotional pain, as a man you sort of shake it off but that knot is still in your stomach. I feel this caused the ulcer. Let me tell you what healed it, and I'm saying this from my experience of this for 7 years. so take into account that I didn't just come up with this conclusion in a couple of minutes.

Healing emotional pain - The first time in my life I talked to a therapist, although disappointing and useless it did help me understand a bit more about my feelings and how the human brain/body works with dealing with this. This created a plan in my head to heal it.

Exercise - Though in 2017 I lifted weights like crazy and felt the ulcer burn the entire time, I walk 1-2 miles per day now and have for the last few months. it has DRASTICALLY changed my life things I had issues with were healing on me. I think this may of been part of how the ulcer healed but honestly deep inside I dont think this was the reason.

God healed me..... Let me explain before you allow the programming deep inside you to dismiss this.

I have always been a Christian, not one that walked in god's word, however about 2 months ago I started trying to become better for god, I cut out alot although embarrassing I stopped reliving myself down from every day to once every 2 weeks. I prayed and told god I need healing with this ulcer it's preventing me from helping you and spreading the gospel. I know god can heal but why would he heal me theres no reason.

About 2 days ago I feel a tickling feeling in my stomach right on the ulcer, like a itching that you get when something is healing. I couldnt believe it. there was no way this actually happened. I did nothing to improve my body except walk and get closer with god.... I now have went days without any sort of antiacid. I feel my stomach acidity and no burn.....

Believe it or not, The main focus here is to fix locked up emotional pain which you feel like is already healed. exercise. though I dealt with this everyday of my life for 7 years I feel deeply god healed me... because I asked for it and gave reason.... If you are skeptical on how this is possible just ask for him to reveal himself to you... My girlfriend and friends are baffled at this and I hope this at least gets you to just ask him to reveal himself.

If you have questions, please feel free to comment I visit this site a lot and have for a long time.